50 Awesome Gifts for Medical Students MCAT [2023 Gift Guide]

What are the best medical gifts to give? 

That depends. Who is it for? A friend? A close relative? A special person, perhaps? 

It could be anything as long as these medical gifts come from the heart. 

Adding in a sentimental aspect narrows down your gift options. 

If you are still confused, I’ve compiled this list of 50 amazing gifts for medical students. To make it easier on your part, I’ve also segregated the gifts into 6 categories. 


1. The Anatomy Coloring Book

Top 1

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Learning anatomy could not be more interesting with The Anatomy Coloring Book. What you’ll benefit most is the low level of stress learning the different human body parts. 

It’s one of the best gifts for med students. Also, coloring can boost your memory process since it stimulates creative receptors more, so it’s a great choice!

Price: $14.81


2. The Med School Survival Guide

Top 1

The Med School Survival Guide

How do you lessen the stress in med school? 

This book guides you through medical school and surviving it. It contains tips and ways to get motivated despite the difficulties that are tied with studying medicine.

Indeed, it is considered one of the best gifts for medical students looking to stay driven and determined upon admission. 

Price: $7.95

3. Gray’s Anatomy

Top 1

Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy is the golden standard when it comes to studying Anatomy. It is one of the best med school gifts on this list, especially if you’re looking for gifts for pre med students. 

Any medical student would love to have this on their bookshelves since it is a great study and a must-have reference.

The weight will probably shock you at first, but the content is a prize proven for over 30 years! 

Price: $49.99

4. 30 Minute Cookbook: 100 Fast and Healthy Recipes for Busy People

Top 1

30 Minute Cookbook: 100 Fast and Healthy Recipes for Busy People

Enough Anatomy talk. For once, let’s dip our toes into a more varied gift. 

How is this helpful? The life of a medical student is full of crammed hours. With such a tight timeframe, their sustenance may also become compromised. 

That’s precisely what this book delivers. It contains 30-minute healthy meals to keep you healthy.

Specialty gifts for med students like this one are worthy recommendations. They might not help save lives, but this book promotes a balanced life, which is essential in keeping up with med school life.

Price: $10.79

Day-To-Day Activities

1. Starbucks Gift Card

Top 1

Starbucks Gift Card

Wouldn’t you say caffeine is your best friend? Or perhaps, you simply love coffee? What better way to give a gift that allows your friend to have an amazing cup of coffee, too?

This may not seem like one of the average medical gifts, but it’s best to go outside of the box from time to time. A Starbucks Gift Card just might offer the happiest times your friend can indulge in, whether it’s at the start of the day or after a long day in med school. 

Price: $10 – $100 (or choose a custom amount)

2. Subscription Box (Healthy Snacks)

Top 1

Subscription Box (Healthy Snacks)

I have loved subscription boxes ever since the dawn of the subscription box industry. They contain sweets and delightful treats anyone would love to have. 

The options are endless, so it would pose a challenge. Nevertheless, subscription boxes are one of the most thoughtful gifts for med students, especially health-conscious colleagues.

For times when grabbing a meal is difficult or stress draws out energy, they couldn’t be any more ideal. One snack from this box will put you back on the pedestal. 

Check out Love with Food, Graze, and Healthy Surprise for great options.

Price: Varies on what package you get; $7.99 – $24.99 per box

3. Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

Top 1

The Anatomy Coloring Book

If you’re looking for a gift that adds a little bit of spice and humor, go for Crime Scene Sandwich Bags. 

These sandwich bags take away the blandness of packing a snack in the same container every day. They can turn a break room session into a lively one. Or, they can, at least, break the ice. 

Add this to your list of gifts for med students and you won’t be disappointed. 

Price: $4.95

4. Unisex Scrubs

Top 1

Unisex Scrubs

I’m all in when it comes to scrubs. 

These scrubs, manufactured by FIGS, feature a four-way stretch technology and anti-wrinkle properties, making them perfect for those quick-dress days.

Did I also mention they have 11 pockets? This just might be one of the top 3 picks on gifts for medical students.

This is still number 8 on our list though, so let’s keep moving!

Price: $72 for a full set, $36 for individual pieces

Courses/Subscription Access

1. AAMC Practice Test Bundle

Top 1

The Anatomy Coloring Book

If you’re looking for useful gifts for medical students, the AAMC bundle is a superb kickstarter. 

They’re a top choice when it comes to practicing for the MCAT. They also pose as the closest simulated exam for the actual MCAT. 

A gift like this provides access to an extensive medical resource. After all, life as a medical student takes a lot of hard work, wouldn’t you agree?

Price: $35 per exam

2. Magoosh 12-month access

Top 1

Magoosh 12-month access

Magoosh is a prep company well known for its concise delivery of information in their videos and budget offer. 

They make a solid learning ground experience while studying for the MCAT. For 12-month access, it’s more handy and useful than many good gifts for medical students. 

Price: $199

3. AptarePrep 90-day access

Top 1

AptarePrep 90-day access

Aptarerep is similar to Magoosh except for one tiny detail. AptarePrep is a platform for answering practice exams solely. 

Unlike AAMC, AptarePrep offers a budget bundle package making this an inexpensive and valuable gift, too. 

Price: $149

4. Blueprint/Next Step Practice Exam Bundle

Top 1

Blueprint/Next Step Practice Exam Bundle

Learning anatomy could not be more interesting with The Anatomy Coloring Book. What you’ll benefit most is the low level of stress learning the different human body parts. 

It’s one of the best gifts for med students. Also, coloring can boost your memory process since it stimulates creative receptors more, so it’s a great choice!

Price: $14.81


5. Kaplan’s Adaptive QBank

Top 1

Kaplan’s Adaptive QBank

For something more simple yet invaluable, Kaplan’s offer is a gift you won’t regret giving. The QBank is an ingenious quiz builder perfect for including in your gift ideas for medical students. 

Seeing as how the MCAT can be a stressful time, this couldn’t be any more ideal. 

You’re providing a resource that can help lessen your friend’s stress. Isn’t that support worth giving? 

Price: $49/month

6. Medical Journal Subscriptions

Top 1

Medical Journal Subscriptions

With an offer that includes variety in it, medical journal subscriptions are full of essential options to choose from. 

More importantly, they help students stay ahead of the curve, constantly learning about advancements in medicine. 

These gifts also offer student discounts for a more affordable and appreciative gift. The Journal of Medical Association (JAMA) is a solid recommendation.

Price: $150 – $475 for a 1 year subscription

7. Princeton Review Practice Exam Bundle

Top 1

Princeton Review Practice Exam Bundle

It’s worth mentioning Princeton Review’s practice exam bundle as the last of med school gifts under this category.

A prep course that has been delivering countless resources to help students pass the MCAT for 30+ years is a gift that can ease your friend’s worry too. 

You’ll have a handful of practice exams to practice on from one of the best prep companies in regards to quality and competence. 

Price: $299


1. Cosmetic Subscription Boxes

Top 1

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Any girl would love to experience a unique way to feel pampered and fresh at the same time. 

Cosmetic subscription boxes aren’t limited to makeup and perfume items. You’ll have skincare and a variety of beauty products as well. 

With so much time and attention devoted to med studying, this is the perfect package to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Birchbox and DermStore are one of the best cosmetic brands that offer subscription boxes.

Price: $10 – $49.99

2. Freshly Meal Subscription Box

Top 1

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Another ingenious subscription box perfect for a gift-giving treat is Freshly’s tasty offer. Freshly is all about all-natural fresh meals delivered right on your doorstep. 

Choose between 4 – 12 meals to receive per week. As a bonus, you can choose which meal you want from a sample menu posted on their website. Nifty, right? 

Just browsing their catalog makes anyone hungry. Indeed, this healthy treat is one of the best gifts for medical students.

Price: $49.99 (4 meals) – $107.99 (12 meals)

3. Airbnb Gift Card

Top 1

Airbnb Gift Card

Maybe a getaway vacation is exactly what your friend needs. 

If that’s the case, sending them to their dream destination would ease the stress of studying.

Airbnb gift cards are the best solution for that. They never expire and you have the choice of giving the gift in person or online. 

Price: $25 – $500

4. Amazon Gift Card

Top 1

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Now, why not? Amazon virtually houses every item you can think of—even those you didn’t know existed!

You can use the card to buy additional MCAT resources, books, and even flashcards, all of which are useful gifts for your friend’s MCAT study prep. 

Price: Available in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Variable denominations also include amounts between $25 and $500.

5. Portable Juicer (Oster My Blend)

Top 1

Portable Juicer (Oster My Blend)

If your friend is always on the go, why not give something they can bring along with them, too? Not everyone is a stay-at-home learner. Many students balance extracurricular activities together with academics. 

That being said, a portable juicer should be handy when it comes to instant nourishment while outdoors. It helps you get that energy boost in the middle of the day. 

Thanks to portable juicers, they’ll get exactly just that. 

Price: $52

6. All-In-One Pour-Over Coffee (Cafflano Klassic)

Top 1

All-In-One Pour-Over Coffee (Cafflano Klassic)

For friends who don’t have the luxury of time to brew their coffee using a coffee machine, Cafflano® Klassic is the perfect solution.

This all-in-one package acts as a drip kettle, grinder, dripper, and tumbler all at the same time. 

Do you know how they say coffee is the best part of starting your day? The Cafflano® Klassic will help any medical student achieve that.

Price: $55

7. Apple/Android Gift Card

Top 1

Apple/Android Gift Card

Two essential products you can get with an Apple/Android card: podcasts and apps. These two are perfect resources for the MCAT while on the go. 

This probably might have never crossed your mind but it’s one of the unique gifts for med school students that your friend or special someone can truly benefit from. Plus, they get to choose which MCAT resource feels right for them.

Price: $5 – $100


1. Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheets

Top 1

Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheets

Trust me when I say quality sheets make a huge difference. For any medical student, sleep is priceless. 

After countless hours of studying, comfortable sheets set the ambiance right for a good night’s rest. 

You can’t say these don’t work until you try them yourself. Believe me, these sheets are the kind of comfort your friend needs at a time like the MCAT. 

This gift includes 1 core sheet set, 1 duvet cover, and 2 pillowcases. 

Price:  $189

2. LectroFan Evo White Noise Machine

Top 1

LectroFan Evo White Noise Machine

MCAT preparation is full of stress and anxiety-ridden emotions. So, when it comes to keeping stress at a low level, the LectroFan is the ideal gift to do just that. It counters noise that could be caused by heavy traffic and even dog barks. This machine calms the body using white noise. 

Price: $49.95

3. Lavince Sleep Bluetooth Headphones

Top 1

Lavince Sleep Bluetooth Headphones

For something less bulky than a white noise machine, you might want to consider Lavince Sleep Bluetooth Headphones, instead. These are fabric Bluetooth headphones comfortable enough even if you’re a side sleeper. 

Drowning yourself in music with a pair of headphones precisely designed for bed is a phenomenal experience. It’s a gift any medical student would love to have.

Price: $19.99

4. BedJet 3 Cooling and warming system

Top 1

BedJet 3 Cooling and warming system

If you’re feeling extra generous and want to give a gift that’s beyond budget ranges, the BedJet 3 is a solid deal. 

It’s perfect for the summer and winter occasions. The machine provides cooling on warmer temperatures and heating on colder temperatures. 

It adapts to your environment rather than you adapt to the heat or cold. Sleeping won’t be so hard any more with a device that keeps your body temperature regulated. 

Price: $389

5. Layla weighted blanket

Top 1

Layla weighted blanket

I’d say this is the perfect hugger when you sleep. If you aren’t familiar with weighted blankets, the concept is to apply deep touch pressure, which stimulates comfort and improved sleep. 

In particular, this Layla weighted blanket feels like a dozen puppies on you, only it is soft, plush, fur spread all over your body. 

This blanket also uses glass beads, which stands out for a finer, smoother material. If you have a friend who loves a warm hug especially on bad days, this will be a fantastic choice. 

Price: $149

6. Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat

Top 1

Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat

For relieving muscle tension, neck and back pain, this acupressure mat works wonders for any medical student. 

It’s perfect for unwinding long days and it just might be the solution for all the body aches you’ve been having. Other than that, the benefits of an acupressure mat relieve the countless hours reading and sitting through tons of MCAT material. 

Also, this will prevent you from chronic back & neck pain along with any future complications. 

Price: $119.95

7. Coop Home Goods Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Top 1

Coop Home Goods Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

A good night’s rest isn’t complete without a perfect fluff pillow by your side. More specifically, Coop Home isn’t your regular standardized pillow.

Yes, comfort is always a given. That’s what all pillow brands say about their own. This, however, is a unique treasure for anyone looking to take comfort and benefit from spinal alignment features. 

This pillow allows you to customize its fluff by removing the fill inside. The soft gel memory foam is perfect for any light or heavy sleeper. Better yet, it feels better to sleep on after a long day. 

Wouldn’t you agree it’s just the kind of gift your friend needs?

Price: $79

8. Ostrich Pillow

Top 1

Ostrich Pillow

As weird as it looks at first, you’d be surprised how revolutionary this pillow is. Companies such as Mashable, Forbes, and The New York Times all commend the benefits of using this pillow. 

Sure, it’s funny to wear but does that matter when you’re getting an immersive relaxation experience? The two holes at the sides are the perfect snug for cuddling your hands for maximum comfort. 

All the noise and light around you fades completely making it a versatile pillow you can bring with you anywhere. Awesome gift, am I right?

Price: $99

9. Blackout Window Curtains

Top 1

Blackout Window Curtains

For friends who love to sleep in total darkness without any distractions, they’ll love blackout window curtains as a gift. I prefer a night light by my side, but I can understand just how calm a blackout environment would feel. 

Aside from blocking out the light from outside, blackout windows also drown out sound.

This just might be one of the best Christmas gifts for medical students, too. For a period of lying in bed most of the time and relaxation, this giveaway couldn’t be any more ideal.

Price: $52.40

10. 7&7 Essential Oil Gift Set (Plant Therapy)

Top 1

7&7 Essential Oil Gift Set (Plant Therapy)

Aside from your natural bedroom elements, Aromatherapy is a treasure chest of creating a conducive atmosphere. 

These natural essential oils have proven their magical effects for pain relief, breathing, and even as a disinfectant. This Aromatherapy set by Plant Therapy is just right for beginners who have no clue how to use one. 

Ailments to boost energy, disinfect germs, provide pain relief, and relaxation spells are all found in this set. 

Mixing a couple of drops of this in your dehumidifier can ease the hard times. That includes study time and the massive headache you get in between. 

Price: $59.95

11. SpaFinder Gift Card

Top 1

SpaFinder Gift Card

A trip to the salon counts as one of the best moments to pamper yourself. Although, you could expand that ‘pamper-ness’ with a trip to the spa. 

SpaFinder is also the world’s best spa and salon gift card. Your friends deserve the best and most exquisite treat with all the hard work and dedication they exert in med school.

This is one of the best ways to show just how much they need a break, so mail the gift card, email it, or even send them an e-gift card right away.

Price: $25 – $500; custom amounts also work up to $2,000

12. Calm App Premium 1 year access Gift Card

Top 1

Calm App Premium 1 year access Gift Card

In case you haven’t heard of Calm, it’s an app designed to provide better sleep, relaxation, and mindfulness. Their library has various techniques and podcasts to help you through each goal you set.

These are all done through meditation and breathing techniques. For friends who experience stress, anxiety, insomnia, and sleep problems, Calm is their trusty sidekick. 

The app in itself is calming to look at. It’s a gem for building peace and managing stress in overwhelming situations. Reach out to your friend’s frustrations with a Calm approach. They will understand once they start using it. 

Price: $69.99

13. Sleepytime Herbal Tea

Top 1

For a simple yet truly effective relieving agent, Sleepytime offers the best ingredients. Chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass all in one tea bag can go a long way to relieve stress. 

Additional ingredients, such as tilia flowers, hawthorn, rosebuds, and blackberry all sound soothing for winding down slowly into bed. As a bonus, Sleepytime has zero caffeine in their tea. 

These botanicals are natural and caffeine-free, so drink as much as 2 cups before hitting the sheets. 

Price: 1 box – $3.55, 6-pack (20 x 6 teabags) – $19.55

14. TheraFlow Foot Massage Roller

Top 1

TheraFlow Foot Massage Roller

So much for products that help you sleep soundly. The TheraFlow foot massage roller is a self-care gift for anyone looking to soothe foot tension. 

That may sound oddly specific, but for friends who do a lot of activity in the day apart from studying, a foot massage could be the cure. 

This roller relieves muscle aches, soreness, foot arch pain, and even Plantar Fasciitis. 

Price: $8.95

15. Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager

Top 1

Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager

Talk about sophistication for a foot massager. The Miko Shiatsu is a premium product at a steep price, but users commend its effectiveness. 

If you’re feeling extra generous and want to extend your fullest gratitude, this gift is a premium giveaway. 

You can choose between deep kneading or natural vibrations, both of which soothe any soreness well. The high-tech machine also uses heat and air pressure to relieve tension and provide a better foot relief experience. 

Price: $140


1. Wireless Blood Pressure Cuff

Top 1

Wireless Blood Pressure Cuff

A wireless blood pressure cuff isn’t what I would call a dream gift, but it serves a vital use for any medical student. 

Constant stress and late nights can raise heart and blood pressure. It’s useful for any occasion and it’s a great item to have at home for access at any time. 

You’ll never know when you might need the convenience of having your own. 

Price: $99.99

2. Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Top 1

Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Don’t you just hate blaring sounds in the morning? If you aren’t a morning person, loud alarms only make it worse. 

If your friends ever mentioned needing a new alarm clock, go for this. It’s not the regular ringing sound you hear. What’s unique is how it wakes you up using light therapy. 

This makes it more natural and gradual, leading to better energy levels at the start of your day. Who doesn’t love waking up to a sunrise? That’s precisely what this alarm clock simulates. 

Price: $37.97

3. Scanmarker Air Digital Highlighter

Top 1

Ostrich Pillow

This now is riveting to have. For any medical student, note-taking makes up more than 60% of the time. Yes, the digital age gives us access to PDFs, e-books, and video content material.

Although, students still need to jot down notes for their reference and understanding. That includes highlighting terms, concepts, and sentences that stand out on any page. 

Scanmarker makes all of that easy. Just scan them directly onto your computer and voila! Problem solved. This is the perfect gift for someone going to medical school and actually, even after that. 

Price: $107

4. UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Top 1

UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Who says you can’t use music to motivate while you study? If chillout, dance, or pop music can’t help you stay focused, then piano music perhaps? What about binaural beats? 

Whatever the case, music isn’t the problem. It’s the kind of music you use. The best way to amplify that? Clear, elegant sound bouncing off your room to set the right mood and keep you focused. 

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the best gifts anyone could receive. It can be used for either private or group study.

Price: $149

5. Fitbit Versa 2

Top 1

Fitbit Versa 2

Revolutionary watches like the Fitbit transformed the health and fitness industry. They’re perfect for any medical student. After all, medical workers are practically role models of leading a well-balanced healthy life. 

What’s different about the Fitbit Versa 2 is the sleep score feature. It’s designed to track your sleep pattern and the quality of your sleep overall. 

That’s quite useful for students haphazardly studying their way for the MCAT. This ingenious gift is perfect for everyday use and taking care of themselves too. 

Price: $149.95

6. Cowin E7 Noise Canceling Headphones

Top 1

Fitbit Versa 2

We’ve mentioned intuitive gadgets, such as Bluetooth speakers, watches, and even digital highlighters. How do headphones compete? 

The better question is, how do they not? Noise-canceling headphones are perfect for a friend who hates studying in loud places. Well, practically a majority of places are noisy, anyway.

All the more reason the Cowin E7 is the best remedy for that. This gadget allows a med student to study in their favorite coffee shop without worrying about the noise.

Price: $59.99

7. Apple Watch Series 3

Top 1

Apple Watch Series 3

The world loves Apple. Or should I say a tremendous amount of the population?

Giving this as a gift is like wearing a brand icon everywhere they go. It’s eye-catching and strong enough to catch envious glances from across the room. 

The price with Apple has always been steep, but with the Apple Watch Series 3, it’s a bargain that’s hard to beat. 

Price: $199

8. Airpods

Top 1

Ever since these babies came out, everyone wants a piece of them. It has premium audio quality, and of course, a brand icon people would love to own.

Are they gift-worthy? They might not be medical-related, but they’re an awesome gift without any doubt. It is perfect for a friend who loves to listen to music in the background while studying.  

Price: $159

9. Urpower Wood Grain AromaTherapy Diffuser

Top 1

Urpower Wood Grain AromaTherapy Diffuser

For any student looking to decompress, sit back, and relax, they will surely appreciate a diffuser. Even better, pair this with an essential oil set and it just might be the gift of the year. 

Do you know what else they’re good for? Calming down any frazzle feelings throughout the day. Yes, diffusers can make everything feel better and lighter in one session. 

The Urpower WoodGrain is also an inexpensive product, making this a gift worth adding in case you’re short on cash. 

Price: $31.99

10.  Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Top 1

 Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are any medical students and even a doctor’s best friend. If caffeine was never invented, I wonder how staying up for 36 hours to study or work could even become possible. 

What better way to survive that than giving your friend a gift that helps them get through gruesome and long hours of studying? Also, why not go extra and make it an elite edition? 

The Keurig K-Elite is one of the best of its kind. I guarantee your friend will have more than just a cup in a day.

Price: $169.99

11. Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Top 1

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t you just love it when you have someone who cleans up your mess on your floors? We all do.

Now, ask yourself: “Does your friend have the time to clean their floors spick and span every single day?” Probably not. 

The Roomba Vacuum Cleaner helps save time and energy to clean their floors while they divulge their time into studying.

It may be a bit pricey, but it does a wonderful job of keeping mess and stress at bay.

Price: $219

12.  Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

Top 1

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

 Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

Surely there’s room for one more guest in your friend’s home and that’s in the form of an A.I. talking robot who listens to your every command and is virtually your own personal maid. 

For Alexa, it would be a pleasure to help you get what you need doing, whether it’s turning on the TV, playing some music, Skyping with your friends, and many more. 

I’d put the Amazon Echo as one of the best premium gifts you could give to a friend or a special someone. 

Price: $99.99

13. Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope

Top 1

Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope

Every doctor knows how important it is to carry their stethoscope. For a student, it can even be an advanced congratulatory gift for your friend. 

The Eko Digital Stethoscope allows you to record what you hear and share it as a collaborative feature with a colleague. You can upload your recording to a friend to ask for a second opinion if that’s the case. 

Also, there’s a built-in app feature where you’ll have access to a lot of data, such as positioning, heart rate, and anything else it detects.

Price: $249

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if someone has everything, there is still a wide selection of gifts you can give to your friend. Gifts from the personalization category are great ideas to refer to. This adds a touch of sentimentality that most gifts don’t offer. 

You know what else would be perfect? Give them the gift of time to support and be there for them especially for a loved one. There are many sentimental ways to give a gift.

The best gift to give a medical student can be anything that can help them through their medical journey. Medical resources are usually on the top of the list, but this can also vary. 

Non-medical related gifts that can improve their lifestyles like a diffuser or a weighted blanket are excellent choices. If you want, you can find a little more about do’s and don’t in gift giving here.

The best gifts you can give for someone studying for the MCAT are books and MCAT courses such as the AAMC practice exam bundle or Magoosh 12-month course access. These are all great MCAT resources your friend can use. 

As a bonus, noise-canceling headphones and even coffee makers are one of the many complimentary gifts that can improve your friend’s concentration and pace. A good motivation also always helps.


Finding the best gifts for your friend or a special person in your life comes wrapped in 50 awesome options you can choose from. 

You might want to think about what your friend needs first and which category excites them the most. 

A gadget might be an amazing treat to give, but if your friend badly needs additional reference material, a good book could help them.

Additionally, if your friend happens to feel stressed and has just been through one of the worst weeks, a self-care or personalization gift could do wonders. 

Whatever the situation, gifts are meant to show more than just lavish items. They’re representations of support, thoughtfulness, and genuine care. 

Whichever gift you choose, make sure it’s as special as how your friend makes you feel too. 


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