Princeton Review SAT Prep Course Review 2021: My PERSONAL Testimonial

The Princeton Review MCAT Course Reviews 2020

This course is one of the best SAT prep courses for students who aim to get to the top-performing universities and colleges.


Course Effectiveness


With its Better Score Guaranteed feature, Princeton Review SAT prep course ensures that you will get an SAT score that is good enough to bring you to the top schools in the country.




This course is quite expensive compared to other SAT prep courses, but you sure will get your money’s worth.


Ease of Use


Princeton Review SAT has a personalized plan and student portal features, making it adaptable and user-friendly.


Student Reviews


Many students can attest to this course’s effectiveness.



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About Princeton Review SAT Prep Course?

The Princeton Review SAT offers four prep course options that will help you attain your goals in the SAT. With its quality content and top-percentile teachers, The Princeton Review SAT prep guarantees an SAT score of up to 1500 or more. 

Is the Princeton Review SAT good
In this review, you will know how the Princeton Review SAT makes sure your SAT score is among the top. We will also look at the course’s effectiveness and impact on students. Moreover, you will know if the course is one of the best SAT prep courses.

With 35+ years of experience in teaching and mentoring students in their SAT preparations, the Princeton Review SAT Prep has remained one of the reputable prep courses in the country. 

Over more than three decades of mentorship, Princeton Review SAT has identified the main reasons students drop points on their SAT. More importantly, it has developed technology and content that will help the students overcome these difficulties.

Get the SAT

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

What most Princeton Review reviews recognize about this prep course are the 1400+ or 1500+ score guarantee course prep options. With these packages, the Princeton Review SAT guarantees the student will get an SAT score of 1400+ or 1500+, depending on the package. 

What happens if you end up not getting these scores in the actual SAT? If that happens and you meet other eligibility requirements, Princeton Review will give you your money back (less the fee for the prep materials you received). This money-back guarantee ensures that you will get quality prep materials and tutoring from their program and nothing less.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

Like Kaplan Review, and Barron’s, Princeton is one of the test prep companies that help students prepare for standardized tests for SAT (see SAT prep course comparison).

As mentioned, you can choose among three prep course options provided by Princeton Review SAT. You can choose a package that matches your goals, learning style, and budget. Plus, the guarantee feature of Princeton Review only shows that you will get an efficient and effective prep course.

Classroom sessions conducted by Princeton Review SAT are done by groups, which means you will be with students also studying for the SAT. You can take the classroom instructions in two ways – in-person or LiveOnline. What’s good about the Princeton Review SAT prep course is that you can choose a class time and venue that is most comfortable for you.

Practice materials
Princeton SAT prep provides high-quality practice materials that will give you maximum results.

Some of the books and materials that you can get from this course include:

  • SAT Manual Version 6.0
  • 10 practice tests for the SAT
  • Cracking the SAT premium
  • Math Workout for the SAT
  • Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT
  • The Official SAT Study guide

Do take note that the three elite books mentioned (the last three) are only included in the 1500+ Score Guaranteed package. Other packages include the standard course materials. 

ACT and PSET prep
Also provided in this course are free ACT and PSET prep materials (1). These will include the full length and single-lesson practice tests and video lessons.
10 Practice SAT

Course Pricing Options

1. 1400+ Score Guaranteed
If you are looking to get to one of the top 30 schools in college, Princeton Review SAT Prep 1400+ Score Guaranteed program is the ideal course for you. In this course, you are guaranteed to get an SAT score of 1400 or higher. Otherwise, you will be eligible for a refund. Strategies taught in this course have helped numerous students join the top 5% of test-takers. 

What is included in this 1400+ Score Guarantee course?

  • More than 36 hours with an instructor, through in-person sessions or live online classes
  • AI-driven personalized practice drills
  • 4 proctored practice tests
  • 20 additional Princeton Review SAT practice tests
  • 8 single-section tests
  • Princeton Review SAT prep books

One of the best things about Princeton Review SAT is that their instructors are among the 99th percentile of SAT takers. Assignments in classes are also personalized, so you get to focus on areas that would need improvement. 

Princeton Review SAT tutoring also shows their dedication even after hours. Included in this course is 24/7 on-demand tutoring. This option is the most popular among the packages offered.

Even when you are studying alone, your tutor will be there 24/7 to answer your questions free of charge.

2. 1500+ Score GuaranteedIf your goal is to be at the top 1% of the SAT takers and get to Ivy League schools, the 1500+ guaranteed prep course by Princeton Review is worth taking. In this course, you will basically get everything that is included in the 1400+ guaranteed prep course, but you will also get additional features.

The additional features that you will get are:

  • Advanced level sessions led by top national SAT instructors
  • 8-student cap classes, allowing the instructor to give individual attention to students
  • Periodic one-on-one sessions with the instructor
  • 4000+ pages of SAT instruction and practice including 3 additional books

3. Ultimate course
This package includes 18 hours of focused class time, 3 scheduled proctored tests, additional full-length and single-section practice tests and the ACT and PSET inclusions. This course is cheaper compared to the first two packages, but this includes less content as well.

4. Self-paced
This course is for students who can or would want to prepare for the SAT without tutoring or mentorship. The self-paced course is the cheapest among all the options and has features that you would not find in other similar courses available online.

Platform’s Ease of Use

Since Princeton Review SAT aims to cater to the personal needs of their students, it has developed adaptive technology that makes the course user-friendly. Their interface is very easy to use and the tutors are friendly and dedicated. 

The online student portal will give a preparation experience that is just for you. In this student portal, your study goals and time are organized. Also, your study plan will automatically adjust after you complete the tests, videos, and drills. These personalized features by Princeton SAT Prep will make your preparation experience more effective and easier.

Is Prep Expert a Reputable Online ACT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Not at all. The program has helped students get to the top schools in the country throughout the years. Former students who took the course can attest to how effective the Princeton Review SAT program is. 

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

The video below shows how effective the Princeton Review SAT is:

The next video is a testimonial from a student who got 2010/2400 on the SAT after choosing Princeton Review SAT as her prep course:

Here are reviews from former students of Princeton Review:

Cassidy o'Neill

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the Princeton Review SAT prep course a 4/5.

If your aim is to get to the Ivy League schools or at least the top 30 schools in the nation, this course is pretty much the best one for you. It guarantees an SAT score of 1400+ up to 1500+ depending on the package. The fact that the Princeton Review SAT will give your money back if you did not reach or exceed those scores just proves how committed and sincere they are in helping you to get the best score possible. 

Numerous students made it to the best colleges and universities with the Princeton Review SAT prep course. It may be a little bit expensive for some, but this course’s tutoring, materials, and strategies have proven to be one of the most effective throughout the years.

With the emergence of smartphones, preparing for the SAT has never been easier. In recent years, a lot of SAT prep apps were developed to help students prepare for the SAT wherever they are. You may check it out, too, and see if it will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The materials and books will be shipped through UPS and are expected to arrive 7-10 days before the start of the course.

The Princeton Review has multiple locations. You can search for the nearest one to you on their official website.

In order to take the 1400+ Score Guaranteed course, your starting score should be 1200 or higher.


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