10 Best Nursing Storage & Foldable Clipboards for Work Efficiency

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Whitecoat Foldable Nursing Clipboard

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Saunders SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard

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NRSNG Storage and Foldable Clipboard

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A nursing foldable clipboard is one of the essentials of a nurse. Regardless if you are still a student or already working in the field, you’re going to find a good use for a great foldable clipboard that would make your job efficient.

The advantage of having a folding clipboard is unquestionable. Having one makes your life easier because it helps you organize confidential documents and patient records. Other than that, it also allows you to write comfortably and, combined with storage, lets you store writing essentials and other nursing gear safely.

It is an indispensable item for any nurse! For this reason, we want to help find the best nursing clipboards to invest in.

10 Best Nursing Storage & Foldable Clipboards for Work Efficiency

1. Whitecoat Foldable Nursing Clipboard

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Whitecoat Foldable Nursing Clipboard

Coming from a company that makes various clipboards for all kinds of health professionals, the Whitecoat Foldable Nursing Clipboard (1) is one of our favorite folding clipboards. Its design is pretty straightforward and comes in various color options.

It is a full-sized foldable nursing clipboard made from aluminum, making it lightweight. This is also HIPAA compliant, which is the mark of high-quality and credibility to hold sensitive patient records. It can also hold various medical notes and cheat sheets for easier access.

The best part about this simple folding clipboard is its powder-coated finish. This makes it durable enough to last longer.

2. Saunders SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard

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Saunders SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard

Another nursing clipboard we find functional and stylish is the Saunders SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard (2). Although it is not a folding clipboard, its overall quality is still top-notch. It’s affordable too.

This nursing clipboard includes a top-open, one-handed easy access large compartment that can fit a pad of paper and other small nursing essentials like pens. It also has a smooth writing surface for that added convenience. The clip in this clipboard storage case may be low-profile but can hold up to half an inch of paper.

Another thing we love about this clipboard is its snap closure that secures materials inside the storage compartment. It comes in 13 color choices.

Lastly, it’s made of polypropylene, hence it’s a durable clipboard that you can use with confidence. The sleek design also makes it portable enough to fit in purses and briefcases.

3. NRSNG Storage and Foldable Clipboard

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NRSNG Storage and Foldable Clipboard

A nursing clipboard with storage that’s made exclusively for nurses is the NRSNG Storage and Foldable Clipboard (3). Not only is it storage and folding clipboard, but also a clinical reference guide, which is especially helpful for nursing students who are doing clinical practice.

It’s one of the best nursing clipboards for many reasons: 

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Approved for use with confidential documents
  • A quality product that serves its purpose well

Its most unique feature, however, is the “Must Know Nursing Facts” which show work-related details like normal vital signs and ABG values, CBC, dosage calculations, LFTs, IM injection sites, and EKG basics. 

Overall, it’s durable and can withstand the test of time, even when exposed to fast-paced environments like clinics and hospitals.

4. Tribe RN Foldable Nursing Clipboard

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Tribe RN Foldable Nursing Clipboard

This nursing clipboard features both a storage and a clipboard and is one of the best medical folding clipboards on the market. Aside from having a useful clipboard in the front where you can attach nursing clinical cheat sheets and files, its back features color-coded medical references so you can find vital information quickly.

The storage space is also roomy enough to store confidential patient documents. Plus, it’s a HIPAA-compliant, so you’re ensured that what you store is protected. It also comes in various colors – pink, red, purple, light blue, and black.

Indeed, the Tribe RN Foldable Nursing Clipboard (4) is a must-have.

5. Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case

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Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case

If you are looking for the best folding clipboard for nursing that makes it easy to keep your things organized, the Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case (5) is what you need. It is a very functional clipboard that can also be used as a briefcase.

It is the best clipboard because of its ample inner pocket that can store letter-sized papers. There are also three smaller outer pockets that you can use to place small office supplies like pens, pencils, and paper clips.

Are you worried about CDs and business cards getting scratched due to usage? Don’t worry, as this nursing clipboard also features separate pockets to store these items. Opening the storage compartment of this clipboard is also easy as it has a strong clasp system and an ergonomic handgrip.

Overall, the quality of this foldable clipboard is topnotch. It is an amazing investment for any nurse as it’s the perfect 2-in-1 clipboard and briefcase design.

6. Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box

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Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box

Another item from Officemate is the Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box (6). We ranked this as the ideal pocket nurse clipboard because it is slim enough to fit in most briefcases and small purses, which is why it is the preferred clipboard even by those who work in outdoor job sites.

It looks like a traditional clipboard but with added features, including extra storage spaces where you can store not only documents and cheat sheets, but also writing accessories like pens and paper clips. This product is the best portable clipboard you can find because of its ergonomic hand-grips and low-profile metal clip for comfort and easy transport.

With three color choices available, you surely won’t go wrong with this nursing pocket clipboard.

7. Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard

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Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard

Not exactly foldable or come with storage, but the Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard (7) still takes a spot on our list. This is because this nursing clipboard is also a medical student clipboard with advanced features, such as a clock, timer, alarm, and calculator.

Every nursing student would find this very convenient and useful because it has medical diagnostic references. Both the front and back also have rulers in inch and centimeter units of measurement.

We would say that this clipboard is the best clipboard for writing because it has a smooth writing surface. The overall quality is also great. Thanks to the heavy-duty ASP plastic that it’s made from.

8. Trade Quest Transparent Clipboard

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Trade Quest Transparent Clipboard

Do you always have lots of documents to pile while doing rounds? The Trade Quest Transparent Clipboard (8) is the perfect companion. Although it can fit only letter-sized papers, it’s huge enough to stack and organize around 80 to 100 sheets of regular papers.

Because it’s made of high-quality materials, this nursing school clipboard is durable enough to serve you longer. Any cheat sheets and papers you will clip onto this nursing clipboard are also guaranteed safe because of the clip’s polished metal quality and sturdy spring. The rubberized corners also help in tucking in the papers safely and neatly.

This product is available in eight colors–white, blue, dark blue, red, purple, pink, orange, and green.

9. Saunders Recycled Aluminum Storage Clipboard

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Saunders Recycled Aluminum Storage Clipboard

The Saunders Recycled Aluminum Storage Clipboard (9) is the most unique clipboards we have on our list in terms of material. It is made of high-quality recycled aluminum that makes it sturdy and environment-friendly.

Organizing documents using what we consider the best aluminum clipboard is easy because of the deep storage base and an easy-access tray of the internal dual storage system. On the outside of this clipboard are a matte finish and a sturdy metal clasp that help to secure sheets of paper and documents. What adds convenience to this clipboard are the metal hinges found at the end of the clipboard because they help in closing and opening the clipboard quickly.

Other things to appreciate about this nursing foldable clipboard is that it comes in two sizes: legal size (8.5″ x 14″) and letter size (8.5″ x 11″), and two-color options, aluminum gray and black.

10. Dexas Slimcase Storage Clipboard

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Dexas Slimcase Storage Clipboard

Last on our list is the most affordable nursing clipboard and that’s the Dexas Slimcase Storage Clipboard (10). It is also the most versatile because its storage clipboard can hold notebook-sized paper (A4 size) and legal pads. The exterior steel clip, on the other hand, can hold patient records, cheat sheets, and other medical documents for filing.

For documents you need to keep private, you can place them in the storage compartment that easily latches closed. The high-impact and break-resistant plastic not only protects the documents and other paraphernalia from rapid movements but also from spills.

Overall, this folding clipboard for nursing is a big hit among nurses and other professionals because it’s a combination of affordability and function. The slim design makes it a great portable clipboard while its large storage capacity makes it worth every penny.

This foldable nursing clipboard comes in seven color choices – black, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, strawberry, and royal blue.

What Makes the Best Nursing Clipboards?

  1. Functionality – The first thing you want to check is the clip itself. Is it strong enough to hold sheets of paper? How many papers does it support? It’s important to answer these questions because the clip is the main feature, hence called a clipboard. Also, you must check for other storage spaces like an internal storage compartment and other tiny compartments where other writing staples can be placed. 
  2. Durability – This is an important consideration when choosing the best nursing clipboard. You want to make sure that what holds sensitive medical records is made of high-quality material. It should be able to protect papers from tears, crumpling, and spills. 
  3. Security – Most of the nursing clipboards we have listed are versatile enough that they can be used by other professionals. However, as a nurse yourself, keep in mind that you have to invest in clipboards that are HIPAA-compliant. This means that the clipboard’s design goes well with the rules of HIPAA in terms of storing documents that are confidential. Aside from this, it also guarantees that your medical folding clipboard is made of high-quality materials. 

What else Should you know about clipboards?

The good news about using nursing clipboards is, you can accessorize it to increase its functionality. Examples of accessories that go well with your clipboard are

  • A clipboard waistband that helps prevent documents from unnecessary movement
  • A book light that provides low light when reading. 
  • A clipboard stand for when you want to read or write hands-free, without holding the nursing clipboard itself.

Ready to shop for one of the best nursing clipboards for your needs?


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