Kranse Institute ACT Prep Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

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Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use90%
Student Reviews80%
  • Content is manageable through bite-sized videos
  • The use of strategy-based study
  • Full ACT test walkthrough

I see Kranse Institute as a promising test prep provider given that it was also established by an SAT perfect scorer. It has its limitations, however.

Course Effectiveness

While the SAT course is known to be Kranse Institute’s dominant course, the ACT course also promises the same impressive results. My concern is, the two tests are separate undertakings that should be approached differently, so the Kranse ACT is a course in this test prep provider that I am still eyeing for more proven results.


The ACT course is very expensive with no other options or packages to choose from.

Ease of Use

There is a great deal of ease when using Kranse Institute’s website and tutorial platform. Unfortunately, the mobile app is not yet available for Android users.

Student Reviews

So far, the student reviews I have encountered are tremendously positive about Kranse Institute. Most students loved bite-sized videos and Dr. Patel’s strategies.

  • Content is manageable through bite-sized videos
  • The use of strategy-based study
  • Full ACT test walkthrough
  • 18-month-access
  • Free mobile app
  • Free e-book
  • Score improvement guarantee
  • Expensive price
  • No transcripts or captions in videos
  • The mobile app is available only in iOS
  • No free trial

About Kranse Institute and Its ACT Prep Course

Kranse Institute is another leading online test provider founded by Dr. Shaan Patel who scored perfect in his SAT and a Shark Tank winner. 

Kranse Institute ACT was developed by the same man who developed the Kranse Institute SAT, which is what it is mainly known for because of Dr. Patel’s SAT score of 2400.


What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Kranse ACT is different from other online test prep providers because of the following reason:

  • Bite-sized video tutorials running an average of 10 minutes per video for maximum engagement and easy consumption
  • Students average a score increase of 210 points, with most scores improving from 50th to 90th percentiles 
  • Course access is up to 18 months

The bite-sized video tutorials allow you to study with flexibility because you will not be loaded with an hour-length of video tutorials that other online test preps have. There is also more chance to retain information because bite-sized video tutorials are easy to organize and remember. 

Moreover, students are guaranteed score improvements after they finish the entire course. Otherwise, they will be refunded in full (1) if their succeeding ACT test shows no improvement in comparison to their previous ACT test score. 

Lastly, their course access is the longest access period among all online test providers. Kranse Institute ACT gives you an 18-month-access to their course. This means that you are given ample time to study and retake the tests if you are not satisfied with your previous scores.


Kranse Institute ACT has a mobile app that makes the course accessible on any iOS device as long as there is internet access. Their mobile app also has opportunities and competitions where you can potentially win $15 gift cards.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

Aside from the features that make Kranse Institute ACT unique (mentioned above), there are other aspects in its curriculum that make it effective.

Strategy-based Study

Kranse Institute Reviews ACT incorporates a strategy-based study (2) that Dr. Patel designed himself. One of his many strategies used in Kranse ACT is using the ACT test format against itself to come up with an answer.

He may help you figure out how to work on math questions backward from the answer or study questions before reading a text passage so you can focus on what is being asked.

ACT Test Walkthrough

Other ACT test prep providers will typically leave you in an exam with an answer key with explanations. Kranse ACT, on the other hand, does it differently because Dr. Patel guides you in every question of the exam while he shares his strategies for an actual ACT exam. 

This method is extremely helpful because you can gauge which questions or parts of the exam are easy and difficult, so you can better prepare.

Score Improvement Guarantee

The average score improvement guarantee in Kranse Institute Reviews ACT is 4 points. This is considered a high target for a test that has maximum points of 36.


Free E-Book

Part of your Kranse ACT course access is a free e-book that contains details on scholarships, college applications, and standardized tests. This is particularly helpful for the parents, so they can guide their kids well in this critical journey. 

Also, it is notable to mention that some of their students have already been admitted to several prestigious universities.


Course Pricing Options      

Kranse ACT is one of the most expensive ACT courses in the ed-tech industry now, with a single price option. At a limited time offer of $499, you get the following:

  • 204 video lectures
  • 504 days of instant access
  • Progress tracking
  • Free printable ACT practice tests
  • Updated for the new ACT 2020
  • Accessible on any internet-connected device
  • Free lifetime access to the Kranse mobile app

There is an ongoing special offer at the Kranse Institute website now. It says you can get instant 50% off on your enrollment by using code PREP50 at checkout.

Platform’s Ease of Use

Using the Kranse Institute website and its tutorial platform is easy. The website is easy to navigate because there are only a few clickable options that already give you the gist of what the test prep provider has in store for you. 

The tutorial platform, on the other hand, is direct and simple. The dominant white space gives you a college lecture vibe. At the bottom right corner is Dr. Shaan Patel himself giving you the lecture.


Moreover, I should note once again that Kranse ACT has a mobile app that was optimized for iOS tablet and smartphone access. The Android version is still being made. 

Is Kranse Institute a Reputable Online ACT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Kranse Institute is a reputable online ACT prep course. 

ACT and SAT are different tests, but most topics and test strategies are the same. With that said, it is likely that you will get similar results in the ACT as much as Patel did on his SAT test. 

Kranse Institute was also featured in several news platforms with Dr. Patel representing it. Some of the news features include the ones in Business Insider, USA Today, NBC News, The New York Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek. 

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

Here are a few text and video testimonials from students you can refer to.

This one is a student feedback from

— Katherine Zhang (via

Below is an excerpt of a video testimonial.


“The lessons were so easy to follow, and anytime I got kinda lost or confused, I can rewind the videos and rewatch the materials… I would highly recommend Kranse to students who are looking for a boost in their ACT score. It’s a really great interactive program.”

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I am giving Kranse Institute ACT a 3.85 rating out of 5.

The features they offer are great and most of what makes Kranse Institute unique from other test prep providers are proven useful for the students’ actual prep undertaking. You will get the right value of your payment, especially when it comes to the 18-month-access. 

Most student reviews I found are Kranse SAT-related, which gives me the idea that their ACT course has not yet been widely patronized by students. I am looking forward to seeing more Kranse ACT testimonials in the future for me to increase my rating of their ACT course.

For now, I would say that Kranse ACT is a reputable ACT course, especially if you’re an entry-level test-taker. It’s quite expensive, but I should say that it’s priced for good reasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The 7-day cram guarantee allows you to purchase the course, study it, and learn from it. But if you still don’t like it after seven days, then you will get your entire purchase price back.

You can instantly access the Kranse Institute ACT course upon purchasing through any internet-connected device. The access using any internet-connected device is web-based for now. In the future, you may access their mobile app from both iOS and Android devices already after the Android version is finalized.


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