Preparing for the ACT test is both stressful and costly, but we’re here to give you a list of the best and FREE ACT practice materials that…

17+ Best FREE ACT Practice Test to Help You Ace the Exam in 2021!

Are you prepping for your upcoming ACT exam? You’re in the best place to start off your test prep journey. We understand that you’re looking for supplements and all the materials needed to ace the exam that will dictate how your higher education will be like. With all the options to choose from, the best pick might not be the easiest to find. 

With that said, we’ve come up with a list of the best free ACT practice tests. Yes, that’s correct. These practice tests for the ACT are considered substantial resources despite the zero cost. Now, let’s jump in on the list.

1. Magoosh ACT Blog

Whether you’re a first-time test-taker or not, it’s beneficial to always check free ACT prep blogs about ACT test in general. One of the most amazing blogs is the Magoosh ACT blog. On the website, there are tips and guidelines on what areas to study, how to study, and everything about ACT.

All you have to do is to access the website and click on the blog link. Once you’re in, finding the topics that would satisfy your current needs is easy. You can simply utilize the search box or go through the run-down of blog articles on strategies, ACT prep book reviews, video lessons, and tips of the day.

For extended usefulness, you can check out Magoosh ACT blog’s free ACT book, ACT study plans, and of course, free full-length practice test (1

2. Pocket Prep App

One of the best ways to study is to be able to do it at your convenience. We know students love the flexibility in ACT test prep as much as we do, so we’re including apps on our list. One of which is the Pocket Prep App.

It’s called Pocket Prep App for a very good reason. Because it’s meant to aid students to prep for their upcoming ACT test anywhere and anytime they find comfortable. The free ACT prep version of this app has 14 days worth of questions, a small bank of practice questions, and chat support.

Students who have already tried this mobile app find satisfaction because they can have quick study sessions without feeling overwhelmed. Check out some of the exams on offer (2).

3. SuperTutorTV YouTube Channel

There are different learning styles. Some students are auditory learners (3) while some students are visual learners. For those who happen to be similar to the latter – highly visual learners, checking on SuperTutorTV on YouTube is perfect.

The YouTube channel has a rich collection of videos on ACT test prep for free like tips and strategies. Also, this channel recognizes the need to strengthen the students’ motivation tank as equally vital as that of learning the ACT subject areas. This is why they give ample time to create content that focuses on stress management and motivation techniques. Some information on college admission is also shared in some of their videos.

Here’s a sample video from their channel:

4. Magoosh ACT Apps

First on our list is the Magoosh ACT blog, but we shouldn’t also forget to include the Magoosh ACT Apps. Like the Pocket Prep App, these apps from Magoosh can be your best pals in quick study sessions.

Magoosh has two different apps–ACT Flashcard App and ACT Prep App. The first one contains over 200 free ACT practice tests on common concepts in Math, Science, and English. The latter, on the other hand, has over 100 free online ACT practice tests and video tutorials dedicated to every ACT test section.

Easily accessible on any internet-connected devices, the Magoosh ACT Apps should be a part of your list of resources of best ACT prep online for free.

5. BWS Education Consulting

This is another great source for the ACT that is free online and is considered reputable. BWS Education Consulting was founded by the creator of ACT and other test prep content for the book, Barron’s ACT. The book itself is thorough in terms of discussing the ins and outs of ACT test-taking.

The consulting company, on one hand, gives you free access to their full-length ACT practice questions. With its credible background, BWS Education Consulting’s free ACT tests are one of the ACT materials you shouldn’t miss. The material is closer to that of the actual ACT and it’s free, so it’s a must-try.

6. Khan Academy

We have included Khan Academy on our list despite being an SAT resource material because of its Math reviews. If you haven’t had that much Math test preparations, then it’s time to dig deeper into the subject matter and concepts found in the SAT that can also be found in the ACT.

Khan Academy is partnered with the SAT college board, but the Math reviews for the SAT are pretty extensive. That being said, you may find some concepts there that are applicable to the ACT test. You can also check the list of Math topics found in an ACT test here (4), so you would know which are applicable to ACT. Find what works. After all, the Khan Academy’s practice material is free.

7. Magoosh YouTube Channel

For added resources on a free ACT practice test, we recommend you check the Magoosh YouTube Channel. Like SuperTutorTV, it has various video presentations on strategies and guidelines in ACT test prep. With Magoosh’s channel, it has over 100 videos that tackle different helpful information for you to ace your ACT exam.

They also uploaded this video that lays down a list of other resource materials for the ACT online that are free, which may not be on this list. Check this out:

8. The Best ACT Prep YouTube Channel

Included on our list of the free online ACT practice tests is the Best ACT Prep on YouTube. Like the two previously mentioned YouTube Channels, it has a collection of 56 videos about test-taking strategies. While some strategies can be learned only from your tutors, there are others you must learn to widen your ability in test-taking.

As we have said, utilize every tool available to you. Watch a sample video here: 

9. GrammarBytes

Part of the ACT test is the English subject, so it’s crucial that you also dedicate ample time to do ACT English practice tests. One of the best materials to use in improving your English grammar is GrammarBytes.

Access their website and learn various concepts on grammar, sentence construction, and other relevant areas through their videos and practice questions. You can also follow them on Twitter for their daily tips about English grammar.

Also, with the overwhelming information that you might encounter on the website, we recommend you check Magoosh’s ACT English study guide (5). Checking it will help you gauge which areas you need to study and work on, so as to be efficient with your time.

10. English Grammar

Other great resource materials for your ACT English test prep is the English Grammar. Yes, that’s the name. It’s quite bland, even the materials provided, but it has an extensive lesson coverage on English grammar. Different exercises and tools are also provided. 

Students and instructors alike also love how user-friendly the website is, so it’s an added plus if you’re looking for additional materials to use with the free ACT test.

11. PrepFactory

PrepFactory is another test prep website that gives you an extended resource material for your ACT preparation. The practice tests provided, however, are not as thorough or even closely similar to the actual ACT test. 

Then, why is it on this list? First, it is free to access and use. Second, the goal is to help you practice concepts first as if you’re warming up before you dive in those full-length and real ACT practice tests. This works for those who are not yet comfortable to try lengthy practice tests but want to test the waters or those who want a refresher on certain concepts.

Moreover, PrepFactory has a highly engaging platform that covers several modules on specific concepts found in every ACT test section. The material is mostly bite-sized, so students can focus on the gist. You can utilize their free ACT test online. Then, once you feel comfortable with your warm-up study, you can move on to the real ACT practice tests. You can follow them on Twitter to be in the loop of regularly served ACT tips!

12. McGraw-Hill ACT Test Center

This test center is an online portal that offers video lessons, practice tests, and quizzes on various subject areas. The coverage on lessons is pretty extensive yet widely varied in terms of difficulty. For instance, the Science section tends to be closer to that of the actual ACT, while other sections tend to go wayward.

You would notice the gradual transition from easy to difficult and back again. Of course, it’s part of our list, because it has decent material coverage, and it’s free.

13. Online Timed Skimming Practice Resources

In order to master your ACT test as a whole, you have to be adept in all sections, including the ACT reading section. There are a lot of students who have a hard time in skimming passages in the reading section. Remember that you shouldn’t take more than three minutes in both reading and writing passages, so mastering the skill in skimming passages for a short time is a must.

That said, we highly recommend that you check the following websites for tips on how to ace this part in your ACT test. 

  • University of Southern Maine (6)
  • Pearson (7)
  • University of Victoria (8)

14. Outdated Official ACT Practice Tests

You may be raising your eyebrows now because we have included the outdated official ACT practice tests on our list. That’s not surprising. But we want to be clear here. We have included these in our list because the format and question types in the ACT have not changed a lot throughout the years. So these old and free ACT practice tests in PDF formats are still beneficial. It’s also better to encounter a material that represents much of the actual ACT test.

There are five practice tests that the ACT released.

ACT 2005-2006 Practice Test (9)

ACT 2008-2009 Practice Test (10)

ACT 2011-2012 Practice Test (11)

ACT 2014-2015 Practice Test (12)

ACT 2016-2017 Practice Test (13)

15. ACT Academy

ACT Academy is absolutely part of our list because it is the online test prep portal made by the official creators of ACT. Who doesn’t want to access this?

The ACT Academy website is a melting pot of test prep materials in the form of quizzes, educational games, video lessons, test-taking strategy tips, essential reminders, and full-length practice tests. The best part about this resource website is its free ACT sample tests because these were officially a part of the previous actual ACT tests.

Familiarizing yourself with the actual ACT tests, despite being outdated, can help you gauge what strategies you would incorporate when the testing day arrives. 

Furthermore, the ACT Academy also customizes your test prep based on your previous scores and performance. Also, when you create an account on the website, it’s either you’ll sign up using your high school class code (if you have a designated class) or click on the option to practice for the ACT.

The ACT Academy is a great add-on to our list because it’s a reputable source based on the creators themselves. Plus, it’s free.

16. Official ACT Website

ACT’s official website is not just a repository of reminders, announcements, and logistics, but it’s also a rich source of free ACT test prep online materials. The website can be very confusing for some students, especially if you’re not a frequent visitor. However, with patience in looking for the appropriate materials, you can access ACT test prep materials, such as sample student essays, sample questions, college admission planning advice, and many more.

There’s also a PDF on ACT’s full-length practice test that’s no longer in use, but the format and question types are still the same. With many options to choose from on the website, it can be very overwhelming, so we recommend you check this guide (14) on which areas of the ACT website you need to consider.

You also have two options in taking the ACT practice tests. You can print out the PDF and get the feel on how it’s like to answer an actual test material, then input your answers on the website. Afterward, you’ll be scored and given with a personalized test prep service on the website. If printing out is already a hassle for you, then you can proceed immediately to the computerized test version.

17. Test-Guide Website

Last but not least on our list is the Test-Guide website. Here, you will find 18 full-length ACT practice tests and 5 official ACT tests for free. The Test-Guide team collated a pretty extensive resource material for ACT test coming up with over 5,000 practice questions.

You will find numerous ACT sample tests for Math, Reading, English, and Science. The links to the PDFs of the ACT practice tests are also listed down. If these are still not enough, then be amazed by the generous list of links of other ACT practice tests and ACT test prep study guides.

Additional information is also given, such as the difference between the ACT and SAT, ACT test overview per subject, and ACT score breakdown. There are also tips provided, which is proof that this website is passionate about helping students ace their ACT exams.

Now that you have an extensive list of the best free ACT practice tests, allow us to give you guidelines on how to take practice tests.

Practice Test Guidelines

  1.   Get used to long hours of test-taking

You can take practice tests at your own time and pace. However, it is also recommended to try taking practice tests at lengthy or until you finish a full set. Doing so will help you master your endurance. 

Remember that the actual ACT tests take hours to complete. Get accustomed to this aspect as early as now.

  1. Time yourself as if it’s an actual test

ACT is a 3-hour long exam that covers a wide range of topics and an extensive number of questions. During the actual test, time will just zip by. Thus, the importance of timing yourself as if you’re actually taking one. 

This is also one way that you’ll know how much time you have for quick breaks, and how much time you have in answering the questions. Timing yourself while taking the practice tests also help you speed up, especially if you’ll notice that there are certain areas that you’re stuck in.

  1. Review your answers

We know you’re in a rush because you’re on a timed practice test but always review your answers. Doing so would let you check minor to major mistakes and correct them. If you’re confident enough with your submission, there’ll be no regrets in the end. 

  1. Enroll in an official tutorial service if there are no improvements after several takes

Taking practice tests on your own is a great warm-up to the real thing. But if you notice that you’re not improving after several tries, then it’s time to enroll in a paid test prep course.

There are a lot out there, so you have to be careful when choosing a test prep company that fits your needs and financial capacities. Some test prep services are too pricey, so you have to expand your options. Read student reviews too, and check if a provider delivers what is promised. 

In a Nutshell

Taking the ACT is no easy feat. It takes TONS of hard work before you achieve the best results. However, while free resources are still out there, take advantage of them. You will certainly catch up on several ACT-related details and guides, which is perfect, especially if you’re a first-time test taker.

Learn from these free resource materials and step up your game. Once you already feel comfortable, enroll in courses that fit your needs and make the most out of the time you have to prepare for the ACT.