How Long Are ACT Scores Good For? Valid Until…

One of the most frequently asked questions about the ACT is how long do ACT scores last. This is a crucial question, especially when deciding whether or not you will retake the test. You might also want to know how long are ACT scores valid if you’ve taken a break from school after you’ve taken the exam and now wish to resume your college application. 

We have prepared this guide on when does your ACT score expires? 

How Long Does the ACT Scores Last?

This question is common among students who already took the test but put off applying for college or a scholarship. Are you one of those who are wondering if you have to retake the test or if you can use the same score you already have?

The good news is there is no official expiration of the ACT score according to ACT, Inc. However, any test-taker who had taken the test five years ago is encouraged to retake the examination.

What is the reason behind this? Simply because, over the course of those five years, you have most likely changed and there is a possibility that you might have already missed or forgotten a lot of concepts tested in the actual ACT exam.

Retaking the ACT test is also a good way for you to refresh your memory and knowledge. No need to worry about the results too, because there’s a significant likelihood that your score will improve when you retake it. 

According to a study, 57% of students who retook the test saw a significant composite score improvement (1), which is amazing news for those who want to retake the test.

retake the test

The more recent your score is, the more it is considered a valid predictor for college academic performance (2).

How Late Can I Take The ACT Test?

If it has something to do with the registration, then ACT provides a schedule for late registration. As with how late does a college institution accepts scores, it really depends on the college’s policy.

Furthermore, the ACT gives an option to colleges to receive scores based on the reporting schedule and method that they selected. Usually, colleges receive the scores at least every two weeks but no scores are released unless all of the scores are available to be reported.

Moreover, to answer the question of how late you can take the ACT test, it’s important to look into when the scores are released. The ACT’s initial score without the writing test score is released usually after two weeks of the test date. The complete score with the writing test score is released two weeks after the initial score is released. Overall, that will take around four weeks and, sometimes, even up to eight weeks. 

Can I Take The ACT Test After High School?

Yes, you can definitely do so. There may be some differences when it comes to the test prep methods compared to that of a high school student, but taking the test after high school is not yet too late for you. 

How Early Can I Take The Test?

There are no age limits for standardized tests, such as the ACT test. In fact, there are students below 13 years of age who are taking the test. Their application is done via mail due to internet laws that restrict children as young as this.

Take note that if you take the test before 11th grade, you still have to retake the test when you’re in 11th or 12th grade. Nevertheless, most students take their first ACT test when they’re on 11th and/or 12th grades because that means, they are more equipped and used to the level of rigidity in the test prep. Their scores also reflect more of their education level at the time of their registration. 

Do I Need a Tutor When Preparing for a Test?

We would say yes, in most circumstances. Having a tutor around will help you gauge your weaknesses and improve them so you will perform better.

When it comes to deciding whether or not your score is still relevant, or you need to retake the test, a good tutor will also help you figure out the answer. Students who are struggling in managing their own time and who need constant guidance in terms of difficult subject areas will also benefit from a mentor. 

Acing the ACT test definitely requires intensive preparation, so having a tutor you can count on is always a plus.

What’s Next?

Now that you’re aware of how long do ACT scores last, it’s very important to consider retaking the test when your old score is already five years old or older. Retaking the test also allows you to be acquainted with the new ACT test trends and gives you more chances of improving your score.

Knowing the answer also means you can better plan your next move. Say you took the ACT a year or two years ago, time to decide on what you want to do now that your ACT score is still valid. Should you apply or re-apply for college or re-take the test to get a higher score and improve your chances to get into Ivy League schools?