Testmasters vs Blueprint LSAT Prep Course 2023: Which Is Better?

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  • Over 9,500 practice questions
  • 20 Digital LSAT-style practice tests
  • 98th and 99th percentile instructors


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  • 98th percentile instructors
  • Personalized study plan
  • Smart homework analytics

When it comes to LSAT prep courses, two names are usually pitted against each other–TestMasters and Blueprint LSAT Prep. There are many good reasons why this is so. 

Blueprint is most popular for its “edu-tainment” or education-with-entertainment approach. TestMasters, on the other hand, is praised for its extensive library of study materials. 

In this comparison review, I used several benchmarks that would help us assess which is better. Read further below as we discover the answer to our question – Which is better between TestMasters and Blueprint in terms of LSAT prep?

TestMasters Vs. Blueprint LSAT Prep: Course Content

TestMasters LSAT provides three course options. It has live online classes, in-person classes, and private tutoring classes. Unfortunately, it does not offer a self-paced course, which is highly in-demand these days. 

Here’s a list of its features:

  • Over 9,500 practice questions
  • 20 Digital LSAT-style practice tests
  • 98th and 99th percentile instructors
  • Lessons and homework materials
  • Written explanations
  • Video lessons
  • Diagnostic scoring
  • LSAT search engine
  • 24/7 academic support
  • Lengthy hours of instruction

It is also worth mentioning that TestMasters has a score improvement guarantee of 10 points. In case you won’t be able to achieve such a score or higher than, then you can have a remedial class for free. 

As for Blueprint LSAT, one of its highlights is the fun and engaging format of their course delivery. Animation and illustrations are used to engage students and keep them glued to their study plan.

Its creative presentation proved to be beneficial because it won’t bore you and it helps explain difficult concepts. Here’s a list of its other features:

  • 98th percentile instructors
  • Personalized study plan
  • Smart homework analytics
  • Customized practice tests
  • Interactive modules
  • Free live online review sessions
  • Proctored exams
  • Game features
  • Free consultation

Blueprint also offers various types of instruction from live online classes and in-person classes to private tutoring and self-paced prep. On top of these, it also offers single-section private tutoring packages which are useful if you need to master a specific LSAT section.

Lastly, Blueprint also offers an 11-point increase guarantee. This is only applicable to the classroom course because it is believed that the score increase is highly likely in a classroom setting.


Blueprint LSAT is superior to TestMasters LSAT when it comes to course content because of two reasons. First, it offers more variety in course options as it has a self-paced course and a single-section tutoring course. Second, it also has a better score increase guarantee although it offers only to its classroom course.

TestMasters Vs. Blueprint LSAT Prep: Practice Questions/Tests

TestMasters LSAT is known for being one of the very few that incorporates digital practice tests that are full-length and in LSAT-style formats. This is in accordance with LSAT’s complete transition to the digital format. This means you’re likely to have more exposure to the actual test when you study through TestMasters.

Moreover, in TestMasters, you will be able to participate in its 20 full-length diagnostic practice tests that will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses through its detailed score reports that will be generated right after you take the tests.

Now, let’s hop on to the Blueprint’s way.

While TestMasters LSAT is quite impressive because of its full-length diagnostic practice tests, Blueprint LSAT matches this with 85 practice exams and more than 8,500 practice questions that are all LSAT-style.

In times that you need to slow down, you would also appreciate its customizable practice sets that allow you to focus on your weaknesses.


I would certainly go for Blueprint LSAT in this benchmark because of its massive question bank, which is very crucial in test prep. Take note, as experts always say, you have to practice using as many practice questions as you can to build that test endurance needed on the actual exam day.

LSAT Prep Testmasters vs Blueprint: Test-taking Strategies

TestMasters curriculum has a comprehensive breakdown of different types of questions for you to be familiar with how each question type looks. More so, TestMasters provides you with a diagram on how to handle questions, which I find effective because it shows you the process and not simply tells you how to do it. 

Also, it is notable to mention that most video lessons in TestMasters are taught by Robin Singh, its own content creator, and a known LSAT figure because of his world-record 12 LSAT perfect scores. This implies that you will be learning specific strategies that the perfect scorer had used in the past.

As to Blueprint LSAT, I can say that its engaging videos that are heavy in images are a huge factor for you to develop LSAT-specific strategies. What is even better is that its free online review sessions come with an expert instructor who discusses various concepts and question types and shares their method on how to handle particular test roadblocks.

Furthermore, Blueprint assimilates smart homework analytics that is adaptive to your skill level and an interactive module that helps you maximize your learning and retain as much information as possible. 


TestMasters LSAT is undeniably the winner because of its appropriate methodologies that have been proven effective. Its diagrams are also beneficial to all kinds of students, especially to visual learners. If you are a visual learner, then the diagrams will help you understand the steps on how to handle questions very well.

TestMasters Vs. Blueprint LSAT Prep: Pricing Options

When it comes to pricing, TestMasters LSAT is expensive. It does not have a self-paced course, but its live online and in-person courses range from $1,200 to $1,700, while its private tutoring packages range from $1,500 to $10,000.

If you compare TestMasters LSAT’s pricing options to other LSAT courses like Kaplan and The Princeton Review, it really is more expensive in all its course packages. However, when it is compared to Blueprint LSAT, the latter is quite better in giving you a much-desired experience. 

The pricing options of Blueprint LSAT’s live online and in-person courses range from around $1,400 to $1,700. Its live online course is more expensive than TestMasters LSAT’s live online course by $200. When it comes to its in-person course, it is similar to that of TestMasters LSAT’s. 

While it may seem that the prices are almost similar, Blueprint LSAT has self-paced courses that only cost between $700 and $1,500. Something that Testmasters lacked. The price difference depends on the access length of the course materials–3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. 

Lastly, its pricing options for its private tutoring packages range from $3,000 to $9,000 which is closely similar to TestMasters LSAT’s pricing options for its private tutoring packages.

Blueprint LSAT also provides a convenient option for those who have no fixed time for their LSAT test preparation. The option is called “Pay As You Go”  which is $200 per month. In this course, you can study as long as you want or as short as you like. You can also request your subscription to stop anytime with no strings attached.


Again, it’s almost a tie between TestMasters LSAT and Blueprint LSAT, but due to the latter’s affordable self-paced courses with installment plan options, then I must say that Blueprint LSAT won this round. 

TestMasters Vs. Blueprint LSAT Prep: Platform’s Ease of Use

Since TestMasters LSAT is using digital test format in most of its practice tests, then I would say that it is easy to navigate given that it is also patterned after the LSAT-style. Moreover, I like how its lesson and homework materials work together to make your prep easier. Through its lessons, you will gain a wide understanding of each concept while its homework materials also make you have a better grasp of those concepts. 

In addition to its main platform, it also has an LSAT search engine which is considered a unique feature of TestMasters. This feature helps you to find concepts and questions more quickly and easily. 

As with Blueprint LSAT, its platform is also convenient in terms of moving around from one option to another. It also provides you an option to personalize your study plan wherein you can simply drag and drop the entries in your calendar if you need to make some changes with your study schedule. 

Furthermore, Blueprint LSAT also has a smart analytics system that adapts to your learning needs and an interactive module that makes it more possible for you to retain pieces of information. 

Finally, its main approach to studying for the LSAT is through the use of engaging and fun video lessons that make difficult concepts easier for you. 


I can say it is a tie between TestMasters LSAT and Blueprint LSAT because both of them have equally amazing platforms. They also have their respective mobile apps that make quick reviews possible.

TestMasters Vs. Blueprint LSAT Prep: Student Support

TestMasters LSAT is a perfect scorer for me when it comes to student support. You can contact its team of student support by sending an email, chatting with a representative, or calling its student hotline number. TestMasters is also visible on its social media pages, such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It also has a frequently asked questions section if your question is considered typical among student users.

How about Blueprint LSAT? You can reach out to its team for help through email or phone calls. Unfortunately, it does not have a live chat in case you need a real-time response.

Nevertheless, Blueprint is highly visible on social media through its accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is also a frequently asked questions section where most of your usual questions are catered. 


TestMasters LSAT is clearly more superior to Blueprint LSAT in terms of student support because of the variety of ways students can communicate with the support team. A live chat option is a must these days, something Blueprint might want to add to its platform.

TestMasters Vs. Blueprint LSAT Prep: Additional Features

I find TestMasters LSAT’s written explanations as a unique feature since it gives you a good idea of why your answer is either correct or incorrect based on detailed explanations. The next time you encounter a similar question, you’ll know what to do. 

When it comes to additional features, I especially like Blueprint LSAT’s choices because it provides you options to prep on only a single section with its single-section private tutoring package. It also has an exam overview private tutoring package if you have only a few days prior to the test day. 

Furthermore, Blueprint LSAT also boasts of a personalized study plan because it allows you to prep with no time pressure. If you have sudden commitments, then you can simply adjust your study schedule. 


Clearly, Blueprint LSAT takes the lead in terms of additional features because it has comprehensive features for all types of needs, including the self-paced type of learning.

Final Verdict

Honestly, TestMasters LSAT and Blueprint LSAT have a very close competition when it comes to what they offer. However, if we look closer to our LSAT Prep TestMasters vs. Blueprint comparison review, we will find that Blueprint LSAT is superior to TestMasters LSAT. 

What makes it the winner of this comparison review? 

Blueprint LSAT outperforms TestMasters LSAT when it comes to course content, practice questions/tests, pricing options, and additional features. On the other hand, TestMasters LSAT is ahead than Blueprint LSAT in terms of test-taking strategies and student support while both of them are equally outstanding in their platforms’ convenience. 

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that these two LSAT courses are among the top-rated LSAT courses, so it is no longer surprising that they have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I recommend the following premises.

Use TestMasters LSAT if:

  • You are looking to master how to handle various question types. 

Use Blueprint LSAT if:

  • You are looking for a self-paced course through its online anytime course option. 
  • You need to master only a particular section in the LSAT. 

Lastly, if this comparison review has made you interested ina TestMasters LSAT (2) and Blueprint LSAT (3), then check their websites for further details.


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