Examkrackers MCAT Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use60%
Student Reviews80%
  • National Program Director coaching strategy sessions
  • Uses a lot of graphs and charts to explain concepts
  • Easy access to MCAT instructor through a forum

Examcrackers helps students understand various MCAT concepts, granted they have decent knowledge of it. Examcrackers excels most in adding enthusiasm and humor to keep students interested and less burned out.

Course Effectiveness

The Examkrackers MCAT program leans more towards a reviewer type-based learning than actually learning the basics or understanding unfamiliar, new concepts.


The Examkrackers MCAT prep course pricing plans are quite steep and although it delivers solid value, it’s a high bargain to shell out a fairly steep amount.

Ease of Use

The Examkrackers MCAT course platform is poorly designed in streamlining the entire user experience; however, the explanations and dashboard are fairly easy to locate and use throughout the course. 

Student Reviews

Finding student reviews about the Examkrackers review program is limited to a few students. Most students regard the tests as difficult, helpful, and elevate dry material into less-boring content.

  • National Program Director coaching strategy sessions
  • Easy access to MCAT instructor through a forum
  • Review material is very readable
  • Uses a lot of graphs and charts to explain concepts
  • Complex topics are explained clearly and in easily digestible terms
  • Lacks in-depth detail coverage for live online and in-person courses
  • The online platform needs improvement
  • Practice tests are limited
  • Limited analytics & performance metrics

Examkrackers interface might not look at all appealing, but don’t let that fool you. Their practice exams are an A+ rating every student should utilize throughout their study plan. 

Compared to TPR and Kaplan’s practice exam difficulty, Examkrackers MCAT prep books and exams top the list and are perfect for building your practice test taking aptitude.

About Examkrackers and Their MCAT Prep Course

Fundamentally, the Examcrackers MCAT program focuses on how to beat the MCAT via fun and straightforward learning-based model to prevent burnout and boredom.

The Examcracker MCAT prep books are one of the most reliable prep tools any medical student could get their hands on and are best suited for those who want to improve their critical thinking skills or those who struggle with problem solving and applications. 

It is a good review program that takes a unique approach in providing its students with adequate Examkrackers MCAT practice tests and instructor guidance.

Compared to Kaplan or Princeton Review, the program is a cheaper reviewer. However, it is more expensive than budget reviewers such as Magoosh and Gold Standard.

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Enthusiastic Learning

Examkrackers emphasizes learning without feeling burned out and create content material specifically to keep students awake throughout the duration of the lesson. 

Most prep companies have a rigid video structure, which can be daunting, especially if you study for 6 hours on average every day. Examkrackers takes this into account and designs their program efficiently and straightforwardly as possible. 

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

This reviewer comes with a variety of course plans, ranging from live online, in-person, self-study, and tutoring services. 

  • MCAT on-demand course
  • MCAT Marathon
  • Online MCAT Class

MCAT on-demand course

Course Overview:

The Examkrackers home study schedule 10th edition (1) follows a self-study approach and is effective if you have a decent basic knowledge of all the sciences. 

The coach sessions offered are effective, thanks to the assistance of the National Program Director for effective feedback and guidance.

The self-study prep course is actually the highest-rated and most effective in the entire program. All it lacks are a few additional practice tests (2). 

Choose MCAT on-demand If:

You feel confident and motivated with the self-study approach, and you’re looking for a strong reviewer material to brush up your foundation and basic knowledge on the MCAT topics. 

MCAT Marathon

Course Overview:

The MCAT Marathon isn’t the most effective course plan. 

While you have exclusive access to an MCAT strategy coach to help with both academic and personal MCAT related struggles, the course in itself is lacking full-length practice tests needed to boost the student’s preparedness. 

The program lasts for only 12 hours and might work best a day or two before the actual MCAT exam as a support role type of course plan. 

Choose MCAT Marathon if:

You need support or a refresher a few days before the actual MCAT exam. This is also recommended if you prefer private tutoring/last-minute feedback on what you’ve learned about each MCAT topic.

Online MCAT Class

Course Overview:

The online MCAT class is a hybrid course, offering both live online and in-person classes. 

The Examkrackers online MCAT class is effective but still falls short on the sufficient number of practice tests and coaching sessions needed for better feedback and guidance. 

If you choose to opt for their Summer online MCAT class program, you get a few additional review material that adds to the course plan’s effectiveness:

Choose Online MCAT Class if:

You already have pre-existing course plans and need a lighter reviewer to add value to your overall MCAT study schedule.

Examkrackers offers tutoring sessions, ranging from 1-15 sessions starting at $300 and up to $3,900. The tutors are also regarded as the top 5% instructors to help guide you in your weakest areas of the MCAT.

Course Pricing Options

Examkrackers’ pricing plans are comparable to hard-hitters such as Kaplan and Princeton Review. 

With only small differences in their process gaps, Examkrackers is considerably steep with their price offers and offer no budget or alternative options for the students.

If you’re looking solely for subject review books, the Examkrackers MCAT complete study package 10th edition is one of the best review materials. It’s even better than Kaplan’s subject review books. They’ve recently released the 11th edition. 



MCAT On-demand

$1,745 (12 weeks)

Online MCAT Class

$1,299 (10 weeks) 

MCAT Marathon

$149 (12 hours) 

Platform’s Ease of Use

The platform lacks streamlining and analytics tools to help the student have a deeper understanding of each MCAT topic. 

Nevertheless, its efficiency makes the questions and answers readable. With the help of various charts and graphs, complex topics are explained simply and clearly.

Is Examkrackers a Reputable Online MCAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Examkrackers has helped over 95,000 students using over 5,500 passages & questions with the top 5% tutors among MCAT scores for over 20+ years. 

Although Examkrackers is younger than both Kaplan and Princeton Review, the college admissions service company has its years of service as proof that it’s far from a scam. 

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

There are a number of Exam cracker MCAT video testimonials on YouTube that talk about the books, practice tests, and overall course program. 

Student reviews, however, are limited and not as easy to find. Still, Examkrackers’ reviews found are mostly positive and reveal how useful the course is. 

– Carla H. (examkrackers.com)

– S.B. (examkrackers.com)

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give Examkrackers a total score of 3.3/5

With an average study plan of only 10 to 12 weeks, this might feel too cramped for some, although others might disagree and find this to be just the right timeframe. 

Examkrackers offers adequate course plans but provides stronger resource materials such as its prep materials, specifically the complete study package 11th edition. A full-length test is lacking, however. 

Examkrackers is best suited for students with only a few months left to study, have a good knowledge base on each MCAT topic, and those who need to keep them awake and interested while studying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The required pre-requisites needed are at least a diagnostic MCAT test to measure your understanding of each MCAT topic. If you still lack a few basics and fundamentals to understand, the Examkrackers course might not be a good fit for you.

To study for the MCAT in 3 months, you need extensive access to AAMC review materials, subject review books, and a lot of practice tests to build your comprehension level. 

Using Examkrackers course material along with other sources such as Kaplan’s Qbank or Next Step’s analytics and practice tests is one way for good preparation.


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