9 Best LSAT Prep Courses for 2023: Top Online School Picks & Reviews


Manhattan Prep 2020

Manhattan Prep LSAT

  • 99th percentile instructors
  • Small-size classes
  • Comprehensive and high-quality materials

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Magoosh Logo

Magoosh LSAT

  • Affordable prices
  • Accessible study materials
  • Engaging video lessons

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Kaplan LSAT

Kaplan LSAT

  • Wide range of course options
  • Live online classes in two options
  • Score improvement guarantee

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Preparing for the LSAT exam requires you to study in an intensive manner. This means you have to maximize all your resources and use all the help you can find to be test-ready. There are a lot of ways for you to prep for the exam, and that includes enrolling in the best LSAT course. 

However, because there are a lot of options in the market, it’s easy for you to become overwhelmed and confused about which to go for. When you talk about the best LSAT test prep, however, Manhattan Prep LSAT is commonly suggested, and there’s a good reason why. 

To help you decide which LSAT test prep to go for, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best LSAT prep programs for 2020.

1. Manhattan Prep LSAT

Best Overall

Manhattan Prep LSAT


This is the best LSAT prep course provider for several reasons. 

First, it offers a variety of courses to fit all types of students with different budgets. Its courses include private tutoring, self-guided, live-learning, in-person class, quick reviews, and even single-section prep, which is similarly offered by Alpha Score LSAT.


Second, Manhattan Prep LSAT boasts of the widest array of comprehensive and high-quality study materials provided in all its course options. This includes its own published study prep books on LSAT, interactive videos with amazing systematic learning, homework explanations, challenge sets, cheatsheets, flashcards, online syllabus, review logs, drills, and quizzes.

Even better, its practice questions are fully integrated with the LSAC’s official digital practice tool (1). It also provides you with an LSAT navigator for you to analyze your results. Plus, you can utilize its other online resource for free. You can also connect with your study peers and share ideas and insights involving LSAT prep and law school in general through its online forum.

When it comes to the classes, you can get the right balance of attention from your tutor because the class size is small, which is crucial to effective learning. The instructors are also on the 99th percentile. This is a huge factor I always look into when reviewing test prep courses.

Finally, I highly appreciate how Manhattan Prep makes sure that its courses are not all expensive. Courses run from expensive to affordable although not as low cost as what Magoosh offers.

  • 99th percentile instructors
  • Small-size classes
  • Comprehensive and high-quality materials
  • Various courses with affordable prices
  • Integrated with the LSAC
  • Limited locations in their in-person classes
  • Video pacing can be slow and full of fluff

Final Verdict

Manhattan Prep LSAT is not as known as Kaplan or the Princeton Review, but it amazes me how excellent it is as an LSAT prep. Overall, it is the best LSAT course and I highly recommend it to those who want to pass the LSAT exams.

2. Magoosh LSAT

Best Budget Option

Magoosh LSAT


Magoosh LSAT has an unbeatable price range in the market that even 7Sage and Alpha Score cannot compete with. Its courses, however, are exclusively online, which means they’re not for students who prefer to study online or require a printed reference to be effective.


Magoosh also offers a 5-point increase guarantee, which is not typically offered in online exclusive courses, not especially affordable packages. For example, 7Sage and Alpha Score, both known for affordability, do not have score increase guarantees.

Moreover, this LSAT test prep gives you the option to test its course effectiveness within seven days of purchase. If you are not happy with your experience, you can contact its team of student support to claim your refund. You’ll have to meet the conditions to get your 7-day money-back guarantee, however. 

When it comes to its materials, you can use its integrated set of practice questions from the LSAC’s official practice questions, so you will be familiar with how the actual LSAT questions appear during the test day. You will also be able to understand the concepts better because Magoosh has converted over 800 concepts from the question bank into creative videos that tackle those concepts.

You also have an option to customize your study schedule. In case you need help with particular concepts, you can also reach out to their team of tutors via email support which is available 24/7. The response time, however, takes one to two business days, which is not ideal if you need urgent clarification about a certain concept or question.

Finally, you can also access the online materials in all kinds of devices, which makes Magoosh as the best LSAT review course for quick reviews.

  • Affordable prices
  • Accessible study materials
  • Engaging video lessons
  • 5-point increase guarantee
  • Integrated with LSAC’s practice questions
  • No in-person and live-online classes

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who thrives with just a minimal approach to studying, then Magoosh could work for you. Honestly, Magoosh LSAT is not for everybody although the prices are tempting. 

Therefore, you have to gauge your learning needs thoroughly before considering to enroll in the Magoosh LSAT review courses.

3. Kaplan LSAT

Best Personalized Study

Kaplan LSAT


Kaplan’s LSAT prep courses work in two major approaches–expert instruction and customizable practice. The Kaplan team believes that they have the strongest foundation of learning when you prep for any standardized test like LSAT. With over eight decades of experience, the test provider can afford to say it can give you the edge to master the LSAT before the test day.


Kaplan LSAT also gives you different options depending on your needs. You can try its online courses, which come in two options whether you need a small class size or a large one. If you also thrive in a traditional classroom environment, then you can opt for the in-person course. 

Even better, Kaplan LSAT gives you two choices for a self-paced kind of prep. If you want to prep at your own speed, then the DIY course is the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you need a private tutor so you can prep in the best way possible, there’s also a suitable course available. 

Whatever course you will end up with, you can make use of the score improvement guarantee. If you don’t achieve a higher score even after taking any of its LSAT prep courses, then you will get your money back, subject to certain conditions set forth by Kaplan, of course. 

Its prices, on the other hand, are quite expensive. If you want a more achievable price, then you can go for their DIY or self-paced course because it costs less than a thousand dollars. That is, if a self-paced option works for you. If you choose the expensive LSAT preparation programs, however, their quality is worth the price.

  • Wide range of course options
  • Live online classes in two options
  • Score improvement guarantee
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Lengthy hours of instruction
  • Expensive prices

Final Verdict

Kaplan is an amazing option if you want to pass the LSAT, but if you want an excellent option that is both high-quality and affordable with various courses to choose from, then there are better LSAT prep providers like Manhattan Prep.

Although Kaplan doesn’t always get the honor of being the BEST when it comes to test prep courses, it is one of the better options. As for LSAT test prep, they have four dedicated books (2) for it, and I bet each individual book gives you the edge you need to ace the LSAT.

4. 7Sage LSAT

Best Self-Paced Course

7Sage LSAT


Another affordable LSAT prep that is exclusively online is 7Sage LSAT. I consider it as the best self-paced course because it has a straightforward course option and two course access lengths–year long and monthly. 7Sage also prioritizes a good amount of study materials to supplement a student who is self-studying.


When compared with other affordable LSAT test prep courses like Magoosh and Alpha Score, 7Sage has more expensive pricing, but the comprehensiveness of its materials makes this reasonable enough. 7Sage has flashcards with fun designs, customized problem sets, printable practice questions, 95 LSAT prep tests, and over 50 easy-to-digest HD videos to aid you in your self-study.

With an all-out self-paced course, 7Sage also ensures that you get the right help. It gives you the option to personalize your study plan, talk with your study peers through its discussion board, and evaluate your progress through its diagnostic evaluation.

What makes 7Sage LSAT superior to other self-paced courses is its assimilation of various learning methods to help you handle different questions. Plus, it has an 11-point increase guarantee, which is a very bold claim for a self-paced course. The monthly subscription costs below $100 per month while the year-long access costs only $600. 

If you’re not sure about enrolling in this course, you can also proceed to the free trial. Try to get a feel of its materials and see for yourself if it’s possible to attain such a score increase through a self-paced prep.

  • Comprehensive study materials
  • Unique analytics
  • High-quality and engaging videos
  • Score increase guarantee
  • Affordable prices
  • No in-person and live online classes
  • No immediate tutor to talk to

Final Verdict

I would say this upfront. If you’re looking to prep for the LSAT with constant access to a tutor, then this LSAT online prep course is not for you. However, if you think you’ll thrive better self-studying, then I recommend 7Sage because it does a great job.

5. TestMasters LSAT

Best Material Quality

TestMasters LSAT


The LSAT exam is not always about facts, but it is all about spotting the logic and flow of every given situation. It is about testing your ability to reason out, analyze, and think critically. This is what TestMasters LSAT used to develop a unique LSAT test prep that focuses on strategies and methodologies.


By far, it is one of the best LSAT courses that can give you more avenues to hone your ability to handle various scenarios, which is crucial for any aspiring law student.

I am saying that TestMasters has the best material quality for LSAT because of its continuous research and innovation to come up with feasible strategies to make you test-ready. For instance, it breaks down question types in a comprehensive manner and gives out diagrams for you to get a visual explanation on how to maneuver a specific question.

TestMasters LSAT’s course materials come in different forms, such as lessons, homework, written explanations, and video instructions. You can also use the 20 full-length diagnostic tests for you to evaluate your progress since a detailed score report will also be given to you after the tests.

When it comes to the courses, you won’t find any self-guided course here. Instead, you’ll choose only from an in-person course, live-learning course, and private tutoring course depends on your learning style.

The LSAT review courses also come with a whopping price tag, so it’s not recommended for those who are on a tight budget. However, if you want to acquire great strategies for the LSAT, try TestMasters LSAT and see it for yourself.

  • 98th to 99th percentile instructors
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Focus on test-taking strategies
  • Extensive use of the digital LSAT
  • Classes available in several locations
  • No self-paced course
  • Expensive prices

Final Verdict

The man behind TestMasters LSAT is a world-record holder of 12 perfect LSAT scores, and he is the main reason why TestMaster’s course approach is all about methods. Therefore, if you are keen about honing your reasoning and analytical skills, then you may find TestMasters as the perfect partner when preparing for the LSAT.

6. The Princeton Review LSAT

Best Score Guarantee

The Princeton Review LSAT


The Princeton Review has the best score guarantee from our list of the top LSAT prep courses. Of course, you must have heard about a 5-point increase guarantee and an 11-point increase guarantee, but the score improvement of 165 or more is astonishing.


For anyone who aims to achieve high scores enough to be admitted in any of the top 25 law schools, The Princeton Review LSAT will excite you. This test prep believes that you have to aim as high (not average) as you can to claim your space in the most prestigious law schools.

That being said, the Princeton Review LSAT offers you some of the best LSAT courses to take that would make a 165+ score possible for you. It incorporates the use of the official LSAT content so you’ll be exposed to the actual exam content. 

The test prep does not claim its tutors to be on the 98th nor 99th percentile, but it proudly shares its meticulous screening and training process to find highly qualified tutors.

Even better, this test prep also provides you access to an abundant question bank and other online resources to up your prep. You will also find its full-length practice tests as beneficial when it comes to training yourself to be familiar with how the actual test goes. 

Its course price is expensive but not as expensive as other LSAT test prep companies like TestMasters and Kaplan.

  • LSAT 165+ score guarantee
  • Massive content library
  • Numerous full-length practice tests
  • Interactive score reports
  • The use of official LSAT questions
  • No mobile app

Final Verdict

I appreciate how The Princeton Review LSAT’s materials are comprehensive without the bulk. It targets what needs work with just the right amount of resources. Each course also has a different number of practice tests for optimum learning. In addition to other online resources, there are also drills that you can use.

7. Blueprint LSAT

Best Variety

Blueprint LSAT


Blueprint LSAT combines learning with entertainment. It is the kind of LSAT prep that makes your journey to the test day a fun experience. Basically, it works on the tenet of “edutainment” or education with entertainment.


You will find modern interfaces and gaming features in the Blueprint LSAT prep courses. The interesting curriculum makes challenging concepts easier for students. If you’re also new to this dynamic kind of test prep, then you would be surprised how Blueprint uses cartoons to explain a point or concept. Therefore, if you’re someone who learns better with visuals and illustrations, then Blueprint might be your best match.

On top of its unique curriculum is the score increase guarantee by 11 points. Blueprint LSAT prep also has the most variety of courses. It has an on-demand online course, live-learning course, in-person course, and private tutoring course with a myriad of packages. 

Both the on-demand and in-person online courses are offered at different times of the day, which will suit your schedule, whichever way you plan it. The difference between the two is that the on-demand online course is available with a monthly plan. 

As to the private tutoring packages, Blueprint has several of them, with differences in access length and course coverage. The prices of these packages, however, are way too steep. Prices can go as high as $9,000, especially with the private tutoring courses.

  • Fun and engaging video
  • Variety of course options
  • Unique analytics
  • Free consultation
  • Monthly plan on selected courses
  • Expensive prices
  • Not optimized for Android

Final Verdict

Its on-demand online course, in-person course, and live-learning course are comparable to the courses offered by other LSAT prep providers. Nothing quite significant to these Blueprint courses, except its 11-point increase guarantee. 

However, I recommend Blueprint for those who are looking into a private tutoring course. With Blueprint, you can have as many options as you want to make sure that your private tutoring is appropriate for your learning needs.

8. PowerScore LSAT

Best Live Online

PowerScore LSAT


PowerScore LSAT is considered one of the best LSAT programs in the ed-tech industry because of its generous discounts, which is necessary given the high cost of the prep course. In fact, most of its courses have existing discounts which would help you a lot in reducing the original costs.


Overall, what makes its courses reliable is the help of the top-notch tutors who all scored 170 or higher during their own LSAT exams. Aside from the brilliant tutors, PowerScore also offers a wide variety of course materials, such as on-demand video lessons, concept drills, practice problem sets, and question explanations. In addition to its comprehensive materials are free online resources, which include a forum, blog, and admissions help center. 

I also love how clever its student center is. It gives you access to digital practice tests, performance evaluation systems, interactive test scoring, lessons, and homework supplements. 

Like most LSAT prep providers, PowerScore also boasts of a wide variety of courses from in-person and live online to on-demand and private tutoring. Private tutoring is also available in several packages according to the number of hours of instruction.

Moreover, if you’re interested in PowerScore LSAT but you find the prices too expensive, then you can try its live online accelerated course which costs $300. It’s a condensed type of course that is great for a less-intensive prep.

There are also advanced prep courses for logic games and logical reasoning if you need to master any of these sections. Its prices are also pretty low, so I recommend it for those who need a single-section prep.

Lastly, if you simply want to use PowerScore as a supplement to your main prep tool, then you can check its abundant list of prep books (3) like workbooks, prep guides, and question collection.

  • Variety of course options
  • Abundant list of prep books
  • Discount offers for most courses
  • Top-notch instructors
  • Single-section prep is available
  • Expensive prices
  • Some practice tests need to be purchased separately

Final Verdict

PowerScore is a decent prep for the LSAT given its extensive list of course materials, but I was hoping for a guarantee like a money-back guarantee, free remedial class, or score improvement since its prices are expensive. Plus, some of its practice tests need to be purchased separately on top of the course price. Nonetheless, I still include it on our list of the best LSAT prep courses because the quality of its curriculum is amazing.

9. Alpha Score LSAT

Best Intensive Course

Alpha Score LSAT


If there’s a close competition to Magoosh LSAT, that’s Alpha Score LSAT because of the close similarities. Like Magoosh, Alpha Score offers self-guided courses for those students who thrive better when they study on their own and at their own pace. Even better, Alpha Score is just as affordable as Magoosh.


Its LSAT online prep courses are straightforward with only two options–Complete LSAT course and Premium LSAT course. The latter has 6 times more practice questions than the former. 

The free trial, on the other hand, only has 125 LSAT practice questions, which may not show you the prep course’s capabilities. Still, a free trial is better than nothing.

Basically, if I were to choose between the two paid courses, I would go for the more expensive one because it has better value, considering that I would be able to access 61 official LSAT exams and more than 6,000 practice questions. 

Both courses also have an access length of one year, which doesn’t work if you have only a few months to prepare for the LSAT. Personal instructor assistance is also a part of each course, which gives Alpha Score more edge than Magoosh when it comes to student support.

Furthermore, if you need further help from a tutor, you can subscribe to their LSAT Extreme Online which allows you to have a personal online tutorial and consultations regarding your study plan, time requirements, and goals as an aspiring law student.

I also vouch for Alpha Score’s ability to provide you with an intensive prep because it has specific approaches and strategies for each LSAT section. There are also single-section courses on offer, with video lectures to help you master a specific section.

  • Affordable prices
  • Free trial option
  • Single-section courses
  • Extensive access length
  • Personal instructor assistance
  • No mobile app
  • No in-person and live-learning courses

Final Verdict

Alpha Score is an ideal LSAT prep if you’re looking to master individual sections. The prices are also affordable and the course access runs for up to one year, which makes this prep a great value to consider. However, it doesn’t have in-person and live-learning courses and a score improvement guarantee.

What Makes the Best LSAT Prep Course?

  1. Variety of course options – This criterion really matters when choosing the best LSAT prep since not everyone has the same learning needs and the same budgets, so I appreciate those test prep companies that make their courses inclusive for everyone.

    On the other hand, I also equally appreciate the LSAT prep providers that try their best to make their courses as affordable as possible even if they don’t have the typical modes of instruction like in-person and live online.

  2. The comprehensiveness of study materials – Remember that the more exposed you are to more materials, the more information you can add to your knowledge bank. Choose a prep course with practice questions that are similar or close enough to the actual LSAT questions. 

  3. Course price – Not all expensive LSAT test prep courses offer the best resources or study materials. Make sure to enroll in a course that has a good balance of affordability and quality of tools provided. 

  4. Extra features – To get the most value of your money, make sure that the course you are planning to take has additional features like guarantees in a form of score improvement, refund, or free remedial class. Another feature you also need to look into is access to more online resources.

  5. Brilliant tutors – If you can afford to enroll in a course with high-quality tutors, do so. Take advantage of every option you have to ace the LSAT. 


This comprehensive roundup review leads us to our winner, which is none other than Manhattan Prep LSAT. This is simply because it meets all the criteria listed above. 

As for the two alternative LSAT prep courses, I would recommend the Princeton Review LSAT and Blueprint LSAT because both are doing an excellent job when it comes to the variety of courses offered, study materials, student support, and additional features. 


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