20 Best FREE SAT Practice Test To Help You Ace The Exam In 2023

Looking to ace the SAT?  If you are preparing for your upcoming college admissions exam, it is important for you to find the best SAT practice test that will help you score big and get into prestigious schools in the country. 

What are the benefits of an SAT practice? 

  • Familiarize the concepts behind the standardized test. 
  • Get a preview of what the questions are like and how to answer them correctly and efficiently. 
  • Learn how to pace yourself accordingly so you can answer all the questions within the time limit

Most importantly, you will discover strategies to ace the exam and obtain a score that will get you into any college you want. If you want to apply for a scholarship, your SAT score will also determine if you’re qualified or not. 

So, you see? Answering an SAT practice test is beneficial and will make you more familiar and comfortable with the test’s format and structure. You will be able to develop time management in answering the SAT and identify how long you can finish reading a passage or answering a Math question. 

Since answering SAT practice tests is an essential part of your preparation process, we will look into materials that you can use for free. Get maximum results without spending anything. 

Best FREE SAT Practice Test

The list below consists of practice tests that have been tried and proven useful and helpful to many students. 

1. Magoosh SAT Practice Test

Magoosh has been one of the reputable prep courses online. On its official website, you can get the full-length SAT practice test for free. What is good about it is that it is in PDF, so you can print it and answer it while timing yourself. 

Magoosh’s free SAT practice test includes:

  • Reading Test (65 Minutes, 52 Questions)
  • Writing and Language Test (35 Minutes, 44 Questions)
  • Math – No-Calculator Test (25 Minutes, 20 Questions)
  • Math – Calculator Test (55 Minutes, 38 Questions)
  • An answer key
  • Information on grading your test
  • Links to text and video explanations for every single question

This practice test is the closest you can get to the actual SAT if you haven’t tried it yet. It has the same sections and questions that are extremely close to the ones on the real SAT. 

To get your free practice test, all you have to do is go to their website and download it in PDF (1). 

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an elite prep course that is recognized by students who prepared for standardized tests like the SAT. This prep course officially works with the college board, so you know it offers materials and practice tests that are effective. 

On its website, there are two options for practice–an SAT practice test online or on paper.

Khan Academy’s practice tests are officially from The College Board, so these are created and structured like an actual SAT.

Practicing for the essay section? Khan Academy has you covered. Their website also has free SAT practice tests for the essay section. The scoring sheets, which are similar to the ones used on the SAT, are also provided. 

You can immediately download Khan Academy’s SAT practice tests from its website (2). No sign-up needed!

3. PrepScholar

Another good source of SAT practice tests is PrepScholar’s blogs. It has a massive collection of SAT practice questions from the College Board itself (3). All sections of the SAT are covered, so you are sure to find what you look for in a practice test. Answer explanations and solutions are also provided for your reference and guidance. 

Another good thing about PrepScholar’s blogs is that they share essential information and tips about the SAT. They have blogs on the importance of practice tests and strategies of answering the SAT more efficiently. 

PrepScholar also has a list of good SAT prep books that will supplement your preparation process. 

All of its SAT practice tests are free and can be downloaded right away. 

4. Pocket Prep App

If you want easy access to your SAT practice tests, you should check out the Pocket Prep app. Access your practice tests on any device and at any time. Plus, you would not need an internet connection to access them. Just launch the app, and you can start answering the test.

Pocket Prep provides 400 SAT practice questions and 3 content subjects: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. It also provides detailed explanations for the answers (4). 

You can customize the practice tests on the app, depending on the content area and how many questions you want to answer. You can also use it to track your progress.

This app offers a free trial and is available on the App Store, Play Store, and Amazon. 

5. Magoosh YouTube Channel

Some students like to have an SAT practice test through YouTube videos. If you are this type of student, you can check out Magoosh’s YouTube channel. Check out video content that teaches strategies and shows solutions to problems. 

Magoosh’s YouTube channel has bite-sized videos and live streaming sessions. It even has a proctored full-length SAT practice test video, in which a proctor gives instructions and conducts a practice test in real-time. 

The YouTube videos of Magoosh is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of video-based practice sessions. What’s even better is that all video content is completely free!

6. SupertutorTV YouTube Channel

Another YouTube channel that provides free SAT practice questions and video explanations is SupertutorTV. This channel has a variety of video content that will help you prepare for the SAT. 

It has hundreds of videos on strategies and tips on how to ace the exam. The videos cover all the sections of the SAT and mock proctored tests are also provided where you get to experience the real procedure and instructions on a real SAT. 

Need on-paper practice tests? SupertutorTV also has them. Just visit its website and download your practice tests (5).

7. The College Board website

The College Board that officially administers the SAT also provides practice tests for free that are considered authentic and as close as the real SATs. 

The College Board has both online and on-paper SAT practice tests. You can view and download them from the official website (6).

8. Old SATs

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the SAT is to answer formerly administered SATs. By answering older exams, you will surely get a good grasp of what the examination is like. Although outdated, the questions are still official SATs. With this material, you can boost your test prep process without spending a dime. You can check out older SATs on prep course websites like PrepScholar (7) and CrackSAT (8).

9. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is one of the elite SAT prep courses online that also offers a free online SAT practice test (9). Since it is a reputable prep course for standardized exams, you can expect that its free SAT practice test is effective. 

10. Ivy Global

Ivy Global is one of the best resources for SAT practice tests. From College Board practice tests to its own practice tests, Ivy League has a variety of tools that can help you ace the SAT. It also provides answer explanations.

The number of SAT practice questions available is not the only impressive thing about Ivy Global. On its website, you will find a bubble sheet that has a timer for different sections. Also, you will know the number of correct answers on the bubble sheet using an automatic counter. 

Ivy Global’s SAT practice tests and bubble sheets are all free and downloadable at the official website (10).

11. PrepFactory

PrepFactory is a platform that provides free SAT practice questions. Just like the Pocket Prep app, you can access the free SAT practice test anytime and anywhere. 

PrepFactory is not your usual SAT practice test. The platform does not provide the full-length practice test right away because you need to first understand the essential concepts behind the SAT questions before you take the full-length exam. 

Also, you can use the platform to track your progress in a certain section of the SAT. It will update you on how much of the SAT coverage you have already answered. 

PrepFactory is free. Just visit the website, create an account, and get prepping with PrepFactory (11).

12. Test Your Language

Another good website for free SAT practice tests is Test Your Language (12). On its website, you can take a free SAT math practice test, reading test, and writing and language test. The questions are not exactly the closest one to the actual SAT but they make good supplementary material to solidify your understanding of the concepts needed on the test. 

One SAT practice test on the website can be taken for about an hour. All practice tests are 100% online, so you can access it with any device as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

13. Test-Guide Website

Test-Guide is a website where you can access numerous SAT practice tests for free (13). It also contains infographics and articles about the SAT. What is fascinating about it is the number of practice tests that you can access. College Board PDFs, online practice tests, strategies, tips, you name it. Everything you need to practice is basically found on this website. 

Apart from practice tests, Test-Guide also has answer explanations and essay writing guides. It is a one-stop page. Plus, all the prep materials on this website are free! You will not need to sign up, so you can access the practice tests immediately.

14. Higher Scores Test Prep Website

Aside from free SAT practice tests, Higher Scores has blogs and articles on how to ace the college admissions test. It provides information and strategies that will help you perform at the maximum level on your SAT. 

The practice tests on the website are purely online and are that of the College Board, so these are official and authentic. Visit the official website (14) and take advantage of the practice tests available.

15. 4Tests

If you are looking for SAT practice tests that are 100% taken online, you can check out 4Tests. In its website, five SAT practice tests are free to use:

  1. Math Section 1 (21 questions)
  2. Math Section 2 (21 questions)
  3. Math Section 3 (25 questions)
  4. Critical Reading Section 1 (25 questions)
  5. Critical Reading Section 2 (25 questions)

These practice tests are accessible on any device. Although not similar to the real SAT questions, they are great additional practice materials if you want to further develop your Math and critical reading skills (15).

16. MajorTests

MajorTests is a website that provides online SAT practice tests (16). The tests developed are not affiliated with the College Board, but they are quite similar to that of the official tests. The free SAT practice questions cover all sections of the SAT. What is impressive with this website is that it provides word lists that will help you develop your vocabulary skill, something that is important in taking the SAT. 

17. Varsity Tutors

Plenty of practice tests are available for download on Varsity Tutors. What is good about the SAT practice tests is that they also serve as diagnostic tests. After taking them, you will be able to identify the area on the SAT that you need to improve on. 

Varsity Tutors’ SAT practice questions are 100% online, so they are easily accessible (17). 

18. The Organic Chemistry YouTube Channel

The Organic Chemistry YouTube Channel will cater to your mathematical needs. It provides a variety of content on solving Math-related problems. With regards to video length, there are videos that run for 10 minutes, while some run for more than 2 hours. 

This YouTube channel is great for students looking to further understand the solutions on SAT Math problems. Another good thing about The Organic Chemistry’s videos is that you can study the solutions to the problems step-by-step. This way, you will not get overwhelmed. The channel also gives out tips and strategies on answering the SAT. 

19. Radical Prep Youtube Channel

Similar to The Organic Chemistry, the Radical Prep YouTube channel will help you out with Mathematics. What I like about Radical Prep is a lot of the solutions on the videos are done through paper and pen. This way, you will be able to follow the step-by-step procedure on answering SAT practice questions. 

Their videos are brief, but straight to the point. Plus, the SAT math practice test is very similar to the official SAT. 

20. PowerScore Website

Concluding our list of the best free SAT practice tests is the PowerScore website (17). It offers a complete package when it comes to practice tests. It has all SAT practice tests 1-10, which is basically all the sections on the standardized college admissions exam. 

Aside from the practice questions, PowerScore also provides answer keys, scoring guides, and answer explanations. The SAT question of the day can also be accessed through PowerScore. 

Final thoughts

There you have it, the 20 best free SAT practice tests that will help you ace the exam in 2020! These are selected based on the quality, accessibility, and similarity to the actual SAT. Each one may vary in style and content, but all of them can help you ace the SAT efficiently at zero cost and with just a click away. 


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