Princeton Review MCAT Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

Princeton Review ACT Prep Course Reviews 2020
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness100%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews90%
  • Great course material on MCAT content
  • User friendly online platform
  • Extensive Assessment tools & resources

Princeton review garners a high score for their innovative technology and ability to lead students to their success.

Course Effectiveness

Princeton Review MCAT displays a strong knowledge base, excellent instructors, and effective prep services for its students.


Princeton Review MCAT cost as a whole is steep but also runs frequent sales offers with generous, consistent discounts.

Ease of Use

Princeton review’s online platform is straightforward, easy to use, and provides a tutorial on how to easily navigate through the system.

Student Reviews

Princeton MCAT review receives a host of compliments and strong support. There are, however, a few students who feel some areas are lacking and need improvement.

  • Great course material on MCAT content
  • User friendly online platform
  • Extensive Assessment tools & resources
  • 510+ Score Guarantee program
  • 11 Subject review books
  • High satisfaction rate
  • App mobility is poor
  • Courses lack augmentation or add-on features

When it comes to Live Online or In-person styles of learning, Princeton Review hosts one of the best prep programs for any medical student looking to need guidance or a mix of self-study and tutor support. 

Their 510+ Score Guarantee program is the best course offered and provides you with all the tools, resources, and mentorship to raise your MCAT score confidently.

About Princeton Review and Their MCAT Prep Course

The Princeton Review is a college services admissions company co-founded by Adam Robinson and John Katzman. The company offers tutoring & admissions resources, test prep services, online course materials, and books published by Random House. 

They currently have over 4,000 tutors/teachers and 14 international franchises. Their main branch is in New York City. 

Princeton Review MCAT offers a wide array of prep resources for any aspiring med student. The program features various courses along with their famous 510 + prep course that has set a solid reputation in the med student community. 

In this Princeton MCAT review, we take a closer look into what’s behind the Princeton Review MCAT course and where it stands as a 30+ year college admissions service company.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Princeton MCAT review provides expert instructors and a higher-score guarantee.

That’s not all though. 

The course materials used, specifically, the subject review books provided by Princeton Review are some of the best reading materials. There’s also the streamlined online portal that is efficient and easy to use. 

Let’s take a closer look at what stands out in this program. 

510 + Score Guarantee

The 510+ Princeton Review MCAT prep course (1) is a significant boost in the overall program. 

It’s highly rated, and it’s one of the aspects Princeton Review is well-known for. 

A 510+ score makes a huge difference. It triples the rate of acceptance into admission schools, making it highly attractive.  

While it’s fairly expensive, the Princeton Review MCAT classes in this prep course are also comprehensive and thorough enough that thousands of med students have praised the course’s guidance. 

As far as the course stands, there’s only been a less than 2% historical refund rate. 

Subject Review Books

Not only are Princeton Review’s books great course materials, but you also have access to 11 books when you sign up for any Princeton Review MCAT course.

This might not seem like a lot, but in a Princeton Review MCAT class, more resources mean more references and better guidance to sharpen your skills along the way.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

Princeton Review offers several course options to choose from, such as: 

  • MCAT 510 +
  • MCAT Ultimate
  • Self-Paced 
  • Summer Immersion

If you don’t feel comfortable spending a thousand dollars upfront, you can always go for the Princeton Review MCAT practice test for a better assessment. 

This offers a full-length practice test, flashcards app, live online strategies, and even an assessment quiz.

MCAT 510+ 

Course overview:

The 510+ program is the most popular course onboard the Princeton Review. 

In this course, you’ll have access to Medical School advantage admission sessions, which is a new addition. It shares what admission committees look for and what you might be missing with other prep courses. 

Here is a rundown of the entire 510+ course:


Highly effective as evident in their less than 2% historical refund rate. 

The program also covers extra resources the other courses don’t have. Expect this to be extra comprehensive and thorough. 

Choose the 510+ if:

Well, why wouldn’t you? 

If you choose this course, this means working twice as hard. A 510 score is awesome, but it also takes full dedication and commitment. In other words, be ready for a rigid schedule. 

MCAT Ultimate

Course Overview:

The MCAT Ultimate is similar to the 510+ program. Both are available online and in-person. 

The Princeton Review MCAT online class is more flexible than in-person but still yields outstanding results.

The main difference between the two are:

  • MCAT 510+ offers an improvement in your MCAT score by 10 points
  • MCAT 510+ gives exclusive access to MCAT Topic Focus
  • MCAT 510+ costs $500 more


The content material in the MCAT Ultimate is superb and still stands second-most popular in their program. 

Choose MCAT Ultimate If:

You’re not willing to spend extra cost for an upgraded course plan or you feel comfortable with the MCAT Ultimate plan. 

Then again, for a better gauge, take the Princeton Review MCAT free test for a better assessment of what you need. 


Course Overview:

The Princeton Review self-paced MCAT course is a flexible approach to your study schedule and habits.


The course material and resources are all fantastic & effective even if you are short by 1 subject review book. 

What matters is how well you balance your study schedule and your adeptness in assessing yourself in terms of feedback and areas of improvement. 

Choose Self paced if: 

You’re comfortable taking a self-study approach and have a hectic schedule or extracurricular activities you want to continue pursuing while studying. 

Summer Immersion

Course Overview:

The overall experience is to immerse yourself in new terrain and a different university. The program lasts for only 6 weeks.


Think of summer immersion as going full throttle and in-depth into the program and setting everything else aside.

It’s effective alright, but it’s also jam-packed. It’s 6 weeks of crunching everything about the MCAT into a narrow time frame. 

Choose Summer Immersion if:

You have a strong knowledge base on every topic and want a comprehensive review.

If you still don’t know the basics, fundamentals, or it’s your first time taking the MCAT, this might not be for you.

Princeton Review offers a tutoring program with two options: 10 or 60 hours. 60 hours includes books, online access, and the Princeton guarantee. The 10 hours only include the tutoring service. Everything else is an additional fee. 

Course Pricing Options

Princeton Review offers various pricing options and while they fall on the steep plane, there’s much value to receive from each program. 

Every course hosts strong content materials, resources, and assessment tools geared towards the success of any aspiring med student.

If you decide to opt for the tutoring program, the 60-hour course is $183/hour while the 10-hour course is $200/hr. That’s roughly around $11,000 and $2,000, respectively.

Platform’s Ease of Use

One of Princeton Review’s strengths is its online platform. 

It is easy to navigate and doesn’t require a lot of time to understand the basics or find the content material you need to use.

The portal is laid out in a clear-cut manner and the organization is also user-friendly, making it less stressful for med students who might already feel anxious and stressed.

Is Princeton Review a Reputable Online MCAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Princeton Review has helped and guided students as a college admissions services company for 35+ years. 

They are a renowned business with thousands of user reviews you can find easily on Google. The students’ success stories are the only proof you need.

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

Princeton Review scores high on their testimonials and reviews. Here is a video about a student’s objective take on the Princeton Review course.

“The Princeton Review 510 Guarantee Program did a great job of helping familiarize myself with all the information on the MCAT. I have been out of school for over 5 years. All the teachers did an excellent job of helping me understand material. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for an in-depth review. LOTS of practice passages, FSQ Drills and MCAT practice tests. You will never run out of things to do… :)”
“Instructors are very dedicated and go out of their ways to make sure everyone understands. They are willing to offer extra help sessions and do not hesitate to share their experiences. Super helpfull.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I rate Princeton Review 4.5 out of 5. 

If you are looking for a more thorough, in-depth review, it is a great option for you. 

One advantage is Princeton Review’s provision of materials is more than sufficient, so you won’t need to buy supplementary books and the like. 

In addition, the 510+ course program is truly a solid choice to take part in. If you’re confident about the basics and have a good handle of the topics at hand but prefer in-depth guidance, Princeton Review is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Princeton Review offers guidelines on their money-back guarantee program. 

In the 510+ case, if your official MCAT score did not improve by at least 10 points (if your starting score was under 500) or is not equal to or exceed 510, you get a refund. 

For more details, you can look here (2).

There isn’t a big difference between the two. What sets them apart is the exclusive access and 510+ guarantee you get by partaking in the MCAT 510+ course program.

The summer immersion is worth the value if you already have a good understanding of the MCAT topics. 

The Summer Immersion course may feel like a crash course because it lasts for only 6 weeks but it aims to provide deeper knowledge and understanding on what you already know. If you lack pre-med fundamentals, I wouldn’t recommend the Summer Immersion course.