Target Test Prep GRE Course Review 2023: What You SHOULD Know

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Course Effectiveness60%
Ease of Use80%
Student Reviews80%
  • Quant score improvement guarantee
  • Personalized experience
  • Tutoring option is available

Ultimately, Target GRE is not as comprehensive as the other GRE courses, but it serves its purpose well in terms of improving your quant score.

Course Effectiveness

I can say that Target Test Prep is effective in terms of making you adept in the quantitative portion of the GRE but because it focuses only on that section, then its course is not ideal if you want to be proficient with the entire GRE content.


Its price is lower compared to the Princeton Review and Kaplan but still stands in the mid-range price point like examPAL. It would have been worthier if its access length is much longer like PrepScholar has but it is not because its access length runs for 6 months which is the same with most GRE prep courses.

Ease of Use

 Its platform is very basic and easy to navigate. You can even personalize your study plan and the tests to suit your needs. Overall, it is user-friendly, except for the fact that it does not have a mobile app which would have been great for any self-paced course.

Student Reviews

Even though Target Test Prep is not as popular as other test prep services like Manhattan Prep and Kaplan but it is surprisingly popular among GRE students because of its effective approach to GRE’s quant section.

  • Quant score improvement guarantee
  • Personalized experience
  • Tutoring option is available
  • Comprehensive materials
  • Realistic quantitative problems
  • No mobile app
  • No essay grading
  • No practice exams

About Target Test Prep

Another popular name in GRE prep is Target Test Prep. It is mainly a self-paced course that helps you improve your quant score. Target uses high-quality software that drives its innovative teaching methods to help you succeed in the GRE exam. Its pricing option that covers six months of access is a little steep and is comparable to the pricing options of examPAL GRE and Manhattan Prep GRE.

Ultimately, Target Test Prep GRE is ideal if you are struggling in the quantitative portion (1). Unlike other GRE test preps, Target promises to increase your score in the quant section. If you are curious about what else it can potentially help you with, take a look at the quick run-down of its pros and cons.

Ideal Users of Target Test Prep GRETarget Test Prep GRE

Source: GRE TargetTest Prep

Do you feel like struggling in the quant section of the GRE test? If so, you may need Target Test Prep to help you improve your score in this particular section. The kind of study tools and learning format it uses is also a great fit if you are someone who thrives in self-paced studying. 

Moreover, Target GRE makes sure that your experience is personalized, so it is absolutely the test prep that you need if you prefer to study on your own. You can even customize your quant tests so you can prep according to your pace if you are not yet ready with the timed test. 

Target Test Prep GRE Course Content

  • Quant score increase guarantee – This score increase guarantee is different from the rest of the score increase guarantees in the market because it is specific to a certain GRE section. In this guarantee, if your official quant score is not higher than the previous one then you can request for a full refund.

    Quant score increase guaranteeSource: GRE Target Test Prep

  • Effective study materials – Target Test Prep GRE uses easy-to-digest lessons that are organized in a way that won’t clutter your mind. Its study materials cover concepts, strategies, and techniques that you need to know in order to ace the GRE. Also, Target Test Prep GRE won’t disappoint you when it comes to the tips and shortcuts to handle difficult questions.

    Effective study materials

  • Personalized platform – Since Target GRE’s main learning format is self-paced, then it would be significant to consider its personalized platform that adjusts to your needs. It also gives you the option to study according to your most convenient time. 

    Personalized platform

Even better, there are 6 study plans and adaptable lessons that you can choose from, whether you are a GRE newbie or a seasoned test-taker.

  • Instructor-led HD videos – If you think that you cannot get away with your anxiety in Math, then Target Test Prep Review Course will pave the way to a much-relaxed learning process for you. Its quant experts tackle every GRE Math problem with ease and rigor through step-by-step procedures and solutions, coupled with essential concepts, and presented in high-quality videos.

    Instructor-led HD videos
  • Intelligent analytics – Take your weaknesses like your best friend as Target GRE’s smart analytics turn them into your strengths. Its actionable analytics permit you to track your progress so you become efficient with your study prep. The precise and robust statistics also allow you to see where you stand against your GRE aspirations. 

    Intelligent analytics

  • Customizable tests – Although Target Test Prep Review Course does not have any practice exams, I still find its customizable tests as an amazing feature. If you are struggling on certain sections of the GRE, you can focus on them by drawing questions from Target’s database of realistic questions. 

    Customizable tests

  • Live support – The good thing about Target GRE is its team of student support that you can reach out through live chat. Whenever you need real-time help, you can post your concerns and queries via chat. 

    Live Support

  • 5-day trial – This trial option is not free but I like that Target lets you try its content and services for a nominal fee before spending a lot of money. For only $1, you can get a feel on what kind of test prep Target has and decide for yourself if you want to upgrade to get premium access. 

5-day trial

Summary of its study materials:

    • Over 600 lessons (based on 21 chapters)
    • More than 3,100 realistic quantitative problems
    • Over 800 video solutions

Study Materials

As with its lessons, topics such as geometry, data interpretation, and word problems are covered.


GRE FLEXIBLE PREP – This course bills on a monthly basis with the above-mentioned features, including the OnTarget™ Learning Analytics and Custom GRE practice engine.


Price: $99 per month

GRE DEDICATED STUDY – It is an easy one-time billing kind of prep course with the same features as the GRE flexible prep. Access length is good for 4 months, which is the perfect option if you have only a few months before the GRE test day. 


Price: Nearly $300 

GRE MAXIMUM LEARNING – I would say that this is the most worthy course because access runs up to 6 months with a reasonable price. If you break it down by month, it costs only around $70 per month. The same features are also available in this one-time billing prep course. 


Price: Nearly $400

GRE TUTORING – Fortunately, despite being mainly a self-paced GRE course, it also offers a tutoring program. Its one-on-one tutoring covers quantitative, verbal, and integrated reasoning sections. Target Test Prep review tutors teach students like you through the use innovative conferencing software like Skype and WebEx not just in the United States of America but all around the world. 

Price: $300 per hour

In Target GRE’s private tutoring course, you can contact your tutor for additional support via email and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Student Support

Student Support

Target Test Prep GRE’s student support is outstanding. It has a tremendous bank of answers for frequently asked questions. If you need further help, then you can reach out to them via email. For real-time assistance, you can also contact them through live chat. 

Student Testimonials

Find out what real students say about Target Test Prep GRE review through this series of testimonials.

Source: Target Test Prep

Alternatives to Target Test Prep GRE

  • PrepScholar GRE (2) – This is a self-paced prep for the GRE that guarantees a score increase of 7 points. Its materials are very comprehensive and high-quality that its overall prep has been praised by several students. Its pricing option is also affordable, you would almost feel like it has everything you need except live online and in-person classes.

  • examPAL GRE (3) – The pricing in examPAL is closely similar to Target Test Prep GRE review course but has a fewer number of practice questions. Also, it lets you practice your pacing through 4 practice exams. Its 7-point increase guarantee is also a significant and appealing feature.

  • Magoosh GRE (4) – Magoosh’s score improvement guarantee may not be as bold as examPAL’s but still deserves recognition. Its materials are comprehensive enough that would aid you in your maximum learning. The mobile app, on the other hand, allows you to prep across all devices at your most convenient. 

Final Verdict

Target Test Prep GRE deserves a rating of 3.62 out of 5

The kind of materials it uses is high-quality and decent enough to provide you with a reliable prep for the GRE. However, because it is not comprehensive, then I am giving it a rating lower than other GRE test prep courses like PrepScholar.

It also does not have practice exams which would have been beneficial for any standardized test. Nonetheless, I like how it prioritizes a specific GRE section because it makes its prep course realistic enough, especially because most students in the GRE consider the quant section as the most challenging part. 

Overall, I recommend Target Test Prep (5) if you need a little push in the quantitative aspect of the GRE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is accessible in most desktops/laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Yes, Target GRE offers group discounts to various groups of individuals in universities, businesses, and organizations. If you need ask about the group discount, then you can send an email [email protected]


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