examPAL GRE Review 2023: Best Test Prep Course? [ + DISCOUNTS ]

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Course Effectiveness100%
Ease of Use90%
Student Reviews90%
  • Innovative solution techniques
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Intuitive and visually appealing user platform

Overall, examPAL is a top-quality prep course that offers innovative techniques to help you succeed in the GRE.

Course Effectiveness

ExamPal’s program focuses not only on how to master GRE concepts but also on test-taking strategies to help students prep for the GRE in a way that is tailored to their needs and preferences.


At a budget-friendly level, examPAL provides students with a value that’s both extensive and effective.

Ease of Use

The online platform is intuitive, easy to use, has great navigation, and delivers solid engagement in terms of the learning experience. There are some noticeable glitches, however.

Student Reviews

ExamPAL GRE reviews often come with 5-star ratings, which is proof of the level of standard that this prep course offers.

  • Innovative solution techniques
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Intuitive and visually appealing user platform
  • Great price value
  • Intelligent system technology
  • Strong quant & verbal sections
  • Personalized online learning experience
  • Promotes efficiency when solving problems
  • Thorough video lessons
  • The online platform can be glitchy at times
  • Only 1,500 Practice questions
  • Not suitable for students who prefer to study offline rather than use online-based materials

About examPAL and Their GRE Prep Course

ExamPAL guarantees success in the GRE through PALgorithm, where PAL stands for Precise, Alternative, and Logic. These 3 elements make up the best strategy to solve every question in the GRE and allow students to find the fastest and most efficient way of solving problems.

It’s also worth noting that examPAL’s technology won several awards from 2017-2018: 

  • Learn Launch
  • QS Stars Reimagine Education
  • DLD Innovation festival
  • Microsoft Innovate AI finalist

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Intuitive Platform

ExamPAL’s visual map of lessons and tasks makes it engaging and easy for students to navigate through the entire course program.

Each circle represents separate lessons either in Quant or Verbal GRE concepts and also provides an outline of the concepts to give students a general overview of what the lessons will cover.

I found this to be a solid, intuitive way of helping me go through the lessons with motivation, seeing as how this reminded me as if it were like a marathon and every lesson helped me get closer to my goal or finish line. 

You’ll also have access to a study planner where examPAL will ask if you’re a non-native English speaker or if it’s your first time taking the GRE.

ExamPAL automatically adapts to your preferences and lays down the weeks and weekly hours you should devote before the test day comes. 

Personalized Learning Experience 

ExamPAL’s interactive videos use illustrations, graphs, and charts to make it easier for the student to digest information, especially Quant concepts such as integers, geometry, algebra, etc.

You’ll be given the option to either watch the lesson or proceed directly to answering practice questions

In the practice test section, you’ll go through three stages: Diagnostic, Improvement, and Optimization

The diagnostic stage will help the system gauge your current knowledge base and your understanding of the GRE concepts presented. Your answers will determine the difficulty level you can handle and help optimize the learning process suited to you.

Once you’ve completed the Diagnostic stage, the data collected is then used in the Improvement stage to identify the right solutions and tools to use for your study prep.  

ExamPAL also shows the percentage of students who answered it correctly along with the average number of minutes spent on a certain question.

Lastly, the Optimization stage compares your performance to other students that share the same qualities as you when it comes to solving problems. 

ExamPAL will suggest solutions that helped previous students with similar learning patterns as yours to help you advance easier and quicker in the same way they did.

Credits System 

ExamPAL offers credits for each student throughout the program, which they can use to access extra course material or guidance should they feel like they need clarification understanding a concept. Think of it as similar to bonus points in a game that can be exchanged for an extra life or a new weapon or skin.

Innovative Solution Strategies

Rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all method to arrive at an answer or solve a problem, examPAL uses the PALgorithm method to give students 3 different ways to tackle GRE problems. 

When using the Precise method, all the information is provided in the question for the student to arrive at an answer. If you don’t get it right, examPAL provides a thorough explanation of how to solve a problem.

With Alternatives, arriving at an answer uses the process of elimination. By removing the obviously incorrect answers, you can narrow down your choices. This provides an option for when the Precise or Logic method doesn’t work.

Logic is where you’ll mostly test facts, theories, and reasoning to help you arrive at a specific answer. You don’t need to solve or figure out anything but focus on what’s the most logical answer instead.

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

This is closely related to a self-paced learning style because of the online learning-based approach. ExamPAL offers three plan packages in the ExamPAL GRE prep course review program. 

  • Express
  • Premium
  • Genius


Course Overview:

  • Full access to Quant and Verbal interactive video lessons
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 4 ETS practice tests
  • 2 essay reviews
  • 975 credits
  • 6 weeks of access

Starting off with the Express course option comes with just a few practice tests and essay reviews that might feel lacking for a student looking for a complete review of GRE concepts. 

The interactive video lessons and 1,500 practice questions do offer a solid foundation but it falls short on quantity. This might not be a good fit if you need to practice more questions than this course presents. 

With barely 2 months of access, the Express plan is an ideal option for a light or quick review. 

Choose Express If:

You’re looking for extra course material to add to your current study plan, or you already have a solid understanding of GRE concepts and want a quick review.  


Course Overview:

  • Full access to Quant and Verbal interactive video lessons
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Score improvement guarantee (+ 6 points)
  • 4 ETS practice tests
  • 4 essay reviews
  • 1 hour Admissions Consultancy
  • 1,035 credits
  • 6 months of access

A bonus addition of the Premium plan is the Score improvement guarantee along with 2 additional essay reviews, more credits, and 1 hour of Admissions Consultancy. 

Although the Premium course option is limited to self-paced study materials like the practice questions and tests, you do get more hours to focus on guidance and help while studying for the GRE. 

The essay reviews can genuinely help the reading comprehension and text completion process. 

Along with the 1-hour Admissions Consultancy and 1,035 credits, you’ll receive more mentoring value and gain a better understanding of what graduate school is like.

Choose Premium if:

The Premium course option offers a balance between self-study and tutoring. Using this to your advantage will prove invaluable for students looking for extra personalized help while they study for the GRE. 


Course Overview:

  • Full access to Quant and Verbal interactive video lessons
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Score improvement guarantee (+ 6 points)
  • 4 ETS practice tests
  • 6 essay reviews
  • 1-hour Admissions Consultancy
  • 3 Live 1-on-1 tutor sessions
  • 2 Expert assessments
  • 3,060 credits
  • 6 months of access

Coming as the most comprehensive course option in examPAL’s plans, the Genius package plan provides tremendous value for students. 

6 essay reviews is a lot for students to brush up on the writing sections of the GRE. 2 expert assessments will also help them identify their weaknesses from a more personalized perspective. 

Combined with the 3 live 1-on-1 sessions, the Genius course plan feels closely similar to a live online type of learning. Even then, 3,060 credits is a lot to have extended access to tutoring services, more expert assessments, and essay reviews. 

Choose Genius if:

You want a full comprehensive review of the GRE and the highest value in guidance and tutoring sessions. If you don’t feel confident taking on a self-study approach, the Genius plan will suit you best.


examPAL offers special rates in the form of scholarships (1), MBA financial loans, and financial aid to help students fund their degrees at a reduced cost.

Course Pricing Options

ExamPAL’s price options are budget-friendly for students, considering the value you get in return. Its bank of interactive video lessons and solution strategies are well worth the price you pay for. 

You’re not just paying to learn concepts, you’re also learning how to build solutions that work best for you in the quickest and simplest way possible. These strategies are invaluable during the actual exam. 

Should you hit a roadblock during exam day, you’ll know how to overcome it efficiently. As a result, you’ll feel more confident during the exam. 

Platform’s Ease of Use

The visual map construction provided in examPAL’s platform streamlines the navigation process and also makes it easy for students to access different course lessons. 

What I found interesting and useful was examPAL’s “Last 10 Days Survival Guide” that you can access easily as you move closer to the finish line or exam day. 

You’ll be given advice on winning strategies to use for both the Quant and Verbal sections of the GRE, how to make the best out of each test, and a suggested schedule on how to plan the last 10 days.

Is examPAL a Reputable Online GRE Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

ExamPAL has helped over 111,000 students across more than 174 countries in both GRE and GMAT. It has also received several awards from 2017 to 2018 like the Learn Launch Award. This makes examPAL far from a scam prep program. 

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

ExamPAL garners an astounding number of positive reviews and 5-star ratings that show just how innovative and “cool” this program is.

– Justin Mooney (trustpilot.com)

– Brendan R (trustpilot.com)

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give the examPAL GRE review program a total score of 4.5/5. 

Its customization feature and PALgorithm process make it a standout. Given the many ways to answer one GRE question, knowing the quickest route to arrive at an answer scores big in my books, and examPAL delivers. 

Also, being an online learning-based program, this conveniently helps you study even while on the go and at your own pace. If you want to try it out for yourself, examPAL offers a 7-day free trial to give you a better feel of the program. 

ExamPAL’s budget-friendly program also makes a difference, especially because of the high-quality prep materials provided. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The team at examPAL studied the ETS materials before writing the test questions so you can expect them to be similar. The PALgorithm method is also relevant to the actual GRE questions.

If you’re already familiar with the GRE and need a light review, the Express plan is perfect seeing as how you’ll only need a few weeks to review. If it’s your first time, 2-3 months should be your benchmark and either the Premium or Genius plans will fit perfectly into your study schedule.



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