9 Best LSAT Prep Apps For 2020: Top Picks & Reviews




LSATMax Prep App



7Sage LSAT

7Sage LSAT Prep App



LSAT Arcade

LSAT Arcade by Manhattan Prep


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One of the best ways that you can make yourself test-ready for the LSAT is to prep through quick reviews. With all your other commitments, how is it even possible for you to study on the go? The answer is using an LSAT app.

Using the best LSAT apps would help you make your LSAT test prep easily and with less hassle. Here are the best LSAT study apps for you to try and play around.

9 Best LSAT Prep Apps For 2020

1. LSATMax Prep App


I consider LSATMax Prep App as a pioneer in LSAT prep apps because it is among the first to be developed, and it was created to replace the traditional LSAT prep. Containing online daily drills, this app is free to download and provides an option for upgrades.


  • Accessible in a computer
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Over 8,000 real LSAT questions
  • Progress tracker
  • Real-time message boards
  • Hard copy materials

Access to this app is available in two options – lifetime access that costs around $600 and monthly access for $63 per month. I recommend the monthly access since you wouldn’t be studying LSAT questions your whole life, anyway. Plus, the price of lifetime access is just too hefty to consider.

2. 7Sage LSAT Prep App

7Sage LSAT

The 7Sage LSAT Prep App is a free app that focuses on the logic games section. Through its HD videos, you will learn how to approach each game best. This app also includes a score calculator that will help you grade your LSAT prep tests. There is an exam proctor that will help you in taking practice tests.


  • High-quality videos 
  • Adjustable video speed
  • Score calculator
  • Real LSAT proctoring instructions
  • Digital tester for the new LSAT format
  • Student community
  • Free account with LSAT lessons

The 7Sage LSAT study app is not as comprehensive as the LSATMax, but because it is free, it is a worthwhile consideration.

3. LSAT Arcade by Manhattan Prep

LSAT Arcade

The LSAT Arcade is not really a mobile app, but a mobile game application. I have included it on our list because the fast-paced games are proven effective when it comes to making you confident for the test day. Basically, what you get in this LSAT tool is a cross-training of the essential aspects you need to learn for the LSAT.


  • Thousands of practice questions
  • 8 mini-games to draw inferences and analyze arguments
  • 4 adaptive games (unlocked)

This LSAT study app is definitely a great avenue for learning. Its downside, however, is its limited access. You can use it only if you are using any Apple device since it does not support Android devices.

4. Magoosh LSAT Prep App


There are no practice questions in this LSAT app, but its wealth of high-quality video lessons still makes it among the best LSAT study apps. The Magoosh LSAT Prep App helps you study on the go, with its resources both accessible online and offline. 


  • Over 16 video lessons for trial
  • More than 50 video lessons for premium access
  • Progress tracker
  • Customizable study plan
  • Tutor help

Even if you are in a rush, you can certainly find answers to your questions about LSAT’s major sections – Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

5. Varsity Tutor LSAT App

Varsity Tutor LSAT

Learn various concepts through an on the go study tool. The Varsity Tutor LSAT App makes you understand concepts easier without wasting your time. It would also present to you the differences between the three major sections and teach you how to handle various questions from those sections.


  • Extensive library of flashcards
  • Customizable flashcards
  • Thousands of practice questions
  • Question of the day
  • Challenge a friend 
  • Diagnostic tools for improvement
  • Request a tutor

With these amazing features, you will be surprised to know that this LSAT app is entirely free. You don’t even need to log in because you can automatically use the app upon download, so that’s convenient, especially if you are in a rush.

There is a Learn by Concept option in Varsity Tutors. This option allows you to work on certain areas that you need to master.

6. LSAT Connect

LSAT Connect

This mobile app for the LSAT prep is not as popular as the previous ones we have already reviewed, but it is still listed on our top picks because of its ample resources. Even better, this app covers logical arguments, inductive reasoning, linear thinking, reading comprehension, and many other concepts common in the LSAT exam.


  • Over 600 fully-explained questions
  • 5 Diagnostic tests
  • Detailed statistics
  • Performance analysis

This LSAT app is also supported by both iOS and Android, but can easily be accessed through its creator website (1).

7. McGraw Hill Education LSAT Premium

McGraw Hill Education LSAT Premium

The McGraw mobile app for the LSAT is the interactive prep component that lets you prep with mobility. It also provides you an extensive practice with its features that prove significant to your success as an aspiring law student. 


  • 6 Practice tests
  • 1 Diagnostic test
  • Clear and concise answer explanations
  • Timed or untimed test-taking options
  • Immediate scoring and saved scores
  • Save and return functionality

I especially like its feature that allows you to choose to practice between timed and untimed as it helps improve your pacing for the exam.

8. LSAT Law Exam Prep App

LSAT Law Exam Prep App

This LSAT mobile app is powered by an online portal for Competitive Examination Preparation and Career Development called Youth4work (2). What I like about this LSAT app is its formulation of questions based on the LSAT syllabus, which makes test prep close to the actual scenario.


  • Complete mock test covering all sections
  • Separate section tests
  • Separate topic-wise tests
  • Test reports with speed and accuracy details
  • Discussion forums
  • Review option for all attempted questions

Indeed, it’s one of the top picks, although not as comprehensive and as top-notch as the LSATMax, Magoosh, and Varsity Tutor.

LSAT Proctor Anywhere

LSAT Proctor Anywhere

Last but not the least on our list is the LSAT Proctor Anywhere mobile app. It is a free LSAT app that helps you practice with no pressure. This app, although it doesn’t cost anything, allows you to prep as if you are taking the actual exam on the test day. It even mimics the proctoring instructions just as you would hear them on the test day.


  • Full-length practice exams
  • Single-section tests
  • Custom timing modes

The custom timing modes also allow you to pause and resume the timer, skip a section, quit, or extend. There are tons of options, so it’s definitely the kind of LSAT prep app that won’t press you with time.

What Are the Considerations in Choosing the Best LSAT App?

1. Comprehensiveness – Regardless of what kind of study tool an LSAT app supports, it must be comprehensive. Find an LSAT app that covers all the LSAT sections.

Test-taking strategies are also a sign that a mobile app is comprehensive because it covers one of the most important aspects of test prep, which is to attain mastery in terms of handling questions.

2. Ease of use – The convenience and mobility of an LSAT app is a non-negotiable criterion when choosing the best LSAT apps. Choose an app that doesn’t compromise your convenience. Make sure you can access the app on all devices, because if not, then that’s already a downside.

3. Price – Most apps can be downloaded for free, but the usage of their apps is paid. However, keep in mind that the quality of the app and its price should also go hand-in-hand.

Right now, I would appreciate an app with a price tag but gives me a worthwhile experience than a free one that only eats up my time. Of course, I would also consider a price that isn’t too hefty considering that preparing for the LSAT requires other study materials other than an app.


This roundup review on the best LSAT apps leads us to our top three picks. The LSATMax tops our list because it stays true to its aim in giving you a course-like feel that most online LSAT prep course provides.

Varsity Tutor and Magoosh are considered as my runner-ups in this review because both of them give you the convenience you need.  Plus, the comprehensiveness of their materials is comparable to our top-rated LSATMax prep app, not to mention that they are mostly free.

Best Overall


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