PowerScore LSAT Prep Course Review 2023: Discounts and More

PowerScore LSAT Prep Course
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use70%
Student Reviews70%
  • Reasonable prices
  • Several digital LSAT materials
  • Variety of course options

Despite some insufficiency, PowerScore LSAT is still one of the best LSAT programs, which is why its included in our list.

Course Effectiveness

PowerScore is highly effective because of two main things–top-notch instructors who all scored 170 or higher and its digital practice tests that are integrated from LSAT.


Most of its courses are expensive, but I appreciate the discount offers that potentially lower down the costs. PowerScore also has an accelerated course that can match the pricing of affordable LSAT courses.

Ease of Use

Its platform of instruction is easy to use, but not really visually appealing because it’s loaded with texts. On the other hand, access to its courses is pretty convenient.

Student Reviews

Reviews of students show that PowerScore does a good job in terms of staying true to its claims. However, it’s not as popular as other LSAT courses

  • Reasonable prices
  • Several digital LSAT materials
  • Variety of course options
  • Top-notch instructors
  • Discount offers
  • In-person classes are in limited locations
  • Low-quality videos
  • Practice tests are sold separately

There are many LSAT courses available, from the bigger names to the fast-growing ones. One of the most notable LSAT test prep providers is PowerScore. This test prep company was founded back in 1997 by a renowned prep expert, David Killoran. 

Like 7Sage, PowerScore’s ultimate goal is to provide a high-quality prep course for aspiring lawyers at a reasonable price. However, the course prices are a bit higher than that of 7Sage’s. Nevertheless, I find the digital LSAT materials as beneficial for any test-taker, especially for those who need a massive resource guide. It is also one of the very few LSAT prep providers that offer several discounts.  

What are some of its pros and cons?

The Ideal User of PowerScore LSAT

Here’s the thing, if Blueprint has a variety of courses that include in-person classes and private tutorials but has expensive prices, then you would find PowerScore as an affordable alternative. It may not be as inexpensive as 7Sage but the quality is comparably better. 

Interesting, right? For those who need a combination of affordability, quality, and variety, then PowerScore is ideal for you. The provider has also been in the ed-tech industry for more than two decades now, so its established test prep mastery is a good consideration.

Of course, whatever kind of prep you need, PowerScore has something for you at varying prices. You may also find the discount offers as an amazing bonus, especially for the more expensive courses like the private tutorial packages. 

PowerScore LSAT Prep’s Course Content

There is a great variety of courses in PowerScore LSAT, which means each course option has a different set of features. However, these courses also have a few common denominators. They are as follows:

  • Top-notch instructors – The instructors mostly scored 170 or higher during their LSAT exams, and they are the best instructors to teach and guide as you prepare for the LSAT exam yourself. Having only the best employees is also one of the core values (1) of the company.

Source: PowerScore

  • Comprehensive course materials – Each course has its own set of features. These features include but not limited to on-demand video lessons, question explanations, concept drills, practice problem sets, and many more. 

There are also digital practice tests that are official LSAT PrepTests. Of course, PowerScore LSAT review believes that success demands familiarity as you prepare for the LSAT exam, which is why it made sure that your prep should feel like the actual thing.

These practice tests are delivered through proprietary software. The only downside is that some of the practice tests need to be purchased separately (2).

  • Free online resources – This is one of the features of PowerScore online LSAT course review because it has generous free online resources, such as LSAT self-study guide, blog, forum, and admissions help center. This feature somehow offsets the fact that some of the study materials are sold separately. 

Moreover, you can attend the free webinars and in-person seminars that are a great opportunity for you to learn from PowerScore’s LSAT and admission experts. Some of the topics they discuss are logic games, logical reasoning, causality secrets, and LSAT basics.

Source: PowerScore

  • Personalized online student-center – This is PowerScore’s one-stop-shop for all your needs. It contains digital practice tests, interactive test scoring, a performance evaluation system, and a wide array of lessons and homework supplements. 

  • Admissions and Law School Help Courses – Aside from preparing for your LSAT exam, you can also get help for your admission needs and law school journey.

The admission consulting is expensive but would surely give you an edge, especially because the consultants are composed of top lawyers and students from the top ten law schools. The law school prep course is also an advantage for you as you begin law school because some of the major law school topics are discussed.


IN-PERSON – According to PowerScore online LSAT course review, this is their most reliable course option for you to attain the best score possible. Here, they give you extensive instruction, proven techniques, and unparalleled materials. Below is a summary of its features:

  • Over 80 hours of live instruction
  • Exclusive weekly LSAT clinics 
  • More than 100 hours of supplemental digital content
  • Best instructors 
  • Digital practice tests
  • Personalized online student center
  • Comprehensive course materials

Source: PowerScore

Price: Around $1,600

LIVE ONLINE – This is the perfect option for those who want to get a feel of the in-person class without the hassle of traveling. The same features that you will get from the in-person class are also provided in this particular course. Even better, the class sessions are pre-recorded so you can review them multiple times for you to achieve complete mastery.

Source: PowerScore

Price: Around $1,200 with a current discount offer

ON-DEMAND – For those who want a self-paced course for the LSAT, here’s the option for you. The on-demand course gives you the ultimate convenience you need because it’s a commitment-free monthly subscription. You can even cancel anytime.

Keep in mind, however, that there is an initial enrollment of $350. This fee already includes your first-month payment and all the materials you need such as prep books and practice exams. You will be charged the regular monthly fee for the second month. Below is a run-down of its features:

  • 30 hours of on-demand lectures
  • Eric Ockert as your 99th percentile instructor
  • Comprehensive coursebook
  • Over 55 hours of course instruction
  • Personalized online student center
  • LSAT forum

Source: PowerScore

Price: $195 per month

PRIVATE TUTORING – This is the best choice for those who need a personalized study experience for the LSAT. It’s efficient, flexible, and comprehensive. The instruction will definitely be tailored based on your strengths and weaknesses. You will also have your own customized study plans to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Source: PowerScore

It’s also flexible because you have the option to meet with your tutor either in a live-online or in-person session. You can even have a tutor over the telephone if this works better for you. You can also pick a morning, afternoon, or evening schedule for your PowerScore LSAT Course. 

There are several private tutoring packages, and they are as follows:

  • Open-Ended – 2 hours of tutoring

  • 5-Hour Package – This package includes the course materials and 6 digital practice tests on top of the 5 hours of tutoring.

  • 10-Hour Package – This package includes the course materials and 6 digital practice tests on top of 10 hours of tutoring.

  • 20-Hour Package – This package includes the course materials and 40 digital practice tests on top of 20 hours of tutoring.

  • 30-Hour Package – This package includes the course materials and 40 digital practice tests on top of 30 hours of tutoring.

  • 40-Hour Package – This package includes the course materials and 40 digital practice tests on top of 40 hours of tutoring.

  • 60-Hour Deluxe Package – Like the rest of the private tutoring packages, this package also includes the course materials and 40 digital practice tests on top of the 60 hours of tutoring. Plus, you get immediate enrollment in the Advanced Logic Games and Advanced Logical Reasoning On-Demand Courses (3).

Price: Private tutoring prices start at around $800 and can cost as much as $7,000. The open-ended tutoring is on hourly pricing of almost $200. Currently, there’s a discount for the live online private tutoring, so better check it out.

You will be matched with an expert tutor usually within three business days even before purchasing a private tutoring package. You can also have a free consultation with your tutor and discuss your needs and expectations.

LIVE ONLINE ACCELERATED COURSE – If you are on a limited budget and would be fine with shorter course access, then this one’s for you. It’s a fast-paced and condensed type of course with 16 hours of class time and access to post-course study tools. 

Price: Around $300 with a current discount offer

ADVANCED LSAT PREP COURSES – These advanced courses are split into two–Advanced Logic Games Course and Advanced Logical Reasoning Course. These two options have the following features:

  • Over 20 hours of lecture time each
  • Taught by David Killoran and Jon Denning
  • Email assistance
  • Access to LSAT forum

Source: PowerScore

Furthermore, these courses will help you master the toughest logical reasoning questions and learn how to destroy the toughest logic games. 

Price: Around $300 with a current discount offer

PowerScore LSAT Prep Books

One of the best things I appreciate about PowerScore LSAT is its prep books (4). There are LSAT preparation packages, LSAT prep guides, LSAT workbooks, question collections, and flashcards. 

Student Support

If you need help, you can contact PowerScore via email, chat, or phone call. You can also interact with support and the community through its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.

Student Testimonials

I have gathered some of the student reviews about PowerScore LSAT Prep to help you make an informed decision.

Final Verdict

My closer look to the PowerScore LSAT brings me to rate it 3.5 out of 5.

Of course, I can vouch for PowerScore LSAT Prep as an amazing test prep provider because it has features that even Blueprint and 7Sage do not have.

As I’ve mentioned in the first part, Blueprint is expensive and 7Sage does not have in-person classes and private tutorials. PowerScore has both, however. It is affordable and offers a variety of course options that include in-person sessions and private tutorials.

However, as anything has its downside, I can say that I was taken aback by some of the digital practice tests that need to be bought separately. Nonetheless, I appreciate that they’re available in the in-person and live online courses. 

The video lessons are also not that high-quality in contrast to other providers like Blueprint, which boasts of HD quality videos. The in-person classes are also in limited locations, which is not ideal for everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is not. However, you have to enroll at least two weeks before the course starts so you’ll have a spot in the class since it easily gets full due to size limitations.

Yes, PowerScore has a digital testing platform that mimics the LSAT’s testing platform, and it is available for those who enroll.


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