Kaplan LSAT Prep Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

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  • SmartReports feedback feature
  • Wide range of options
  • One-on-one coaching

Kaplan has been around for a while, and the company’s experience is evident in their LSAT prep course. One big downside, however, is its high prices. However, if you’re willing to invest in an effective preparation tool, this prep course is good for you.

Course Effectiveness

With the variety of packages to choose from, you will be able to find a course that fits your needs. Kaplan LSAT prep can be an effective prep course, thanks to a great number of practice tests and the good quality of instruction.


Compared to other LSAT prep courses, Kaplan’s prices are a bit expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get the self-paced course. If you’re willing to invest in a comprehensive prep course, you can consider taking the live courses.

Ease of Use

Kaplan has developed an adaptive technology that will make your prep experience smooth and convenient. The online platform is simple and easy to use. This course is developed for more efficient preparation.

Student Reviews

A lot of students can attest to Kaplan LSAT’s effectiveness. Plenty of students are satisfied with the number of prep materials included in the course. However, some students do not like crowded classes.

  • SmartReports feedback feature
  • Wide range of options
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Proctored full-length practice tests
  • Score improvement guarantee
  • A bit expensive
  • Large capacity classes

Throughout the years, the Kaplan LSAT prep course has been helping aspiring lawyers study in the law schools of their choice. Kaplan LSAT provides live instruction, prep materials, textbooks, practice exams, and coaching that will help you ace the LSAT.

How effective is the Kaplan LSAT course? What makes it different from other prep courses online? In this Kaplan LSAT review, we’ll take a close look at the course’s full inclusions, features, and pricing options. We’ll identify why this course is the choice of many aspiring law students in the country. Let’s start.

About Kaplan and Their LSAT Prep Course

Kaplan has been around for quite a while. Over the years, Kaplan has specialized in helping students prepare for admissions and standardized examinations like the LSAT. Kaplan Inc LSAT (1) remains as one of the top prep courses online. With the materials it provides and how the program is structured, it is not difficult to see why.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?


Unlike other LSAT prep courses, Kaplan offers live instructions. Kaplan LSAT classes are held at specific times and have a capacity of 30 students. If you want to take a course at your own pace, Kaplan can also provide you with this. 

Kaplan’s self-paced courses give you access to hundreds of video lessons, which can be recorded or watched live. This course also offers Kaplan LSAT tutoring.

SmartReports feature

Kaplan LSAT courses (except the Tutoring and the Logic Games Complete Prep packages) have a SmartReports feedback feature. What this software does is that it analyzes your test results and identifies the areas you need improvement.

Based on the results of your practice tests, the SmartReports feedback feature will also suggest videos that can help you improve in the areas you did poorly. This feature by Kaplan LSAT test prep is an effective tool in tracking your progress and improving your skills in all sections of the LSAT. 

One-on-one coaching

What sets Kaplan LSAT apart from other prep courses is that they provide one-on-one coaching (expert for the Logic Games Complete Prep package). What’s impressive is that they provide this for both live classes and self-paced courses. For live or in-person courses, you’ll get 3 hours of coaching. For self-paced courses, you’ll get 2. 

Through one-on-one Kaplan LSAT study sessions, you can ask your Kaplan LSAT proctor or tutor questions privately.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

What’s included in the Kaplan LSAT prep course? It utilizes different materials and platforms to help you ace the LSAT. Kaplan LSAT offers a lot of options that it is difficult for you not to find a package that will suit your style and needs. So, what does this course have to offer?

Personalized study plan

This prep course will allow you to set your own study plan. Regardless of which option you choose, you will be able to create a study plan that fits your personal schedule and needs. This personalized study plan feature by Kaplan will help you track your progress and adjust your preparation according to your other commitments and activities.

One downside of Kaplan LSAT classes, however, is that the capacity for the live or in-person sessions is large. Meaning, you will be studying with other 29 students in a class. This class capacity can seem too large for some students, especially those who prefer a more private class setting. 

Diagnostic test

At the beginning of the prep course, you will take a diagnostic test to measure your prior knowledge and skills on the topics covered by the LSAT. What’s great about having a diagnostic test is that you and your instructor (if applicable) will be able to assess your skills and determine a starting point for the test. 

Through the results of the diagnostic test, you will be able to know which areas you will need to improve on. Indicated in the results are your choices, the correct answers, and the topic covered in the question. Check out the screenshot below.

Online prep materials

Upon taking the Kaplan LSAT prep course, you will have access to hundreds of online prep materials. These include:

  • Kaplan LSAT Channel
  • 300+ games for Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension
  • Kaplan mobile app
  • Online quizzes and practice tests
  • Video lessons
  • QuizBank (for In-person and Live Online only)
  • PrepTest Library (for In-person and Live Online only)

The QuizBank and PrepTest libraries are features that will make your preparation more efficient and more personalized. Through these features, you will be able to customize your quizzes and review the concepts through video explanations. 

The QuizBank and PrepTest library features, however, are not available in all packages. To have unlimited access to all features of Kaplan LSAT, you need to take In-person and Live Online prep courses.

Practice tests and quizzes

Kaplan’s practice tests and quizzes are simple yet effective. The questions used in the practice tests are actual LSAT questions, so you’ll have a solid grasp of what you’re going to encounter on the test day. See the screenshot below to have an overview of the practice tests and quizzes.

What’s impressive about Kaplan’s practice tests is that they allow the process of elimination in the platform itself. If you believe that a choice or a set of choices is obviously incorrect, you can eliminate them by clicking the word/s in the choice. Take the screenshot below as an example.

Score improvement guarantee

Kaplan LSAT prep provides a higher score guarantee. After taking the prep course, Kaplan guarantees you that you will score higher in your next LSAT. Otherwise, you can either reactivate your account or get your money back, given that you complied with the requirements (2) for this feature.

Course Pricing Options

LSAT In-person

Price: $1399

This package includes:

  • 7 four-hour sessions of in-person instruction
  • 1 full-length proctored practice test (in-class)
  • Digital LSAT course
  • Unlimited access to Kaplan’s LSAT channel
  • 80+ real released LSAT tests
  • SmartReports feature
  • LSAT prep books
  • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Higher score guarantee 

LSAT Live Online

Price: $1299

This package includes:

  • 8 four-hour sessions of live online instruction
  • 2 full-length proctored practice test (in-class)
  • Digital LSAT course
  • Unlimited access to Kaplan’s LSAT channel
  • 80+ real released LSAT tests
  • SmartReports feature
  • LSAT prep books
  • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Higher score guarantee 

LSAT Tutoring

Price: $2399-$4999 (depending on hours)

This package includes:

  • 10, 20, or 40 hours of online or in-person one-on-one tutoring
  • 3 full-length proctored practice test (in-class)
  • 80+ full-length practice tests
  • LSAT prep books
  • 400+ hours of online resources
  • Full complimentary Live Online or In-person course

LSAT Self-paced

Price: $799

This package includes:

  • 24/7 on-demand full LSAT courses
  • 145+ teacher-led sessions on LSAT Channel, on-demand or live-streamed
  • 80+ real released LSAT tests
  • SmartReports feature
  • LSAT prep books
  • 2 hours of one-on-one coaching

LSAT Logic Games complete Prep

Price: $199

This package includes:

  • 300+ officially released games
  • 20+ hour-long videos from the LSAT Channel
  • Kaplan’s LSAT Logic Games Unlocked 2018-2019 book
  • Online practice drills
  • Study plan

Kaplan offers a lot of options. Surely, you will be able to find a course that is suitable for your needs. In terms of pricing, Kaplan’s packages are a little expensive. If you would look at other LSAT prep courses, you will notice that Kaplan’s pricing is higher. 

However, Kaplan LSAT prep is a very thorough course that goes into every detail and concept covered in the LSAT. If you’re willing to invest in an effective prep course, this course is ideal for you.

Platform’s Ease of Use

Kaplan LSAT’s platform is user-friendly. Kaplan has developed an adaptive technology to make the preparation experience efficient, easy, and smooth. The live online classes are adaptable, and the full-length practice tests online are user-friendly. Kaplan also has a mobile app (3), so you can access the course anytime.

Is Kaplan a Reputable Online LSAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

With Kaplan’s experience with standardized test preparations, I can confidently say that this prep course is definitely not a scam. Throughout the years, Kaplan LSAT has helped thousands of aspiring law students get into the schools of their choice. 

Now, let’s look at some text and video testimonials by former Kaplan LSAT prep course students.

Reviews and Real Unbiased Video and TextTestimonials:

Here is a real testimonial by a student who took the Kaplan LSAT experience. Watch the video and determine how the course helped her in preparing for the LSAT:

Kaplan Trustpilot Review Amber Kaplan Trustpilot Review Nicole

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the Kaplan LSAT prep course a 3.5/5

This prep course offers a lot of options. Depending on your prep style and goals on the LSAT, you can find an option that is suitable for you. The number of prep materials and the quality of instruction is a huge upside to this prep course. However, this course is too expensive for some students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of Kaplan LSAT test dates (4) to see the full schedule of LSAT administrations up to the year 2021.

Yes, they do. In this course, you will answer the actual released LSATs. Since you will be studying real LSATs throughout the course, you will get an idea about the questions that will appear on the actual SAT and you will be prepared come test day.


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