How to Register for the ACT Exam in 2023 [What You Need to Know]

How to Register for the ACT Exam

You must complete the ACT registration so you can take the exam on the scheduled date. It’s usually done online, which is convenient. This is so students from other countries can register as well. 

You must be aware of the ACT registration dates to register on time. These are usually around five weeks before the ACT test date.

Creating an ACT sign in account is easy but you need to prepare a few things beforehand. These include a copy of your high school transcript as your ACT registration will ask you several details about your high school studies. 

But what else do you need? 

Step 1: Create an account in the ACT website

Once you pull up the ACT website (1), create an account. 

Click on the “Sign In” button found on the upper right portion of the page, then click on the option that says “Create Account”. You will need to provide necessary information, such as your high school code and social security number.

Make sure to provide the name that appears exactly on your driver’s license, passport, and other approved identification cards during the registration. It’s important for the name you registered and the name on your ID matches to avoid problems on test day. Any discrepancy may be considered an attempt to provide false information. 

What can you do with your online ACT account? This is where you can print your admissions ticket for you to enter the testing center, check your scores online, request more score reports, make changes to your registration information, and many other crucial things an official ACT examinee needs to do.

Moreover, as you proceed with the ACT registration process, the website itself will guide you on how to proceed.

Step 2: Register and provide the necessary information

Once you have your ACT registration log in details, click on the “Register” button that will lead you to several pages where you will need to provide different information. 

  • Personal data – This includes but not limited to religious affiliations, disabilities (if there are any), educational background of your parents, and dexterity. You need to specify if you are left-handed or right-handed, so you will be provided with the appropriate seat during the test. Beware that all the information you provide is considered voluntary data, so you have the option to provide them or not. However, it is advisable that you provide the information so that the ACT will not have a hard time matching you to colleges where you will most likely succeed.
  • High school summary – Some of the details you have to provide are the courses you have taken, the type of school you have attended, and the extra-curricular activities you have ventured into while in high school.
  • College plans – Aside from your college interests, you’ll need to provide information on your preferred school size, whether you want to enroll part-time or full-time, your choice of college major, and the career path you want to pursue. 
  • Testing date and location – Based on the ACT test dates and locations listed, you can choose when and where you will take the ACT test.
  • Score report preference – This refers to which school you would like your score report to be sent. You can select up to four colleges or universities with the basic fee.

You may already have a college preference in mind, but the above-information is still necessary. This will allow the ACT to be able to match you to college institutions where you would most likely succeed. 

In other words, the more detailed you are with your student account profile, the closely matched your credentials are to potential colleges. The same information will be used by colleges when they need to send you emails. 

Step 3: Pay your ACT test through credit card or other forms of payment

Before proceeding with the payment, make sure to check the current ACT fees first so you would be aware of how much you should pay. If you happen to receive a waiver or a voucher, then use the given number. Once you are done in supplying all the necessary payment details, click on the “Submit” button. After this part, you can proceed in printing your admissions ticket for free. You should also expect a confirmation email of your ACT sign-up.

What’s Next?

Now, that you’re all set with your ACT test sign-up, it’s time to focus on your test prep (2). Be sure to allocate ample time for your preparation because acing the test would require tons of time and effort on your part. Enroll in test prep courses, read ACT books, download ACT apps, and make use of ACT tips and strategies to help you succeed.