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Our Rating
Course Effectiveness60%
Ease of Use70%
Student Reviews70%
  • Very affordable
  • Video-centric
  • Utilizes flashcards

If you are a fan of self-paced courses, then Magoosh SAT Prep should be one of your options. Considering that prep materials and lessons are all accessed online, this prep course is good for students who are always on-the-go. Magoosh also makes for a great supplementary course, given its efficiency and affordability.

Course Effectiveness

Magoosh SAT Prep is the ideal course for students who prefer to study without any help from a direct tutor. Since prep materials and lessons provided are purely online-based, you will not have classroom experience. However, its email support feature proves helpful for you.


This course is definitely one of the cheapest prep courses online. It is fascinating how you can get a 12-month prep course for as low as $120. With video lessons and practice tests included, this prep course offers great value for its price

Ease of Use

With a mobile app feature, Magoosh is one of the most accessible and user-friendly prep courses today. The extensive library of lessons makes the preparation process much easier. You can easily track your progress and the subjects you have covered. Tutoring support is only given through email, though.

Student Reviews

Many students can attest to how efficient studying can be with Magoosh SAT prep. However, there are still some who prefer to study through live online classes, something that Magoosh does not offer.

  • Very affordable
  • Video-centric
  • Utilizes flashcards
  • One of the best SAT preparation apps
  • Easy to usethe latest PSAT prep book
  • No physical tutor
  • Lack of printed materials

About Magoosh and the SAT Prep Course

If you are looking for an SAT prep course that is affordable and effective, sign up with Magoosh. This SAT Prep course provides practice questions and video lessons that will help you crush the SAT. Since it does not provide a classroom experience and provide only online content, this course is for students who prefer to study at their own pace.

Considered as a newcomer in the SAT prep scene, Magoosh SAT Prep has emerged as one of the popular courses online. With its affordable price, you can prep for your SAT efficiently without spending a lot.  

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?


What most Magoosh SAT Reviews find great about this prep course is the low cost. The price range is very much affordable compared to other SAT prep courses in the market today. Because it is very affordable, you only get online content from this course. There are no physical books and paper practice tests provided in this program. Some people don’t view this as a downside, however. 

Mobile App

One of the best features of the Magoosh SAT Prep course is the mobile application. This feature allows you to study for the SAT anytime and anywhere. Unlike other prep courses that are only software- or browser-based, Magoosh will make your SAT preparation much more accessible. 

On the mobile app, you can access practice questions and video lessons. Magoosh SAT flashcards are also available in the app for more efficient practice sessions. Today, Magoosh is considered one of the best SAT prep apps for Android and iOS platforms.

+100 score guarantee

If you happen to have taken the SAT before, Magoosh guarantees (2) that your score will improve by 100 points or more. If not, Magoosh will give you your money back.

The requirements for the Magoosh score guarantee are the following:

  • You must have taken the redesigned version of the SAT before.
  • You must have a valid old score (less than 5 years old).
  • You must e-mail a copy of your “before” score (a screenshot of your online score report will do).

SMS Reminders

Most Magoosh SAT reviews also recognize this course’s SMS reminder feature. Magoosh will consistently remind you to answer the practice questions or review your lessons. This just shows the course provider’s enthusiasm and dedication to help you prepare for the SAT.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

100% Online

If you like to study at your own pace without a physical tutor, Magoosh SAT Prep is ideal for you. This course is purely online, which means you will not have to use books, DVDs, or paper-based practice tests. Practice questions and online videos are always accessible through the online platform or the mobile app. 

Although utilizing online materials and content is more efficient, some would still prefer having a tutor to guide them along the preparation process. Some also prefer a classroom-type setting or face-to-face tutoring sessions.

If the video explanations would not be enough for you to understand a certain concept, you can always reach out to a tutor via email. An answer or explanation will then be given to you within 24 hours.

Personalized study plan

With Magoosh, you can organize a study plan that is tailored to your needs. Immediately after you log in, you will be directed to your Magoosh dashboard. Here, you will see the suggested videos and your progress. Also, you can compare your results with other students.

Your practice sessions are personalized. In Magoosh, you will be able to choose which subjects you want to study and the difficulty level of the practice questions. This will help you target your weak spots and improve your score in those specific subjects. 

In order to take a Magoosh SAT subject practice test, you only have to switch to quiz mode in the practice option.

Prep materials

When you take this course, you will get 1500 practice questions, 200 video lessons, and up to three Magoosh SAT practice tests. What most Magoosh SAT reviews find impressive is that each practice question comes with a video explanation. 

You can also view the transcript of the video, so you would not get stuck whenever you have difficulty answering a question. Also Included in the course is email support, which you can use to reach out to tutors for queries.

Course Pricing Options

Once you decide to start with the Magoosh SAT prep course, you can get access to practice questions, video lessons, email support, and Magoosh free SAT practice tests. Flashcards are also available for more efficient studying. 

There has not been a significant Magoosh price increase recently. So the three review options (1) still cost the same. You can take the course at $100 for 1 month, $119 for 3 months and $129 for 12 months. With these price options, you can save a lot of money when you sign up for long-term options.  

Platform’s Ease of Use

Magoosh SAT prep is very user-friendly. Developers have optimized the app and online platforms in such a way that you can practice concepts efficiently. One good thing about Magoosh is that it is video-centric. All prep materials are accessible online, so you would not have to attend live classes to learn specific concepts. 

The fact that you would not have to carry heavy books with you whenever you are studying is what makes students choose to take Magoosh SAT Prep. With this online-only initiative, Magoosh has always prioritized its students’ convenience.

The online platform also has an extensive library of lessons, so you can easily track what you have and have not yet studied. Magoosh SAT vocab is also something you can develop throughout the course. 

A detailed performance analysis is also done in this course. You can view a detailed summary of your past results on practice questions. Plus, you can filter these results by subject, question type, and difficulty.

Is Magoosh a Reputable Online SAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Although a newcomer in the SAT prep course market, Magoosh has been known to be one of the most effective prep courses out there. The videos and testimonials below are a testament to how effective and efficient the course is.

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

In the video below, a former Magoosh user shares how the course helped him improve his SAT score:

The next video shows the course overview for Magoosh:

Below are testimonials from students who performed well in their SAT, thanks to Magoosh.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the Magoosh SAT prep course a 3.9/5

If you are a busy student who’s always on the go, this prep course is ideal for you. I also believe that Magoosh is a good supplementary course that can be taken together with other online courses, considering its very low price. 

It boasts of accessibility and convenience. Magoosh also utilizes adaptive technology to help you prepare for the SAT wherever you are. With their online-only style, it has always been empathetic to students who are busy and like to study for the SAT at their own pace. If you happen to be that type of student, this course is effective for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Magoosh does not have an essay grading feature. However, you can ask their tutors for strategies about essay writing via email.

No. Although there’s an offer of +100 score guarantee for those who have taken the SAT before, students who are first-time SAT takers are more than welcome.

You will only be charged once. Magoosh will not keep your credit card information, so they will not charge you on a monthly basis.


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