Khan Academy MCAT Prep Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

Khan Academy
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews90%
  • Impressive video catalog selection
  • The platform is easy to use 
  • Gamification features

Khan Academy MCAT is a remarkable option thanks to its comprehensive videos, highly personalized interface, and free reviewer tools, videos, and lessons access.

Course Effectiveness

The Khan Academy review program merits reliable content that meets beyond expectations through their high-quality MCAT videos perfect for reviewing basic to complex topics.


Khan Academy cost is completely free. You can access all the materials available at zero expense to you. You can donate to keep the program going, however.

Ease of Use

he Khan Academy review platform is straightforward and simple to use. The site leverages simplicity to provide its users with great user experience all throughout the course.

Student Reviews

Feedback on the Khan Academy MCAT prep course is dominantly positive. It’s hard to find any bad student reviews about the platform’s effectiveness.

  • Impressive video catalog selection
  • An in-depth review of each MCAT topic
  • The platform is easy to use 
  • Gamification features
  • Program is entirely free
  • Solid resources and practice questions
  • Explanations for questions are not as thorough
  • No in-person or live online alternatives
  • Review material might appear too wordy for some

Khan Academy is unlike any other MCAT prep course due to its free access and extensive list of practice tests. 

Khan Academy content videos are interactive and easy to understand making their prep program one of the best and reliable reviewers to use in your study plan.

About Khan Academy and Its MCAT Prep Course

Khan Academy is a favored online platform by students worldwide. The site has grown significantly and has added a ton of courses in its entire catalog selection. The Khan Academy MCAT, in particular, provides various resources such as video lessons, assessments, and gamification for a more interactive learning experience. 

In this Khan Academy MCAT review, we’ll go over the entire program and the Khan Academy MCAT videos based on effectiveness, ease of use, price, and overall rating. 

Khan Academy started back in 2008 when founder Salman Khan used the platform to host tutorial videos for his cousins. This gave birth to a prep course based primarily on video content. 

The practice exams provided are rich in various tools such as a sketch board, a “hints’ button, and explanations for right/wrong answers. 

You can also accumulate points throughout each video watched and practice exam taken. However, Khan Academy MCAT books are lacking in the overall program.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Completely Free

It’s almost hard to believe the Khan Academy courses offered will cost you nothing to use but will provide you with great value. Get ready for your MCAT test with the Khan Academy MCAT practice questions and other materials you access with just a click of a button. 

You’ll need to create an account to access the videos, however. But the entire process is simple and straightforward.

Scroll down the Khan Academy MCAT page online and find the Critical analysis and reasoning skills (CARS) practice questions to supplement learning.


One of the best and most unique features of the Khan Academy platform is its gamification feature. 

When you create an account, you can choose an avatar to use throughout the course.

While watching videos and taking exams, you’ll accumulate points that you can use to upgrade your avatar.

You also have badges that can be likened to milestones you completed, ranging from the most common to the rarest of badges.

This promotes a more interactive learning experience and encourages users to complete their lessons and videos throughout the program. 

Multi-Language Support

Khan Academy offers Spanish, French, and Portuguese versions of the site. You can use the prep resources in three different languages of your choice, although the videos remain in English. 

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

Video & Text Learning

When you first encounter the Khan Academy MCAT review program, you’ll see a course outline for all the sciences:

The first four you see are Khan Academy MCAT passages that will test your knowledge. While Khan Academy holds an astounding number of videos to learn from, there are also texts you can read and download for offline review.

These also come with images to help you as you go along the lessons. 

For the Khan Academy MCAT biology topic, for example, the videos come with a transcript and a forum section where students can ask questions for clarification.

Each video provides comprehensive coverage that is perfect for understanding the basics and fundamentals of each MCAT topic. The subjects are also explained clearly. 

Machine-graded Assessments

Every video lesson comes with a quiz or practice exam to further test how well you understood each lesson. If you get stuck at a certain question, you can ask for a hint or get help which will prompt an explanation feature.

You also have access to passage questions to practice with, along with up to 3 hints to help you along the way. 

The questions also shuffle once you finish taking the exam, so you’re presented with a new challenge if you decide to re-take the test. Of course, some questions may repeat after several tries. By then, you’ve already practiced many times over.

It’s also important to note that AAMC partnered with Khan Academy to promote the content you see on Khan Academy’s online platform. 

All the content is approved and designed by AAMC itself and, it is without a doubt, using Khan Academy as a review tool that provides in-depth coverage for any medical student.

Khan Academy offers badges for every milestone completed, which can also be used as points to add improvements to the gamification features.

Course Pricing Options

As Khan Academy’s slogan goes, “You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.”

The cost to access the entire plethora of online learning resources is the real deal. 

Without any charge and absolutely free to use, every medical student would be happy to use Khan Academy as a reviewer on their MCAT prep journey. 

Want to pay it forward? Donate to Khan Academy (1) and you can help other students learn for free. 

Platform’s Ease of Use

Khan Academy’s online platform is extremely easy to use. The layout gives you a full overview of the items you can easily access. 

There’s a lot of use for whitespace, so it doesn’t feel suffocating. The dashboard is also minimalistic in design to give you easy access to your course list, progress, profile, and other site elements.

Is Khan Academy a Reputable Online MCAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Khan Academy has helped millions of users gain a better online educational experience for more than a decade.  No fraudulent program will last that long. 

The extensive coverage of topics that ranges from even Kindergarten all the way to graduate studies is impressive. 

Khan Academy also has a massive bank of supporters and contributors that prove how reputable the company is.

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

Hardly are there any poor reviews on Khan Academy’s course plan and the resources they offer. It is truly an impressive leader in online education.

— Sandy of Seattle, WA (

— Troy of Sevierville, TN (

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give Khan Academy a total score of 4.75/5.

Khan Academy provides a valuable platform for medical students to reinforce their MCAT knowledge and understanding. 

This is especially true for students who lack access to expensive course material and are looking for content to help improve their score, enhance their foundation on each topic, and boost their MCAT preparation before the actual exam. 

Even the CARS section of the Khan Academy MCAT review platform is more than adequate to provide a thorough content review experience.

There aren’t many sites that offer an extensive e-learning platform (2) that’s free to use. 

For students with a 2-month study period gap, watching even at least 2 videos per day can significantly boost a student’s MCAT score and understanding from simply using the MCAT videos Khan Academy offers.  

With free access to a remarkable review program and a wide array of practice questions and resources, Khan Academy MCAT is the perfect reviewer tool any aspiring medical student should use to its fullest advantage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Any student looking for additional review material, be it for CARS, Biochemical, Psychological, etc. MCAT topics. This can also widely benefit students who prefer a purely self-study approach and lack content material due to expensive course plan offers.

A 2-month gap should be an adequate range to use the Khan Academy MCAT prep course before the actual exam. Using it as early as 5 months, however, can boost your score further, and even make up for any lacking resources early on without spending a lot of cash.