Testive ACT Prep Course Review 2023: [Expert Analysis]

Testive ACT Prep Course Reviews 2020
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews80%
  • Provide a study plan that is tailor-fit to your needs
  • Elite and qualified coaches
  • State-of-the-art software

Overall, Testive ACT Prep Course gives you good value for money for all the practice tests that you get from their free software and the dedicated, highly intellectual coaches that work hand in hand with you to reach their desired goal.

Course Effectiveness

The dedicated and qualified coaches that oversee your performance is the key to the effectiveness of this course.


For an affordable price, it offers free software that comes with a number of resources for ACT practice tests.

Ease of Use

The software designed is easy to use and highly adaptable to the student’s level as it changes accordingly.

Student Reviews

Most of the student reviews are all saying how Testive got them their dream school.

  • Provide a study plan that is tailor-fit to your needs
  • Elite and qualified coaches
  • State-of-the-art software
  • Feedback and coaching sessions
  • Resource bank of practice tests and prep materials
  • Can guarantee an increase in score
  • Schedule adaptability
  • Parent’s weekly feedback emails 
  • Do not use flashcards
  • Does not provide in-class or live options 

Today, we will be looking closely into one of the emerging and newest testing platforms offered online the Testive ACT Prep Course.

About Testive And Their ACT Prep Course?

Testive is one of the newest and in-demand reviewers that started in 2011. Two MIT Sloan School of Management graduates founded this program with the mission of making education easier by providing great tutors to students anywhere in the world using any technology available.

In this Testive ACT review, we will look into the prep course’s many features and inclusions. Is it worth the investment? 

This reviewer offers three options: 

  • Coaching
  • Coaching Plus
  • Bootcamp

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Testive ACT is unique from other similar courses because it follows a model that combines technology with the expertise of humans (1). 

The system fixes what other automated test prep courses do not have–community and accountability. Testive has a really unique model which comes in two parts and works uniquely because one cannot be successful without the other. 

Two programs comprise the system: 

  • State-of-the-art test-prep software that comes free of charge and offers a large resource of practice questions and analytics that track the progress of a student. 

  • A  committed mentor who monitors online practice gives reputable feedback and works alongside the student from start to finish.

This kind of system works for learners who appreciate automated studying and also human touch that boosts morale and motivation. 

Most importantly, any mistakes you make will be properly corrected. An instant explanation about the question will be provided to you, along with a video that shows you how to answer correctly. 

Moreover, you will be challenged to ponder on why you made the mistake in the first place. By diving deep into your weak spots, you will improve and raise your chances to excel in the ACT test. 

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

  1. Free Consultation
    One great thing that shines on many Testive reviews is how good the system is in getting to know their students before they even start the program. All programs start with a free consultation from one of Testive’s test experts. In the consultation call, the expert will ask questions about your family’s schedule, your day-to-day routine, learning style, and your goals and plans for college. 

  2. Diagnostic Test
    This is carried out to gauge the level of the student and the areas that need improvement. You will take the test the way they do it in the real ACT/SAT Test.

  3. Testive Account
    Once the test is done, the result will be uploaded to the Testive account that was set-up for you. The system will then analyze the result and provide the analytics of the strengths and weaknesses of the exam in order to create the best possible study program for you. 

  4. Coaching sessions
    Each student is assigned a highly-qualified coach which are 99 percentile scorers from reputable Universities such as Brown, Holy Cross, Tufts, and Yale, just to name a few. Depending on the plan you enroll in, the coaching will be done once or twice a week via one-on-one online instruction. Feedback and coaching are given to monitor the progress of the students. Sessions vary from 30-60 minutes, once or twice a week. 

Course Pricing Options

At this point, we will look into the Testive ACT plans more closely and what each package contains. 

  1. Coaching – This is the most popular plan out of the three. It comes with a personal coach who meets you weekly in a one-on-one coaching session for 30 minutes. The package also includes the Testive Prep Software with all the multiple practice tests in it. This works best for a student who has at least 4-5 months to prepare for the ACT.

  2. Coaching Plus – This is basically the same package with a Coaching plan but with an increase of coaching time from once a week of 30 minutes to two weekly meetings. This works best for students who need more coaching and guidance.

  3. Bootcamp – This is a plan that works for students who have lesser time to prepare for the ACT. The plan coverage is the same as the Coaching plan but at an accelerated rate. This is good for students who have about six weeks to go before the exam.

If you sign up for the Testive Prep Course, you are guaranteed a 2-week free trial, money-back guarantee, and a refer-a-friend bonus.

The referral bonus comes in the form of a 100-dollar Amazon gift certificate for every friend you refer to Testive.

Platform’s Ease Of Use

Testive’s learning software is designed to adapt to your needs and momentum. It works by changing the level of difficulty to challenge the student enough to continue working with their homework and practice test and not getting bored. 

It ensures that the student will be challenged enough but not lose confidence. This maintains their level of learning. 

Practice sessions are kept short but efficient and highly accessible whenever, wherever you have time to work on it. 

Moreover, the software provides instant feedback through a scoreboard. If you make a mistake, an on-the-spot explanation of the answer through a video will then be played so the student will not end up stuck and not know what the answer is. 

Through this instant feedback system, you can self-evaluate and reflect on your own answers that enhance retention. The mistakes will also be recorded for future viewing and review with your coach during the session. 

Is Testive A Reputable Online ACT Prep Course? (Not A Scam)

Testive ACT has been around since 2011 and in its 10 years in the industry, it has produced remarkable results that students and parents can attest to. There are many reviews that you can look at, and even the Testive website can show the legitimacy of the program. 

This goes to show that Testive can definitely help you ace your ACT exam. Otherwise, previous users would have taken to social media to complain about it and call it a scam.

Testive Reviews and Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

This video link below will explain easily how Testive works.

This second video will show how a mom of three and her sons were able to benefit from Testive Program and how her kids got into their dream school and succeeded in their individual courses. 

— Kathy H.

Final Verdict & Recommendation   

I give the Testive ACT Prep course a rate of 4.5.

Whether you are a parent or a student, it provides a very convenient and holistic approach to learning and exam preparation. The value for money is really good, given the package offered: unique and state-of-the-art online platform, dedicated coaches that listen and give feedback, tailor-fitted lessons and flexible schedules for the lesson. 

It has the second-highest amount of practice tests and questions that will ensure better preparation and a higher score guarantee for your child.   

The only downside is that you cannot really choose to have this in an in-person or personal tutorial method. However, the cost, time efficiency, and quality make this Testive ACT a good investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Studies show the significant relevance in scores of taking prep courses in the results of the ACT/SAT exams by increasing the numbers up to 100. For a student who takes a cold mock test, ACT scores within the normal range of 16-28. A standard package of 12-16 tutoring hours usually generates 3-5 points of increase on the ACT. So the more hours to prepare the better the scores.

Testive offers a 14-day money-back guarantee without questions. They also have 2 weeks of trial lessons which you can cancel at any time without being charged for future months. This guarantee, however, excludes the Bootcamp program.

Since the plans have dedicated coaches to monitor your daily progress, you will be held accountable. If you lack commitment and develop a pattern of missing work, the coach will notify your parents and set up a coaching call to get you to focus. 


1. https://www.testive.com/how-it-works/

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