Testmasters vs PowerScore LSAT Prep Course 2023: Which Is Better?


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  • Over 9,500 practice questions
  • 20 Digital LSAT-style practice tests
  • 98th and 99th percentile instructors
  • Lessons and homework materials

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PowerScore LSAT Prep Course
  • Top-notch instructors
  • Digital practice tests
  • On-demand video lessons
  • Question explanations

TestMasters and Powerscore LSAT Prep are among the top-ranked LSAT test prep courses because of the quality of their materials. However, deciding which is better between them is hard because you must be able to evaluate them using not just one but several benchmarks. 

TestMasters, for example, is known to offer effective LSAT courses because of its focus on test-taking strategies using diagrams. On the other hand, Powerscore is known for its discount offers. 

Let’s do our own digging, shall we? 

TestMasters Vs. Powerscore LSAT Prep: Course Content

Let’s begin comparing the two LSAT courses by their respective course content. 

TestMasters LSAT is known for its unique methodologies that would help unlock a student’s ability to ace the exam. Its LSAT courses also come in three different options – in-person classes, live online classes, and private tutorials. Unfortunately, it does not offer a self-paced course in case you prefer this kind of study style.

The in-person class of TestMasters LSAT is available in more than 100 locations throughout the US and Canada.

When it comes to the curriculum structure, you will find its list of course features below.

  • Over 9,500 practice questions
  • 20 Digital LSAT-style practice tests
  • 98th and 99th percentile instructors
  • Lessons and homework materials
  • Written explanations
  • Video lessons
  • LSAT search engine
  • 24/7 academic support
  • Diagnostic scoring
  • Lengthy hours of instruction

TestMasters also includes a 10-point increase guarantee when you purchase its courses. Of course, to become eligible for such a guarantee, you should be able to meet its policies (1). 

When it comes to PowerScore LSAT, there’s a variety of review plans to choose from, such as in-person, live online, self-paced, and private tutoring. PowerScore is also known for its condensed type of course that allows you to prep for a brief time without sacrificing quality. It also has advanced courses for two LSAT sections on logical reasoning and logic games. 

For its other course features, you will find a list of them below. 

  • Top-notch instructors
  • Digital practice tests
  • On-demand video lessons
  • Question explanations
  • Concept drills
  • Practice problem sets
  • Free online resources
  • Interactive test scoring
  • Performance evaluation system
  • Comprehensive coursebook (self-paced course only)

For all its many features, Powerscore does not have any score guarantee, which is quite surprising since most big names in the LSAT prep have score improvement guarantees. 


For this benchmark, I would say TestMasters LSAT is superior to Powerscore LSAT because its course content is more comprehensive although it does not have a self-paced course. Also, it grants you a free remedial class if you won’t score higher in the LSAT test after completing its course. Powerscore LSAT, on the other hand, does not have any score increase guarantee.

TestMasters Vs. Powerscore LSAT Prep: Practice Questions/Tests

Known for strategic methods of learning, TestMasters LSAT lets you experience the real LSAT test experience through its LSAT-style practice tests that are all in digital format which would reflect LSAT’s full transition to the digital test format. 

It also gives you access to its 20 full-length diagnostic practice tests that evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on the latter and gain mastery of concepts you are struggling with the most. There are also detailed score reports that would reflect those pieces of information.

As with Powerscore LSAT, its practice questions and tests are all patterned after the official LSAT digital content. Like how TestMasters LSAT views it, the choice to integrate with the official content will allow students like you to be familiar with the actual test to avoid surprises during the actual exam day. Its practice tests are also delivered through its proprietary software in order to give you the Powerscore’s edge to succeed in the LSAT. 


TestMasters LSAT absolutely takes on the game for the second time because of its top-notch quality practice questions and practice tests that are all adaptive to the LSAT trends in terms of the test format. 

On the other hand, I do not quite appreciate some of the practice tests in Powerscore LSAT because they need to be purchased separately, which is already an added cost if you do.

TestMasters Vs. Powerscore LSAT Prep: Test-taking Strategies

You will certainly benefit from TestMaster LSAT’s high-quality curriculum that focuses on giving you a comprehensive breakdown of the question types you will encounter in the LSAT exam. Along with the breakdown is a diagram that helps explain how to handle each question since LSAT is all about logical thinking skills than knowing specific pieces of information. 

Moreover, TestMasters also takes pride in its content creator who is also the world-record holder of 12 perfect LSAT scores. That being said, it is worth mentioning that he is the same man who tackles test-taking strategies on TestMasters LSAT’s video lessons. Of course, everyone gets excited when you get to learn exam tricks from the person who seems to have unlocked the secret code of the LSAT. 

As with Powerscore LSAT, although it does not have a diagram that shows you how to work on different question types, it does have a lot of resources that tackle recommended strategies for the LSAT. It also has a guessing strategy and probability tables that will help you familiarize the trend of answers in the previous LSAT examinations.

Moreover, Powerscore gives you the advantage of its section-specific strategies. It also teaches you how to identify questions that you can trust or believe to be true and questions that you need to be skeptical about (2).


Due to the fact that test-taking methodologies are its test prep strength, TestMasters LSAT wins against Powerscore LSAT when it comes to strategies because it has a more detailed approach to dealing and answering questions.

TestMasters Vs. Powerscore LSAT Prep: Pricing Options

It is important to note that TestMasters LSAT does not have a self-paced course, but its overall pricing is straightforward. It can range from $1,500 to $10,000, depending on the plan. There’s also an hourly rate available if you prefer this.

This time, let’s take a look at Powerscore LSAT’s pricing options.

The cost of its in-person course, live online course and private tutoring packages is lower than that of TestMaster’s price range. As for the self-paced course, it is offered at a monthly subscription of $195. 


It is clear that Powerscore LSAT wins against TestMasters LSAT in terms of pricing options because most of its courses are priced significantly lower. Plus, Powerscore also offers various discounts in almost all its course packages. Its self-paced course is also affordable, which is great news if you have a limited budget.

TestMasters Vs. Powerscore LSAT Prep: Platform’s Ease of Use

When you get to the TestMasters LSAT’s website, you will be greeted with a very professional vibe. The same impression is also true when you get to its practice tests. There is a heavy amount of texts and charts that make TestMasters look like it perceives LSAT prep as a very serious matter.

TestMasters LSAT also has digital practice tests made after the official LSAT digital test format, so you know that the format itself is easy to use and understand. Even better, it has lessons and homework materials that go hand-in-hand to make you understand concepts more quickly. 

If you also go through TestMasters LSAT’s website, it is convenient to search for concepts and questions because it has a unique search engine that detects keywords easily in order to produce the desired search results. 

Now, when it comes to Powerscore LSAT’s platform, I find it extremely pleasing to the eyes because of the right mix of images and texts. When you watch its video instruction, you will appreciate that the lesson corner looks sophisticated. The chatbox is on the left portion of the screen. 

Reading texts on the platform feels like reading from a Kindle tablet, it is text-heavy but pleasant to one’s senses.


It was supposed to be a tie between TestMasters LSAT and Powerscore LSAT because both of them have almost the same user-friendly interface. TestMasters LSAT, however, has a mobile app that, for me, makes it a winner in this benchmark.

TestMasters Vs. Powerscore LSAT Prep: Student Support

Contacting TestMasters LSAT whenever you have questions and confusions is easy because you can contact its team of support through three options–send them an email, chat with a representative, or call its hotline number.

If you also happen to be on social media and you would need to talk to any of its staff, then you can certainly do so because it has a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, TestMasters LSAT has a frequently asked questions section that tries to answer some of the common questions.

Powerscore LSAT, on the other hand, is the same with TestMasters LSAT. It is open for queries on its hotline number, email, and live chat. It is also visible on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Sadly, there is no frequently asked questions section pertaining to its courses, purchase, pricing, and technical issues. However, it has a frequently asked questions section for admission concerns.

Finally, I especially like that it has a free LSAT help area where most of your questions and concerns are addressed. 


The two LSAT courses are equally great in terms of student support because both of them are available in almost all contact platforms, which makes student experience a lot worthwhile. Both TestMasters LSAT and Powerscore LSAT also provide FAQ sections that are beneficial if you have random questions. 

LSAT Prep Testmasters vs Powerscore: Additional Features

I would be blunt here, but TestMasters LSAT does not really have many extra features. However, I find that its written explanations are unique when it comes to giving clarity to certain concepts in the LSAT. Other LSAT courses do not include this feature, which I find highly relevant because it shows you why an answer is either wrong or correct.

Now, let’s check if Powerscore LSAT has extra offerings on top of its regular features. 

First off, I believe you will find Powerscore’s free help area as useful because there are various article guides that tackle about almost everything you need for your LSAT prep and law school application. Aside from that, it has an LSAT forum where you can speak to other students if you need to share insights on certain LSAT concerns.

Finally, I should mention that Powerscore, being a known LSAT book publication has a comprehensive coursebook that provides a vast array of information and test-taking tips. 


Obviously, Powerscore LSAT is way ahead than TestMasters LSAT using this benchmark because of its comprehensive course material than even goes beyond online resources.

Final Verdict

Both TestMasters LSAT and Powerscore LSAT are top-notch LSAT courses, but this comparison review results to TestMasters LSAT being the winner. 

TestMasters is ahead than Powerscore when we talk about course content, practice questions/tests, test-taking strategies, and platform’s ease of use. Powerscore, on the other hand, is better than TestMasters when it comes to pricing and additional features. Of course, they are also a tie in terms of student support.

With their respective differences, it leads us to the following recommendations in accordance to your learning needs for the LSAT.

Use TestMasters LSAT if:

  • You want to follow a different approach in test-taking using a series of effective LSAT strategies. 
  • You want a question bank with matching written explanations behind every answer, whether correct or incorrect.

Use Powerscore LSAT if:

  • You want a condensed LSAT prep course, especially if you are already running out of time to prepare. 
  • You want to have an advanced single-section prep for logic games and logical reasoning sections.

Preparing for the LSAT is definitely a matter of choosing which course gives you more advantages according to your preferences and learning needs. That said, I also recommend you check TestMasters LSAT (3) and Powerscore LSAT (4) on their respective websites for more information about their courses.


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