The Economist GMAT Tutor Prep Course Review 2023: [+ COUPON ]

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Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use100%
Student Reviews100%
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable learning
  • In-depth discussions with techniques

Overall, The Economist GMAT Prep is pricey but offers a good deal for specific clients. If you prefer to self-study with a single packed resource and have mid-level knowledge of GMAT, this might be the prep course for you.

Course Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the course has been verified by the score improvement of student reviewers, primarily due to its systematic directions and strategies


For a self-study option The Economist GMAT Tutor prep course is expensive. However, it offers a 70-point improvement guarantee (1), reflective of its confidence to boost your GMAT score.

Ease of Use

With The Economist GMAT Tutor Prep Course, a mobile app is not just a check on the list of features but a nice deal that offers everything you’ll find in your computer dashboard, allowing ease of access to all tools. 

Student Reviews

With in-depth explanation and strategies, along with the roadmap that guides the students to their target test date, reviewers gave The Economist GMAT Prep Course a generous score.

  • Flexible
  • Adaptable learning
  • In-depth discussions with techniques
  • 70-point improvement money-back guarantee
  • Mobile app
  • Single-pack resource
  • Digital Subscription to The Economist
  • High cost
  • Minimal control
  • No going back to completed topics
  • No stand-alone practice tests and study resources

About The Economist GMAT Tutor Prep Course

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Higher grade and faster GMAT prep are what The Economist GMAT prep course offers. One look at comparative reviews, and you’ll see everything that it does not have: stand-alone practice tests and learning resources. A distinct brand of GMAT prep is indeed what it offers.  

Yet in spite of such a unique design, The Economists GMAT prep offers a 70-point improvement, which is relatively high compared to the 50-point improvement offered by most GMAT prep courses.

In this The Economist GMAT prep course review, we will take a closer look at what features this prep course has to offer. Of course, we shall also look into the pros and cons of choosing The Economist to help you decide whether this prep course is worth the investment. 

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Adaptive Learning System

How does The Economist GMAT Tutor ensure a fast GMAT prep? It’s through adaptive learning technology. It prepares a study program that is tailor-fit to your needs, capabilities, and weaknesses. The adaptive learning technology personalizes your study program.

This way, you do not need to waste time going through materials that you have already mastered. The system is designed to recall your progress to adjust the level of difficulty and target subjects for your practice.

This allows you to maximize your prep time, giving you the chance to enhance areas that need more improvement to boost your GMAT score. Further, this adaptive technology mirrors the actual GMAT that gives you the feel of the actual examination.

Access to Tutors

The Economist GMAT Tutor is primarily designed for self-study. However, The Economist’s GMAT prep courses ensure that you will not be totally on your own in your learning. You have access to tutors through live one-on-one sessions (depending on the package that you would purchase). However, scheduling it at your convenient time could be tricky.

Even after you consume your one-on-one session, you could still ask for some guidance from experienced tutors through the Ask-a-Tutor question. Hence, you could send questions about the problems via chat and you can expect to receive responses in three to four working days.

Mobile App

The Economist GMAT course prep comes with a highly rated mobile app that is not just a flashcard version of the review materials. The Economist made it a point that all the lessons you will find on your desktop would also be accessible through your app, which is quite nice for a course that is primarily self-study.

Further, this app could run even when there is no internet connectivity. This feature allows you to take your review materials anytime, anywhere, and squeeze in your practices during the downtime at work or commute.

Practice with in-depth explanations

Practice highlights test-taking strategies that could save you a lot of time during the actual GMAT. Items come with in-depth item analysis. It helps you understand why the other options are incorrect. They would also offer alternative ways to solve the problems.

These explanations not only give you a better understanding of concepts, they also help train you with essential strategies that can save you time answering standardized tests like GMAT.

With The Economist GMAT prep courses, you are guided with a roadmap that leads you to a smart study plan, with your target examination date in mind.

Course Packages and Pricing Options

If the adaptive technology and self-study approach appeals to you, you might want to check out these packages offered by The Economist GMAT Tutor. The platform’s design is primarily self-paced, so all packages are self-study but with an option to access tutors’ online help.

Quant Package: $539

Its features, which are accessible for 2 months include the following:

  • Full access to quant and IR
  • 4 GMAC practice tests
  • 1 live 1-to-1 session
  • 50 ask-a-tutor questions
  • 3-month Economist subscription
  • 675 credits

Premium Package: $789

Its features that are accessible for 4 months include the following:

  • Full access to quant, IR, verbal, and AWA
  • 4 GMAC practice tests
  • 4 essay reviews
  • 2 live 1-to-1 sessions
  • 100 ask-a-tutor questions
  • 3-month Economist subscription
  • 1410 credits

Genius Package: $989

Its features that are accessible for 6 months include the following:

  • Full access to quant, IR, verbal, and AWA
  • 6 GMAC practice tests
  • 6 essay reviews
  • 4 live 1-to-1 sessions
  • 2 Expert Assessments
  • Unlimited ask-a-tutor questions
  • 3-month Economist subscription
  • 3315 credits

The Economist GMAT prep course’s credit system

The Economist GMAT prep course comes with a credit system (2) that allows you to purchase additional features. For example, if the 2 live 1-to-1 session that comes with the Genius package is not enough, you can use your credits to buy another session. The same is true for when you want to submit another essay for review and you have used up your review options. 

With the credit system, you don’t need to purchase a different package to access additional features. You could simply use your credits to acquire them. What’s great about this is that you can choose other inclusions on top of what the package offers. 

While you won’t be reimbursed for unused credits, you are allowed to transfer them to another person.

The Economist GMAT Tutor prep course credits can be used to request a personal assessment of your progress, book a private tutor, or an MBA admission consultation. 

What do reviewers have to say about the Economist GMAT Tutor

The Economist GMAT prep course was rated 5 out of 5 by reviewers who raved about their GMAT scores.

The Economist GMAT Prep Course Pros and Cons

What I like about this prep course


One of the things about The Economist GMAT Course prep that appeals to me is the flexibility that it offers. For a busy person who needs all the flexibility that you could get in arranging your study sessions, this is really sweet.

Plus, The Economist also allows flexibility in product features regardless of your package purchase, through its credit system. Hence, if you purchase a premium package but want to have another live one-on-one session, you can use credits to purchase another session. 

Adaptable learning

Time is indeed a valuable resource not only during the actual GMAT but also during the test prep. Hence, The Economists GMAT prep courses use adaptable technology. 

This saves you a lot of time during GMAT prep by making sure that your study plan will be designed according to your own needs, strengths, and weaknesses. The time that could have been wasted on areas that you have already mastered is saved for more essential practices that could boost your GMAT score.  

In-depth discussions with techniques

The Economist GMAT Tutor does not just drill you on the concepts in the four areas of GMAT. They also help with in-depth discussions and test-taking techniques, which again could help you save time in answering GMAT problems.

They do not stop with the correct answer. They will also help you consider alternate solutions in attacking the problems. 

70-point improvement money-back guarantee

This is the highest score improvement guarantee you’d probably find, with most competitors only offering a 50-point guarantee. Of course, this money-back guarantee is only available for premium and genius packages. 

Mobile app

Their mobile app is designed to ensure that what you find in your computer dashboard will also be in your mobile app. Since the app can be used offline, you can study anytime and anywhere.

Single-pack resource

While other reviewers might see it as a drawback that The Economist GMAT Course prep does not offer had copy materials, stand-alone video lessons, and questions bank, I think there is still a beauty with this single-pack feature.

This ensures that everything you need to learn is already packed in one resource, which saves you a lot of time from shifting from one material to the next. While having a lot of resources could be advantageous, too much of it could also be too overwhelming to be really useful, especially when you have limited time to go over them. 

Digital Subscription to The Economist

One more thing you might consider in purchasing The Economist GMAT Tutor Course prep package is that it gives you a three-month digital subscription to The Economist that could help enhance your vocabulary and reading comprehension.

What I don’t like about this prep course

High cost

For a self-study package (even with limited live one-to-one sessions and ask-a-tutor questions, The Economist GMAT Course is expensive, especially if you are looking for the typical prep features in other GMAT preps which are not offered by The Economists. However, whatever it lacks, The Economists makes up for its adaptive technology that mirrors the actual GMAT.

While there is a 70-point improvement guarantee, you might want to consider if this offer is compatible with your learning style before you go for it.    

Minimal control

While adaptive technology saves you a lot of time and helps you study smart, some reviewers complain that it is somehow restricting because the software makes the decisions for you. It does not permit much skipping around the curriculum. Hence, if you prefer forging your own path in your GMAT prep, you might consider this limitation.

No going back to completed topics

While other GMAT preps allow you to review past problems, The Economist GMAT Prep Course does not. You would only have access to a summary but you could not go back to the topic that you have already completed. This could be too limiting for some reviewers who wish to recall past lessons. 

No stand-alone practice tests and study resources

While there is beauty in a single-pack resource, the absence of stand-alone video lessons and a question bank might be a deal-breaker for some reviewers.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give The Economist GMAT Tutor a score of 4.63/5

Whether it’s a good choice for you depends on your style of learning, level of initial knowledge, and budget.

If you are a busy person who already has mid-level knowledge of GMAT, and prefers self-paced learning with a single pack-resource, then this might be the GMAT prep course for you.

The Economist GMAT Prep Course is expensive for a self-study course but offers a good deal to help you study smart with its adaptive technology. However, if you are looking for live classes, stand-alone resources, and control in the direction of your study, you might want to reconsider. 

Are you compatible with The Economist GMAT Prep Course? Find out for yourself through their 7-days free trial (3).

Frequently Asked Questions

The Economist GMAT Tutor has a money-back guarantee but only for those who bought the premium and genius packages and who did not improve their score by at least 70 points.

The Economist GMAT tutor offers only self-study packages with limited one-to-one tutorials, unlike other GMAT courses that have live classes. It is also more expensive as compared to other self-study GMAT prep courses, but its adaptive technology mirrors the actual GMAT and helps you review smart. 

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