Hurst NCLEX Review Prep Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

Hurst Review NCLEX
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews90%
  • Core content mastery
  • Inclusion of student workbook
  • Interactive video lectures

Helping aspiring nurses to ace their nursing board exams is Hurst Review’s forte. However, their short course access length and short time allowance for their guarantee policy make Hurst Review a little inferior to Kaplan. Their intense focus on core content than test strategies also make it imbalanced as you would have to master both content and strategy.

Course Effectiveness

The focus in mastering the core content is what makes Hurst Review an effective partner in acing the NCLEX exam. However, there is not much focus on test-taking strategies which are essential.


The pricing options are competitive, but I would consider Hurst Nursing Review as a mid-range option because it also offers courses that cost 50% less expensive than its top-tier options. Overall, their pricing is cheaper than Kaplan and ATI yet a little more expensive than UWorld.

Ease of Use

Fun and interactive video lectures are the best part of the learning phase in the Hurst Review. There is a huge emphasis on images that clearly explain concepts and scenarios that test your ability to think critically.

Student Reviews

Students who are satisfied with the services of Hurst Review would certainly share how comprehensive and in-depth the contents are compared to other test prep providers for NCLEX. The lack of test-taking tips, however, makes it less appealing.

  • Core content mastery
  • Inclusion of student workbook
  • Interactive video lectures
  • Access to Hurst Qbank is short
  • Remediation class (in case you don’t pass and you’re eligible for it) is only 45 days
  • Time allowance to take the NCLEX test is insufficient for many

About Hurst and Their NCLEX Prep Course?

Hurst Review is a known topnotch NCLEX test prep company among Kaplan, ATI, and UWorld. It was founded by a prime nursing practitioner, Marlene Hurst. She is known for her monumental work as a nurse and a nursing instructor.

Source: Hurst Review

Her most notable achievement was when she made a local community college program attain a 100% passing rate in the NCLEX while serving as an instructor. Being experienced in this field, Hurst continues to provide a quality nursing review for aspiring nurses.

Her company, Hurst Review ensures that all their course models are based on the latest advances in the nursing industry. Thanks to their founder, they are able to put up courses that focus on the NCLEX test only. Hurst also continually develops and writes lecture materials relevant to the advancement of the NCLEX review courses.

Mainly focused on NCLEX, Hurst Review makes sure that you will acquire a profound understanding of the ‘why’ of the causes, signs, and symptoms involved in nursing practice.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

The Hurst NCLEX Review is indeed unique because of its one-of-a-kind approach to NCLEX. They incorporate their so-called 3-step approach which is comprised of the following:

  • Mastery of the ‘must-know’ core content and development of critical thinking skills and application skills.
  • Incorporation of specific testing strategies.
  • Use of NCLEX style exams they refer to as simulators.

Hurst NCLEX Review also gives emphasis on First Attempt Success through their guarantee policy (1). In this policy, they assure you that you will pass the NCLEX test on your first try as long as you completed the course on its entirety and take the test within three months of graduation. Otherwise, you will either be eligible for a one-time 45-day remediation class or a full refund.

Curriculum Overview and Effectiveness 

  • Hurst Qbank – This option is the cheapest and offers a 30-day-access to over 1,500 practice questions.
  • Hurst Now – It features an on-demand review with 90-day-access to the four readiness exams, question bank, and other contents.
  • Hurst Now PLUS – This course is similar to Hurst Now, except that it has a 120-day-access to the contents.
  • Hurst N-Stream – This is an expensive option, but it does offer you a 9-month-access to specialty lectures, a question bank, four readiness exams, and other materials. It also includes 3-day-lived stream classes in the comfort of your home.

Hurst Live – It offers the same features and has the same price as Hurst N-Stream. The only difference is that this option is an in-person class.

Other features found in all the NCLEX courses are the four NCLEX style exams, student workbook, testing strategies, and nurse coach as online guidance. Their abundant question bank is another aspect that I appreciate about them as it contains over 1,500 practice questions.

Also, Hurst Review RN updates the programs involved to ensure that students and faculty are fully aware of any changes with the NCLEX state board exam.

Course Pricing Options

The course pricing options in Hurst NCLEX review are quite straightforward. Their cheapest course is a little over $100, which is reasonable enough as it gives you a one-month-access to their comprehensive question bank.

They also offer courses that range from $200 to $400, which makes their pricing friendly to those who are on a budget.

The most expensive courses cost around $400 and can be purchased through their payment plans (2) to keep the upfront cost down. However, the time allowance for the balance payments is not lengthy, so you have only a few weeks to pay the balance. 

Platform’s Ease of Use

First of all, I find their website simple. It does not contain a lot of words. Instead, the core pieces of information are congested and explained concisely.

Moreover, the layout transcends to the lecture platforms. There are no lengthy explanations, only a good number of images and interactive live instructions from the nursing experts.

If you are a highly-visual learner, you will enjoy the platform very much. Well, even if you’re not, you will still have fun with it. After all, what’s primarily tested in the NCLEX is not the facts but how you deal with critical scenarios.

Is Hurst Review NCLEX RN a Reputable Online Prep Course? (Not A Scam)

Yes. First, Hurst NCLEX is listed as one of the most outstanding NCLEX test prep providers. Second, it was founded by a known nursing expert who finished her Master of Science in Nursing in 1988. In that same year, the Hurst Review was established.

With its prominence as an NCLEX prep company, I would definitely say that they hold a great reputation for quality instruction. The student reviews also attest to the legitimacy of the Hurst NCLEX review.


Hurst NCLEX Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:


You might be curious as to what actual test-takers have to say about Hurst review services. Here are a few text and video testimonials.

Source: Hurst Review

Most of the student reviews talk about passing the NCLEX after the first attempt.

This guy right here also shares Hurst Review’s strength in comparison to other NCLEX prep providers like Kaplan. He mentions that Hurst Nursing NCLEX Review takes the lead in terms of content. Watch his entire video testimonial here (3).

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I am giving Hurst Review NCLEX prep course 4.5 out of 5.


Of course, I personally praise how dedicated Hurst Review is in producing timely and in-depth materials. 

Their guarantee policy, however, is a bit inferior to its competitors due to the short time allowance for remediation class in case you don’t pass. The time between you graduate and when you take the NCLEX test is short, too. This time allowance is important because it’s an indicator of whether or not you will be eligible for their guarantee when you don’t pass the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

The test-taking strategies taught are specific for the NCLEX only and not general ones that can be applied to other tests.

Yes, there is. However, the free trial (4) runs for only 40 minutes as you access a few course materials.


Hurst Review NCLEX