Magoosh MCAT Prep Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

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Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews80%
  • Inexpensive
  • Videos are concise and informative
  • User-friendly platform

One of the best characteristics Magoosh offers its students is how inexpensive the program is. Magoosh’s adequate review materials are worth the investment.

Course Effectiveness

The Magoosh MCAT review limits learning to only a handful of course material and prep tools, but it does a fantastic job delivering concise and informative content as a whole.


The Magoosh MCAT program offers a 12 month premium membership at the solid budget level. For the price you pay, the value is worth it. 

Ease of Use

Magoosh uses simplicity as its highest perk program offer. Ultimately, their platform is easy to use and smooth sailing from start to end.

Student Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews surrounding the Magoosh MCAT and how it provides adequate guidance throughout each student’s use.

  • Inexpensive
  • Videos are concise and informative
  • In-depth review and analytics are great tools for measuring areas of needed improvement
  • User-friendly platform
  • Built-in timer in questions helps adjust your pace for the actual MCAT exam
  • Question difficulty is a great training ground to practice topic knowledge base
  • Limited prep materials
  • AAMC material is only included in the premium membership
  • Practice tests are lacking in quantity
  • No live online or in-person options

About Magoosh and Their MCAT Prep Course

The Magoosh MCAT program provides top-quality prep tools & resources to any medical student at an affordable price. 

While it is the new kid on the block, with its inexpensive offer and technology-driven platform the real question is Magoosh worth it?

That’s what you’ll find out here in this Magoosh MCAT prep review and the kind of impact it has on its students. 

This 10-year-old company has a mission to provide students with enjoyable, affordable, and effective test prep. Magoosh offers 380+ video lessons, which is the bulk of the course learning materials. Also, there are over 745 practice questions, practice tests, and AAMC test materials.

In addition, they provide email assistance to answer any questions a student may have along their MCAT journey. 

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Shocking as this may be, Magoosh has a lot to offer that makes it stand out as a college admission services company. 

In-depth Review and Performance Analytics

This is where Magoosh shines brilliantly. 

The online platform allows you to check average time spent on a question, how it compares to others, percentage of right and wrong in a pie chart format, and individual data on the question.

The timer is invaluable when it comes to MCAT prepping because it helps you gauge your pace and how this can affect your score on the actual MCAT exam. 

This is especially essential in the CARS section of the test.

Source: Premed Community

Detailed Explanations

Magoosh explains your answers, right or wrong, with complete detail and covers all the necessary information you need to erase any doubts, in case you didn’t feel 100% sure about your answer. 

Source: Premed Community

10+ points improvement guarantee

Not all premium courses offer this kind of deal. If your score doesn’t improve by at least 10 points from your previous score, you get a full refund. 

Considering how new Magoosh is to the scene, it’s safe to assume they’re effective at what they do or else they’d be bankrupt by now!

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

Magoosh’s course program is only limited to one type of course: Self-paced. They don’t offer any tutoring or 1-on-1 sessions. This is not a reason to dismiss this the Magoosh MCAT prep review course completely. 

Course Overview:

Source: Magoosh MCAT

It is also 100% video-based and comes with the platform’s data analytics, explanations, and practice exams. This also means you won’t get print materials. 

Sure, you have access to a Magoosh App and flashcards, but even the vocab terms on the app are also limited to only 40 terms at best. 

This is an overview of the video library where your content material is stored. It’s also broken down into 4 different sections: Biological and Biochemical, Psychological and Social, Physical and Chemical, and CARS. 

Source: Magoosh MCAT

You also have access to a few additional resources. Magoosh MCAT flashcards are one of them. 

Source: Magoosh MCAT


Although Magoosh has a few shortcomings, the online platform, together with its tools and in-depth review, combine together to provide value. 

The 745 questions that Magoosh offers for you to practice on tend to be more difficult than the AAMC questions in the actual exam. 

This is what most students love about Magoosh. It’s a solid platform to practice how adept you are at a certain topic and use the feedback to improve. 

Overall, Magoosh is a reliable prep tool that can supplement various course materials, such as review books, additional practice tests, and adaptive tools.

Magoosh offers a premium AAMC package where all the basic course materials are provided along with 4 AAMC test materials.

Course Pricing Options

Source: Magoosh MCAT

Compared to other college admission service providers, Magoosh’s inexpensive offer is a price that’s definitely hard to beat. 

A 12-month premium is a bestseller option and with just $100 more, you have access to AAMC material. 

Truth be told, the course material, along with the review tools you receive, is a generous offer worth spending on. 

Platform’s Ease of Use

Source: Magoosh MCAT

When you first log in, you’ll notice the dashboard. The organization is laid out with a clear view of everything you need access to. 

You’ll see a quick summary report of each section and if you prefer a more individual review of the questions, it’s also as simple as clicking on the Review tab. 

Source: Premed Community

Videos are also easy to handle and work with. They even come with a ‘Notes’ section so you can jot down anything useful or important you want to refer back to later on.

Overall, the platform is elegant in its layout. Navigation is also easy enough you don’t need a guided tour to work around the basics or find the course material you need.

Is Magoosh a Reputable Online MCAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Magoosh may only be 10 years old, but as soon as you land on the homepage, you’ll already come across two success stories of how Magoosh made a positive impact on the student’s score and MCAT prep journey. 

Source: Magoosh MCAT

The Happiest Company in Education Award (1) isn’t just for show. Magoosh is constantly striving to serve its mission to the fullest in the most effective and affordable way it can for its students. 

That’s far from being a scam and more than enough to call Magoosh a reliable force in the industry. 

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

Magoosh ranks high in their testimonials and user reviews. While a few percentages of users found Magoosh to be too simplistic, the astounding number of positive reviews also reveal how solid a prep tool Magoosh is. 

Here is a video of an honest take on whether a student should use Magoosh:

— Leah ★★★★★ (

— Patrick J Humpal ★★★★★ (

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give Magoosh an overall solid score of 4/5.

Is Magoosh worth it?  

Yes, it is. Considering the Magoosh MCAT price, it’s only fair that it lacks a few resources and course options that other college admission services companies offer.

I wouldn’t solely depend on Magoosh for your overall MCAT prep journey. 

At best, the course material and resources serve as a supplemental aid to a more extensive course program or at least with a few extra review materials. This means adding more review books and practice tests if you really want to score big in your MCAT exam. 

Nevertheless, Magoosh is perfect for focusing on each section of the MCAT while timing your pace. 

It’s a solid training ground before the actual exam arrives. 

Who is Magoosh For? 

The course program is best suited for self-paced individuals who learn best through watching videos rather than in-person or a live online class. 

For busy individuals with minimal time to spare, this would also be a great fit for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Magoosh MCAT is a viable option even for first takers. However, first-time test participants should use supplementary test prep material and books for a more comprehensive guide throughout their MCAT prep journey.

The Magoosh MCAT prep course works 100% through video alone without live-online or in-person classes. Everything you need is done online.


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