7 Best ACT Prep Apps for 2020: Top Picks & Reviews

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Acing the ACT test is never an easy feat. It requires tons of preparation and some tips to navigate the tedious task of studying. For some students, they find it quite rigid to follow certain tutorial sessions. This is the reason why they look for other ways to prepare for the ACT test. One of these is to use ACT prep apps.

For other students, it’s either they cannot keep up with the test prep schedules or they merely want convenience, hence they incorporate other means to prepare for the test. The use of ACT prep apps is just one example. 

Below are the best ACT prep apps you can explore.

7 Best ACT Prep Apps

1. Magoosh ACT Flashcards

Why do we consider this as one of the best ACT prep apps?

Magoosh ACT Flashcards


  • It has 216 flashcards in English, Math, and Science.
  • It utilizes a particular study technique called Space Repetition Technique (SRT) that aims to make you focus on subject areas that you are struggling with the most.
  • There are tons of video lessons, helpful articles, and study tips shared regularly. 

While it lacks flashcards for the Reading section, it remains highly recommended because it’s free. It also has a premium version with over 700 flashcards and has twice as many video lessons as the free version. 

Both of these versions also follow a smart system wherein the concepts you have already mastered will be removed. Only those you still need to learn will be retained, helping you shift your focus.

What’s even better with this ACT study app? You can sync your app progress across all devices because it is optimized for both iOS and Android devices. It’s also easy to move from one device to another such as a laptop or desktop for convenience. Check the best ACT preparatory courses review to learn more.

Available: Google Play & App Store

2. The Grading Game

This ACT app is best for the ACT writing test and English section because it helps you spot errors in grammar and sentence construction in sample essays. Because it’s a game, however, there are no ACT grammar practice questions that you can use, similar to what an ACT-focused platform will have.

The Grading Game


  • It offers game levels with increasing difficulty.
  • It has a ticking clock which helps you spot grammar errors as quickly as possible, which is a significant thing when you’re taking the actual ACT test.

Unfortunately, this ACT app is only available for iOS devices. It’s not free as well, although the cost is no more than a dollar. 

Available: App Store

3. ACT Online Prep

If you’re looking for an official ACT app, purchase the ACT Online Prep Program (1) and you’ll get the app with it. Buying the program is quite expensive, but it’s worth every penny because it claims that it can accurately predict your score in the ACT.

ACT Online Prep


  • It has an extensive content review and practice test that has real ACT questions.
  • It is customized based on your ACT skill level, so you can easily move on from easy to intermediate sets and intermediate to advanced sets.

We also love that it doesn’t have practice questions only, but also gaming features that will let you learn while playing with your friends.

Overall, it’s definitely a great option, especially that it’s available in both the App Store and Google Play. We find its price and its occasional lag when using it as its downsides, unfortunately.

Available: Google Play & App Store

4. Varsity Tutor App

The Varsity Tutor app takes on a “Learn by Concept” feature that helps you study on-the-go with its quick practice tests. This is an amazing warm-up before you start with full-length practice tests. 


  • Practice tests
  • Single-section diagnostic tests
  • Questions of the day
  • Flashcards with practice questions and explanations
  • Find a tutor
Varsity Tutor App

There is an option to create your own flashcards, which is great because you can customize them according to your learning pace.

As to the practice questions, these are classified by topic so you can better gauge your weakness and improve from there. The find a tutor through 1-on-1 tutoring is not free, however, and the prices for this option are not clearly stated in the app.

Like most test prep apps, the Varsity Tutor app also has its downsides. For us, its the lack of content instruction and test-taking strategies. 

Available: Google Play & App Store

5. Ready4 ACT

Another on our list is the Ready4 ACT app that you can download for free. It lets you predict your ACT score in 10 minutes and give you a clear idea of how much or how little work you need to ensure a high score in the actual admissions test. Use it to test your strengths and weaknesses.


  • 100+ Virtual flashcards
  • Dozens of lessons with a step-by-step guide
  • 1,500+ Practice questions
  • Customizable ACT practice tests
  • Smart algorithm for tracking your strengths and weaknesses
  • Clear and concise practice test explanations
Ready 4 Act

While the Ready4 ACT app has complete answer explanations, its content instruction is overly brief, which is not ideal for those who are having difficulty on certain ACT topics. We do love that this test prep app has a diagnostic test that helps you customize a course plan that is suited for your learning needs. However, its eight-question-diagnostic test is too short to determine your accurate ACT skill level.

This app is also not entirely free. To have extensive access to all its features, you have to upgrade to the premium version for $19.99.

Available: Google Play & App Store

6. Math Brain Booster

ACT allows the use of selected calculators (2) on their ACT test, but the majority of their Math questions can be solved without using one. That said, it is extremely important for you to learn mental Math skills to be self-sufficient when acing the Math section in the ACT test.

Using this app, you will be given several arithmetical tasks with a time limit so you can challenge yourself. Math Brain Booster helps you improve your reaction time, attention span, and mental sharpness. It is surely fun and convenient to use with its smooth-running system. 


  • Personal training feature
  • Mistakes workout feature
  • Reminder feature
Math Brain Booster

The Personal Training feature allows you to customize your study sessions. More significantly, we love how you can track your past mistakes and have the option to correct them using the Mistakes Workout feature. You also have the option to set-up a reminder for your next session, which makes your ACT test prep more convenient.

Available: App Store

7. Khan Academy

Never mind if Khan Academy specializes in SAT tests as an official partner of the College Board for SAT. Its general Math and Science lessons work magic for both SAT and ACT test-takers.

Khan Academy


  • 4,300 video lessons on various subject areas
  • Video downloads are possible
  • Coach resource is available for access

Not only does this app covers topics on Math and Science, but also in Economics and Humanities. The best part is the fact that it’s free and guarantees the world-class type of instruction through the materials offered through the app.

The high-quality and standard-based video lessons are top-notch, which makes Khan Academy a great resource for test-takers.

Available: Google Play & App Store

There you have it, an amazing list of 9 of the best ACT prep apps that you can use to increase your chances of getting a higher score in the exam. Some of them are free while others are paid apps like the official ACT app which is reasonably expensive. 

Check each one of our suggested apps and decide for yourself which one is worth spending money on. Or, are the free apps useful and beneficial enough?


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