Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Review 2023: What You Should Know

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Review 2020
Our Rating
Course Effectiveness90%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews90%
  • Interesting videos
  • A wide array of courses
  • Free preview

When you talk about LSAT, Blueprint is a common part of many discussions. This is not a surprise because the overall quality of the courses is simply top-notch.

Course Effectiveness

With the use of creative presentations to explain difficult concepts, Blueprint LSAT is known to be effective when it comes to making hard concepts easier.


There’s a mix of prices in Blueprint, which includes a self-guided course that costs below a thousand dollars. The rest of the courses, however, are expensive. On the other hand, I appreciate that there are monthly plans for some courses.

Ease of Use

Blueprint has advanced algorithms that make the platform convenient to use. Even better, every interaction you have with the platform is captured so the system will know you better.

Student Reviews

With several positive reviews about Blueprint LSAT, it’s no wonder why it’s among the best LSAT prep courses. Students mostly talk about how fun and engaging video lessons are

  • Interesting videos
  • A wide array of courses
  • Free preview
  • Tutoring option is provided
  • Great analytics
  • Expensive tutoring option
  • Not optimized for Android
  • Limited access to their in-person classes

Preparing for LSAT can be very tedious and boring but, with Blueprint LSAT, your test prep can be fun and engaging. Basically, it offers a unique approach to get you in your dream law school.

The courses offered are for students who would like a fascinating experience despite the rigidity of the LSAT exam. Plus, these come with a score increase guarantee that is made attainable through their mind-blowing analytics and elite instructors. 

Above is a quick overview of Blueprint LSAT’s pros and cons.

Who Is the Ideal User of Blueprint LSAT?

Blueprint LSAT has several course options, depending on your needs. You can choose from tutoring and on-demand lessons to live online sessions and in-person classes. Any aspiring law student will certainly benefit from these options. 

However, I would say that interesting content is perfect for those who prefer a creative and dynamic platform for studying. 

Blueprint Course Content for Law School Prep

Let’s talk about what makes Blueprint LSAT different and in-demand in the ed-tech industry. 

  1. Entertaining curriculum – According to Blueprint, they call this type of curriculum as “edu-tainment” or education through entertainment, which many students claim as effective. 

    They also incorporated modern interfaces and game features for a consistently fun LSAT preparation. They use the same approach to help you understand challenging concepts better.

  2. Topnotch instructors – One of the things Blueprint test prep is proud of is its 98th percentile instructors who are screened for their teaching ability and personality – whether or not they are capable to deliver concepts in an interesting manner.

    What’s even surprising is the fact that they spent over 100 hours of training so they could meet what Blueprint LSAT is looking for from an amazing instructor.

  3. Score increase guarantee – This guarantee is backed by legitimate data to prove that a large number of the test-takers did improve their scores with an average of 11-point increase using Blueprint. An independent accounting firm was hired to generate data without bias. You can check their website for more details about the score increase guarantee (1).

  4. Free consultation – I especially like this one because it allows you to discuss your goals with the course provider prior to purchasing any of the prep courses. Take note, it’s a free consultation that you or your parent can take advantage of. The consultation runs for 20 minutes. You can speak to a senior adviser about your preferred study plan and many more. 


Blueprint LSAT prep course has various course options, with each one offering a different set of features. 

ONLINE ANYTIME COURSE – This option is perfect for those who wish to prep at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. Aside from access to engaging video lessons and 98th percentile instructors, you will also have access to over 85 practice exams, unlimited live help, and more than 8,500 actual LSAT questions. 

Even better, the entire online set-up can be personalized according to your needs. They say, Blueprint adjusts to you and not the other way around. Here are a few things worth noting:

  1. Smart homework – This is one of the unique analytics that adjusts to your skill level. 
  2. Customized practice sets – In times you need to focus on your weaknesses, you can utilize this option so you can eventually zero out on those weaknesses. They also give you a detailed score analysis so you can gauge your progress better.
  3. Interactive modules – These modules allow you to maximize learning and retain as much information as possible. 
  4. Personalized study plan – This option allows you to customize your study plan based on your needs and pencil in important practice test days. In case, your current schedule doesn’t work, you simply need to drag and drop your calendar entries to where it works best for you. 

You’ll also have unlimited access to the free live online review sessions and proctored exams. The sessions are two hours long where an expert instructor will discuss an LSAT reasoning concept or question type.

The reliable instructor will also attend to your questions in case you have one. This is in addition to the real-life advice on how to ace the LSAT test. 

There are three courses on offer with varying access lengths. 

  • 3-month-plan
  • 6-month-plan
  • 12-month-plan

All these guarantees both a score increase improvement and no automatic renewal. The price range is around $700 to $1,500, which you can pay on an installment basis. 

You can study for as long and as short as you like through their “Pay As You Go” option which costs around $200 per month. Anytime you wish to stop, you can do so with no questions asked (2).

LIVE ONLINE COURSE – Blueprint review course is offered live online at flexible schedules. It also has the same features as the Online Anytime Course but with the addition of the score increase guarantee. 

The live online sessions are offered at different times of the day and week, providing you with the flexibility to choose when to join based on whatever schedule you have. This way, you can still do what you need to do without Blueprint interfering with your personal life. 

Also, when you choose a class, you will know who your course instructor will be ahead of time. 

I should also mention that this course has an expensive price point which is around $1,400. I find this a downside but, at the same time, a reasonable once since all live online courses in the market are similarly expensive.

As with Blueprint online LSAT review, the live online course is also pricey because you are given a choice to either set up a few weeks to study prior to LSAT test day or extend for more weeks if you need more time to work through the materials.

CLASSROOM COURSE – If you’re the classroom-type student, then enroll in this course. It has the same features as the other course but with an added value. It uses a learning engine that analyzes your test performance and updates your student profile to make sure that your study time is effective and focused.

Like the previous courses mentioned, the Classroom Course lets you access the free online review sessions. Each session runs for two hours, six days a week. If you continue to take advantage of the online review sessions, you will unlock 100 additional hours of live instruction and practice questions throughout your course duration for free. 

This course, however, has a whopping price of around $1,700.

You are eligible for the LSAT guarantee (3) only if you attended all the classes, completed at least 75% of the assigned homework, and took all practice tests in your account.

Within three months of completing the course, you may show your official LSAT score to Blueprint. If you didn’t score higher on your official test than your first practice test, you can either get a refund or repeat the course for FREE.

ONE-ON-ONE LSAT TUTORING – For those who are not cost-sensitive and who wish to have an individualized test prep, here’s the option for you. Everything will be tailored to your needs and preferences in addition to the usual set of features found in other Blueprint LSAT courses. 

Core Packages:

  • Crash Course – 3 months of enrollment and 16 hours of one-on-one instruction
  • Comprehensive – 4 months of enrollment and 24 hours of one-on-one instruction
  • Intensive – 6 months of enrollment and 40 hours of one-on-one instruction

The features in the core packages are all the same except for the length of enrollment and hours of instruction. The prices here range from $2,000 to $5,000.

Premium Packages:

These have the added advantage of 98th percentile instructors. The prices here range from $3,000 to $9,000.

Supplemental packages:

  • Single Section – 10 tutoring hours
  • Exam Overview – 20 tutoring hours
  • In-Depth Overview – 30 tutoring hours
  • Hourly – 4 to 9 tutoring hours

Each supplemental package also comes with a customized study plan. The prices here range from around $1,500 to $4,500 while the hourly rate is around $200 per hour.

Student Support

You can contact support via email and over the phone. Check the website for details on the hours of operation. Unfortunately, there is no frequently asked questions (FAQs) section, so you have to either call or send an email if you have a query.

Student Testimonials

I have collated some of the student reviews about Blueprint’s LSAT courses. Here are the testimonials:

Final Verdict

I am giving Blueprint LSAT a rating of 4.12 out of 5.

Blueprint is among the most in-demand for LSAT test-takers because of its interesting content and score improvement guarantees. Not to mention, a pool of expert instructors who can help you ace the LSAT. 

If you’re tired of those boring contents of other test prep providers, you may find Blueprint’s entertaining approach as a breath of fresh air. The video lessons and interactive modules will make your experience worthwhile than ever. I recommend Blueprint LSAT online review for those who want to find a course set-up that matches their needs. Of course, it’s also the perfect LSAT test prep company for those who like to have fun amidst the serious nature of LSAT prep. 

Visit the Blueprint website (4) for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Blueprint has free online resources in the form of its Free LSAT Prep Toolkit (5). It includes the June 2007 LSAT and a law school compass that will aid you in your law school application.

No, these courses do not automatically renew. The choice is yours if you want to renew your subscription or enrollment to any of the courses.


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