Testmasters LSAT Prep Course Review 2023: [Expert Analysis]

TestMasters LSAT
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews80%
  • Extensive use of digital LSAT
  • 98th to 99th percentile instructors
  • Comprehensive course materials

The quality of its LSAT review courses is tremendous despite the expensive pricing. There’s no self-paced course on offer, however.

Course Effectiveness

TestMasters LSAT boasts of an immense approach to test-taking as it uses several methods and strategies to help you to ace the test, which has been proven effective by many students.


Its pricing is its main downside. The courses are great, but the prices are too expensive for most students, especially those who are on a tight budget.

Ease of Use

It features a search engine that allows you to search concepts easily rather than go through several resources, which can be time-consuming.

Student Reviews

With overwhelmingly positive reviews, TestMasters is clearly a favorite among students, despite the high prices. This is primarily due to the course’s effective test-taking strategies.

  • Extensive use of digital LSAT
  • 98th to 99th percentile instructors
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Focus on methods and strategies
  • Available in several locations
  • No self-paced course
  • Limited course access

TestMasters is an LSAT test prep provider with a legacy of almost three decades. Not only is it known for being a prime LSAT prep, but it is also known for its founder and CEO who is a world-record holder of 12 perfect LSAT scores. I am referring to Robin Singh (1) who is the man behind the innovative approach of TestMasters LSAT. 

This company is all about methodologies which, I believe, have made them a sensation when students talk about LSAT prep. The course prices may not be as inexpensive as 7Sage and PowerScore’s selected courses, but the immense focus on strategies is something you would look forward to in this test prep.

The Ideal User of TestMasters LSAT

TestMasters LSAT curriculum is all about proven methods, top-notch instructors, cutting-edge test-taking strategies, and in-depth research. In fact, Singh has been working with his research and development team to create and innovate new content. He also oversees the application of their LSAT instructors. 

With that said, I can say that TestMasters Prep is for anyone who wants to master skills on how to handle various LSAT question types. They are all about making you test-ready, which I find as their edge in comparison to other LSAT providers like Blueprint, 7Sage, and PowerScore. 

Their curriculum also incorporates a big chunk of digital LSAT following LSAT’s complete transition to digital format. Plus, they give you access to all LSAT official questions released starting 1991.

TestMasters LSAT Course Review Content

  • High-quality Curriculum – The curriculum is based on their unique methodology of teaching, which includes a comprehensive breakdown of various question types and a diagram that shows you how to handle each question type. They also continually develop their content to ensure that their students won’t have surprises during the test day.

    How do they make it possible? They spent a huge amount of time to figure out how the LSAT test writers trick students in picking a wrong answer. In fact, during the time when LSAT released the popular logic games, their research team immediately came up with methods for their students to ace such questions in the LSAT. 

  • The digital LSAT – TestMasters Prep provides numerous digital practice tests that are full-length and in LSAT-style formats. Their extensive use of digital LSAT is highly beneficial since LSAT already completed its full transition to digital LSAT. 

  • Topnotch instructors – Aside from a great curriculum, they also take pride in their pool of instructors who are either on the 98th or 99th percentile. Plus, these instructors went through extensive screening and rigid training sessions to make them qualified for the TestMasters standard. 

    When you visit their website, you would appreciate that they provide transparent details of their faculty members (2). Pieces of information like name, LSAT score, percentile ranking, and college attended are all included. They definitely scored high on transparency. 

  • Comprehensive course materials – All of their courses include high-quality materials, which are listed as follows:

    • Lesson and homework – You will gain access to these lessons and homework through their coursebook, which contains hundreds of LSAT questions. Through their lessons, you will gain an in-depth understanding of each LSAT concept. On the other hand, the homework allows you to achieve a reinforcement of your understanding of those relevant concepts. 

    • Written explanations – These detailed explanations help students understand the reasoning behind each question. These explanations also illustrate certain methods for you to handle different questions in the future. 

    • Video instruction – TestMasters LSAT videos cover over a hundred hours of lessons that feature Robin Singh discussing the fifteen lessons in their LSAT courses. He even touches the most challenging portions of the course homework. 

    • Diagnostic scoring – TestMasters LSAT review course lets you practice using timed diagnostic tests that are sure to make you confident when the actual test day comes. You will be provided with 20 full-length five-section diagnostics, which would also generate your detailed score reports.

    • LSAT search engine – Use this to find a specific concept or question quickly and easily.


LIVE LSAT PREP – This course includes 160 hours of instruction–100 hours online class and 60 hours in-person class. You will also acquire access to more than 9,500 LSAT questions, 20 digital practice exams, 24/7 academic support, and other amazing online resources. 

This course is also available in over 100 locations in the US and Canada. If you also find the need to transfer to a different location within the duration of your course, you can do so with no additional charges.

Price: Around $1,700

ONLINE LSAT COURSE – This particular course is an online version of the live LSAT prep course. The only difference is the channel of instruction. You will have access to 160 hours of Robin Singh’s instructional videos on top of the other features found in the live course. 

Moreover, the videos are recorded to mimic a classroom setting that you actually hear students ask questions and interact with the instructor. This makes you feel like you’re in a classroom with them. 

Price: Around $1,200

PRIVATE LSAT TUTORING – If you’re planning to hone specific skills or you simply want to have a personalized study, then this course is perfect for you. What’s even great about this course is the opportunity for you to collaborate with your tutor in coming up with a customized study plan that fits your needs and learning style. 

You also have the option to choose the kind of materials to be used. You can either opt for the online course materials or purchase the official prep tests published by the LSAC. Of course, whichever you choose, you must purchase them ahead of time even before your first tutoring session begins. 

Here are the tutoring packages:

  • Hourly 
  • 10-hour package
  • 25-hour package
  • Platinum package

The platinum package includes 80 hours of one-on-one instruction. You would also no longer need to purchase the course materials separately because they are already part of the package.

Price: The tutoring packages start as low as around $1,500, with the highest tier pricing for almost $10,000. Their hourly rate is almost $200.

A tutoring manager is available to help you choose the LSAT tutor that suits your availability, needs, and preferences.

Student Support

There are three platforms in which you can use to contact them. You can call them through their hotline, chat with a representative, or simply send an email. However, if your course already includes a 24/7 academic support, then count that as an excellent avenue for your questions and concerns.

Student Testimonials

If you’re looking for honest student reviews to help you evaluate your decision whether to go for TestMasters LSAT Review or not, then here’s a small collection of these reviews:

Alternatives to TestMasters Online LSAT Course

If you’re looking for a self-paced course, unfortunately, TestMasters won’t give you this option. That being said, I’ve listed a couple of alternative LSAT prep providers here that you can try.

  • 7Sage LSAT (3) – This test prep provider is fantastic when it comes to self-paced studying. You can access their study materials online or offline through printed PDF files. They also have personalized study plans, so you can study without compromising your other commitments.

  • PowerScore LSAT (4) – Another LSAT prep provider that allows you to study at your own convenience is PowerScore. They offer various courses, one of which is the on-demand course that comes as a monthly subscription.

Final Verdict

Despite its drawbacks, TestMasters LSAT still deserves a rating of 3.87 out of 5.

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that TestMasters offers other test prep services, but I can say that its LSAT prep course is its best prep course because its content creator is an LSAT taker who garnered several perfect scores.

This justifies a handful of slightly off reviews for their other test prep courses, except LSAT. Thankfully, they are a prime provider of quality test prep for the LSAT examinations. Their faculty of top-notch instructors also make them a highly trusted LSAT prep provider. 

Finally, I would say that what makes them outstanding from the other competitive LSAT prep providers is their emphasis on test-taking strategies. Therefore, I recommend them for those who need to hone their ability to handle various question types found in the actual LSAT.

Do you think TestMasters LSAT is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TestMasters provide you with lesson plans that guide you in every single part of the course.

Yes, there are other study tools like its famous database of flawed reasoning methods, which you can use as a reference to avoid committing the same mistakes. It also has a dynamic quiz to build your LSAT vocabulary.


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