7 Best NCLEX Prep Apps for 2023: Top Picks & Reviews

Studying for the NCLEX requires tons of time that doing so can actually get in the way of other commitments. The good news is, there are other ways for you to have quick study sessions anytime and anywhere. Presenting, the best NCLEX apps to the rescue.

I can best recommend NCLEX Mastery as a must-have mobile app in your study prep on top of other resource materials like NCLEX books. But there are other apps you can download and utilize to your advantage.

1. NCLEX Mastery

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Study on the go with this NCLEX app that comes with the following features:

  • Practice questions
  • Mnemonics
  • Terminology bank
  • Quizzes
  • Progress tracker

Moreover, this app is also capable of predicting your likelihood to pass the NCLEX based on your scores – another reason why it is tagged as one of the best NCLEX apps. However, like NCLEX Mastery, the prices of the subscriptions in order to use the app are expensive.

2. UWorld

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Known as one of the best providers of NCLEX courses, UWorld promises the same guarantee of success to its app users. Aside from giving you a generous amount of questions, it also provides you explanations to every concept. Other features include the following:

  • Over 2,000 NCLEX-RN questions
  • Includes over 30% SATA alternate items
  • Detailed medical images and charts
  • Performance statistics

There are also detailed explanations with photos for every correct and incorrect answer. The usage of this app comes with three subscriptions to choose from –1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Plus, there is a double money-back guarantee (1) if you don’t pass the test.

A little downside on this is due to its pricing, which is a little steep for a mobile prep app. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing resource material that you can access anytime and anywhere.

3. Epocrates

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Like what most users say, this NCLEX app is like a quick survival guide for both nursing students and nurses when it comes to prescribing medicines. Among its features are as follows:

  • Rx and OTC monographs
  • Drug interaction checker
  • Pill identifier
  • 600+ dosing calculators, medical equations, and tools
  • Drug coverage information
  • Peer-reviewed disease content from the BMJ
  • Labs and ICD-10 codes

Although it is not an app dedicated to the NCLEX prep, still it is a beneficial app, especially for those who have learning gaps in understanding the drugs and medications section of the NCLEX. If you need an app that tackles various nursing topics, then this one may not be a perfect choice.

4. ATI RN Mentor

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ATI RN Mentor


Patterned after the NCLEX-RN 2013 test plan, this app offers a multitude of offers which makes it one of the best NCLEX review apps. Here are some of its significant features:

  • Over 800 NCLEX questions
  • Alternate item questions
  • Customizable quizzes
  • Built-in calculator
  • Student-lead discussions

The ATI RN Mentor takes pride in the formulation of its questions as they were developed by ATI nurse educators themselves. If there is a downside, that would be its lack of features for tracking your learning progress which is very crucial.

5. HESI NCLEX-RN Exam Prep

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This best NCLEX prep app speaks so much about the comprehensive study that is required of you to pass the NCLEX. What makes it comprehensive? Below are some of its features:

  • Over 650 questions
  • 5 practice exams with the same electronic testing format
  • Realistic test-taking strategies
  • Includes progress tracker
  • Bookmark feature for your favorite questions
  • Test history feature
  • Accessible even without internet

It’s amazing that this app has it all for you to prepare for the NCLEX even just by using a mobile phone or tablet. It is also available in both Google Play and the App Store.

6. Picmonic


If you’re looking for a more engaging NCLEX app, then this app is for you. It has mnemonic videos and spaced repetition quizzing study tool to aid your learning as you prep for the exam. Here are its features:

  • Over 10,000 quiz questions
  • More than 1,000 entertaining mnemonic videos

More so, this app comes with free access to one mnemonic video of your choice and 20 quiz questions. Plus, you can also enjoy its daily quiz with a spaced repetition feature with this access. For unlimited access, you can try their subscriptions at affordable prices.

It’s great, but not comprehensive enough like other apps with rationales and progress trackers.

Picmonic is all the rage in social media because it has memorable characters that will make your study prep very entertaining.

7. NRSNG Scrubcheats

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Another app that you can use for both NCLEX test prep and nursing practice is the NRSNG Scrubcheats app. It has tons of informational guides about various nursing topics. Other features are as follows:

  • Over 70 cheatsheets
  • Offline mode is available for quick references

The topics it covers include cardiac, endocrine, gastrointestinal, pharmacology, lab values, nursing fundamentals, respiratory, obstetric, pediatric, and many more.

Basically, this is an NCLEX app that offers an abundance of information, but not as an excellent prep tool because it doesn’t have practice questions that will train you to be test-ready. However, it’s certainly an amazing study guide that you can use during your actual nursing practice.

What Are the Considerations in Choosing the Best App?

There are a few things you need to look into when picking the best app to supplement your NCLEX study prep. 

  1.   Number of questions – Choose a mobile app that can help you practice NCLEX-style questions even if you’re out and about. Therefore, an app that offers hundreds to thousands of questions is great.
  2.   Detailed explanations – Most likely, you won’t have any tutor to guide when you use a mobile app to prepare for the NCLEX (2), so this is the reason why you have to make sure that your choice of NCLEX app has detailed explanations and rationales.
  3.   Visual presentations – Studying with visual presentations is a plus, especially for students who are highly visual. Images and charts also help in explaining a complicated concept.
  4.   Ease of use – We cannot battle on this one as a mobile app is supposed to grant you convenience while you study for the exam. Therefore, consider an app that’s optimized for both Android and iOS.
  5.   Pricing – Given that you’re spending on other NCLEX prep materials like review books, you have to consider a mobile app that doesn’t come as too expensive.


Undeniably, we have NCLEX Mastery as the best NCLEX RN app, followed by UWorld and HESI NCLEX RN apps. These top three choices from our list deserved to be on their spots because the features and the kind of experience they guarantee are phenomenal, despite them being on the pricey side. 


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