PrepScholar ACT Prep Course Review 2023: My PERSONAL Review

Our Rating
Course Effectiveness100%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews80%
  • Specific study plans
  • Customized programs
  • Highly-trained tutors

PrepScholar is a fairly decent test prep provider that has guaranteed course effectiveness due to its unique approach. Given how different their model is, it’s a relief to know that you can try their risk-free trial so you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied with your first few days with them.

Course Effectiveness

It has unique strategies for customization and motivation techniques.


There is a wide gap in the price difference between the two ACT programs, so there’s not much option in terms of prices.

Ease of Use

I like how straightforward the overall website is because it adds up to the test prep provider’s aim not to overwhelm students. The overall program is also entirely online, so it’s convenient.

Student Reviews

Students and their parents have reported an increase in scores after taking the PrepScholar ACT programs. However, some of them are not happy because of the special circumstances you need to hit while completing the extensive course.

  • Specific study plans
  • Customized programs
  • Highly-trained tutors
  • Motivation techniques
  • 1-on-1 tutoring sessions
  • Increased point guarantee is not so high
  • Some contents are very basic
  • Practice tests are limited

About PrepScholar And Their ACT Prep Course?

PrepScholar ACT Prep is starting to get attention from students who aim to ace their ACT exams because of its unique features not offered in other test prep providers. Its main guarantee is the 4-point-improvement that attracts several students to try PrepScholar courses.

In this PrepScholar review, we will find out how this 4-point-improvement guarantee is possible for a relatively new test prep provider.

PrepScholar is an emerging ed-tech company that provides test prep online courses. It was founded by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang who are both from Harvard University. The former, having perfect scores in SAT and ACT is now leading the product design and teaching in PrepScholar’s ACT Prep.

This course focuses on giving you a customized study plan at affordable rates. It guarantees an improvement of 4+ points using their customization strategies.

Moreover, the PrepScholar courses and teaching materials were crafted by a group of experts who aced the ACT themselves when they were still students. In other words, PrepScholar takes pride in how receptive to students’ needs their courses are because they were developed by ACT masters themselves.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

PrepScholar ACT course provides a unique approach to understanding the students’ needs and capacities. It creates a plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you will not be wasting time on lessons you already know. Instead, your time will be dedicated to subject areas that you need to work on further.

How do PrepScholar ACT test prep courses make it possible for you to ace your exam? They provide you a diagnostic test that helps figure out your exact level in over 40 ACT skills. The result will be the basis for customizing your weekly study plan to ensure it fits your needs.

They also adjust the content of their PrepScholar ACT course to your skill level, so you will have lessons and questions with the right difficulty level.   

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

  1.   Customization

You can make the fastest progress in your PrepScholar prep classes through their diagnostic test that figures out your skill level, so they can match it to the right difficulty level per ACT skill. This diagnostic test is comprised of 60 questions that gauge your strengths and weakness and use algorithms based on data from thousands of students. It is also designed by Harvard PhDs with real student-experience in mind.

  1. Clear Guidance

Through the PrepScholar ACT prep test, you are given the exact step-by-step instructions, such as when to take practice tests, what lessons to take, and how to review your mistakes.

  1. Motivation Tools

PrepScholar review course incorporates weekly reports, customized feedback, and progress trackers to keep you motivated with your test prep journey. They also send personalized messages of encouragement that can boost the morale of students.

The various parts of the PrepScholar ACT prep course are broken down into small chunks of information so the overall course is manageable and not overwhelming for the students.

Below is an overview of what PrepScholar online course offers.

What makes PrepScholar ACT review course effective?

PrepScholar not only takes pride in its 99th percentile instructors, but it also celebrates the fact that the skills and strategies you will learn are the same skills and strategies that worked for the team of experts who designed the PrepScholar online course.

The lessons you will encounter are honed by the instructors’ impressive teaching experience to ensure that the lessons are effective. The quality of teaching is also constantly monitored through student feedback.

Take a look at this study plan overview, so you would know what to expect.

First 10 minutes: Sign up and prepare. You have to create your account, start a free trial by submitting your payment option and answering a survey.

First hour: Take the smart diagnostic test. This will help them get to know you better.

Hours 2 to 10: Here, you take 8 lessons that require 60 minutes each to finish. Each lesson has three parts.

  •  20-minute-teaching portion – You will be taught ACT strategies and core concepts through texts and videos.
  • 20-minute-PrepScholar ACT practice test – You will be given 20 minutes to answer ACT realistic problems based on what you learned from your customized lesson plan.
  • Mistake reviews – You will be given opportunities to assess your mistakes based on detailed explanations.

Your customized study plan adapts to your learning pace for each lesson. For example, if you were able to ace your lessons, then you will advance to the next level. Otherwise, the lesson will be rescheduled so you have a new chance to make your output better.

Hours 11 to 14: Take a full-length PrepScholar practice test. Here, you will be given the official ACT study guide that has realistic practice tests. This test also takes three hours wherein you have to perform the test on paper and submit your answers online. Afterwhich, your test prep will be graded and your score will be posted immediately.

Hours 15+: Continue with your customized PrepScholar Prep.

What else do they offer?

  • High-quality ACT prep videos that contain content and strategies.
  • Largest ACT questions bank composed of over 2,400 realistic questions from PrepScholar’s data bank and 100 hours of instructional materials.

Course Pricing Options

There are two programs available with different PrepScholar tutoring prices. Kindly look at the following:

Complete Prep at $397

This program gives you access to 2,400+ realistic high-quality questions, 50+ skill categories, and 70+ lessons.

Complete + Tutoring at $1,995

You will have access to everything if you choose this program, plus 12-hour tutoring with an expert in the ACT. You can also practice several ACT online test prep reviews without limit with this program.

There is a 5-day risk-free trial granted to those who wish to enroll with PrepScholar. It means that if you are satisfied with their program within 5 days, then you can get a refund.

Platform’s Ease Of Use

PrepScholar ACT Prep has a straightforward platform. It does not have several options to click on that can potentially create distractions.

The wording of each instruction is also concise for easier navigation. The color scheme is also composed of muted tones that give off a comfortable vibe.

When you get to the video lessons, the simple aesthetics keep everything is straight-to-the-point and spare you from being overwhelmed.  

Is PrepScholar ACT Prep Course A Reputable Course? (Not A Scam)

I will be forthright now and tell you that PrepScholar is not a scam. It is a reputable online test prep provider given how hands-on the founders are in their product development and designs.

Moreover, the fact that PrepScholar was featured in several media outlets, such as Time, USA Today, ABC, Fox News, CBS News, and Wall Street Journal is an indication that this online test prep is legitimate. Plus, this PrepScholar review is additional proof of its legitimacy.

You can also check customer PrepScholar ACT test prep reviews from customers and see that there are no claims or reports of a scam or fraud. However, you might encounter some customer feedback about refund issues in connection to their money-back guarantee. These issues, however, are due to a lack of adequate knowledge about PrepScholar’s policies.

I highly recommend you read the prep course process (1) and other information for your guidance.

PrepScholar ACT Prep Course Real Unbiased Text Testimonials:

Here are some of the testimonials from students and parents who already tried PrepScholar.

“The best thing about using PrepScholar instead of a big-name company is the fast response and close attention I get here.”
“The best part of PrepScholar is that it’s structured. It tells me exactly what I need to study at every point, so I don’t have to guess.”
“My daughter said: Prep Scholar helped me get a nearly perfect score on the ACT. The formatting of the quizzes and review helped me more than any prep book had. It not only told me what answers were wrong and right, but why each answer was or was not correct. Even more helpful was the tailor-made study schedule. This enabled me to truly focus on what I needed to study rather than wasting my limited time on things I already knew how to do correctly. I highly recommend it for anyone considering a prep course.”

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the Princeton Review ACT Prep Course a score of 4.25/5.

I cannot say that PrepScholar has the best program out there because of the variety of programs and courses is vast. Plus, the student profiles looking for these types of test prep services are diverse. However, I can recommend it for its rate of effectiveness and its unique strategies in terms of customization and motivation techniques that help students thrive more in their test preps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to go to any prep centers because the programs are all online-based. You just need a stable internet connection and a good-working computer. The real paper practice tests, however, are mailed to you.

We provide you an option to check your progress through the full history of completed lessons. For any lesson or skill, you can review your mastery level through a graph. You will also be able to see whether a skill or lesson was assigned to be retaken or was downgraded.

You don’t need to pre-reschedule for the program beforehand. You can access the program at your convenience. You can also pause the program whenever you need to, even in the middle of a lesson or practice test.