7 Best Cute Scrub Dresses for Nurses [Perfect for Pinning Ceremony]

The white nurse dresses that we used to see nurses wear are no longer a trend in the nursing profession. Most nurses you see nowadays are wearing cute scrubs that have different styles and colors. There are good reasons for the significant switch, which includes comfort and style.

Wearing cute scrubs also allow nurses to spot contaminants and bodily fluids easily. When made using the right material, they are also easy to clean using detergents and heat, unlike the classic white scrub dresses. Plus, these are inexpensive when replaced. 

When choosing the best cute scrub dress, keep in mind that aesthetics is not enough. It must be comfortable and easy to wash, too!

Still unsure what nurse scrub dress is the best for you? Read further below as we give you a list of the 7 best cute scrub dresses that are also perfect for pinning ceremonies.

1. Adar Universal Scrub Dress

Top 1

Adar Universal Scrub Dress

Our favorite features:

  • Classic fit
  • Curved midriff
  • Elastic waist snaps
  • Double-breasted button closure
  • Covers below the knee  

First on our list is the Adar Universal Scrub Dress (1) that screams comfort and sophistication in one. Wearing this white nurse scrub dress is comfortable and stylish at the same time. With its embroidered midriff and elastic waist snaps, this long sleeve scrub dress can give you an alluring shape.

Other features of this cute scrub dress are its side slash pockets that you can use to store some of your nursing duty essentials. It also has double-breasted button closure, shoulder pads, small tucks at the shoulders, and pleats on waist. As for its center back, it measures 45 inches in size 12.

Lastly, this white scrub dress is durable as it is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Plus, it’s the kind of dress you can strut during your pinning ceremony!

2. Koi 905 Women’s Alexandra Scrub Dress

Top 1

Koi 905 Women’s Alexandra Scrub Dress

Our favorite features:

  • Knee-length
  • Easy-snap button
  • Stitched-in belt
  • 4 roomy pockets
  • Available in 2 colors

Here’s a cute scrub dress that looks versatile and fashionable at the same time (2). 

It’s a multi-pocket ensemble with 4 spacious pockets, two of which are front patch pockets. These pockets are so functional because they are roomy enough for your stuff to fit in. It also has a stitched-in belt and easy-snap button that make this scrub dress smart and convenient to wear. More so, it comes with a spread collar and long sleeves with roll-tab closure that adds comfort to the wearer.

Furthermore, this dress is your ideal get-up for your pinning ceremony due to its lightweight and soft texture as it’s made up of cotton and polyester fabrics. With superior quality guaranteed by its top-notch workmanship, this scrub dress that has a center back that measures 39.75 inches is a must-have for nurses.

3. Dickies Women’s Button Front Scrub Dress

Top 1

Dickies Women’s Button Front Scrub Dress

Our favorite features:

  • Accessible and functional front pockets
  • Side slits for mobility
  • Cinched-in waist for shape
  • Elastic waist back for easy fitting
  • Made of 40% polyester and 60% cotton

Another scrub that will also work as a pinning ceremony dress is the Dickies Women’s Button Front Scrub Dress (3). It’s an amazing all-around nurse scrub dress that is beyond comfort and style. It has two large front pockets and a chest pocket on its left. Its side slit feature also allows for more mobility when you are going out and about.

Wearing this cute nursing dress also makes you look good because of its cinched-in waist that gives you a beautiful shape. It’s made of a front waistband that has button tabs, bust darts, and an elastic waist back. What makes it even more fashionable is its notched collar and eight-button fly closure.

Also, it’s important to mention that this cute white nursing dress for pinning runs a bit shorter than the average size, so it’s the perfect fit for the average and below-average height women.

Overall, it’s a classic nursing dress of breathable material that also boasts of strength and endurance. It can withstand multiple wears and washes.

4. White Cross 8011 Wrap A-Line Dress

Top 1

White Cross 8011 Wrap A-Line Dress

Our favorite features:

  • Mock-wrap neckline
  • Wide waistband
  • Various size options
  • Available in 2 colors  

The White Cross 8011 Wrap A-Line Dress (4) is made of comfort and style. It is simple yet sleek-looking. It has front closures and a banded waist design to give you shape and a mock-wrap neckline.

The two front patch pockets are also amazing features because you can easily access your nursing duty essentials through these spacious pockets. Moreover, it has a wide waistband for a great fitting and inset sleeves that add breathability to this scrub dress.

Even better, this white nurse dress comes in various sizes including medium and plus-sizes up to 5XL. We highly recommend this cute scrub dress for the medium-sized and plus-sized fashionable nurses who aim to look prim and proper.

It even comes in white and navy-blue color choices. However, some user reviews say that the white version appears to be sheer so you have to wear white underclothing to conceal the sheerness. Nonetheless, it’s not a major issue because you can use an undergarment. If you’re not comfortable with one, then you can opt for the navy blue one.

Finally, it’s made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, so you can be sure that this plus-size scrub dress is durable enough to be the most suitable white nursing dress for graduation and for work!

This A-line scrub dress’ empire waist makes you look pretty and feminine in crisp white as you trail down the nursing hall.

5. White Cross 8014 Pleated Mock Wrap Dress

Top 1

White Cross 8014 Pleated Mock Wrap Dress

Our favorite features:

  • V-shaped neckline
  • A-line design for great mobility
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Available in various sizes
  • Cell phone pocket

The White Cross 8014 Pleated Mock Wrap Dress (5) comes in various sizes from XXS to 4XL. Therefore, it’s an ideal white nurse uniform dress for all body types and sizes.

We also love how unique it is because of the V-shaped neckline that makes it refine-looking. It also features a back strap that accentuates your waist. Moreover, it has other features that provide conveniences, such as a cell phone pocket and two lower patch pockets. The spaghetti back tie belt also makes this scrub dress more feminine-looking.

Of course, like how durable the other nursing scrub dresses we have on the list, this mock wrap dress has the same durability because it is made of 35% cotton poplin and 65% polyester. If you are also looking for white scrubs for pinning, then this makes a great choice.

6. Cherokee Infinity Women’s Scrub Dress

Top 1

Cherokee Infinity Women’s Scrub Dress

Our favorite features:

  • Contemporary collar
  • Button fly closure
  • Instrument loop and ID badge loop
  • 4-way stretch
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Comes in 2 color choices

If you want a cute scrub dress that features a collar, then the Cherokee Infinity Women’s Scrub Dress (6) is ideal. It gives you a balance of feminine and casual in one dress.

It features a button fly closure, self-belt waist, welt pocket, and knit back panel. Additional features you will enjoy about this nursing scrub dress are the instrument loop and bungee ID badge loop. Certainly, this is the perfect scrub dress from Amazon that adds value to your money because it is sensitive to your needs as a nurse.

The best part about this that you can even use it as a nursing graduation scrub because of its 4-way stretch design. Most nurses who have reviewed this scrub speak about how comfortable it is to wear because it is stretchable. Of course, we credit it to its material composition made of 5% spandex and 95% polyester.

Finally, because of its antimicrobial technology, this scrub and nurse pinning ceremony dress in one is wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking.

7. WonderWink Women’s Zip Front Dress

Top 1

WonderWink Women’s Zip Front Dress

Our favorite features:

  • Simple cut
  • Breathable fabric
  • Moisture-wick
  • V-neckline

With only a few features, the WonderWink Women’s Zip Front Dress (7) is the most affordable scrub dress on our list. The design is straightforward but can make you look prim and proper.

This nursing scrub dress resembles a regular shirt dress but with an added feature of comfort because of its material. It is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester which help in wicking the moisture out. This aspect is very important when you are working in humid environments.

The downside, however, is its sheerness. It may be breathable enough, but the sheerness makes other users feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it can be resolved by wearing an underslip. 

Most user reviews suggest choosing a size smaller because the actual item tends to be bigger. 

Of course, its two roomy lower top-loading pockets and hidden cellphone pocket add to this scrub dress’ overall comfort and convenience. We also recommend it as a great white scrub for the pinning ceremony.

What to Look for in the Best Cute Scrub Dresses?

There are tons of options to choose from, but you have to pay attention to a nursing scrub’s comfort, functionality, and style. Other things you must also look for in cute nursing dress is the after-care requirements, design, protection from contaminants, and reasonable pricing.

The ones we have listed in this article met those requirements. Below are also the reasons why you must pay attention to these qualities when choosing the best cute scrub dress.

  1. Comfort – A nurse’s life is hectic; hence you have to choose a scrub dress that gives you that needed comfort. Example features include side slits for mobility, V-necklines for breathability, adjustable waist for unrestricted movement, and amazing material composition. 
  2. After Care – Most scrub dresses these days are made in a way that they do not pick grime and dirt easily. This doesn’t they’re immune to stains. You still need to wash them, regardless. So, choose a scrub dress that’s easy to wash and can tolerate heavy detergents and heat. Keep in mind that you must be able to remove and sterilize blood stains and fluids when washing your scrub dress. 
  3. Design – Your life as a nurse may involve running around for the most part of your shift, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget about design. Choose cute scrub dresses that help in accentuating your waist to give off that beautiful feminine shape. After all, being confident with what you wear adds to the quality of your job as a nurse! 
  4. Protection from Contaminants – A nursing scrub is not a nursing scrub for a reason. It is made of materials that guard you against bacteria and other contaminants. Therefore, it is very crucial that you buy nursing scrubs that are made by trusted scrub manufacturers. 
  5. Reasonable Pricing – Nurse scrub dresses are sold at different prices. There are expensive ones that go above $30 and there are less expensive ones that are less than $20. Regardless, remember that the price should be reasonable enough. In other words, the price should reflect the quality and comfort of the dress.  


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