UWorld NCLEX Review Prep Course Review 2023: My PERSONAL Review

UWorld NCLEX Course
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness70%
Ease of Use90%
Student Reviews80%
  • Reliable and innovative software
  • Rich in vivid illustrations and images
  • Institutional pricing for those who want to enroll as a program

I would say that the UWorld NCLEX is for aspiring nurses who have a great learning pace and self-discipline. However, I do not recommend it for those who need constant guidance from a nurse instructor. It also doesn’t have any pass guarantee, so you must be aware of how to utilize the study material to its fullest potential.

Course Effectiveness

There is no on-demand class and live instruction as well as pass guarantees. However, rich software content makes it a reliable NCLEX test prep provider.


The prices are very affordable. On the other hand, I do not find UWorld NCLEX’s top-tier courses worth spending on because the price is almost similar to other test prep courses that already include on-demand and live instruction.

Ease of Use

The courses in UWorld NCLEX RN are content-heavy, so the platforms are loaded with illustrations and texts that are well-organized. The software also has a sleek design that makes it conducive for self-study sessions.

Student Reviews

he UWorld NCLEX test prep course is appealing to visual learners who love to study at their own pace and without an instructor. The students who have tried UWorld NCLEX know for a fact that they are studying a comprehensive course all on their own.

  • Reliable and innovative software that’s available in both iOS and Android
  • Rich in vivid illustrations and images with the right mix of texts
  • Institutional pricing for those who want to enroll as a program
  • Rationales and diagrams for clinical reasoning of every correct and incorrect answer
  • No pass guarantees and free trials
  • No remediation class in case you don’t pass the test
  • No on-demand classes and live instruction

About UWorld and Their NCLEX Prep Course?

UWorld is another leading test prep company that takes nursing licensure exams as its strength. It was founded by Dr. Chandra Pemmansani in the early 2000s after he began writing case-based learning questions during his medical residency (1).

He found the study resources for high-stakes exams like NCLEX at that time was expensive and of poor quality. Therefore, he saw the dire need to produce a systematic way of learning based on realistic scenarios.

Today, UWorld is one of the finest test prep companies, especially when it comes to nursing test preps. The company is now composed of content experts who are accomplished nurses, doctors, educators, and business professionals.

Their NCLEX prep course is also notable among aspiring nurses because of the creative approach used such as the exam software that mimics the real NCLEX.


What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

The UWorld NCLEX RN course is unique because of how comprehensive and tech-heavy it is. In fact, when you get to the website, you will be overwhelmed with the sophisticated software design that shows vivid illustrations and images.

Moreover, UWorld NCLEX is known for its clear and thorough explanations of various nursing concepts. They incorporate rationales and diagrams as detailed reasoning behind every correct and incorrect answer. They also include objectives for each question, so the student would get the gist on what skill the question tries to test.

The other unique aspect about UWorld NCLEX RN review is the use of performance graphs that help you track your progress and compare it to your peers. This allows you to get a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. 

Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness

The in-depth approach that UWorld uses for NCLEX is what makes them outstanding.  Here’s a breakdown of its notable features:

  • 2,000+ questions developed by practicing nurses and nurse educators
  • Two 100-question self-assessment with NCLEX readiness predictor
  • Customizable exams based on your study needs
  • Flashcards for a quick review
  • Performance graphs to track your progress and compare it with others
  • Friendly desktop and table user interface

When it comes to course options, they don’t have that much variety as they offer only four-course options. 

  • QBank 30-day-access – This is the cheapest course option in UWorld NCLEX as it gives you access to their over 2,000 questions for 30 days.
  • QBank 60-day-access – This course option offers the same access to QBank, but for 60 days with one self-assessment.
  • QBank 90-day-access – Like the first two course options, this one gives you access to their QBank but for an extended time up to 90 days. Also, it includes two self-assessments, which is different from the 60-day-access.

QBank 180-day-access – This is their most expensive NCLEX course because not only you will have access to their QBank for 180 days, you will also have access to two self-assessments and one-time reset option.

The course options are not that wide, but they do cover the core contents and are affordable, so I see UWorld NCLEX as a wonderful option. However, I find their lack of pass guarantee as a downside because there is no assurance that you will pass the NCLEX exam after taking their course. Basically, when you don’t pass the test and your experience with UWorld NCLEX doesn’t work, you will end up looking for other test prep providers.

Nonetheless, their powerful software and innovative explanations make them a competitive option. In fact, they would also help you master alternate format questions because 30% of their Qbank is comprised of those types of questions.


Their software is accessible in both iOS and Android. It can also be accessed across all types of devices like desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Course Pricing Options

UWorld NCLEX RN review takes its pricing as its edge because it is affordable compared to other NCLEX test prep providers like Kaplan, Hurst, and ATI that have expensive price points.

The prices in UWorld NCLEX are pretty reasonable with slight differences in the length of access and additional features. Their cheapest course is around $100 and their priciest course is around $300.

I would also like to mention that they offer institutional pricing, wherein you can have a customized package for your program that meets your institution’s goals and student needs (2). 

Their top tier course options, however, are a lot more expensive. For around $300, you will only have access to the UWorld Qbank NCLEX and self-assessment. Whereas other test reviewers come with an online instructor that can guide you and answer your questions in real-time for the same price. 

Platform’s Ease of Use

Their platform is highly sophisticated with a great balance of texts and images.

Below is a snapshot of what their software looks like across devices.

As you notice, you will be updated with your progress in connection to the time you spent in answering the questions. More so, the constant feedback system is an amazing take-away for a test prep course that doesn’t have online instructions.

Is UWorld NCLEX Prep Course a Reputable Online Prep Course? (Not A Scam)

The company has been in the ed-tech industry for about two decades already, and we believe that it’s been helping students and professionals succeed in their high-stakes exams. The fact that it was founded by medical professionals makes UWorld NCLEX a reputable online prep course. Several positive student reviews also prove that their RN course is not a scam.

UWorld NCLEX Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

If you’re curious about what actual test-takers have to say about UWorld NCLEX, here are some of the text and video testimonials.

According to this student, UWorld NCLEX is a great study resource because of its extensive test bank. The clinical scenarios, however, are difficult which he says are great if they are because the real clinical scenarios in an NCLEX exam are even more difficult (3).

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the UWorld NCLEX test prep course with a 4 out of 5.

If you’re familiar with the ACT, the best test prep course for an affordable price is Magoosh. It doesn’t have online instructions like other ACT courses, but it does the job for those who can do well on self-paced test prep. In that same sense, UWorld is the Magoosh in NCLEX test prep.

It does have an amazing question bank pretty loaded with visual presentations that you can learn at your convenience with respect to your course’s access length.

I do not recommend this course for those who need constant guidance from a nurse educator, especially because their QBank has tons of difficult clinical scenarios that may prompt you to ask a nurse educator.

However, their feedback system, performance graph, and flashcards are a great addition to their comprehensive QBank.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many, but a few examples are hotspot items, select-all-that-apply items, and ordered response items.

Yes, they offer a one-time reset option only in the most expensive course.


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