17 Best Watches for Nurses [Styles to Suit Every Budget]

As a nursing staple, a wristwatch is considered as your best companion while doing your nursing duties. It tells you the time when you have to check the patients and when you have to administer medication. A reliable nurse watch helps get your timing right, which is essential in the healthcare industry. 

The best watches for nurses are also both comfortable and sturdy. The display readability and accuracy are also a factor you have to consider. With that said, we have created a list of the best wristwatches both nurse-specific watches and non-nurse specific watches that we know serve an important purpose.

1. Armitron Women’s Sport Watch

Top 1

Armitron Women’s Sport Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Digital window that shows day and date
  • Backlight for dim settings
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet
  • Resin band with buckle closure
  • Available in 11 colors  

The Armitron Women’s Sport Watch (1) is one of the best waterproof watches for nurses. You won’t go wrong with this topnotch wristwatch even if you’re juggling between nursing tasks because it is water-resistant up to 330 feet. Therefore, any fluid spill won’t be a problem with this watch. 

Moreover, the resin band of this watch has a buckle closure for a firm and secure hold around your wrist. Also, the digital acrylic dial in this watch shows a day-and-night display, backlight, chronograph, and dual-time capability. In other words, it’s the perfect investment when you want a nurse wrist watch that’s both functional and sturdy to withstand various conditions.

2. Nurse Mates Women’s Uni Watch

Top 1

Nurse Mates Women’s Uni Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Water-resistant construction
  • Includes military time
  • Large numerical marks
  • Electrocardiogram heart design

The Nurse Mates Women’s Uni Watch (2) is a rubber wristwatch with a silicone strap. It’s specifically designed for nurses and is water-resistant. 

It also includes a military time in smaller texts than the standard time, which gives a slight distinction between the AM and PM hours. The large numerical marks of the standard time also make this Nurse Mates watch easy to read, even with a quick glance.

Of course, we love its electrocardiogram heart design that makes this watch one of the best waterproof watches for nurses. The design itself speaks so much about being a nurse and that’s what we like about it. In two varying colors of professional white and utilitarian black, you can look amazing with this cute functional accessory.

3. Casio Women’s LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch

Top 1

Casio Women’s LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Sleek design perfect for any work setting
  • Water-resistant
  • Buckle closure to fit any wrist

A watch that you can easily match with any kind of nursing scrub you wear is in-demand in the market now. The Casio Women’s LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Resin Watch (3) is considered to be one of the best watches for nurses because of its function and classic design.

This wristwatch has a 26-mm case with a dial resin glass window. This classic black entry from Casio Women features a sleek design with easy-to-read numerical marks. It’s also water-resistant which makes it perfect for nurses who do various nursing errands.

We also love the slim width of its band because it adds to its versatile look. The buckle closure is also a great addition because it means that it can fit any wrist.

4. WIOR Medical Lapel Pin Watch

Top 1

WIOR Medical Lapel Pin Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Pins to any part of your clothing
  • Clear dial window
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in gold, rose gold, and silver 

A unique kind of watch on our list is the WIOR Medical Lapel Pin Watch (4). For those who do not like to use a watch the traditional way, this lapel pin watch is the perfect alternative. It is designed to be pinned or attached to any part of your clothing like the lapel.

Buying one of the best lapel watches for nurses is a great investment because of its durability and functionality. It is made of metal alloy and features a quartz movement. It is also water-resistant, so don’t fret about removing it from your clothing when you are washing your hands or face.

5. Nurse Mates Basic Chrome Watch

Top 1

Nurse Mates Basic Chrome Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Great color contrast
  • Comfortable on the wrist
  • Military time feature
  • Water-resistant quality
  • Available in white and black colors

Another casual yet cute medical watch for nurses is the Nurse Mates Basic Chrome Watch (5). It’s quite adorable with its chrome-plated dial. The first significant feature of this watch when you see it is the heart design that replaces the 12th mark on the watch face.

It is very convenient to use because it is water-resistant and has a rubber strap for comfortable use. Aside from its standard time marks, it also includes military time marks for easier distinction. The actual fit, according to most reviews, is also amazing because it is adjustable like that of a belt’s feature. This is why we consider it as the best option for cute watch for nurses.

6. Dakota Leather Watch

Top 1

Dakota Leather Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Colored second hand
  • Water-resistant quality
  • Genuine leather strap
  • 15-second quadrant
  • Available in fun colors

The Dakota Leather Watch (6) is a topnotch option for nurses and other medical professionals out there. It’s the kind of wristwatch you want to invest in and wouldn’t regret afterward. It features a 36-millimeter-case size and a 1.25-inch-face diameter large enough so the numerical marks are easy to glance, especially when you are in a rush.

We also love that the second hand is purposely colored for a contrasting display. Its 15-second quadrant is another feature that makes it one of the best watches for nurses. The stainless-steel case back also adds to its comfort level when you wear it. The water-resistant quality is another aspect that adds to its value.

As to its durability, you cannot go wrong with a genuine leather strap that this watch has. Plus, it comes in three colors–pink, mint green, and light blue. Whichever of the three colors you choose would complement your nursing scrub.

7. Lancardo Parademic Hanging Fob Watch

Top 1

Lancardo Parademic Hanging Fob Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Pin-on design for convenience
  • Soft bendy silicone cover/case for easy removal
  • Easy to clean or wash
  • Available in 12 quirky prints

This quirky quartz watch is the best nurse clip-on watch that shows your stylish side as a nurse. Plus, it’s made of healthy silicone material that’s both soft and easy-to-bend. It holds and protects the dial very well, but is flexible enough to be removed when you need to clean or disinfect it.

Also, one of the best parts of this clip-on watch for nurses is its discernable numerical markers with colors that are contrasting against the white surface. The numbers are easy to see at a glance even in dim lighting. It’s also easy to hang on a badge holder or pin it on any part of your clothing. This pin-on design helps protect the watch from possible water damage when you wash your hands or face.

This Lancardo Parademic Hanging Fob Watch (7) comes in 12 prints that are mostly animal and floral patterns. You will surely find something that fits your preference.

8. Casio Women’s MQ24-7B3LL Black Classic Resin Watch

Top 1

Casio Women’s MQ24-7B3LL Black Classic Resin Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Large face dial for easy reading
  • Simple yet polished-looking
  • Water-resistant quality for convenience

This nurse watch model from Casio Women has features closer to the LQ139A-1B3 model, except for the size of its dial case. It is bigger, measuring 34 millimeters compared to the other model that only measures 26 millimeters. It has the same resin glass window, quartz movement, and resin band with an analog display like the previously-reviewed Casio Women’s watch.

We are full of praises for the Casio Women’s MQ24-7B3LL Black Classic Resin Watch (8) because of its sleek and straightforward design. Also, its face is big enough to make the numerical marks more discernable even in low-light settings. The water-resistant quality is another factor that would make you purchase this wristwatch.

Indeed, it’s the kind of nurse watch from Amazon that will easily match your nursing scrub. Of course, the black color matches perfectly with any color and prints!

9. Prestige Medical Nurse Gel Watch

Top 1

Prestige Medical Nurse Gel Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Robust and high-tech design
  • Great distinction of the hands and time marks
  • Dotted marks for the seconds

One of the best nurse wristwatches is the Prestige Medical Nurse Gel Watch (9) that comes in a fun purple color. It features a high-tech design and numerical marks and hands that have a contrasting color for easy readability. 

One of the best parts of this nurse wristwatch is the hour and minute hands are bulky enough to make a contrast against the thin second hand. The standard time and military time, on the other hand, are also in contrasting colors of white and black to provide the necessary distinction. Also, there are dotted marks for the seconds around the face that allow you to count the time in seconds in an old-fashioned way.

10. Timex Women’s Weekender Watch

Top 1

Timex Women’s Weekender Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Available in 9 colors and prints
  • Adjustable slip-thru strap for easy wear
  • Great strap circumference allowance
  • Brass case with a mineral glass crystal
  • Water-resistant enough to survive in brief water immersion

A topnotch brand for watches goes to our list and it’s none other than the Timex Women’s Weekender Watch (10) that comes in 9 sophisticated colors. Different from those we already reviewed, this wristwatch features an adjustable slip-thru strap made of nylon fabric that can accommodate up to 7.5-inch wrist circumference.

Coming from a timeless brand, this Timex nurse watch has a brass case with a mineral glass crystal. Its water-resistant quality allows you to immerse this nurse watch in water quickly but not use it while bathing or swimming.

11. Speidel Original Scrub Watch

Top 1

Speidel Original Scrub Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • 12 and 24-hour markers
  • Minute marks for easy manual pulse reading
  • High-quality soft silicone band for convenient cleaning
  • Multiple color options for variety

The Speidel Original Scrub Watch (11) is made with nurses and other healthcare professionals in mind. It features both 12 and 24-hour markers, with the standard time in larger texts than the military time for proper distinction.

Taking pulse readings is made easier with this watch because it shows red minute marks at the edge of the dial. Other watches don’t have this feature, so we applaud Speidel for taking this into consideration, especially that nurses tend to refer to their watches when they do manual pulse readings.

For durability and comfort, its high-quality soft silicone band makes it easy to clean. This water-resistant watch with second hand for nurses comes in 12-color options.

12. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Top 1

Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Bi-directional bezel
  • Pastel-tone 12-hour indices
  • Date window for quick glance
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet

The Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch (12) is an ideal investment for nurses and other medical professionals. It is an all-white wristwatch that has a bi-directional bezel and a round dial with pastel-tone 12-hour numerical marks and black 24-hour numerical marks. It also features a date window.

Moreover, this nurse watch has a 33-mm resin case with a mineral dial window and a molded resin band with buckle closure for comfort. Finally, it has a water-resistant quality that allows you to take the watch for a swim but not diving.

13. Timex Unisex Expedition Digital Watch

Top 1

Timex Unisex Expedition Digital Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Unisex design for both males and females
  • Comes in 9 color schemes
  • Fast wrap strap with hook and look closure
  • Several extra features
  • Water-resistant quality to 330 feet 

As the second digital nurse watch on our list next to Armitron, the Timex Unisex Expedition Digital Watch (12) is surely worth every penny. It has a unisex style that can be worn by both male and female nurses although it appeals more to male nurses because of its robust build.

What we especially like about this watch is its fast wrap strap that features a hook and look closure, 24-hour countdown timer, calendar, alarms, 100-hour chronograph with a timer for laps and splits, time zones, and military time modes.

It can comfortably fit a wrist circumference of 7.5 inches. Aside from being a great watch for fast-paced environments like clinics and hospitals, this watch can also be used outdoors and in rugged environments. You can swim with it but not dive.

14. VAVC Nurse Watch

Top 1

VAVC Nurse Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Available in 13 colors
  • Large dial for easy reading
  • Water-resistant quality
  • Comes in two materials (leather and silicone)

Another watch that has caught our attention is the VAVC Nurse Watch (14) which comes in 13 nurse scrub-friendly colors like rose gold, tea green, white, black, and purple. You will surely fall in love with this nurse watch because the colors scream so much style as it complements your everyday nursing wardrobe.

The best aspect of this nurse watch? Of course, it is its super big round dial that shows the 12 and 24-hour markers and minute markers. It also has a Japanese quartz movement with a popping red second-hand for better distinction. 

This waterproof watch for nurses is available in two different materials, leather and silicone. You can choose either of the two options, whichever fits your style.

15. Timex Women’s Easy Reader Expansion Band Watch

Top 1

Timex Women’s Easy Reader Expansion Band Watch

Highlights about this watch

  • Stainless steel expanded band
  • Elegant tones of silver and gold
  • Brass case with a mineral glass crystal
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Water-resistant quality

The Timex Women’s Easy Reader Expansion Band Watch (15) is the first expansion band type of watch that we have listed here and we cannot stop raving about it. It’s classic. It’s elegant. You can wear it both during nursing duty and when hanging out with friends and loved ones.

This Timex nurse watch is available in three tones: silver-tone, gold-tone, and two-tones (gold and silver). The stainless expansion band allows can be adjusted to your comfort and can fit up to 7.5 inches of wrist circumference. Finally, it’s water-resistant to 100 feet.

16. Apple Watch Series 4

Top 1

Apple Watch Series 4

Highlights about this watch

  • High-tech health and activity features
  • ECG app and electrical and optical heart sensors
  • 6 color variations
  • Large display either measuring 40 mm or 44 mm 

Nurses and other healthcare professionals will surely enjoy using the Apple Watch Series 4 (16). By far, it is the most feature-heavy smartwatch that you can find in the market.

The clear display of this smartwatch for nurses shows activity trackers, heart rate monitors, standard alerts, and time-keeping options. Even better, you can download health-care-related apps that are supported in iOS so you will have more ways to make your nursing life easier.

Other features include the ECG app and electrical and optical heart sensors for added convenience and functionality. This smartwatch is available in 6 color variations with the same aluminum case and in a choice of either a loop or band option. It’s also water-resistant, so using this watch even when washing your hands and face is not a problem.

17. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Top 1

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Highlights about this watch

  • Circular interface and a rotating bezel
  • Elegant curve and premium finishes
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Convenient wireless charging dock
  • Built-in fitness tracker
  • Scratch-resistant Gorilla glass 

If you want a smartwatch for a nurse but with a look closer to a regular watch, the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch (17) is the perfect option for you. It features a circular design with a rotating navigation bezel that gives you quick access to notifications, widgets, and apps. More so, it is considered to be one of the best smartwatches for nurses because of its multiple features, such as news updates, calendar notifications, text messaging, and built-in fitness tracking.

For the kind of convenience any nurse would like, this smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, so you can easily sync in your devices. It has a customizable modern design, wireless charging dock, and durable design meant for sports and other fast-paced activities. Plus, you won’t go wrong with its ability to withstand minor water splashes and immersions because it has a water-resistant quality with an IP68 water-resistance rating.

This Samsung smartwatch is made of AMOLED touchscreen with a 360×360 pixel resolution that makes it very clear to see.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Watch for Nurses?

  1. Type of watch – The first thing you need to ask yourself is your preference when it comes to watches. Do you need the regular wristwatch or the lapel type of watch? Perhaps, you also want to use a more high-tech one which is a smartwatch for nurses.
  2. Analog or Digital – If you want the analog design, then you won’t have problems with regular charging, plus you can time it down to the last second. If you want the digital one, then there is more option for you to customize your choices. You choose what best represents your style and needs.
  3. Watch face or display – Keep in mind that there are watches that provide both 12 and 24-hour markings, contrasting hand colors, larger numerical marks, and quick date displays. You have to check which nurse watch gives you the readability and functionality that you need. 
  4. Durability – As a nurse who works in a fast-paced environment, make sure that the watch you will purchase is easy to clean. A watch with water-resistant quality is also a great feature in a nurse watch.


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