Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Review 2023: My HONEST Test …

Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use90%
Student Reviews90%
  • Plenty of Options
  • Access to interactive videos
  • Strategy Guide

Manhattan Prep GMAT course offers a variety of deals to suit students of different styles, goals, and schedules. It makes engaging and meaningful learning with expert tutors and interactive materials. It offers a pretty good deal for your money.

Course Effectiveness

Manhattan Prep offers strong GMAT preparation since its coverage does not only focus on the content but also on developing test-taking strategies. This cultivates an understanding of content, the development of strategies, and a test-taking mindset. 


Its full course GMAT Interact starts at $999. Meanwhile, tutorials could cost up to $255 per hour. Manhattan Prep GMAT course sure knows the value of what it offers. Expert and engaging tutors, interactive videos, and resources both online and offline give real value for your money.

Ease of Use

Dashboard is quite easy to navigate. The tools are useful not only in following listed materials but also in personalizing your study. Resources are also accessible through a mobile app that is easy to use and quite convenient.    

Student Reviews

Reviewers give the Manhattan Prep GMAT course review a 4.8 rating for increased GMAT scores and for helpful and engaging instructors.

  • Plenty of Options
  • Access to interactive videos
  • Strategy Guide
  • Expert instructors and fun learning
  • Small class sizes
  • Meeting other reviewers
  • Cost
  • No Score increase guarantee

Manhattan Prep

Source: Manhattan Prep

About Manhattan Prep for GMAT

Manhattan Prep is one of the leaders in GMAT preparations which is quite notable for its award-winning interactive software and engaging learning sessions led by its 99th percentile instructors. It offers a variety of deals that are designed to meet the individual needs of students with different goals, learning styles, and availability.

With private tutorials, hardcopy review materials, mobile app, in-person classes, and interactive videos, Manhattan Prep test prep offers real education that would develop skills for GMAT and beyond.  However, without any score improvement guarantee, how do you know if this is the best deal for you?

With the price of its full course review starting at $999, this is definitely not the cheapest option. Is it worth the price, though? 

In this Manhattan Prep GMAT course review, we will take a closer look at its course offering, features, as well as the pros and cons for selecting Manhattan Prep as your GMAT prep partner. 

Manhattan GMAT Prep Coursework

Manhattan Prep GMAT course covers relevant curriculum and shares them in enjoyable GMAT review courses for reviewers of varied styles of learning, schedules, and targets. One of the key features of Manhattan GMAT coursework is the highly engaging and interactive video lessons that come with any of the packages that Manhattan offers.

Other packages also offer live classes that come in small sizes to ensure that the reviewers are given attention and support by the instructors. Further, it also offers personalized help for students who need more individualized assistance, through tutorials with its expert instructors.

Further, Manhattan Prep GMAT has six full-length practice tests. This could help you get an overview of how taking the GMAT feels and to determine how your weak points could possibly affect your scoring.

Manhattan Prep GMAT course’s  award-winning Interact video

Video lessons are probably one of the mainstays in most of the GMAT preps, particularly those which target flexible arrangements. However, the Manhattan Prep GMAT course’s videos are not your typical pre-recorded video lessons. If you imagine Manhattan’s video to be one where you only sit back and listen, well, think again. Manhattan Prep’s GMAT course videos were designed to “interact.”

The videos simulate actual interaction with the reviewers through actual involvement (1). You’d be required to think, respond, and reconsider. Whoever thinks that a more personalized engagement and flexibility doesn’t go hand in hand, well, Manhattan here, shows you are wrong. 

More than the software though, the video lessons are fun to learn because of the engaging instructors. Further, they would also encourage and push you to think and really learn. With the pressure of the test preparation, a GMAT prep that makes review fun is worth every dollar in my book.

Manhattan Prep uses an innovative digital platform called Atlas to deliver the entire curriculum of its GMAT Interact. This includes video-based lessons, practice questions and tests, and problem explanations.

Manhattan Prep GMAT tutoring

Manhattan Prep offers a selection of tutors who are not just among the 99th percentile in GMAT, but also well-trained in teaching and learning. Why? Well, because not all high scorers would make a great tutor. With Manhattan Prep, however, tutors are selected following stringent selection criteria and are trained for improvement. 

Manhattan Prep GMAT tutoring could be done online or in-person and scheduling could be done between you and your tutor. You could even request for a specific tutor, although there is no assurance that the tutor whom you will request would be available on your preferred schedule.

Tutorials come in packages with a minimum of 10 hours ($245 per hour). These packages are also inclusive of all resources. You could also forgo the package and go for an hourly rating of $255.

Not very cheap, I know. Then again, having the focused and personalized assistance of an expert tutor to help you troubleshoot problem areas and boost your GMAT score is bound to cost something, right?

Course Packages and Pricing Options

If you think the Manhattan Prep GMAT course might work for you, consider these packages (2).

Source: Manhattan Prep

What is the best Manhattan Prep GMAT course package?

You might want to consider not just the price tag but also the package’s compatibility with your styles and needs.

Source: Manhattan Prep

Are you an independent learner who values self-paced progress and flexibility? Then, you might want to give Manhattan Prep GMAT Interact a try. Since lessons in this package come in videos, you could make your own schedule.

Interact full course charges $999 but you could upgrade this to an interact package with three one-on-one coaching sessions for an additional $400. You could also opt for Quant only or Verbal only for $549.

If you thrive more on actual interaction and could make time for live classes, then you might want to try the Manhattan Prep GMAT Live Course. With a $200 difference, you have access to 27 hours of live instruction which you could attend online or in person. This will allow you not only to raise actual questions but also interact with other reviewers for support and learning.

If you need personalized and individualized help to prepare for the GMAT, you might consider going for tutorial sessions with expert tutors. They will help you identify your weak spots and develop a strategy to improve your GMAT score.

If you are looking for something more advanced to help increase your score, you might want to try Advanced Course Classes that are exclusive for those who scored 650 (Q42/V35) and above.

Are you short on preparation time for the GMAT and wish to do some really intensive preparation? Then, consider the Boot Camp. This provides an intensive preparation with a comprehensive curriculum for an accelerated time of two to three weeks.

Source: Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep GMAT course user interface

Manhattan maintains a smooth interface that is very easy to navigate. You really won’t be lost. Although the tools are mere icons, a brief tutorial on how to navigate the dashboard is provided.

It itemizes study activities that you could complete, skip, or start for later review. While the dashboard is designed to guide you on your task lists, you are also free to go off the plan and forge your own path in your GMAT prep by going through every available resource in the Manhattan Prep GMAT course.

Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Mobile App

Another beauty of the Manhattan Prep GMAT review is that it is on the go. Its online content could be accessed through its mobile app which is very easy to download. This is available on iOS and Android.

The mobile app includes practice questions, and video tutorials, among other features. It even allows you to do a custom quiz and check your progress. This bulk of review materials packed in a mobile app literally allows you to learn anytime, anywhere.

You have access to Manhattan Prep GMAT online resources for 6 months. However, if you purchase a private tutoring package, your access is extended to 3 months, giving you 9 months to maximize the Manhattan Prep GMAT online resources.   

How effective is the Manhattan Prep GMAT course? 

Manhattan Prep offers nice deals. However, with its cost and no score increase guarantee, you might wonder if it is worth it.

How effective is Manhattan Prep GMAT course? In this case, we might need to hear from the students’ experiences.

Source: GMAT Club

Pros for Choosing Manhattan Prep GMAT course 

Plenty of Options

There is a range of packages to choose from. You could opt for a full course or for a single section, self-paced learning, live lessons, or private tutorials. Online or in-person tutorials are also available. You can access materials from your tablet, computer, or mobile phone. The number of options allows you to design your review based on your needs and style. 

Access to interactive videos

While video lessons are a general resource for flexible GMAT reviews, Manhattan Prep took these videos to a whole new level by allowing you to really interact with the material in ways that are meaningful and fun.

Strategy Guide 

Manhattan Prep GMAT prep takes test prep seriously. It not only provides useful content and correct answers but also takes the opportunity to build your test-taking skills that would come in handy in these standardized tests.

Expert instructors and fun learning

The instructors and tutors are not only extremely well selected. They are also trained in the art of making teaching and learning truly engaging. 

Small class sizes 

Manhattan Prep GMAT prep maintains a limit to its class size to ensure that the instructors are not just of top-caliber. The small class size ensures that they would also have the chance and time to actually engage with all of the reviewers in Manhattan Prep GMAT prep classes.

Meeting other reviewers 

Live classes are also good opportunities to meet other reviewers who are going through the same process of GMAT prep. They could be good sources of learning and support for you. 

Cons for Choosing Manhattan Prep GMAT course 


This is definitely not the cheapest option for GMAT prep, especially if you will opt for private tutorials. However, the highly interactive videos, engaging and expert tutors, rich resources both online and offline makes it worth your money.   

No Score increase guarantee 

Sadly, Manhattan does not have any score increase guarantee. As they say, they will teach you how, but you will drive.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the Manhattan Prep GMAT course a rating of 4.37 out of 5

It is a bit costly without a guarantee for a score increase. Nonetheless, the rich resources both online and offline, interactive and fun video lessons, expert and engaging instructors, and excellent student reviews show that Manhattan Prep GMAT course knows exactly what it is offering at a specific price. 

Further, Manhattan Prep’s GMAT course comes in a range of really good deals that are compatible with different learners of different learning styles, schedules, and goals. It provides a platform where flexibility meets individualized and engaging learning experience. The course is accessible anytime and anywhere. Finally, making the intense preparation for GMAT fun and engaging is a definite plus for any pressured GMAT reviewer. 

Still haven’t decided whether or not Manhattan Prep is the deal for you. Why don’t you check out their free trial and see for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, Manhattan Prep does not offer any score increase guarantee, unlike other GMAT prep courses. It is only through your efforts that you can increase your score.

Yes you have access to Manhattan Prep’s ‘s interactive video lessons when you sign up for other prep packages.

Unlike other GMAT prep courses, Manhattan Prep GMAT courses do not offer any money-back guarantee.