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  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to use
  • Self-paced

Magoosh makes a great partner to increase your GMAT scores through self-engagement in meaningful resources. Cheap, accessible, easy to use and effective for independent learning summarizes Magoosh test prep.

Course Effectiveness

Magoosh offers effective preparation for GMAT through meaningful materials, video explanation for each problem, and alternative methods. With the course designed for independent learning, it works best for self-motivated learners.


Magoosh GMAT prep is not only the cheapest option you could find, but it also gives great value for your money with a +50 Point Increase Guarantee.

Ease of Use

This GMAT review is very accessible because all materials are available online and could be accessed through mobile phones and computers. Designed for ease of use, its dashboard is also quite easy to navigate. 

Student Reviews

Many GMAT reviewers give Magoosh prep course the thumbs up, attesting increased scores, particularly in the quant section. 

  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to use
  • Self-paced
  • Meaningful Practices
  • Personalized
  • Minimal guidance
  • Lesser practice tests

About Magoosh GMAT prep course

Magoosh prep courses offer smart reviews at an affordable price. Confident with its +50 point increase guarantee, Magoosh offers packages with a variety of features, including comprehensive coverage of Math, verbal, IR, and AWA, video lessons, practice questions, and study schedules.

Regarding costs and flexibility, Magoosh GMAT online course could be your top pick. But how good is it in improving your GMAT scores? That’s what we will find out in this Magoosh GMAT prep course review, which shall highlight the unique features as well as the pros and cons of going for Magoosh as your GMAT prep partner.  

Why should you PICK Magoosh for your GMAT prep?


Magoosh Prep Course is about 175% cheaper than the next competitor. When Magoosh chose its name as a play on the Old Persian word magush, they really meant it, especially with the “generous” part. That’s for certain.

Longest duration

Magoosh’s superlative is not only reserved in terms of costs. It also offers the longest length of online access as compared to the other GMAT prep course reviews. While other prep courses allow months of access, Magoosh online prep courses allow one year access, giving room for flexibility. So, if you want to chill and breathe for a while, this feature gives you the chance to do just that.

Highest grade guarantee

It has a +50 Point Increase Guarantee. This is the highest you will find in the market, considering its low cost. Quite ambitious, you say? Maybe, yes. Testimonials, however, have rendered support to this ambitious target from verified real students. So, yeah, it’s a real deal.

Unique score predictor

Another really unique feature of the Magoosh GMAT prep course is its score predictor which uses data from about 200,000 students. This gives you a prediction of your scores with high levels of accuracy. That way, you know when you’re ready to face the real thing.  

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Course Packages and Pricing Options

If these deals have made you think that Magoosh GMAT prep review might be the top pick for you, here are the available packages. Magoosh provides plans for self-study and guided reviews.

How does online tutoring work? All you need to do is to sign up for an email, complete a form regarding relevant information, and set a schedule for tutorial either through phone or skype. If you aren’t satisfied with the tutorial session for some reasons, you get your money back.

Self-study or Tutorial: What should I go for?

If you are more of an independent learner who thrives in flexibility, self-study option just might be the one for you.

However, if you need more guidance in going through the course, especially due to short prep time, you might want to give the guided learning a shot. This might also be quite handy if you are having last-minute preps or need guidance to build better strategies and study plans. This allows you to choose a tutor and schedule.

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Who should use Magoosh?

Anyone can use Magoosh GMAT prep reviews, but it is more compatible with people who fall under the following categories:

Independent learners: Do you prefer to manage your own time and learning pace? Then, you might want to try Magoosh GMAT review because the flexibility in the resources and schedules of Magoosh offer you this independence. 

Reviewers who require more practice: If you are a person who has already completed the official practice questions for GMAT but is looking for more practice questions, Magoosh is the place for you. With its set of practice questions that is based on your performance in previous questions, Magoosh test prep will give you the added practice that is surely tailor-fit for your needs.

Learners who prefer recorded explanations: If you are a person who prefers the flexibility that recorded video discussion offers as compared to readings and live sessions, then, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Busy individuals: If you are a busy person who needs a study plan that could work around your schedules, then Magoosh offers you a compatible deal. Since reviews come through video explanations, you will not be under any pressure to attend live sessions.

If you want to see for yourself whether or not you are compatible with Magoosh, it offers a 7-day free trial with over 20 questions and lessons. No credit card required.

How effective is the Magoosh GMAT prep course?

Based on the success stories of several students, we could say that the Magoosh prep course is effective in improving scores in the GMAT. Here are some of the testimonials from Magoosh GMAT reviewers:

Source: Magoosh

Preparing for GMAT with Magoosh: Pros and Cons


Easy to Access 

Magoosh GMAT prep is easy to access because it is fully online and can be accessed through PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. So, whether you are at home or elsewhere, you can access the resources anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use

The dashboard was definitely designed with the user’s ease in mind. The dashboard is quite easy to navigate. Finding lessons, and resources are made simple and easy. Nonetheless, they also offer a quick tour to the dashboard, which is available through this Youtube video:


This is another wow factor of Magoosh GMAT Prep for me. Unlike class sessions where you have to go through the same pace with everyone else, this offers you free rein to your learning pace. Hence, you could start from your unique starting point and proceed from there at your own pace. 

Meaningful Practices

Magoosh offers practice questions that do not only go with the correct answers but also with video discussions. Yes, that’s right. The explanations on how to tackle each problem are just one click away. It also allows you to take notes for each practice question for review later.


One of the beauties of Magoosh is that its suggested activities are tailor-fit for you. They assess your progress based on your engagement with the previous questions and suggest activities that are suitable for your needs.


Minimal guidance

Magoosh GMAT test reviews have no live lesson and only have minimal tutorials in guided study packages. Therefore, you really need to be more of an independent reviewer if you wish to give this a go. Nonetheless, it does not totally leave you on your own because they welcome and are responsive to requests for help.

Lesser practice tests

Magoosh GMAT prep reviews offer only two practice tests as compared to the other GMAT prep courses, which offer 4 to 12 practice tests. Nonetheless, Magoosh has about 1300+ practice questions.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

For this test prep review, I am giving Magoosh GMAT prep review a 4.3 out of 5.

As the provider of the cheapest GMAT prep, Magoosh offers a GREAT deal at a very LOW cost. Not only is it the cheapest, but Maggosh also provides the longest access and highest grade guarantee. Further, it’s unique score predictor is definitely a plus. It also allows ease of access since it’s practices and resources are all available online and supported in PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Nonetheless, Magoosh GMAT test prep is mostly ideal for individuals who are independent learners and require minimal guidance. It is quite responsive to requests and concerns from students. Indeed, we could never deny the fact that Magoosh figured a way to live up to its name by offering a generous deal in its costing, duration, and resources.

Still don’t believe us? You could try it for seven days for free. No strings, attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

 If you are not satisfied with the prep, all you need to do is email Magoosh within seven days and you get your money back. 

Yes, you will get support. Magoosh is very responsive to customer requests sent through the “Help” tab on the Dashboard. You can also email [email protected]. Responses come usually within one to two business days.

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