10 Best GED Prep Books & Study Guides for 2023: Top Picks & Reviews

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  • Provides analytics
  • Provides a wide range of options
  • Provides the latest PSAT prep book

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  • Provides lots of content
  • Tracks your progress effectively
  • Provides student support

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  • Provides analytics
  • Provides a wide range of options
  • Provides the latest PSAT prep book

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Passing the GED is your ticket to higher education or high-paying employment. Like every test that has the power to shape your career, taking GED can be quite a challenge. Hence, you would surely be taking a great deal of thought in planning how to pass it, especially with flying colors. 

While perseverance, hard work, and discipline would take you a long way, having the right GED prep partner on your side would give you a great advantage. As such, we have summarized for you the 10 best GED prep books and study guides. We will look into their features, as well as the pros and cons for selecting each one as your GED prep guide.

1. GED Test Prep Plus 2021 by Kaplan

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GED TestPrep Plus 2021 by Kaplan

Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus 2021 provides a full GED review. It includes diagnostic tests, 1000 practice questions, 2 full-length tests (one in the book and another one provided online with feedback), video online tutorials, and expert strategies. It also supports the use of the Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView calculator that will come in handy during the test day. 

Its analysis of answers helps you recognize your weak and strong areas so you would know which topics or subjects you need to focus on, making your GED prep smarter. Interested? See current price on Amazon (1). 

  • Self-study approach, with online resources
  • Updated
  • Comprehensive
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Editing errors
  • Might require supplemental resources for those lacking assumed foundational knowledge 

2. GED Full Study Guide by Smart Edition

Top 1

GED TestPrep Plus 2021 by Kaplan

This material is inclusive of 4 full-length tests with answer explanations. One of these tests is in the book and the additional three are available online which could be taken repeatedly for practice. 

Further, it includes flashcards and games that could make your learning more entertaining and engaging. Its interesting features have their share of positive reviews. See the latest price on Amazon (2).

  • Engaging GED prep through games and flashcards
  • Practice tests could be taken repeatedly
  • Not for a quick review

3. GED Study Guide 2020 and 2021 All Subjects by Test Prep Books

Top 1

GED TestPrep Plus 2021 by Kaplan

If you have more time to prepare for your GED, Test Prep’s GED study guide might be the best GMAT prep book for you.  It provides a detailed review of the content that is most likely to appear on the exam. This would be ideal if you need to recall your basics before delving into more advanced problems and practice tests.

It offers a full review, 2 practice tests, and the latest test-taking strategies and tips. It also provides helpful guidance to new test-takers, particularly regarding the rudiments of GED tests.   This book is available on Amazon (3).

  • Provides a quick review of concepts rather than pure practice
  • Detailed explanations for answers to questions
  • Not suitable for last-minute reviews

4. Trivium GED Study Guide 2020-2021 All Subjects

It is designed for test-takers who have limited prep time. It offers a quick review of all the areas covered in GED. The book is structured, organized, and easy to navigate and understand. It also gives explanations for problem-solving. Further, the Trivium GED Study guide emphasizes the common mistakes made by test-takers in each subject to keep you from stumbling in those same areas.  

Other reviewers also appreciated the practical strategies that this GED prep book offers that would be quite handy during the actual exam.  See current price on Amazon (4).

  • Well-organized and easy to read
  • Offers quick prep
  • Highlight on common test mistakes
  • Lack of in-depth reviews on concepts that may be required for those looking for extensive preps

5. GED Test Prep, 2021 by Princeton Review

The Princeton Review GED test prep is another good option for you if you are looking for study material that provides a review of the content of the subjects. This will provide you with a good foundation before you delve into drills and practice tests. It provides an overview of each subject with drills and 2 full-length tests that come complete with explanations for answers. 

This material (5) also allows you to access online resources such as 485+ additional multiple-choice online questions, and tutorials to help improve your graphics and reading comprehension.

  • Supported with online content
  • Content review on the subjects
  • Not ideal for last-minute preparations

6. Master the GED Test 2020 31st Edition by Peterson’s

This material is another ideal option if you are looking for an extensive GED prep. Further, it has been updated to reflect the new GED content.  

This GED prep book (6) has a full-length diagnostic test that will help you have a smart plan for your test prep. It also goes with an in-depth review of all the subjects that will be covered in the exam. You get 3 full-length tests, one of which you can access via the book and the other two online. These practice tests go with detailed explanations.

  • In-depth review of concepts
  • Comprehensive prep material with content review and practice questions with explanations
  • Not ideal for last-minute preparations
  • Contains answer key errors

7. How to Prepare for the GED Test by Barron’s AP

This book is one of the best GED prep books if you are looking for material that reflects the redesigned GED. It covers the four main subjects, with each major section having a pretest to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. The book also includes detailed lessons and two full-length practice tests. You could see the latest price of this GED prep book on Amazon (7).

  • Provides comprehensive review
  • Reflects the redesigned GED
  • Not ideal for last-minute preparations
  • Texts are too small for reading
  • Some errors

8. 5 Practice Exams for the GED Test, 2nd Edition by Princeton Review

If you believe that you already have sufficient knowledge and skill for the concepts to be covered in the GED, this might be the best GED prep book for you. It offers five full-length tests that cover every type of problem that might appear in the exam and will help sharpen your test prep abilities. 

You might need to take caution, however, because the practice tests are actually shorter than the real tests, which needs adjustment in your test timing. For the updated price, see Amazon (8)

  • Ideal as supplemental GED prep material
  • Ideal for reviewers with sufficient foundational knowledge
  • Provides extensive practice on every type of problem that would be covered in GED
  • Errors in the answer key
  • Some topics are beyond GED scope
  • Practice is much shorter than actual GED

9. GED Study Questions 2020 & 2021 All Subjects by Test Prep Books

This is another material that you can use if you’re looking for practice questions that can help freshen your mind. Assuming that you have already covered the concepts and skills to be included in the GED, of course. This includes three full-length practice tests and provides a quick overview, test-taking strategies, and practice tests with explanations to the answers. 

It was also updated to the new format and is very easy to use and understand. For the updated price, see Amazon (9).

  • Inclusive of free DVD
  • Updated format
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Ideal for last-minute GED prep
  • Includes only practice tests
  • Requires a level of foundational knowledge of covered subjects

10. McGraw-Hill Education Preparation for the GED Test, Third Edition 3rd Edition

If you need a strong material to supplement your GED prep in the Maths section, this might be the best GED prep book for you. It covers all sections in the exam, with more emphasis on Math.

It provides a step-by-step review of the important concepts in all sections and two full-length tests which you could also take with the practice test app through your gadget. There are also apps for flashcards and a customized test planner to aid your review. See the latest price on Amazon (10).

  • Strong prep for the Math section
  • Efficient presentation of most important concepts
  • Supplemented by apps
  • You might require supplemental reading for other areas

How to choose the best GED prep book for you? 

Having the right GED prep book can help you prepare smartly for the exam. However, with so many choices to choose from, the selection could be quite overwhelming. Here are some of the important things you should consider when shopping for the right GED prep books. 

Foundational Knowledge

One important consideration in any test prep is your starting point. What do you know about the GED topics? How much knowledge do you already have in the areas to be tested? 

These are important considerations in choosing your GED prep books because there are prep materials that are intended for test-takers who already have strong basic knowledge and only require a review. 

On the other hand, there are materials that cover concepts more intensively. Hence, you need to know where your starting point is and make sure the book you choose matches it. 

You should also think if you need a prep guide in all sections of the GED. If you only need a more intensive guide in one area, you might want to consider a more specialized or focused GED prep book. 

Preferred Prep Style

Are you a test taker who likes a concept review through videos and reading materials before taking practice questions? Or, do you like to delve right into the practice questions to diagnose your preparedness for the GED? 

Study Time and Schedule 

How much time do you have before your target test date? Do you still have a long GED prep ahead? 

A longer prep means you have enough time for more comprehensive test prep with concept review and practice tests. On the other hand, if you have limited time and just need a quick brush-up, you might want to consider materials that focus on practice questions and tests. 


Preparing for the GED effectively doesn’t have to be hard. It only needs to be smart. With the most appropriate book to use, you’ll surely ace the exam. Be sure to check out which of the best GED prep books on our list will help you prep smarter for the exam. 

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