NCLEX Mastery Prep Course Review 2023: My Honest Review

NCLEX Mastery
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness70%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews70%
  • Study on-the-go with the app’s accessibility across all devices
  • It contains a myriad of practice tests and questions
  • It has a free trial option

It’s not your best learning tool if you want to prepare comprehensively for the NCLEX, but it’s an amazing supplemental study material, especially if you need a reviewer on the go.  

Course Effectiveness

Given that it’s merely a mobile app without lecture videos and any nursing instructor to guide you, I must say that this learning tool’s effectiveness is not at par with other extensive or formal prep courses for the NCLEX.


The prices are affordable, which matches the kind of access and features each subscription option has. However, I would not recommend the most expensive subscription because it has a similar price to BoardVital’s top course option with prime features.

Ease of Use

The platform is undeniably easy-to-use. The organization of information is clear and concise and the app itself is accessible on all types of devices in both iOS and Android operating systems.

Student Reviews

Students who have tried the NCLEX Mastery Review with an initial knowledge that it’s best as a supplementary material rated the app quite fairly. Those who didn’t know that it doesn’t contain in-depth NCLEX content were disappointed after using the app.

  • Study on-the-go with the app’s accessibility across all devices
  • Progress tracker allows you to evaluate your study improvements
  • It contains a myriad of practice tests and questions
  • The prices are very affordable with longer access lengths
  • It has a free trial option
  • No lecture videos
  • Not focused on in-depth learning of the NCLEX topics
  • No pass guarantees
  • Not recommended as the only resource to rely on

About NCLEX Mastery and Their NCLEX Prep Course?

NCLEX Mastery Review Prep RN is a mobile app with subscription pricing options that focus on providing study materials meant for the NCLEX exam.

The developer of this app is Higher Learning Technologies LLC (1) that aims to provide nurses and aspiring nurses an on-the-go study material. Its main target is for anyone who is planning to take the NCLEX and needs some study materials that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Being an app and not a comprehensive course, is it really reliable? Let’s find out with this NCLEX Mastery Review Prep Course Review.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

First of all, NCLEX Mastery Review is not an ed-tech company that covers test prep courses for several types of licensing exams and other standardized tests. It is merely a technological tool used by nursing students and nursing professionals as a resource guide.

With its over 2,200 exam-like questions, in-depth explanations, and test-taking strategies, NCLEX Mastery aims to make you pass the first time. Its promising result is bold despite being perceived as a simple mobile app.

The comprehensive bank of mnemonics makes NCLEX Mastery as unique from its course competitors.

Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness

There are two main app solutions in the NCLEX Mastery, one for the NCLEX RN (2) and another for NCLEX PN (3). However, both of these app solutions have subscription pricings, are accessible across all devices, and offer tons of practice tests and questions.

Overall, the two app solutions provide the following features:

  • Practice tests and questions
  • Descriptive view of subject mastery
  • Explanation of concepts
  • Mnemonics
  • Progress tracking

Source: NCLEX Mastery

The NCLEX Mastery Review Prep RN app is primarily designed as a review material of practice tests, questions, definitions, and mnemonics. Also, most students utilize this app as a supplementary study material because it does not contain lengthy lectures like formal prep courses have.

The app allows you to gauge your weaknesses, so you can customize your NCLEX review according to your skills. You can also choose which subjects you want to focus on. The downside of this app is its lack of video lectures, which should have been a great addition to any exam prep.

Course Pricing Options

The subscription pricing options vary according to access length. The cheapest subscription is for one month for around $30. The mid-range option is for three months for around $60. Finally, the most expensive tier is for 12 months for under $120.

Their 12-month subscription is comparable to the pricing of the most expensive tier in BoardVitals NCLEX, but your edge in NCLEX Mastery app is the access length, which is twice more than that of BoardVitals NCLEX’s offer.

Platform’s Ease of Use

The NCLEX Mastery Review platform is its main asset, especially because it’s their course’s nature – an app for NCLEX study review.

There’s a separate app for students who are taking the NCLEX RN and NCLEX PN in Canada.

As expected, the app is user-friendly. The organization of texts, images, and other options are concise.

The app is also accessible in all kinds of devices running on either iOS or Android.

Moreover, this app is equipped with a feedback system that provides information for the users to understand their mastery of a certain topic. It also acts like an actual NCLEX format because it has the ability to show you a percentage of questions that you answered correctly.

Plus, it also provides you an option to customize your practice tests with subjects that you need to focus on as well as an option to have a timed test, so you will get used to how NCLEX exam really works in the actual scenario.  

Is NCLEX Mastery Prep Course a Reputable Online Prep Course? (Not A Scam)

Being a subject of several student reviews, NCLEX Mastery is absolutely not a scam. No traces of false promises, only claims what it’s supposed to do – work as review material for students and professionals who have very few moments to dig into their course materials.

Moreover, the app has its own website, so you can get initial information on what they offer and how to contact their customer support (4) in case you need to. You can contact them via email or reach them through their hotline number.

NCLEX Mastery Real Unbiased Text Testimonials:

Still not convinced about NCLEX Mastery’s legitimacy as a review guide for nurses, here are some of the testimonials:

Source: NCLEX Mastery

Most students share the same thoughts that the app serves its purpose not only as part of their NCLEX exam preparation but also as a learning tool while they practice their individual professions.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I am giving NCLEX Mastery Review with 4.12 rating out of 5.

If you’re planning to use this app, please bear in mind that it doesn’t provide extensive content material. With that said, it is recommended for only those who need a content refresher. If you’re confident with your foundation in nursing education, then this app is your best partner to review nursing concepts.

In other words, if you are looking for in-depth and structured lecture formats, then you should check other NCLEX prep courses like Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld, and BoardVitals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of this app is only 165 MB, so you don’t need plenty of storage space to download and install it.

You must be 17 to uses this app. 


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