8 Best Free MCAT Practice Test to Help You Ace the Exam in 2023!

Studying for the MCAT doesn’t come cheap.

Many of the best MCAT practice tests come with a hefty price. So what can someone like you who is on a budget do? 

Look for a free MCAT practice test or, at the very least, a free diagnostic to help aid in your budget plan. 

Compared to paying handsomely to access MCAT example questions, a free diagnostic gives you a better glimpse of which questions and concepts you need to work on the most; thus, narrowing your options from the pool of the best MCAT practice tests. 

Today, we’ll share a list of free MCAT practice exams that will help you with your test preparation needs without boring a hole through your pocket. 

8 Best Free MCAT Exams

1. Kaplan

The Kaplan free MCAT practice test offers 230 questions and a total of 6 hours and 15 minutes for the entire duration of the exam.  

If you don’t feel comfortable taking on that many practice questions just yet, go for the Kaplan free diagnostic test MCAT that provides you with 16 sample questions. These should be enough for a warm-up (1). 

The Kaplan free MCAT exam can serve as a good start for building your stamina and pacing before the actual exam. 

2. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review MCAT free test provides a solid number of free MCAT practice questions. 

Even though it’s a free mock exam, the formatting bears a decent resemblance to the AAMC content material so it should be a good start for any student. 

Apart from the free MCAT full-length practice test, The Princeton Review also offers a free downloadable flashcards app along with free strategy sessions and webinars you can enroll in based on the specific dates. 

3. Next Step/Blueprint

Next Step offers one of the best free resources and tools for the MCAT. 

With their free trial, you’ll have access to a free diagnostic, online MCAT practice test, and an MCAT question bank that is free to use and access with the trial account. Use this up to 5 times. You’ll also get other resources such as a study planner, analytics, and video lessons when you sign up for the free MCAT practice bundle (2).


In addition, you can sign up for Questions of the Day (QoD), where you receive free sample MCAT test questions every weekday to help sharpen your skills. The questions are written by 99th+ percentile instructors and covers all major science topics and some behavioral sciences. So expect a real challenge for every QoD that comes your way.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a broad range of practice questions, exams, and passage questions perfect for practicing, be it CARS, Biological and Biochemical, Psychological, Social, Biological, or Physical and Chemical Foundations. 

Even sub-sections such as biomolecules, organ systems, cells, social inequality, and physical processes are covered. You’ll have access to video lessons and free MCAT physics questions, along with questions for every subject, even something as specific as physics, for example.  

Below is a glimpse of this. 

5. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors provides an extensive range of diagnostic tests and practice questions for each MCAT topic.

If you’re looking for a ton of free practice tests to try out or use from time to time throughout your MCAT journey, Varsity Tutors is a great choice because of its diversity and the number of practice tests to offer. 

6. Altius

The free practice MCAT test Altius offers might be a 2015 version and a little outdated. Still, it provides you with a realistic picture of the actual MCAT exam and format. 

Even with a half-length practice test, Altius’ platform is one of the best to start with if you’re looking for an effective diagnostic test since there is no free MCAT practice test AAMC provides. 

7. Gold Standard

Gold Standard may not offer free full-length MCAT exams; however, they do offer 78 free MCAT questions that cover every MCAT topic. 

While it may not be at par with other MCAT test prep providers when it comes to quality, but it will help you build endurance and stamina for the actual MCAT. 

8. Adapt Prep/AptarePrep

Adapt Prep/AptarePrep offers 3-day trial access to all their practice exams, tools, and resources. 

It’s quite generous, really. The explanations are a solid aspect of the course as well. In just 3 days, you can take up to 3 – 6 practice exams. 

This is perfect to use, especially with just a one month gap between the start of your test prep and the actual MCAT. In addition, you even get to use their quiz builder feature. 

Conclusion: How to Use the Practice Tests

Be sure to pick the hardest practice test to start with before creating your study plan. 

AAMC would have been a perfect option but since they don’t offer a free diagnostic exam, you might want to go for Altius, TPR, or Next Step. 

Your first practice test is important because it sets the stage for everything else that follows: what you’re weak at, what you’re strong at, what topics you need to focus on, and so forth. 

Once you’ve created your study plan (3) and set everything into motion, take a good set of practice tests either biweekly or at the end of every month. 

For the best MCAT preparation plan, 5 to 6 months before the actual MCAT should give you more than enough study time, practice time, and breathing room to prepare you mentally, physically, and emotionally for the MCAT. 

While free practice tests offer a good budget option, the quality is not as good as when you pay for full-length test prep or a premium version. 

The best options to consider spending your money on are: AAMC, Next Step, Examkrackers, Princeton Review/Kaplan, Altius, and Magoosh. 

Gold Standard is a bonus option to boost your endurance, but the quality isn’t as good compared to the other options.

Ultimately, you can use the free MCAT exams for the first month of studying to give you an overall feel and familiarity with the actual test before you pay for anything. 

If you think you need more than what a free MCAT practice test can offer, be ready to shell out some cash. Either way, use every resource available to the fullest and maximize every opportunity to practice for your MCAT exam. 


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