9 Best LSAT Prep Books For 2023: Top Picks & Reviews


APEX Test Prep’s The LSAT Tutor

  • Affordable price
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Organized format

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PowerScore’s LSAT Bible Trilogy

  • Each book has a comprehensive coverage
  • Each book has a large number of practice questions
  • Each book contains several thinking patterns

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LSAC’s 10 Actual & Official LSAT PrepTests

  • Affordable price
  • Official practice questions
  • Answer keys

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Whether you need to increase your score or you simply need a score guarantee for the LSAT, one thing is for sure, you have to do an intensive prep. An intensive prep for the LSAT requires you to spend several hours studying and doing practice tests. The study materials you use also matter a lot, that is why you have to be careful in choosing the best material.

You can certainly consider LSAT prep books to make you test-ready for the LSAT. However, due to the many options in the market, it’s difficult to pick a prep book (or two) that is worth the purchase. Consider a prep book that is comprehensive like The LSAT Tutor of APEX Test Prep. An LSAT study book should contain surefire strategies to help you ace the exam.

Here’s our roundup review of the best LSAT prep books in the market today. 

1. APEX Test Prep’s The LSAT Tutor

Best Overall

APEX Test Prep’s The LSAT Tutor


If you are looking for the most comprehensive LSAT textbook with test-taking tips, straightforward instruction, practice tests, and detailed explanations, then you will find Apex Test Prep’s The LSAT Tutor (1) a joyful investment.

This prep book covers the major sections of the LSAT test, which makes it an all-in-one resource material. It works for those who want a single book that they can ultimately rely on when it comes to dealing with every LSAT section. Remember, other LSAT prep books cover only one section, which would compel you to purchase other books that cover the rest.

Even better, The LSAT Tutor is affordable, so it is the ideal option if you need a comprehensive book that’s within your limited budget. This book is also considered a solid guide because of its simple and well-organized layout. It starts with several test-taking tips that help you deal with test anxiety. There is also an in-depth overview of the LSAT which provides a smooth transition to the detailed explanations of the three major LSAT sections.

Moreover, you can find feasible strategies, full-length practice tests, and answer explanations on the latter part of the book. Overall, it’s the best LSAT prep book in terms of comprehensiveness and affordability.

  • Affordable price
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Organized format
  • Well-explained terminologies
  • Samples are from LSAT 1995

Final Verdict

I certainly vouch for The LSAT Tutor as the best on our list because it bears both quality and affordability.

2. PowerScore’s LSAT Bible Trilogy

Best Comprehensive Guide

PowerScore’s LSAT Bible Trilogy


Another comprehensive resource material for the LSAT is from PowerScore. Unlike the one from APEX, you have to purchase the three books altogether. PowerScore’s LSAT Bible Trilogy consists of The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible (with over 30 practice games), The PowerScore Reading Comprehension Bible, and The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible (with over 100 practice questions).

Having to purchase the three books to get the best of the trilogy is the apparent downside of this LSAT study guide. However, each book provides an in-depth explanation of the concepts and principles of the three sections as well as the breakdown of the questions. 

The three books, as a whole, can help you map out a series of approaches that would be beneficial to you during the test day. Delving deeper into each section also allows you to be familiar with the common test-taking mistakes so you can avoid them.

  • Each book has a comprehensive coverage
  • Each book has a large number of practice questions
  • Each book contains several thinking patterns
  • Each book includes detailed explanations
  • Each book provides a guide in avoiding the infamous test “traps”
  • Expensive when bought together
  • The level of difficulty of the practice problems do not reflect the real practice problems

Final Verdict

If you need a wide coverage of each LSAT section with a uniformed format and approach, then the PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy (2) is much better than purchasing different books for each LSAT section from different publications.

3. LSAC’s 10 Actual & Official LSAT PrepTests

Best in LSAT Practice Tests

LSAC’s 10 Actual & Official LSAT PrepTests


This LSAC book (3) is not as comprehensive as the other LSAT study materials, but it provides a reliable resource for the most authentic practice questions—enough to equip you for the test day. You will certainly get a feel on how the real LSAT exam feels and looks like because this book contains practice tests that were all administered as official practice tests in the past.

Moreover, each practice test in this book also has corresponding writing sample sections and answer keys to help you grasp the concepts easily. Although it is not as comprehensive as the other LSAT books, it contains a wealth of practice questions that you can open and use anytime and anywhere.

There are practice tests that you can find online but not all of them are free or affordable. Plus, not everyone thrives in studying with endless screentime, so a physical book with official practice questions is still a worthy investment. However, I recommend that you use this book alongside other resources to make the most out of your prep time.

  • Affordable price
  • Official practice questions
  • Answer keys
  • Requires a supplement material
  • No detailed explanations

Final Verdict

This is not the best book there is, but it surely is the best LSAT book for practice questions. My advice, however, is not to rely on it completely because it is not comprehensive.

4. Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guide

Best for Top Scorers

Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guide


This comprehensive set of materials features three major sections of the LSAT. The set is dedicated to students who are advanced in learning or simply those who want to be top scorers.

This all-in-one book helps you target specific roadblocks in the LSAT exam. For instance, this book helps you recognize and solve different logic games.

When it comes to the LSAT logical reasoning section, you will also get the right help in developing a specific skill in making inferences and recognizing the core of arguments. More so, you will also be able to improve your reading comprehension, as it gives you various strategies and tips in organizing a passage and annotating ideas. 

As you use this book, you will be able to track your progress through Manhattan’s online tracker app and additional resources from its website.

  • Overall comprehensive coverage
  • Each book has timed drills and practice problems
  • Unique methods for each LSAT section
  • Expensive set price

Final Verdict

This Manhattan LSAT study set (4) works like the PowerScore trilogy, although the latter has more practice questions. When you use this study set, you should prepare yourself by using supplementary material.

5. The Princeton Review’s Cracking the LSAT Premium

Best for Summary Study

The Princeton Review’s Cracking the LSAT Premium


Another highly recommended LSAT prep book is The Princeton Review’s Cracking the LSAT Premium (5) because of its all-embracing content. It includes tips in getting admitted to the law school of your dream. It even offers writing samples that you can use as a reference as you practice for the writing section of the LSAT. There are also suggestions for a successful law career and everything else that talks about LSAT and law school in general.

This LSAT test prep book, however, comes with a hefty price, but it all makes sense given its complete coverage. Each chapter also has a summary of the main concepts discussed throughout the chapter. Honestly, I find it extremely helpful because you can simply refer to the summary section if you need a quick review. 

Moreover, there are short drills that you can utilize before you proceed to the most extensive part, which is answering the full-length practice tests. Each question has a corresponding answer explanation. 

Lastly, when you purchase this book, you will acquire access to more online content, such as details and explanations of questions and strategies.

  • Summary sections for quick reviews
  • Complete coverage of the LSAT
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Detailed explanations
  • Expensive price

Final Verdict

It is certainly among the best LSAT prep books because of its exhaustive approach in giving the most information. However, it is very expensive and the price is a little close to that of book sets.

6. Kaplan Logic Games Unlocked

Best in Logic Games Coverage

Kaplan Logic Games Unlocked


I included this book on our list because I believe it is a reliable book to cover the LSAT Logic Games section. Several test-takers can attest to how the section can be a challenging part of the LSAT. It requires focus to master it.

The book provides a breakdown of the types of games, including the methods on how to distinguish each type. Basically, this top LSAT study book targets to train you on how to immediately gauge what strategy you should use when confronted with a specific question. 

This Kaplan book (6) offers several practice questions for the Logic Games section with detailed answer explanations.

Finally, when you purchase this book, you will be given access to Kaplan’s online resources that include LSAT channel episodes, study plans, time management tips, and a logic-related word bank.

  • Affordable price
  • Breakdown of question types and methods
  • Practice questions for the Logic Games
  • An abundance of online resources
  • Covers only one section

Final Verdict

If you want an all-in-one comprehensive LSAT prep book covering the three major sections, then this Kaplan book is not for you. This book is for those who want to master the Logic Games section alone.

7. The LSAT Trainer

Best in Unique Approaches

The LSAT Trainer


This is the solid starter if you want to ace your upcoming LSAT exam. It has unique approaches to help you get through the exam with fewer mistakes.


Moreover, this book teaches you the various thinking patterns and ways of solving problems in the exam. It doesn’t have the comprehensiveness of the PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy, but it does great in terms of giving you the clarity you need.

This book was written by the developer of Manhattan Prep’s LSAT courses. We all know that Manhattan is among the best providers of LSAT courses, so it’s exciting to know that the man behind it is also the man behind Manhattan LSAT prep.

Overall, the book is all about laying the basic principles. It goes beyond the practice questions and delves deeper into making you understand the purpose of each question.

  • Unique methods of answering questions
  • 30 strategy drills
  • Profound explanation of every LSAT section
  • More than 200 practice questions with explanations
  • Expensive for a single book

Final Verdict

The LSAT Trainer (7) offers you unconventional approaches in studying for the LSAT, so I highly recommend it on top of your other study resources. It’s absolutely a must-have if you want to be good at unlocking the codes of each LSAT question.

8. Momentrix LSAT Prep Book

Best for Visual Learners

Momentrix LSAT Prep Book


The Momentrix LSAT Prep Book (8) is an amazing alternative to other text-heavy LSAT prep books. It contains a great mix of texts and illustrations as well as step-by-step online video tutorials that accompany the section descriptions. The full-length tests for the three major sections are also laid out in a way that is not as boring as the LSAT materials.

Furthermore, engaging video tutorials also supplement whatever ideas and concepts are presented as texts. In other words, this book benefits visual learners more.

Other parts of the book also feature the LSAT study guide, with content ranging from practice questions with detailed explanations and a complete review of the three sections to strategies that help you become adept in test-taking.

  • Affordable price
  • Visual presentation of concepts
  • Complete review of all LSAT test sections
  • Practice questions are not close to the actual LSAT

Final Verdict

This book is ultimately your straightforward source of LSAT practice due to its well-organized format. There is also a multitude of ways that target how to design an argument, so it’s one of the best LSAT books out there.

9. Fox Test Prep’s Introducing the LSAT Book

Best LSAT Starter

Fox Test Prep’s Introducing the LSAT Book


This book contains only 100 pages. It is that long because its main purpose is to be a starter prep book before you take in volumes of LSAT test prep books. It’s the perfect book for quick study preps.

The writing style of the author is both straightforward and humorous, enough to keep you entertained. It also has introductory descriptions of the LSAT test sections and advice and tricks on how to handle each section well.

Lastly, it claims to be a quick and “dirty” LSAT study guide. 

Of course, you should not completely rely on this book because it does not cover everything, but it’s the best option as a book starter for LSAT. I recommend it as your first book when you prep for the LSAT before you try all the other ones.

  • Very affordable price
  • Straightforward information
  • Engaging content
  • Not comprehensive

Final Verdict

The Fox Test Prep book (9) is an amazing recommendation for those who are just beginning to explore the LSAT.

Part of the book also includes contact information of the author so you can reach out to him directly if you have questions.

Criteria to Consider in Choosing the Best LSAT Prep Book

  1. Comprehensiveness – Carefully choose an LSAT textbook that covers the three major sections. Get a prep book that goes beyond the major topics and touches on other helpful study guides, such as tips on studying and test-taking.

  2. Quality of practice questions – An LSAT book can simply tell you it has tons of practice questions, but you must look into the quality of the practice questions more. The difficulty level and type of questions in a prep book are big factors on whether or not you will pass the test. It is crucial that you prep using real LSAT questions as much as possible.

  3. Covers tips and strategies – Aside from learning the descriptions behind each LSAT section and answering practice questions, it is also important to get a book that has a good amount of tips and strategies that will help you handle various questions during the exam day.

  4. Affordability – When you’re preparing for any standardized tests like the LSAT, you may need to spend a huge sum of money so you can prepare the best way possible. 

However, it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. Choose an LSAT study material that has high-quality content and a reasonable price at the same time.


The winner of this roundup review of the best LSAT prep books is the APEX Test Prep’s The LSAT Tutor followed by The LSAT Trainer and Momentrix Prep Book. These LSAT prep books deserve the highest ratings and positive commendations because they meet the criteria above.

The rest of the other prep books on our list still deserve recognition because they are considered part of our shortlisted list of best LSAT prep books for 2020.


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