7 Best SAT Prep Courses for 2023: Top Online School Picks & Reviews


The Princeton Review

  • SAT Manual Version 6.0
  • 10 practice tests for the SAT
  • Cracking the SAT premium

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  • 100% online
  • Score improvement guarantee
  • Personalized study plan

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Prep Expert

  • 6-week Flagship course
  • 3-week Fast Track course
  • Weekend Review

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Every year, thousands of high school juniors and seniors take the SAT, a standardized test developed by the College Board to assess students’ mathematics, literacy, and writing skills.

Before we go over the list of the best SAT online prep courses online, it is important for us to know what makes a prep course effective. SAT prep courses out there have different content, styles, and pace. So what makes a good one?

Top-caliber instructors

If you are looking to get a high score on the SAT, why not learn from former examinees who aced the test themselves? The best SAT prep classes and courses have experienced and committed instructors that will not only expand your knowledge on concepts but also give you the best strategies for taking the SAT. 

Most prep courses have instructors from the 99th percentile of SAT takers. Some even have teachers who had a perfect score on the SAT. 

Score Guarantee

One measure of a prep course’s effectiveness is a score guarantee. Numerous prep courses ensure that a student can obtain a specific score or see an improvement on their SAT score or get a refund. 

Quality prep materials

A good prep course should have prep materials that are not only helpful but also effective. The top SAT prep courses online make use of formerly administered SATs as the basis for their practice questions. Some give out prep books, create the best SAT prep YouTube videos, and/or develop mobile applications for easier access. 

In this article, we will look at the 7 best online SAT Prep courses today and they shine on the SAT prep scene.

Compare BEST SAT Prep Courses

Rank Products Feature Website
Best Overall

1400+ and 1500+ Score guarantee

Top-caliber instructors

Engaging online classes

Best Budget Option

Quality instructional videos

100% online

Highly affordable

Best Live Online Course

Developed by someone who perfected the SAT

Values strategies

Effective virtual classes

Best Self-paced Course

You can take it on flights

Fast charging time

Functional kicktail

Best Material Quality

High-quality prep materials

Broad experience on SAT prep

Qbank feature

Best Student Support

Hour-by-hour pattern

Classroom experience option

Weekly email report

Best Personalized Study

Free consultation

Personal calendar feature

Weekly coaching sessions

7 Best SAT Prep Courses In 2021

1. The Princeton Review

Best Overall

The Princeton Review

With more than three decades of experience in SAT preparations and mentorship, The Princeton Review (1) tops the list of the best SAT prep courses. Some claim that this is the best online SAT prep program. The course has helped thousands of students get into the top universities and colleges in the country.

What makes The Princeton Review stand out among SAT test prep courses is its score guarantee feature. The Princeton Review offers two score guarantee packages: the 1400+ score guarantee (2) and the 1500+ score guarantee (3). 

It guarantees that you will get a score of 1400+ or 1500+ (depending on the package) on the SAT after taking the prep course. Otherwise, they will give your money back.

How do they ensure that their students are going to perform well after taking the course? Through excellent instructors and quality prep materials. It is not difficult to see how this course produces top-performing students on the SAT.

Looking for an SAT prep book? The Princeton Review gives you that. Here are the prep materials this course provides:

  • SAT Manual Version 6.0
  • 10 practice tests for the SAT
  • Cracking the SAT premium
  • Math Workout for the SAT
  • Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT
  • The Official SAT Study guide

Take note that the three elite books mentioned (the last three) are only included in the 1500+ Score Guaranteed package. Other packages include the standard course materials. 

What is great about The Princeton Review is that the instructors are experienced and very professional. The SAT prep classes, which can be taken live online or in-person, are interactive and engaging. Plus, the number of prep materials included in the packages are good enough for its price. 

The Princeton Review also offers tutoring services for those who want 1-on-1 study sessions and a self-paced course for students who prefer a flexible SAT prep schedule. They also have a mobile app for easier access.

This course’s price ranges from $599-$2299, depending on the package. With this price, The Princeton Reviews will help get you into the top universities and colleges in the country.

  • 1400+ and 1500+ Score guarantee
  • Top-caliber instructors
  • Engaging online classes
  • A good number of practice questions and tests
  • Quality SAT prep books included
  • Mobile app optimization can be improved
  • No flashcards

2. Magoosh

Best Budget Option


Magoosh is a self-paced prep course that remains one of the most preferred courses by students. What sets it apart from other courses is its affordability. For a low price, you can get quality instructional and practice materials from Magoosh.

Magoosh provides a +100 score guarantee (6). If you do not improve your SAT score by 100 points or more after taking the prep course, you can get your money back.

The requirements for the Magoosh score guarantee are the following:

  • You have previously taken the redesigned version of the SAT.
  • You must have a valid old score (less than 5 years old).
  • You must e-mail a copy of your “before” score. A screenshot of your online score report will do.

This SAT prep course is 100% online, so you will not have to travel to a prep center to take your study sessions. Magoosh provides 1500 SAT practice questions and 200 video lessons. You can also take an SAT online practice test up to three times. 

Also, Magoosh has one of the best SAT test prep mobile apps online. Use it to access your video lessons, practice questions, and tests. This mobile app is well-optimized and is created for a more efficient SAT prep experience. It is also available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Although purely online, Magoosh allows you to organize your own study plan. In this prep course, you get to choose which topics to work on and which allows you to target your weak spots to improve your score on certain sections of the SAT. 

Magoosh also shows you how committed it is in increasing your SAT score. This prep course has an SMS reminder feature, in which you will be constantly reminded to take the practice questions or watch the video lessons. 

This prep course also has an extensive library of topics, so you will be on track about the concepts you have and have not yet studied. 

Magoosh is a self-paced course, so you will not have a private tutor nor a physical instructor. However, Magoosh will not leave you hanging when the going gets tough. If you happen to not understand a video explanation or solution, you can always contact a Magoosh instructor via email. You can expect an answer or an explanation within 24 hours.

Magoosh is one of the most affordable SAT prep courses online. For as low as $129, you can have 1 year of access to the instructional videos, practice questions, and tests. 

Here are Magoosh’s pricing options:

  • 1 month – $100
  • 3 months – $119
  • 12 months – $129

If you are a student who is always on the go, or you just want to prepare for the SAT at your own pace and schedule, Magoosh is the ideal course for you. For an affordable rate, you can get access to quality prep materials that will help you crush the SAT.

  • Quality instructional videos
  • 100% online
  • Highly affordable
  • Score improvement guarantee
  • Personalized study plan
  • One of the best SAT prep mobile apps
  • Email support
  • No physical instructor
  • Email response might take long

3. Prep Expert

Best Overall

Prep Expert

Prep Expert has emerged as one of the most trusted SAT prep courses online. It was developed by Shaan Patel, the renowned SAT taker who had a perfect score and won an investment from Mark Cuban on the show Shark Tank. 


This prep course has gained popularity in recent years, but Prep Expert is not just about big names. It provides live courses that will not only expand your knowledge on essential theories and concepts needed on the SAT but also give out effective strategies on how to answer the test more efficiently.

What makes Prep Expert a great prep course is its top-caliber instructors. Not only is it developed by someone who literally perfected the SAT, but Dr. Patel is also surrounded by 99th percentile coaches who are experienced and professional.

Prep Expert offers five packages for their SAT prep course:

  • 6-week Flagship course
  • 3-week Fast Track course
  • Weekend Review
  • Self-paced course
  • Tutoring

With Prep Expert, you can choose an SAT test prep online package that is suitable for your schedule, budget, and goals. 

Prep Expert values students’ convenience, so they found a way to conduct SAT prep classes without the student having to go to a prep center. Prep Expert has developed a user-friendly SAT online virtual classroom. In this live virtual classroom, a whiteboard with the practice questions flashed in the middle. Your instructor’s live stream video will be on the corner. Also, all virtual classrooms have a chatbox, so you can ask your instructors whenever you have questions. 

Although a little expensive, the tutoring services are great. The gold package gives you a private tutor that has over 1000 hours of experience, and the silver package gives you a tutor with more than 100 hours of experience (7).

This prep course also has a score improvement guarantee (8). The amount of score improvement varies from package to package, but each course ensures the student that they will get a higher score on the SAT after taking this course.

Here are the score improvement guarantees they offer per package:

  • 6-week Flagship course: 200-point improvement guarantee
  • 3-week Fast Track course: 100-point improvement guarantee
  • Self-paced course:  Score improvement guarantee

Prep Expert also has an impressive track record. This prep course has produced a good number of students who gained a perfect score on the SAT. Plenty of students also got to Ivy League schools after taking the course.

One downside here is that it is a little bit pricey compared to other prep courses. Its tutoring services, which are most of the time conducted online, cost a lot. However, this is the course many students who got into the Ivy Leagues recommend. 

Pricing options:

  • 6-week Flagship course: $799-$999
  • 3-week Fast Track course: $799-$999
  • Weekend Review: $299-$499
  • Self-paced course: $499-$699 (30 hours)
  • SAT Tutoring: $79-$300/hr
  • Developed by someone who perfected the SAT
  • Values strategies
  • Effective virtual classes
  • Wide range of course options
  • Impressive track record
  • A bit expensive
  • Non-self-paced courses might be too fast
  • Very few prep center locations for in-person sessions

4. Kranse Institute

Best Self-paced Course

Kranse Institute Logo

Kranse Institute

Kranse Institute is a self-paced course developed by Shaan Patel, the renowned SAT taker who perfected the test. He also developed Prep Expert. How is this SAT online prep course different from Prep Expert then? 

It provides a purely self-paced course with hundreds of bite-sized instructional videos. No live classes or tutoring sessions and No SAT prep book. You will only need an internet connection, and you can access the prep materials anytime on any device.

Kranse Institute’s videos run for an average of 10 minutes per video, which is not overwhelming for students. This SAT online prep course has 5 sections:

  • Becoming an SAT Essay Expert
  • Becoming an SAT Writing Expert
  • Becoming an SAT Reading Expert
  • Becoming an SAT Math Expert

Dr. Shaam Patel himself conducts the instructional videos, so you know you are in good hands. What is impressive with this test prep course is that it values strategies as much as theories and concepts. 

Kranse Institute will teach how to get the answers correctly and efficiently. This prep course gives out strategies such as writing templates for the essay sections and substitution techniques for the Math section.

Kranse Institute utilizes a formerly administered SAT. This gives you a glimpse of what you can expect when taking the SAT.

This prep course includes:

  • 18 months of access to prep materials
  • Free mobile app
  • 147 individual lessons
  • 30 hours of lecture
  • 100 strategies designed by Dr. Shaan Patel

Kranse Institute also has a money-back guarantee (11). It is confident that your score will increase that they would give you your money back 100% if you don’t see an improvement. 

This prep course provides one of the longest accessibility periods for an SAT review course. Once you decide to take the course, you will be given 18 months of access to instructional videos. This is quite long compared to other courses that offer only 1 year of access or less. Whether you are preparing for the SAT for more than one year, or you are cramming weeks before the test, this prep course is ideal for you. 

Kranse Institute also developed one of the best online SAT prep mobile apps. You can access instructional videos and lectures anytime and anywhere. It also tracks your progress throughout the course. Plus, it offers cash prize contests, auto-updates, and tips for student motivation.

The price for the Kranse Institute SAT prep course is not very expensive either, considering that you have 18-month access to the prep materials. One downside, though, is that it only offers 1 package. 

The Kranse Institute prep course costs $499-$599, depending on whether there are promos available.

5. Kaplan

Best Material Quality


Kaplan has been a household name when it comes to SAT preparations. This prep course has a broad experience in helping students boost their SAT scores and offers the best prep materials. It has a wide range of options that you can choose from based on your prep style and budget (4). Kaplan offers live courses, tutoring sessions, and self-paced courses, so you can find a course that is suitable for your style and preferred pace.

This SAT prep course has a detailed study plan, which will keep you on track throughout the duration of the course. What is good about Kaplan is that in every SAT study session, you will tackle topics from all sections of the test. This study plan allows you to maintain a good grasp of all the SAT sections throughout the course. 

Kaplan has been known as a prep course that provides the best set of SAT prep books. Their prep books contain thousands of practice questions that cover all the sections of the SAT. Plus, it includes detailed explanations and detailed subject reviews. Kaplan also offers SAT prep books that provide SAT strategies and expert tips.

Another impressive feature of Kaplan is the Qbank, a storage for all the SAT practice questions. In the Qbank, you can segregate the questions you have answered correctly, incorrectly, and those you have not answered yet. 

Kaplan also has a score improvement guarantee (5). If your SAT score does not improve after taking the course, you can either choose to reactivate your account or to get your money back.

This prep course also developed a mobile app, so you can access your instructional materials anytime and anywhere.

The prices of Kaplan range from $499-$1999, depending on the course plan you are taking. Tutoring services are more expensive than live online classes but provide you with a good answer if you search for the best SAT tutors near me. Let’s hope there’s one available nearby for your convenience. 

Kaplan is one of the most reputable SAT prep courses online. With this course, you will surely get your money’s worth.

  • High-quality prep materials
  • Broad experience on SAT prep
  • Qbank feature
  • Score improvement guarantee 
  • Wide range of course options
  • Some issues with the mobile app
  • Can get too organized and structured

6. PrepScholar

Best Student Support


This prep course is also a newcomer in the SAT prep course scene. Despite having less experience than other elite prep courses online, Prep Scholar has emerged as one of the most effective and best student support prep courses online.

PrepScholar provides SAT practice questions, practice tests, video lessons, live online classes, and tutoring services that will help you improve your SAT score. 

What makes PrepScholar a unique prep course is that it developed an hour-by-hour pattern that you can follow for a more efficient and effective SAT preparation (9). If you decide to take this course, you’ll probably follow the hourly pattern. How is this structured?

1. First 10 minutes Account creation and activation
2. First hour 60-minute diagnostic test
3. Hours 2-10

8 60-minute lessons:

  • 20 minutes – Teaching portion
  • 20 minutes – Practice quiz
  • 20 minutes – Review portion
4. Hours 11-14 Full-length practice test
5. Hours 15+ Customized prep

PrepScholar offers 3 course packages: Complete SAT online prep, live classes, and tutoring. Here is how the packages differ from each other:

  1. Complete SAT online prep:
  • Self-paced
  • 1-year access to the program
  • 210+ hours of content
  • 7100+ practice questions
  • 700+ problem-solving videos
  • 98 skill lessons with strategy videos
  • 49 fine-grained skills to master
  • Diagnostic quiz
  • 10 practice tests
  1. PrepScholar Classes
  • Same inclusions, but will be taken through live online classes. 
  1. Complete + Tutoring
  • Same inclusions, but with hours of tutoring with a private tutor from PrepScholar
  • Tutoring is done through Skype or Google Hangouts

PrepScholar also has a money-back guarantee (10). Your SAT score will improve by 160 points or more, or you will get your money back.

PrepScholar shows its commitment to students and parents through a great student support system. One of the prep course’s best features is that it sends a weekly email report to both enrolled students and their parents. This lists down the number of hours you have studied for the week. It also gives compliments for a job well-done and warnings if you’re slacking off.

This SAT prep course also has a lot of good reviews from students and parents. Many have improved SAT scores after taking the course and staying committed to one of the best SAT test prep classes.  

Although a newcomer to the prep course scene, PrepScholar’s price range is close to those of established courses. 

Here are PrepScholar’s price options:

  • Complete SAT Online prep: $397
  • PrepScholar Classes: $895
  • Complete + Tutoring: $995+
  • Hour-by-hour pattern
  • Classroom experience option
  • Weekly email report
  • 160+ score guarantee
  • A bit expensive
  • Platform design can be improved

7. Testive

Best Personalized Study


Concluding our list of the best online SAT prep courses is Testive. Founded in 2011, it has emerged as one of the most recognized prep courses online. It provides personal coaching, 3000+ SAT practice questions and video explanations that will help boost your SAT score.

What makes Testive stand out among SAT prep courses is that it values prep personalization. The goal is to give you a prep experience that is suitable for your prep style and schedule. In fact, you will have a free consultation before starting the course. 

In this phone call consultation, Testive’s test experts will identify the appropriate starting point for you. You will also take a diagnostic test to identify the areas you would need to work on. 

Testive offers three packages for their SAT course: Coaching, Coaching Plus, and Bootcamp.

With the Coaching package, you will get:

  • 3000+ SAT practice questions
  • 50 hours of video lectures
  • Email and phone support
  • Access to the online platform
  • Full-length SAT practice tests
  • Weekly hour-long coaching sessions

The Coaching Plus package has the same inclusions, but you will get additional weekly hour-long coaching sessions. The Bootcamp package also includes the same features as the Coaching Plus package, but it is taken at a shorter duration and at a faster pace. Bootcamp is also more intensive compared to the Coaching package. 

Testive’s coaches are committed and experienced. Their coaches are among the top 1% of the SAT takers, so you know you will get a prep course that is good and effective (12). Most of the coaches also attended Ivy League schools.

With its weekly coaching sessions, Testive gives the student a prep experience with a “human touch.” The mentors are professional as well. 

Testive has a correction function on the practice questions. If you answered a question incorrectly, a video explanation will be shown. This way, you’ll know why you got the wrong answer and how to get the correct answer. 

Testive also has a personal planning feature. You can organize your own study schedule through a personal calendar. Its online platform is also easy to use and well-optimized for a more efficient prep experience.

Testive’s price range is not expensive, but it is not cheap either. 

  • Coaching: $799
  • Coaching Plus: $599
  • Bootcamp: $799
  • Free consultation
  • Personal calendar feature
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Video explanations for mistakes
  • Feedback emails
  • No flashcards
  • No in-person option

Final thoughts

There you go, the 7 best SAT test prep courses online. These prep courses are chosen based on effectiveness, ease of use, and value for money. Some are fast-paced, some are not. Some are expensive, some are pocket-friendly. 

Despite having different styles and content, all these online courses will definitely help you boost your SAT score. It is only a matter of preference. 

If you are looking to perform at your best during the SAT test day, enroll in one of these courses. They are effective in helping you prepare for the SAT and joining the university or college you have always dreamed of attending. 


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