Princeton Review GMAT Prep Course Review 2023: My PERSONAL …

Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews90%
  • Reasonable Price
  • More and adaptive practice tests
  • Adaptive lessons

With its award-winning test prep solutions, adaptive technology that simulates GMAT, competitive tutorial rates, Princeton Review GMAT prep offers really good and compatible deals for GMAT reviewers of different learning styles, budgets, and targets.

Course Effectiveness

Princeton Review GMAT prep is an effective GMAT prep for diverse learners, with its variety of options that use adaptive technology for practice tests and lessons.


Princeton Review GMAT prep is not the cheapest option that might be found but it definitely gives value to your money with its adaptive technology. Further, the per hour rate with its tutors is among the most competitive rates you will find.

Ease of Use

The Princeton Review GMAT prep dashboard is very easy to navigate and saves your progress. However, a mobile app would have made online reviews much more convenient.

Student Reviews

Princeton Review GMAT Prep Course Reviews give a thumbs up for the positive experience with this GMAT prep. 

  • Reasonable Price
  • More and adaptive practice tests
  • Adaptive lessons
  • Live sessions
  • Better Score Guarantee
  • No mobile app
  • Limitations of in-person tutoring sessions
  • Adaptive but not very engaging lessons

About Princeton Review

Princeton Review didn’t become one of the leading names in GMAT prep for nothing. In fact, it was awarded in 2018 by EdTech Awards for testing prep solutions (1). If you’ve been keeping an eye out for the right GMAT prep partner, I am sure you have already come across Princeton Review that is known for its comprehensive and adaptive materials, among other features.

When your GMAT score is what’s on the line, though, you don’t just look at brand names. You look at features and options that are most compatible with your learning style, timeline, and budget. Hence, in this Princeton Review GMAT Prep course review, we shall take a closer look at the features, testimonials, course options, as well as the pros and cons for selecting Princeton Review GMAT prep.

Then, we’ll let you decide if it’s the one for you. 

Princeton Review GMAT Prep Features

Comprehensive materials

Princeton Review GMAT prep is one of the most comprehensive GMAT prep courses that you will find. It provides extensive materials for self-study sessions and supplements them with instructional GMAT explanations.

Adaptive tests

Princeton Review  GMAT prep offers 10 full-length practice tests which are computer-adaptive. Not only does Princeton Review GMAT prep’s offering of practice tests deserve a thumbs up in terms of quantity, but more so in quality.

The computer-adaptive tests simulate the GMAT by adjusting the problems based on your performance. It reacts based on how you answer the problems and scores you as you go along. This way, you will be comfortable with the real GMAT format.

Adaptive learning

Princeton Review GMAT prep also offers adaptive learning through its DrillBuilder and adaptive video lessons. DrillBuilder is a very useful tool that you could use to enhance your skills in areas that need further improvement.  It assesses your strengths and weaknesses based on your previous tests and drills. Its algorithm could set the practice for you to take on.

Nonetheless, I like the fact that it gives you the option to take the rein and direct your own practice by customizing your practice, determining the level of difficulty, time, among others.

And if you are stuck in the question, the prep course does not end with the provision of explanations for each possible answer. They also provide adaptive video lessons to help you further. 

Hence, even with self-paced learning, further explanation is just one click away. The videos are not very engaging, however. Nonetheless, they are quite helpful and systematic in their explanations.

GMAT Explanations Sessions

This is a good way to support learning and gain further insight from the Princeton review GMAT prep instructors. Conducted online, it covers subject areas that could help you maximize your prep. This could also help you save your limited one-on-one sessions with tutors for more important concerns that will not be answered or explained sufficiently in these group sessions.

Private Tutorials

Princeton Review gives you the chance to connect with expert tutors who scored the top percentile on GMAT. In addition to this, Princeton Review GMAT tutors undergo training to make sure they’d be ready to engage with the students. In other words, you are in capable hands for very competitive rates.    

Princeton Review GMAT Prep Dashboard

The online dashboard is simple and easy to navigate. The tools are intuitive and will lead you to practice tests and course work. The system also saves your progress so you can just pick up where you left off. I also like the idea that it allows you to skip, go back, and fast forward into the course material. It clearly gives you direction while allowing you to stay in control. 

Course Packages and Pricing Options

Because students have different learning styles, schedules, and budgets, Princeton Review GMAT Prep comes in different packages.

Self-paced Course: Starts at $799

Are you a busy and self-motivated learner? Then, this self-paced package might just work for you. This package includes:

  • Comprehensive self-paced online materials, adopting an algorithm that will help you achieve your potentials, including 10 practice tests, 83 adaptive drills with 3000 questions, and adaptive lessons
  • Live interactive GMAT explanations
  • E-book copy of the latest edition of The GMAT Official Guide

1-hour session with GMAT expert (only for comprehensive option)

Fundamentals: Starts at $1399

Do you want more live instructions to supplement your online materials? You might want to consider the Fundamentals Course. This package includes the following features:

  • 27 hours of live instruction and online recordings of the lessons available for your review at any time
  • Adaptive learning through 10 full-length practice tests and 61+ drills (with detailed explanations)
  • GMAT Explanation Sessions and Office Hours for more LiveOnline time with instructors

GMAT 700+: Starts at $1899

Are you targeting a 700+ GMAT score that could be your key to join top MBA programs at minimum preparation time? You might want to check out Princeton Review’s GMAT 7000+ Course. Its features include the following:

  • 47 hours of instruction
  • 4 hours of 1-on-1 session with an instructor
  • 10+ hours for focused instruction on advanced GMAT questions
  • 10+ hours sessions for verbal and math explanation
  • 4,480+ adaptive drills
  • 10 full-length GMAT practice test
  • 700+ GMAT score guarantee

Starting a score of 620+ is required for you to be qualified to the 700+ score guarantee. However, 80-point score improvement is guaranteed for those whose starting score is under 620.

Private Tutoring: Starts at $1800

Do you want more personalized support to maximize your GMAT prep? Then, check out Princeton Review GMAT Prep private tutoring with 99th percentile instructors. This is available in person and online. However, there are geographical limitations for in-person sessions, which is true for almost every GMAT prep course.  Package features include the following:

  • All online prep in self-paced package
  • 10 hours of private tutoring

You could opt for GMAT comprehensive private tutoring for 18 hours at $167/ hour or GMAT Targeted Private Tutoring for 10 hours are $180/hour.

What do reviewers have to say about The Princeton Review?

Reviews gave a thumbs up for Princeton Review GMAT prep courses. Many students raved about their positive experience with Princeton Review, the fabulous tutors, helpful staff, and great materials. 

Here are some of the notable testimonials:

Pros of Princeton Review GMAT Course

Reasonable Price

For a very comprehensive GMAT prep, Princeton Review offers a very reasonable price. Even in the absence of a mobile app, it makes up for it with its adaptive technology. Further, their tutor rate is quite competitive, especially when compared to the other GMAT prep courses. 

More and adaptive practice tests

Princeton Review GMAT prep offers extensive full-length practice tests which are also computer adaptive in order to simulate the real GMAT experience. This helps you become familiar with the examination, in every way possible.   

Adaptive lessons

The video and lessons and drills respond to your needs, based on its assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it could help you maximize your time in building skills that need to be enhanced in order to boost your GMAT score.   

Live sessions

Another good deal out of Princeton Review GMAT prep is the explanation sessions that will give you the chance to learn with expert instructors even if you enroll in a self-paced course. This could also be advantageous for those enrolled with private tutors because listening to group sessions could help your save your limited one-on-one tutorials for more individualized GMAT concerns

Better Score Guarantee

Princeton Review offers a better score guarantee for self-paced, fundamentals, and private tutorial packages. They guarantee that your GMAT score will be higher or you get your tuition back. The exception here is the GMAT 700+ guaranteed course (for those whose score was at least 620). 

Cons of the Princeton Review GMAT Course

No mobile app

Sadly, Princeton Review GMAT prep does not have an exclusive app for its GMAT course. While their dashboard is compatible with tablets, the availability of a mobile app could have been one huge advantage, especially for self-paced courses.

This might be a deal-breaker for some. Hence, if mobile apps are a critical consideration for you, you might want to check Manhattan Prep (2) or The Economists GMAT Tutor (3). 

Limitations of in-person tutoring sessions

In-person classroom sessions are limited to whether there’s a test prep center in your area. Unless you’re close to one, you might want to prep through the live-online platform or via private tutoring. 

Adaptive but not very engaging lessons

It is true that the lessons are adaptive and very helpful. Explanations are systematically presented. However, I think that they could still work on making the video lessons more engaging for the reviewers. Then again, if you are in the serious business of preparing for the GMAT, I am sure Princeton Review GMAT prep videos will work just fine for you. 

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I rate The Princeton Review GMAT prep course 4.4 out of 5. 

It might have been better with a mobile app to make the review even more convenient, but as one of the most extensive practice tests, it more than makes up for this missing feature. The course is computer adaptive and comes with adaptive drills and video lessons, live GMAT explanations, and affordable tutoring rates.

Further, Princeton Review GMAT prep caters to different learners with its different GMAT courses. What I like most about it, is that Princeton Review does not get carried away with its adaptive technology. It offers a guide to help you optimally but still trusts you to be in control.

Want to see if Princeton Review GMAT prep is a good fit for you? Why don’t you check out their free trial for 14 days (4)? This is one of the longest free trials for GMAT courses that you will find.

Frequently Asked Questions

The guarantee for the GMAT 700+ package applies to those whose starting score is at least 620 points. For those whose starting score is under 620, the score improvement guarantee is at least 80 points. If the score did not improve as guaranteed, tuition will be returned to the reviewer, minus the cost of materials that were shipped and the shipping fee.

No. Princeton Review GMAT Prep does not have a mobile app.