LSATMax LSAT Prep Course Review 2023: Is It WORTH Your Money?

Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews90%
  • Mobile app
  • Analytical feedback feature
  • A lot of full-length practice tests

This is especially helpful to students who choose to study for the LSAT at their own pace. The app’s technology is adaptable, and the practice tests provided are of great quality.

Course Effectiveness

With how this course is structured and its number of practice tests, LSAT Max is a very effective course. If you’re always on the go, this prep course is ideal for you, since it is also accessible through an app.


Considering that this prep course is video-centric, it is quite expensive compared to other LSAT prep courses that have a good mix of study materials. However, the video has great quality and is a good investment if you want to ace the LSAT.

Ease of Use

Although there are some rare issues about app crashes, everything in this prep course is easy to use. The videos are in a whiteboard setting, so you can easily understand the lessons.

Student Reviews

LSAT Max has a good reputation. Thousands of students have used it, and they can attest to the effectiveness and quality of this prep course.

  • Mobile app
  • Analytical feedback feature
  • A lot of full-length practice tests
  • Student support system via message boards
  • Higher score guarantee
  • A bit expensive
  • Issues with app crashing

Studying for the LSAT? Preparing for the LSAT is now easier and more convenient with LSATMax. This prep course provides a mobile application that can help bring your A-game during the LSAT. Through the app, you can access video lessons, full-length LSATs, drills, flashcards, and many more.

Is LSATMax worth your money? Today, we take a close look at the prep course’s content, features, effectiveness, and value for money. We will also look at what students who used LSAT Max have to say about the prep course.

About LSATMax and Its LSAT Prep Course

The LSATMax prep course is ideal for students who are always on the go or those who want easy access to the prep materials. This prep course developed one of the most recognized mobile applications in the LSAT prep course scene today.  

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?


What sets LSATMax apart from other prep courses is that you can easily access its prep materials. As mentioned, LSATMax’s mobile app is one of the best LSAT prep tools for students, and it makes your preparation more convenient, easier, and highly accessible.

LSATMax is also very flexible. The app is downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play. LSAT Max is free to download. However, the free version comes with limited content. You will need to purchase a package to access its full features. 

Full-length Actual LSATs

Another thing that I and most customers who left LSAT Max reviews find impressive is that the prep course actually uses real LSATs as practice tests (1). This prep course handles full-length actual tests from previous years that are distributed both digitally (2) and on print. 

Since you’re dealing with real LSATs during your prep course, you will get a solid grasp of what the LSAT is like and its content and structure.

Take a look at the screenshot above. This was taken while I was taking a practice test. Here, the June 2007 LSAT was used as a practice test. The platform is very user-friendly. In the lower portion of the screen, you can track which number you are currently working on.

Also, there are 3 buttons in the upper right corner of the platform: Star Question, Message Board, and Explanation. Star Question allows you to bookmark this question in case you want to go back to it later. The message board brings you to the messaging platform where you can ask questions to an instructor.

The explanation feature is what’s impressive. When you click the “Explanation” button, a video explanation will play to give you a quick lecture on the question and the topic it covers. The videos are about 5 minutes on average. See the screenshot below to have a glimpse of the explanation videos.

Another great thing about LSATMax’s practice tests is that you can eliminate the choices that you think are obviously incorrect. The process of elimination is a good strategy for standardized tests. This technique is highly applicable to LSATMax.

To eliminate a choice, you just have to click the minus sign on the right side of that choice. Then, it will automatically be removed from the choices. Just in case you want to bring the choice back, you can always do so by clicking the plus sign. Check out the screenshot below.

Analytical Feedback

Yes, the quality of this prep course’s practice test is great, but how it analyzes the results is even more impressive. Once you finish answering a practice test, the app will give you analytical feedback. It does not just give you your LSAT Max score, but it also highlights the areas you excelled in and identifies the areas that you need to work on.


It also suggests videos that will help you correct your mistakes. In these videos, the correct answers are illustrated and explained. The analytical feedback feature also shows how well you did in all areas of the test. The feedback is broken down into three parts: Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

80+ Hours of video lessons

As you purchase a package from the LSATMax prep course, you will get access to more than 80 hours of video lessons. The quality of the videos is top-notch. They have a whiteboard setting, so you can easily understand the concepts being discussed. The videos are also categorized according to the topics covered in the LSAT, so you can easily find them. 

What’s great about the video lessons by LSATMax is that you view specific topics within a video. There are times when you just want an explanation for a particular topic. Instead of watching the whole video, you can go directly to the bit where the topic is discussed. 

If you want to do so, you can always find particular topics on the right side of the whiteboard. Check out the screenshot below to get a glimpse.

You can also slow down the videos if you find the pace of explanation too fast. The videos in LSATMax are not your ordinary video lessons. They are really designed for more efficient studying.

LSATMax’s instructional materials and lessons are purely on the app and are video-centric. If you’re looking for a typical classroom experience where you have a live instructor, this course might not be for you. 

On the other hand, if you like to prepare for the test at your own pace and using your mobile device, this can be an effective choice.

This type of prep course, which is 100% online and in-app, has a lot of advantages. In this course, however, you cannot set your own detailed study plan. If you wish to do so, you have to do it outside the app. 

Student Support

Included in this prep course is a student support system. As you purchase a package from LSATMax, you get access to instructors and you can ask them a question anytime. If ever you get stuck at a certain question, you can always reach out to these instructors. 

In this prep course, there are message boards where you can send a message or contact an instructor if you have questions or need clarification. This feature is also recognized by a lot of LSATMax prep reviews.

Higher Score Guarantee

LSATMax provides a higher score guarantee (3). This prep course guarantees you that you will improve your score after taking it. Otherwise, you will get a refund. This guarantee is provided in LSATMax Premium and LSATMax Pro packages. 

Course Pricing Options

This prep course offers 4 packages:

LSATMax Intensive: $1249.99

This package includes 

  • 87 full-length LSAT practice tests (tests 1-87).
  • Lifetime account access
  • Student support 
  • Hard copies of materials
  • Unlimited access to message boards
  • Analytical feedback feature
  • Analog watch
  • 12-week subscription to The Economist
  • Higher score guarantee
  • 3 hours of private tutoring.

LSATMax Premium: $949.99

The premium package includes the features in the Intensive packages, but you don’t get the 3 hours of private tutoring.

LSATMax Pro: $749.99

This package includes:

  • 16 full-length LSAT practice tests (tests 1-16)
  • Lifetime account access 
  • Student support
  • Hard copies of materials
  • Unlimited access to message boards
  • Analytical feedback feature
  • Analog watch
  • Higher score guarantee

LSATMax Pro Monthly Subscription: $199/month

This package includes: 

  • 16 full-length LSAT practice tests (tests 1-16)
  • Monthly account access and support
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Unlimited access to message boards
  • Analytical feedback feature

In terms of pricing, the LSAT Max prep course cost is a little expensive compared to other LSAT prep courses. Considering that it is an app, the cost for the materials and the subscriptions are a bit pricey. 

However, LSATMax’s value for money is great. If you want to give your best performance on the LSAT and fully develop your skills in topics covered by the test, this app is a good investment.

textmaxprep packages


Platform’s Ease of Use

Considering that everything provided by this prep course is in the app, it is user-friendly. Although there have been rare issues about the app crashing, most of the features by this prep course run smoothly. 

What most test Max prep reviews consider impressive is the message board. You don’t have to message the instructors via email or a different online messaging app because of the in-built message board.

Overall, this prep course is easy to use. Aside from the seldom app crashes, everything else is user-friendly.

Is LSATMax a Reputable Online LSAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Recognized as one of the top LSAT prep courses online, it is definitely not a scam. In fact, a lot of students who previously used the app can attest to the prep course’s effectiveness.

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

Here’s what LSATMax users have to say about their experience with the prep course:

Check out some testimonials from LSATMax users, and find out how the prep course helped them boost their scores:


Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the LSATMax a 4/5. 

Overall, LSAT Max Prep is a convenient, easy to use, and accessible program. Considering that most of the packages it offers provide lifetime account access, the LSAT Max price is very much worth it. 

If you’re looking for an efficient yet effective way to prepare for the LSAT, this prep course is the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a package from LSAT Max (except the monthly subscription), hardcopy materials will be shipped to you. Usually, it takes 2-4 business days upon purchase for your materials to arrive. You can also track your shipment via email.

Yes, you can! One of the best things about this prep course is accessibility. You can access your account on your desktop, on 1 mobile device, and 1 tablet device.