BoardVitals Vs UWorld NCLEX Review 2023: Which Is Better?


BoardVitals NCLEX Review Course
  • Over 3,500 practice questions
  • Computer-adaptive platform
  • Provides the latest PSAT prep book

Runner Up

  • Over 2,100 practice questions
  • Two 100-question self-assessment tests
  • Flashcards for a quick review

Perhaps, you keep on hearing about BoardVitals vs. UWorld in terms of NCLEX comparison. Comparing them is not something new because they have almost similar offers. Their pricing options are also closely competitive. BoardVitals is also known to have several quality features for its affordability, which begs the question – which is the better exam prep for the NCLEX? 

This comparison review on UWorld vs. BoardVitals NCLEX for 2020 will tackle several benchmarks that would help us evaluate and come up with a winner. 

UWorld Vs. BoardVitals NCLEX: Course Content

BoardVitals takes pride in its dynamic training ecosystem and unique approach to course design. It was founded by Dam Lambert from Harvard Business School and Andrea Paul from Yale University.

This test prep provider is also unique as it doesn’t compromise the number and quality of features despite the low price range. It also has an amazing feedback system that generates feedback from students and practicing nurses to help BoardVitals update or remove content that is no longer beneficial or applicable.


  • Over 3,500 practice questions
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and wrong answers
  • Computer-adaptive platform
  • Customizable practice tests
  • Simulated timed-practice
  • Progress tracker
  • Vaccine donation program
  • Buy Now, Start Later option
  • Ask a Clinician feature
  • Group discount program
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • Free trial option
  • 24/7 student support
  • Mobile app access

More so, it offers three-course choices:

  • Master – 6 months
  • Prepare – 3 months
  • Cram – 1 month

I like that the course options are offered based on the most realistic time you can prep for the NCLEX. If you have as much as three to six months, both the Prepare and Master plan offer the same complete features, except for the access length. You can purchase either the Master or Prepare plan and delay your start date to six months. 

The Cram plan, on the other hand, has everything else except for Buy Now, Start Later, Ask a Clinician, and 100% pass guarantee. 

Now, let’s touch on what UWorld has in comparison to BoardVitals. 

UWorld is a fast-growing ed-tech company. It was founded back in 2003 by Dr. Chandra Pemmansani. As an affordable NCLEX test prep provider, it offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform.

It is also known to provide the most vivid illustrations and images paired with rationales that will make your prep more engaging and understandable. Below is a rundown of what it offers as test prep for NCLEX.


  • Over 2,100 practice questions
  • Two 100-question self-assessment tests
  • Detailed rationales with diagrams and images
  • Progress tracker
  • Customizable practice tests
  • Flashcards for a quick review
  • Accessible across all devices

When it comes to their course options, they have six choices, which are as follows:

  • QBank for 30 days
  • QBank for 60 days
  • QBank for 90 days
  • QBank for 180 days
  • QBank for 360 days
  • QBank for 730 days

The course options differ based on the access length and the additional features, such as self-assessment tests and a one-time reset option. The rest of the features are available in each course option. This course’s main asset is the set of practice questions which I will discuss further below.


Clearly, BoardVitals wins when it comes to the course content. It offers numerous features that add value to what you’re paying. Plus, it has a 100% pass guarantee and free trial option that lets you discover various features without spending a single penny yet. This makes them win this game. 

UWorld Vs. BoardVitals NCLEX: Practice Questions

BoardVitals significantly has more practice questions than UWorld. For over 3,500 practice questions, you can study many practice questions that will prepare you for the NCLEX. Even better, detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers are provided. 

It is also notable to mention that the practice questions are written by nursing practitioners and nursing educators. BoardVitals also has a computer-adaptive platform that will prepare you for the actual NCLEX exam.

Moreover, every course option in BoardVitals allows you to pick the amount and type of questions if you need to study at your own pace. There are also alternate format types of questions like audio questions, hotspot items, and exhibit questions. 

UWorld, on the other hand, has fewer practice questions. Just a little over 2,100. Despite this, the questions are patterned according to the real NCLEX. The self-assessment tests are also NCLEX-style, which means that you can practice as close to the real licensure exam as possible. 

However, I should say that the level of difficulty of the questions sets it apart from BoardVitals. Plus, the questions incorporate tons of diagrams and images to provide clinical reasoning behind every correct and incorrect answer. More so, over 30% of their question bank covers alternate format types of questions. In this case, they are similar to BoardVitals. 

Lastly, they also have customizable practice exams that allow you to focus on certain categories.


Even though BoardVitals has more practice questions than UWorld, I would say that both are equal when it comes to practice questions. 

First, both of them let you experience a test prep close to how the real NCLEX works with their respective computer-adaptive platforms. Second, each of them has in-depth explanations for both correct and incorrect answers although UWorld has more illustrations paired with every rationale. Third, both of them also give emphasis on alternate format questions, which form a huge part in the NCLEX examination. Fourth, they both give you the choice to customize your practice tests which are great for those who need opportunities for self-paced studying.

Therefore, both UWorld and BoardVitals is a tie in this aspect.

UWorld Vs. BoardVitals NCLEX: Pricing Options

UWorld and BoardVitals have very competitive prices, which is another reason why they’re always compared. However, if you take a closer look, there’s a wider gap between cost. 

BoardVitals, however, have a straightforward list of prices than UWorld. The former offers a price range of around $90 to $140.

What’s great about their pricing is that the middle and highest tiers both offer the same features with the only difference being the price and access length. Their one-month plan, on the other hand, comes with major features although it doesn’t bear the pass guarantee, Buy Now, Study Later, and Ask a Clinician. 

UWorld offers six options with prices ranging from around $130 to $400. All of these have question banks.


I would go for BoardVitals in terms of pricing because it’s cheaper. It also has more features for every price option, especially when you compare the access length to the question banks. I also vouch for BoardVitals even though UWorld’s 180-day-access has a one-time reset option because BoardVitals has a 100% pass guarantee as part of their six-month-access. 

BoardVitals Vs. UWorld: Ease of Use

When you visit BoardVital’s website, you will automatically see a rundown of their courses and features. You will enjoy the fact that it gives you mobile access to the study materials. The interface also has a good mix of text and images. The mobile app is also optimized for both iOS and Android.

When it comes to UWorld’s platform, it’s also user-friendly with the same balance of texts and illustrations. In fact, UWorld is known to be tech-heavy, hence the sophisticated interface. Even better, it gives you the option to check your progress as you answer the questions. The feedback system also does a great job of updating you with your points of improvement. 


BoardVitals and UWorld have both user-friendly platforms, but I love that UWorld has more detailed options for your progress when you handle various questions. 

As for each individual website, I find UWorld’s website to be more visually organized. Therefore, I would go for UWorld when it comes to using a test prep platform with convenience.

BoardVitals Vs. UWorld NCLEX: Student Support

There’s no big difference between BoardVitals and UWorld in terms of student support.

You can contact BoardVitals through its hotline and email address. However, when you visit its website and look for the student support page, the first thing that prompts is a well-organized bank of guidelines and answers to your frequently asked questions. 

It has a step-by-step guide on how to use the platform and recent updates about significant events. There’s also a dedicated section for tech support and device-computer compatibility. The FAQ sections are also split based on categories, which I really find very useful. 

As to the hotline number, you can contact them on a limited time frame but the email support is available 24/7 which is guaranteed in the Prepare and Master plans. It also promises to solve your query via email within one business day. 

Now, let’s try to see how visible UWorld is when it comes to providing support. 

UWorld NCLEX is also great because they have a section for frequently asked questions that are categorized according to your needs. You may find the answers to your essential questions on their four FAQ categories – technical, payment, content, and subscriptions. 

If you have questions or you need help that their FAQ section cannot address, you can simply send an email. The hours of operation are limited, however. 

Although UWorld doesn’t have a hotline number, you can also reach out to them via YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That’s what I like about test prep companies, especially in this generation of social media usage. 


Would you agree if I say that BoardVitals and UWorld are equal when it comes to this benchmark? Of course, you should! They are a close match when it comes to student support. 

BoardVitals may have a hotline number for you to contact that UWorld NCLEX does not have, but the latter has social media platforms that provide students another method to get in touch. 

BoardVitals Vs. UWorld: Additional Features

What adds value to your money? It’s the extra features! Of course, I usually vouch for test prep companies that are generous enough providing more useful tools to make your NCLEX prep a lot better than you can imagine. 

BoardVitals has a ton of extra features like a progress tracker, nurse instructor on demand, and their popular Buy Now, Start Later program for those who wish to buy any of their courses and start a little later. Even more, it has a vaccine donation program for every purchase you make with them. BoardVitals also offers you an opportunity to be part of their corporate social responsibility. 

UWorld also has a progress tracker and flashcards that are proven helpful if you need to study on the go. Practice tests are also timed, which will help with your pacing in answering the exam. 


It is safe to say that BoardVitals and UWorld have a similar satisfactory service when it comes to extra features. Although it looks like that BoardVitals has more to offer. If you dig deeper, however, you would know that the supplemental study tools like the progress tracker are of the same quality and target. 

Summary – Which Test Prep Provider is Better?

With the six benchmarks that we used in this BoardVitals vs. UWorld for NCLEX comparison review, BoardVitals appear to be superior to UWorld NCLEX when it comes to course content and pricing options. Whereas, UWorld NCLEX went above BoardVitals when it comes to the ease of use of their respective platforms.

The other benchmarks on practice questions, student support, and additional features resulted in a tie between the two. 

Now, this brings us to the conclusion that BoardVitals is BETTER than UWorld with just a slight difference. The better choice, however, depends on:

Use BoardVitals if:

  • You need to prep for one month, three months, or six months. 
  • You want to prep for NCLEX with the highest possible number of practice questions.

Use BoardVitals if:

  • You need to prep for two months or more than one year.
  • You want to prep for NCLEX with more difficult questions.

Visit UWorld (1) and BoardVitals (2) online for more information.