Magoosh LSAT Prep Course Review 2022: My TRUE View

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Course Effectiveness70%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews70%
  • Affordability
  • Accessible materials
  • Money-back guarantee

For students who thrive in a minimal approach to studying would certainly find Magoosh as beneficial to their LSAT test prep.

Course Effectiveness

This works best for students who prefer to review on the go. It provides video lessons that you can view at your most convenient time. Not everyone learns well using videos, however, and the idea that you can access them at any time may lead to procrastination.


Ultimately, Magoosh is the best budget option because its prices are unbeatable in the market, not to mention that the access length is up to one year.

Ease of Use

You can access its course materials wherever you are since Magoosh also has a reliable mobile app that makes quick reviews possible for a busy student like you.

Student Reviews

The overall course quality, including its affordability, makes Magoosh an in-demand course among students. It has also garnered mixed reviews from students, with most of them providing positive testimonies.

  • Affordability
  • Accessible materials
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Engaging videos
  • Access to official LSAC practice tests
  • No in-person nor live online classes

About Magoosh LSAT Prep Course

If you think 7Sage and Alpha Score are already cheap LSAT courses, then you must check Magoosh LSAT. I am saying this because it has the most affordable pricing options that are unbeatable even by 7Sage and Alpha Score.

As cheap as it is, but is it really reliable? 

I am amazed that Magoosh LSAT apparently has a collection of positive student reviews. Its money-back guarantee may be one of the factors for its rising popularity along with its quality materials. 

Basically, if you’re looking for a self-paced prep with official LSAC exams, then you must consider Magoosh. However, because it is cheap, I believe it doesn’t give you the entire world.

The Ideal User of Magoosh LSAT

Anyone preparing for the LSAT can benefit from Magoosh but the course works best for the following individuals:

  • Video lovers – Not everyone has the same learning style. Others prefer more reading and in-person or live-learning.

There are also types of students who are more visual, thus learning through video lectures works for them better. If you fall under this category, then Magoosh LSAT Review Prep is surely for you. There are video lessons for every concept and question that you will potentially encounter in the LSAT exam.

  • Self-studiers – If you have lots of commitments, or you simply don’t want to get hooked up in rigid study schedules, then Magoosh is for you.

In this LSAT review provider, you will certainly find joy in studying at your own pace and at your own time without the pressure. Of course, being a self-studier also means that you are much more self-aware of your limits, thus being more self-disciplined than everyone else. 

Looks like you’re a good match to Magoosh! Let’s find out more below as we explore their course content.

Magoosh LSAT Review Prep’s Course Content

When you decide to prep with Magoosh, expect that you will do tons of online prep because they don’t offer in-person and live-online classes. This is also a big reason why the course is affordable. 

When it comes to course content, here’s a list of what you should expect:

  • 5-point increase guarantee – I especially like this because other online-exclusive test prep providers, such as 7Sage and Alpha Score don’t have a score improvement guarantee. Although it is only five points in contrast to what expensive courses have like Power Score’s 11-point increase (1), it’s better than nothing.

Source: Magoosh LSAT

The Magoosh course that guarantees this score improvement is way cheaper than the other courses that have a higher score-improvement guarantee. Those courses cost more than $1,000 while this one with Magoosh cost only around $300.

Also, if you don’t achieve the score increase after meeting all the conditions, then you get your money back. 

  • 7-day money-back guarantee – Speaking of the money-back guarantee, Magoosh also has a 7-day money-back guarantee wherein if you’re not happy for any reason, you can email them within seven days of purchasing so you can get your money back. No strings attached! 

This feature works like a trial option, but a paid one. In case you’re not satisfied with the materials, then contact them within the time allowance for your refund.

  • Quality course materials – The courses come complete with the LSAT sections namely, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. The study materials they use to enhance your understanding of certain concepts are the following:

    • Over 7,000 official LSAT questions – This is the best part because of the licensed partnership with the LSAC. This means that all practice questions and exams with Magoosh are official materials from the LSAC. 

      Source: Magoosh LSAT

This means you are absolutely sure that you are using only 100% actual LSAC questions from past exams. The practice exams are also timed and in full-length, which means you would be confident during the test day when you use the material.

Source: Magoosh LSAT

Magoosh also has a free practice test for anyone who needs it. Who can say no to a FREE prep material, right? Check it out (2).

    • Over 800 questions with video explanations – LSAC provides Magoosh with the questions and the prep provider presents a video presentation for each where an expert tutor will discuss the reasoning behind why an answer to a particular question is correct or wrong.

      Source: Magoosh LSAT

  • Customizable study schedules – Since the courses are self-paced, the Magoosh LSAT review plan gives you the option to customize your study schedule with checklists to keep yourself motivated. The study plan (3) also requires you to be time-sensitive with your prep, so you won’t be wasting time. 
  • 24/7 email support – I like that they are open for queries all the time although they respond within one to two business days, if not sooner.
  • Accessibility – One of the things that make Magoosh LSAT an amazing self-paced course provider is accessibility. You can study anytime and anywhere using any type of device – laptop, desktop, tablet, and even mobile phone since they have a mobile app.

Source: Magoosh LSAT

The course delivery software is also fully supported on both Android and iOS. When you use the mobile app, you will also gain access to flashcards on the go, which is perfect for quick reviews. The flashcards also allow you to master words at every level. Topics covered on the mobile app include LSAT Basics, Logic Games, Transitional Language, and many more.


LSAT STARTER for 3 Months – This course has a lesser number of course materials and doesn’t guarantee a score improvement, but works well for those who need a cheap course to come by. Below is a list of its features:

  • Over 300 official LSAT practice questions
  • More than 90 comprehensive video lessons
  • Timed-practice tests on an official test day interface
  • Email assistance from tutors
  • A paired account with LSAC’s free official prep

Price: A little over $100 with a current discount offer.

LSAT PREMIUM for 3 Months – If I have three months to prepare for the LSAT exam, I would go for this course instead of the first. It may be pricier but the price difference is not that significant and given that this course has more course materials and a score improvement guarantee, then I would go for this. 

Check the list of features below:

  • Over 7,000 official LSAT questions
  • More than 90 comprehensive video strategy lessons
  • More than 200 Logic Games explanations
  • Timed-practice tests on an official test day interface
  • Email assistance from tutors
  • 5-point score increase guarantee
  • Includes Official LSAC Prep Plus™ access

Price: A little over $200 with a current discount offer.

LSAT PREMIUM for 12 Months – This course has the same features as the LSAT Premium for 3 months, with the only difference in course access length.

Also, I should mention that the access to the Official LSAC Prep Plus™ costs $99, but is already included in the plan. If you already have a subscription with LSAC Prep Plus, then you can also enroll in the Magoosh premium courses without it. 

Price: Almost $250 with a current discount offer.

Source: Magoosh LSAT

Student Support

Like Alpha Score LSAT, student support is available only via email, which I mentioned earlier. The good thing is, they are very vocal about this and you can easily click on the option to send them an email in case you need help along the way.

Magoosh LSAT is also active in their social media platforms, such as Facebook and Youtube. More so, their blog articles are very updated and extensive. They cover almost every topic that involves LSAT test prep, even the tips you don’t think you need. Their YouTube videos are also equally amazing because of the entertaining tutors.

Source: Magoosh

Speaking of tutors, Magoosh has among the friendliest tutors ever. I find that a reliable claim because they were also awarded as the Happiest Company in Education twice, in 2015 and 2018 (4).

Student Testimonials

Here’s what students say about Magoosh LSAT:

Alternatives to Magoosh LSAT

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive course with an in-person or live-online type of instruction, then Magoosh is not for you. You can go for the alternative test preps instead.

  • TestMasters (5) – This company provides all sorts of instruction including a private tutorial, live-online, and in-person. Their course content also focuses on test-taking strategies, so you will find them beneficial especially if you’re honing your ability in handling various question types. 

  • Princeton (6) – When it comes to determining your strengths and weaknesses, Princeton LSAT is really good at it. They also have in-person and live-online classes with their most popular course guaranteeing you a 165+ in the LSAT.

  • Kaplan (7) – Another big name in LSAT prep is Kaplan. Like the first two, it also has in-person and live-online classes. The focus is on giving you a customized practice that is uniquely yours based on your learning style, pacing, and schedule.

These three alternatives may be great when it comes to other forms of instruction, yet the prices don’t come to a close to Magoosh, which is understandable. This is because the latter provides only an online prep through practice materials and video lessons.

Final Verdict

  • As a self-paced LSAT prep, Magoosh is worthy of a rating of 3.87 out of 5.

If you dare to find a much cheaper test prep, then you would lose in the game. Magoosh LSAT Review Prep has the cheapest LSAT courses out there, which is why it’s highly in demand by those with a tight budget.

I would say that it offers high-quality materials because the majority of these come from the Official LSAC. However, the coverage is not that comprehensive compared to what other LSAT test prep providers have. 

The quality is there, the affordability is there, but it is not as extensive as other courses, so using Magoosh LSAT may lead you to find supplemental materials from other sources or providers. Nevertheless, it’s the best option if you thrive in a minimal approach to test prep. 

Are you interested in Magoosh LSAT? Check their website for more details (8).

Frequently Asked Questions


No, you will no longer be eligible for the score increase guarantee because a previous LSAT score is needed to compare to your future score after taking the Magoosh LSAT course.

No, Magoosh does not offer a free remedial class because its only course guarantee is an increase in your score.



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