PrepScholar GRE Prep Course Review 2023: My TRUE View

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Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews80%
  • 12-month access to the course materials
  • Affordable price
  • Comprehensive course materials

You will seldom see a test prep that is both effective and affordable and PrepScholar, fortunately, fits the bill.

Course Effectiveness

With PrepScholar’s customized lessons, adaptive diagnostic tests, simulated practice, 99th percentile instructors, and 7-point increase guarantee, its course is among the most effective in the market.


The pricing option in PrepScholar is straightforward. You simply get two options, and both are cheaper compared to what its main competitors offer whose courses are costly.

Ease of Use

The platform GRE PrepScholar uses is sophisticated and easy to use. However, it does not have any mobile app, which I consider a downside.

Student Reviews

Most student reviews reflect how effective PrepScholar is because of its weekly study scheduling, progress tracker, and email encouragement that makes self-paced prep motivating.

  • 12-month access to the course materials
  • Affordable price
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • No mobile app
  • Limited instruction formats

About PrepScholar GRE Review Course

PrepScholar is one of the leading GRE courses in the ed-tech industry because of its innovative approach to GRE test prep. The content and strategies are amazing and taking advantage of them won’t cost you a lot. Basically, GRE PrepScholar is a perfect choice because it has both quality and affordability.

Also, I find it surprising that this affordable GRE test prep boasts a 7-point increase guarantee, which other GRE test prep services do not have. It is such a bold claim for an inexpensive prep course. On top of this, the access length runs for one year, which makes its price pretty worth it. 

As perfect as it seems, there are still a few downsides to this GRE course. Above is the list of pros and cons.

If you appreciate a self-paced kind of study with comprehensive materials and at an affordable price, then the GRE PrepScholar review course is for you. Moreover, PrepScholar allows you access for up to one year of access to the course materials, so it would be beneficial if you still have several months to study before the GRE test day. PrepScholar also has 99th percentile instructors who would be willing to assist you in case you need help.

PrepScholar GRE is not for students who prefer to study live online or in-person classes or those who just need to pay for a few months of studying. 

GRE PrepScholar’s Course Content

  • 7-point increase guarantee – I consider PrepScholar’s score improvement guarantee as a unique offer because the other big names in the GRE prep have either a lower score improvement guarantee or a non-specific score improvement guarantee. In fact, Kaplan and The Princeton Review, two of the bigger names in the ed-tech industry, do not specify their respective score improvement guarantees while Target guarantees a quant score increase only. 

  • Individualized attention – One of PrepScholar’s main goals is to provide you with a personalized study experience. As you begin with the course, you can specify your goals, dream graduate school, and preferred learning style. If you are not sure about it, then PrepScholar will help you plan out your goals.

    Once you figure them out along with your life commitments, you will be given your customized study plan that continuously adapts as you progress forward. For instance, if you did well on a lesson, then more advanced questions will be given to you. If you need more time to master a lesson, then you will be given a chance to ace it the next time. 
  • Adaptive diagnostic – GRE PrepScholar also ensures that you have the fastest progress in your prep efforts despite using a self-paced learning format. PrepScholar makes this possible by making sure that your strengths and weaknesses are evaluated in the best way possible through its 60-question diagnostic test powered by its own algorithm called CustomPrep©, which was developed by its very own Harvard PhDs.

    This diagnostic algorithm used thousands of data from actual students so that your test result would be as accurate as possible. Take a look at its algorithm sample below. 

  • Personal reminders – Part of your personalized experience is to make sure that you are on the track of your GRE prep. The PrepScholar GRE allows you to auto-sync your profile to your email and phone so you will constantly receive reminders and updates.

    You will also receive a notification of the recommended time for you to take your practice tests to ensure that you won’t be missing any. Of course, you will also get to access the materials 24/7.
  • Customized lessons – As I have mentioned, you will also have your customized lessons. You will be given step-by-step instructions on what you need to study whether you need to review your mistakes, drill some questions, or read the assigned lessons. PrepScholar believes that in order for you to succeed and garner a significantly higher score in GRE, you need to have the most accurate personalized plan. 

  • Simulated practice – Each lesson in the PrepScholar GRE prep review course is crafted in a way that teaches and interacts with your current skill level. Overall, there are more than 150 hours of interactive lessons with dynamic texts and videos about strategies and core concepts.

    Even better, each online practice quiz has real GRE questions that simulate the actual GRE exam. Each test is also time-bound similar to the actual test.

    The questions are also continually updated and refreshed to ensure that you are studying what is recent. More so, there are over 300 mini-lessons that show you what and how to avoid the common tricks and traps hidden in the GRE test.
  • Progress tracker – I especially like this feature because PrepScholar tracks your effort to compare it with your goals. Its unique allows you to see your progress over time, skill by skill. It is very detailed and specific, which makes you fully aware of where you stand and how far you have to go. 

  • 5-day access free trial – This allows you to experience what GRE PrepScholar looks and feels for five days.

    In the free trial, you can access the adaptive diagnostic exam, more than 150 hours of interactive lessons and strategies, customized study plan, individual progress tracker with the key GRE skills, and graduate school admission guides. 

  • 99th percentile instructors – All of its instructors are on the 99th percentile and each of them either has a Ph.D. or an MBA from top graduate schools. PrepScholar is a small team comprised of top-notch individuals. 

Summary of its course materials:

    • 2 full-length practice tests (PowerPrep I & II)
    • 2,107 adaptive questions and mini-lessons
    • 72 interactive classes
    • 60-question diagnostic test
    • 20 part, 300 questions vocabulary course
    • $3,750 worth of grad school admission guides


PrepScholar GRE Prep Review has straightforward course options. You choose either its 12-month-access or its lifetime access. The 12-month-access is worth $34 per month but should be paid one time. In other words, you should be paying a total of $408 for this course. It is also the perfect option if you are already sure that you will take the GRE test within the next 12 months.

On the other hand, if you are still unsure when to take the GRE yet you simply want to be ready for it in case you change your mind, then you can go for its lifetime access which costs only $345. You can utilize this course anytime you want, without pressure.

Included in the lifetime access is a personalized scoring for the 4 AWA writing essays.

Student Support

Unfortunately, GRE PrepScholar does not have a hotline number that you can call or a live chat that you can utilize in case you need real-time help. However, you can contact its team of student support through email. It also has a very informative FAQ section for commonly asked questions. You can definitely use this as a reference. 

Student Testimonials

If you want to know what real students have to say about PrepScholar GRE Prep Review, then take a look at the following testimonials. 

Alternatives to PrepScholar GRE

I can certainly vouch for PrepScholar when it comes to GRE Prep, but because it only has a self-paced course, then you may find it insufficient if you are looking for a live online or in-person learning. That being said, I recommend the following alternative courses because they have live online and in-person classes. 

  • Princeton Review GRE (1) – The Princeton Review may be expensive, but it provides three learning formats–self-paced, live online, and in-person. It also has more than 2,500 practice questions and 8 practice exams. Its access length, however, is only for four months. 

  • Kaplan GRE (2)- Kaplan is another big name in the GRE review course and, like The Princeton Review, it is also expensive but complete with three learning formats. It has more than 5,000 practice questions and 7 practice exams with an access length of six months.

Final Verdict

Although the GRE PrepScholar review course only offers a single learning format, it still deserves a rating of 4.25 out 5.

The PrepScholar GRE course uses a unique algorithm to ensure that you are studying effectively and accurately. Thanks to its diagnostic test, you are sure to improve in the shortest time possible.

Its price is also affordable given how the quality of its materials is comparable with the more expensive GRE courses out there. Finally, its overall personalized experience makes it your ideal prep because it targets to hone your GRE-specific skills. 

If you want to know more about GRE PrepScholar, check out its website (3).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PrepScholar teaches strategies that help you handle the usual GRE traps. 

Yes, all materials are 100% online. Nothing will be mailed and you don’t need to drive to a prep center to study. All you need is a reliable computer and internet connection. 

No, PrepScholar does not require pre-rescheduling for the program. You don’t need to schedule anything beforehand because you can access the materials 24/7.