Princeton Review ACT Prep Course Review 2023: My PERSONAL Review

Our Rating
Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use70%
Student Reviews70%
  • Expert Instructors
  • Score Guarantees
  • Personalized Study Plan

Overall, the Princeton Review ACT Prep Course is a must-try for those who want guarantees with what they paid for. Its top-tier packages are fairly expensive for good reasons.

Course Effectiveness

The tutor-on-demand is one of the biggest factors why the Princeton online courses are effective because they can provide you instant feedback on your progress.


The best packages come with expensive prices, so they are not ideal for those who wish to have quality exam prep at an affordable price range.

Ease of Use

The overall platform is conducive to learning, but its dashboard is quite outdated because it already lacks specific helpful tools, such as detailed performance feedback every after practice question.

Student Reviews

Most of the Princeton Review ACT reviews from students are positive with an emphasis on how their scores significantly increased after their ACT sessions with Princeton Review.

  • Expert Instructors
  • Score Guarantees
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Quality Course Materials
  • AI-Driven Personalization Aids
  • Tutor On-Demand
  • SAT and PSAT Prep Included
  • Expensive
  • Not Entirely Online-Based
  • Limited Self-Paced Options

About Princeton Review and Their ACT Prep Course?

Princeton Review is a college admission service company founded by Adam Robinson and John Katzman in 1981. The Princeton Review ACT Prep was modeled on continuous innovation when it comes to expert instructors, quality content, cutting-edge technology, and unique personalization.

Princeton Review AC is among the most established prep test providers with its 35-year-length of instruction. It boasts of a high standard of materials, mode of instructions, and instructors’ level of expertise. Its high-score guarantees and personalized courses also add up to the reason why it’s a widely recommended prep course review provider.

As a top-notch prep course review provider, what else can go wrong? Let’s dig deeper into what it has to offer and what it doesn’t through this Princeton Review ACT Prep Course Review.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

The Princeton Review ACT aims to maximize your results in the shortest time possible, hence efficiency at its finest. The entire team at Princeton Review makes it possible with its top-percentile instructors, AI-driven personalized practiced drills, and tutor-on-demand options.

Other features included in Princeton Review ACT Prep Course Reviews are the following:

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • In-Person/LiveOnline Sessions
  • Proctored Tests
  • 1 Year Online Access Length
  • Includes PSAP Prep
  • Online Access Includes ACT + SAT
  • P&P Materials
  • Access to Parent & Student Portal Apps
  • ACT Advantage Sessions Included      

These features are both offered in Princeton Review ACT 31+ and Princeton Review ACT Ultimate. However, there are differences between these packages that will be discussed further below.

Moreover, what Princeton ACT Prep makes it more unique is the option for quick study sessions. They provide you with over 140 short videos of strategies you can employ to ace your upcoming college examination through concept reviews and test-taking strategies.

The videos are simple and interesting, so you will be able to retain as much information as possible. Students who have already taken the Princeton Review prep course enjoyed the experience of watching one video to another at their own pace. It helps them become more aware of their weaknesses and strengths.

Another significant feature is the “Chat with the Teacher (1)” option, a one-on-one instruction where you can ask questions as you go through each Princeton ACT review class. 

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

Princeton Review ACT online course provides a great array of packages to choose from which are as follows:

ACT 31

This is the most popular and most expensive package they have. In this package, Princeton ACT guarantees a 31+ score in just 2 months. If you did not meet a score of 31 or higher even after completing the course and all the drills, then you will get your money back. Below, you will find other details about this package.

1 Expert instructor

Review and practice books

4 Proctored practice exams

Personalized study plan

10 Additional practice tests

SAT self-paced prep

20 Single-section tests

PSAT self-paced prep

24/7 On-demand tutoring

SAT advantage

 ACT Ultimate 

This comprehensive package dedicates 18 hours of focused class time, so this is perfect for those who are not rushing to prepare for the exams. This package, however, does not offer in-person sessions.

Unlimited access to ACT advantage live online sessions

Interactive goal setting and improvement tracking

3 Scheduled, proctored practice tests

Full-length and single-section practice tests for the SAT

Additional full-length and single-section practice tests

140+ Expert-created video lessons for the SAT

Homework assignments tailored to your needs

Lessons, strategies, and practice tests for the PSAT

Customized study plans for your prep pace

Review guarantee

Private Tutoring 

The Princeton ACT Tutoring is the best choice if you lack the prep time and need personalized help with guaranteed results. You are assured to improve your score by 3 points, or you will get your money back. This option also follows tutor matching to ensure you will have the best instructor that suits your learning style and pace.

Full-length and single-section practice tests

Lessons, strategies, and practice tests for the PSAT

2,000+ Practice questions

ACT Princeton Review Complete Course Manual is included

Unlimited access to SAT advantage live online sessions

The 1,511 ACT Practice Questions Review Book is included

Custom-built apps for easy management of student progress, communication, and scheduling

Per hour pricing

140+ expert-created video lessons for the ACT

Review guarantee

ACT Self-Paced 

This option is for those who wish to study at their own pace anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t come with in-person sessions, but more extensive Princeton online courses and video lessons. Use these according to your learning pace. Other features of this package are as follows:

377 Online drills

Personalized study plan

3,200+ Online practice questions

Full score reports

Full-length and single-section practice tests for the SAT and ACT

Includes lesson plans, strategies, and practice tests for the PSAT

A personalized lesson plan based on your drills, practice tests, and more

AP Online video lessons (U.S. Government, U.S. History, World History, English Language, and Chemistry)

SAT & ACT practice questions review sessions

Review guarantee

Course Pricing Options



ACT 31+

$1,199 USD

ACT Ultimate 

$699 USD

Private Tutoring

Starts at $150/hr

ACT Self-Paced 

$199 USD

The most expensive package tiers have ongoing discount offers ranging from $200 to $400. The discount codes are indicated on the Princeton Review website.

Platform’s Ease Of Use

The platform in Princeton Review is very conducive to learning as it does not contain a lot of distractions. While it may seem that the online course pages have several options, there are helpful tools that are not provided, such as detailed performance feedback for each practice question.

Is Princeton Review ACT Prep Course Review a Reputable Online Prep Course? (Not A Scam)

Given that Princeton Review has been in the ed-tech industry for 35 years, there’s no reason to doubt this online course provider’s legitimacy.

You can check its website and testimonials from all over the internet, and you will see how established Princeton Review is in terms of test prep.

Princeton Review ACT Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

The video below will show you how students and their parents have attested to the guaranteed quality services of the  Princeton online courses, with options sensitive to the needs of each family, such as their routine schedule.

“Before tutoring, I scored a 26 and a 27 on the ACT. However, after getting tutoring from the Princeton Review, I scored a 36! I highly recommend having tutors from the Princeton Review tutor you for ACT and SAT help.”

 — Kelan Amin (via

“My instructor was very helpful with teaching nearly everything we had to learn. The material was also very helpful to learn, improving students’ skills.”

— Nadeen Morsy (via

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give Princeton Review ACT Prep Online a rating of 4.12/5.

It is a highly recommended prep testing provider everywhere and I recommend it, too. 


Simply because I would vouch for a prep testing provider that has been in the ed-tech industry for almost four decades. This means students get the tailored help they need according to the college examination trends.

It is expensive, especially the top-tier packages. If I could spare such amount, however, I would go for it because of the Princeton Review ACT score guarantees. I know I will get what I will pay for. 

However, if you are the kind of student who prefers self-paced sessions with constant access to tutors, then the self-paced option of the ACT Princeton Review is not for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The qualifications for the money-back guarantee include completing all your assignments and attending all of your tutoring sessions. Your assignments include at least 4 of your Princeton Review ACT practice tests. Moreover, to get a refund, your test day for the ACT should be 90 days after the end of your Princeton Review classes.

You can use your Princeton Review course as often as you would like. However, you will be eligible for a refund on your first use only. In case you have to repeat the course and you like to have the updated prep books, then the payment is only $25.


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