Veritas Prep vs Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep Course 2023: Who Is The Best?


Veritas Prep Logo
  • More extensive practice resources
  • Longer GMAT prep course subscription

Runner Up

  • Cheaper tutorial pack
  • GMAT prep packed in an easy-to-use mobile app

If you are looking for a GMAT prep course that offers a high-quality curriculum and top-caliber instructors, you must have come across Veritas Prep and Manhattan Prep course providers. 

Veritas Prep prides itself in its reasoning-centered curriculum, 99th percentile instructors, and a generous number of practice tests and questions. Meanwhile, Manhattan Prep has been recognized for its engaging and interactive software, top 1% GMAT passers for instructors, and a variety of deals that respond to learners of different styles, targets, and timelines.  

Which one is the best, though? This is what we will find out as we compare both courses’ key features.

Veritas Prep vs Manhattan Prep GMAT: Course Effectiveness: Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep offers 6 full-length practice tests that are computer-adaptive. Six would be a good number to prepare for over six months. The computer-adaptive design of the practice tests would give you a testing experience that prepares you for the actual GMAT. 

However, Veritas Prep doubles this offer not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of the subscription duration. With Veritas Prep, you could have access to 12 full-length computer adaptive practice tests for a 12-month subscription period. 


Winner: Veritas Prep 

This round goes to Veritas Prep, with its offer of more practice tests and more time to take them. Moreover, the development of Veritas Prep’s practice tests was made in consultation with experts in the industry. Hence, the detailed diagnostic could give you a close prediction of your results, as well as insights on how to sharpen your GMAT prep plan.   

Veritas vs Manhattan Prep GMAT: Course Effectiveness: Learning Resources

Both Veritas Prep and Manhattan Prep claim to offer interactive lessons and question banks. In terms of practice questions, Manhattan offers a wide range of questions that would be good for beginners to more advanced levels of preparation. 

Similarly, Veritas Prep offers an extensive question bank where you could drill yourself for a better GMAT score. You would see below an image of Veritas Prep’s sample practice question. Upon checking, you could opt to view the solution and the difficulty level of the question.

Veritas Prep Learning Resources

Another constant in GMAT prep courses are video lessons, which are very important if you opt for self-paced learning because they offer better flexibility. Both prep course providers claim interactive video lessons.

Manhattan Prep actually adopted the word “interact” for its self-paced package because of its very interactive and engaging video lessons platform. The videos are of high quality and were designed to react based on your responses. Add to them the engaging instructors who would make learning more interesting. Below is an image of a demo video of Manhattan Prep.

Meanwhile, Veritas Prep also has its share of interactive videos that will automatically stop at some points to urge you to think through the question and try to answer it. Then, you could continue to play it once you are ready. Are they good? Yes, they are. It’s just that Manhattan Prep has set the bar a little too high in this category, in my opinion. 

You would see below an image of the Veritas Prep video.


Winner: Manhattan Prep

In terms of the quality of engagement, I’d have to give Manhattan Prep the win. Their award-winning Interact platform takes self-paced learning to a whole new level. It is not only interactive but also engaging, urging you to think, respond, and reconsider as you watch each video lesson.

With Veritas Prep, learning resources, and practice tests are available for 12 months. Meanwhile, Manhattan Prep’s regular subscription duration is 6 months. However, if you go for a private tutoring package, your access is extended to 9 months.

Veritas vs Manhattan Prep GMAT: Pricing

Manhattan Prep and Veritas Prep offer deals for learners of different styles. Hence, they have self-paced, live, and tutorial packages that you could choose from. 

Self-Learning Options

Veritas Prep’s self-study option’s regular price starts at $699. This is inclusive of more than 5000 practice questions, 12 practice tests, live online help, among other features for 12 months. 

Meanwhile, the Manhattan Prep Interact GMAT course starts a $549 which is Quant only or Verbal only. In order to cover the full course, you need to upgrade this to Interact: Full Course at $999. This is inclusive of 6 practice tests and 35+ interactive lessons, among other features. 

Live Learning Options

Both prep courses offer live classes if you opt for more instructor-guided GMAT prep. Veritas Prep and Manhattan Prep boast of their 99th percentile instructors. However, Veritas Prep’s package includes a flagship 36-hour course for $1399, while Manhattan Prep’s live GMAT course package includes 27 hours of live instruction for $1599.        

Tutorial Packages

Private tutorials are also available if you want more personalized help from expert tutors. Veritas Prep offers 10-hour tutoring for a regular price of $2650, inclusive of everything in the Live Class. Meanwhile,  Manhattan Prep’s private tutorial for 10 hours is a little cheaper at $2450 inclusive of all books and resources. 


Winner: Veritas Prep

With the exception of the private tutorials, Veritas Prep gives a cheaper deal for more. Throw in the fact that they have more extensive practice tests and questions that are available for an extended period of time, and there is no doubt about the win in this round. 

Veritas vs Manhattan Prep GMAT: Ease of Use

Veritas Prep’s platform is quite easy to navigate. This could be viewed on a desktop, iPhone, or iPad. They give you tools in labels, rather than icons for ease. These could take you to the resources such as the videos, practice tests, problems among others. 

Their practice questions go with timers and offer solutions upon checking, along with the information about the question’s difficulty level. However, I believe that its platform’s layout of some questions could still be improved for better readability.  

Meanwhile, Manhattan Prep’s dashboard is also easy to navigate, although it uses icons that you might have to analyze first to identify their specific functions. No worries, though, because they go with a brief tutorial that will give you a tour through the platform. Moreover, Manhattan Prep has a mobile app that is very easy to download and is available on iOS and Android. 

You will see below an image of Manhattan Prep’s mobile app.


Winner: Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep’s mobile app simply seals the win. It includes video tutorials and practice questions, among other features. Further, it allows you to take a custom quiz and check on your progress. This feature literally allows you to take your GMAT prep anytime, anywhere. 

Moreover, their dashboard does not only itemize lists of study activities that you may complete, skip or mark to be reviewed later, but also allows you to go off plan by giving you access to every available resource. 

Veritas vs Manhattan Prep GMAT: Student Review

Veritas Prep and Manhattan Prep have their share of positive reviews from students who reported score improvement.  These students rave about helpful materials, excellent tutors, and instructors. They were obviously glad about their results and highly recommend Veritas Prep and Manhattan Prep.


Winner: Veritas Prep

That is 4.9 out of 5 for Veritas Prep. Students who reported to have improved their GMAT scores were recommending Veritas Prep for its supportive and effective instructors and tutors, good explanation videos for challenging problems, office hours help, and great materials. 

Veritas vs Manhattan Prep GMAT: Additional Features

We might also need to consider the “plus” offered by each of these GMAT preps before we make our final verdict. 

Manhattan Prep offers more variety of course preps for different targets and timelines. With Bootcamp, you could compress your intensive GMAT prep for two to three weeks. Another option is the GMAT Advanced if you think that your GMAT score of 650 or higher is not good enough for you.   

With Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Boot Camp, you get intensive GMAT prep for two to three weeks for $2699. The GMAT Advanced Course, on the other hand, costs $1399.  


Meanwhile, Veritas  Prep has free consultation for all packages. This could be helpful in sharpening your application to improve your chances of being admitted to your preferred MBA program. 

Further, Veritas Prep has a two-hour live instructor help seven days a week, where you have the opportunity to raise your questions about tricky problems. Even if you don’t have problems to raise, you could still join in and learn from other students’ experiences and concerns.   


Winner: Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep takes this round, with its live online help, a very important resource for a self-paced course. The free consultation will also help sharpen your application to the business school of your choice. Finally, Veritas Prep offers a guarantee that Manhattan Prep doesn’t. 

Final Verdict 

Winner: Veritas Prep

With extensive practice tests and questions, interactive and helpful explanations from top-caliber instructors and tutors, and reasonably priced prep courses, we say that Veritas Prep is a winner. Add to this the 12-month subscription, free admissions consultation, and live online help, and it’s clear who won this particular round.

Nonetheless, you might have different GMAT prep needs and preferences that might come into play. This is why we offer a clearer distinction as to the kind of student who will benefit more from Veritas Prep or Manhattan Prep.   

Go to Veritas Prep if you value:

  • More extensive practice resources
  • Longer GMAT prep course subscription 
  • Live online help for self-study options
  • Prep that offers a guarantee
  • Free consultation to go with the deal

Go to Manhattan Prep if you value:

  • A more engaging and interactive self-learning option
  • Cheaper tutorial pack
  • Options for high advanced results and intensive prep with limited time
  • GMAT prep packed in an easy-to-use mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

Veritas Prep offers a guarantee but Manhattan Prep does not. Veritas Prep Guarantee allows you to retake a GMAT course which is of equal or lesser value than the one you initially purchased, free of charge for 12 months. Refund is also available for students to live and accelerated courses. For more details, see Veritas Prep’s terms and conditions (1).

Veritas and Manhattan Prep offer free trials. Try Veritas On Demand free for seven days (2) or Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Interact (3).