Prep Expert SAT Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

Prep Expert ACT Course Reviews 2020
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews90%
  • Wide range of course options
  • World-class instructors and tutors
  • User-friendly platform

Prep Expert continues to emerge as one of the elite prep courses today. Developed by someone who perfected the SAT himself, this course means business when it comes to boosting your SAT score. It may be a bit expensive, but it will sure make your money’s worth if you are looking to get into the top schools in the nation.

Course Effectiveness

Prep Expert has a broad range of course options that you can choose from, depending on your preferred study pace. This course’s instructors have proven to be among the best, so you are in good hands. Most of their classes are done online. One downside is that Prep Expert has a limited number of prep centers.


A little bit pricey compared to other courses. Also, the tutoring packages’ prices are high, considering that most tutoring sessions are done online. However, if you want to be taught by renowned instructors, this course is a great investment.

Ease of Use

The online platform is user-friendly. It is well-optimized for a smooth and adaptable prep experience.

Student Reviews

Prep Expert has an impressive track record. They have a good number of students who had a perfect score on the SAT. Plus, numerous students have good reviews on the prep course.

  • Wide range of course options
  • World-class instructors and tutors
  • User-friendly platform
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Values strategies
  • A number of former students got perfect scores
  • Good reputation on boosting SAT scores
  • A little bit expensive
  • Limited in-person locations

About Prep Expert and Their SAT Prep Course

Prep Expert is a household name in the SAT prep industry. The prep course it provides comes with online and in-person instruction from reputable SAT prep teachers. With its excellent instructors, Prep Expert SAT can help you attain a score that will increase your chance of being accepted to the top schools in the country.

What has kept Prep Expert among the top prep courses out there? In this Prep Expert SAT course review, we will look into its overall effectiveness and what keeps it one of the most trusted SAT prep courses today.

Prep Expert was founded by Shaan Patel (1), a renowned SAT taker who had a perfect score, and entrepreneur Mark Cuban from Shark Tank. The Shaan Patel SAT prep course is not just about big names, though. Prep Expert SAT has helped a good number of students improve their SAT scores after taking the course. 

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

99th percentile instructors

Every instructor from Prep Expert is among the 99th percentile of SAT takers, so you know you’re getting high-quality coaching. Plus, a couple of their instructors had perfect SAT scores. 

The bonus? They’re not only top performers but committed individuals as well. 

Prep Expert money-back guarantee

What I and most Prep Expert reviews recognize about this course is the Prep Expert money-back guarantee (2). Your SAT score will improve by 200 points or more (for the 6-week course package) or you’ll get your money back. However, you will have to be eligible for the money-back guarantee.

That is, you must:

  • Have an official SAT score before taking the prep course
  • Have completed the entire course

This score improvement guarantee feature by Prep Expert is proof that you get nothing but a prep course that is effective.

Strategy-based sessions

Unlike other SAT prep courses, Prep Expert recognizes the value of strategies as much as theories and concepts in preparing for the SAT. Throughout the course, you will learn to answer the questions correctly and do so in the most efficient way possible. 

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

With its huge number of enrollees and several TV features, it is not difficult for me and most PrepExpert reviews to see that this is a prep course that works and exceeds expectations. 

How does Prep Expert work? It offers different packages with different paces and styles. 

Here are the different course options you can choose from:

6-week Flagship Course

This course is taken for 6 weeks in 60 hours. In this course, you will be joining virtual classes, in which you can ask your professor questions during a live session.

What does a virtual classroom look like? Once you join a virtual class, there will be a huge whiteboard with your instructor on the side. You can chat with your instructor, which gives you a real classroom experience.

3-week Fast Track

This package basically includes everything that is in the 6-week course. The only difference is that you will take the program in 3 weeks instead of 6. Since this course is completed in a shorter duration, you can expect that the lessons are going to be rapid. This is ideal for students who have less time to prepare for the SAT. 

In this option, the 100-point Prep Expert improvement guarantee is included.


Unlike the first two packages, video lessons in the self-paced option are pre-recorded. This option is ideal for students who need flexible schedules when preparing for the SAT. 

The self-paced package provides 1 year of access to instructional videos conducted by Shaan Patel himself. In this option, the score improvement guarantee is applicable.

Weekend Review

If you are looking for a refresher for the SAT, this option is ideal for you. The Weekend Review package is best for students who just want to review concepts and strategies before the test date. 

Weekend review sessions are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. Sessions will be 6+ hours long on both Saturday and Sunday, so that will be 12 hours per week. Since this option provides only review lessons, you can purchase it for a lower price.

SAT Tutoring

Prep Expert also offers 1-on-1 private tutoring. If you choose this option, you will be tutored by one of Prep Expert’s instructors, who are among the 99th percentile of SAT takers. Prep Expert’s SAT tutoring has two packages: the gold packages and the silver packages. 

a. Gold Packages

In this tutoring package, you will get one of Prep Expert’s tutors with more than 1000 hours of experience. These tutors are considered world-class, and some of them boast a perfect score on standardized tests.

b. Silver Packages 

In the Silver packages, you will get one of Prep Expert’s tutors with more than 100 hours of experience. These tutors passed Prep Expert’s meticulous training process.

All private 1-on-1 tutoring sessions are done via Live online or virtual classrooms. In certain circumstances, you can get in-person tutoring at a custom rate.

Course Pricing Options

Compared to other SAT prep courses online, Prep Expert’s pricing is a little high. However, if you want to learn from world-class instructors and tutors, then this course might be a good investment for you. 

How much does the Prep Expert SAT course cost?

Source: Prep Expert

SAT Tutoring:

Source: Prep Expert

Platform’s Ease of Use

Prep Expert’s platform is easy to use. It was optimized for a better and more efficient learning experience. The white board’s size is just right. The practice questions are consistently flashed, so you will not lose track of them. The instructor’s live stream video is on the side and a chat box is present for easier communication.

Source: Prep Expert

Is Prep Expert a Reputable Online SAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

With several TV appearances and experience in SAT prep, it is fair to say that the Shaan Patel SAT prep course is not a scam. Tens of thousands have chosen to study with Prep Expert and it has emerged as one of the elite courses today. 

Numerous students can attest to how effective Prep Expert’s strategies are when taking the SAT.

The table below shows real score improvements from students of Prep Expert:

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

In this video, a former student of Prep Expert shares how the course helped him boost his SAT score and what sets it apart from other prep courses:

In the next video, a student shares how important the strategies he learned from Prep Expert are in increasing his SAT score:

Below are stories of former students of Prep Expert who attained their SAT goals:

Source: Prep Expert Reviews

Final Verdict & Recommendation

In this Prep Expert SAT review, I give this course a 4.1/5.

Prep Expert is an emerging player in the SAT prep scene. More and more students choose to study this course, and it is not difficult to see why. From strategy-based sessions to a user-friendly platform, Prep Expert really does provide all the tools you need to get a higher-than-average SAT score. 

This course has also produced a good number of students who had perfect scores on the SAT and plenty of students can attest to its effectiveness. So, even when it’s a little bit expensive, its world-class instructors and quality content make it a worthy investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For the 6-week Flagship course, a 200-point score improvement guarantee is provided. For the 3-week fast track course, a 100-point score improvement guarantee is provided. The self-paced package also has a score improvement guarantee.

One of the best things about these virtual classes is that they are recorded. If you happen to miss a class, you can get back to it anytime. Just go to archives and view the saved lesson.


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