Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course Review 2023: My PERSONAL Review

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Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use70%
Student Reviews70%
  • Affordable prices
  • Extensive access length
  • Free trial option

The Adapt Prep MCAT review program might not be as versatile and flexible with its price offers, but  it can genuinely help students improve their score through practice and consistency.

Course Effectiveness

Alpha Score LSAT is quite intensive despite being primarily a self-paced course. It provides specific strategies and approaches for each LSAT section, which makes it an effective prep for the LSAT.


There are two courses in the Alpha Score LSAT and both are affordable given that they have a 12-month access length. Its prices are also among the cheapest in LSAT prep courses.

Ease of Use

Its platform is simple and easy to use. When it comes to getting help, you can also reach out to a personalized tutor if you choose a course that comes with Personal Instructor Assistance.

Student Reviews

Alpha Score is not quite popular among LSAT students, so there are not many testimonies regarding its effectiveness. For students who reviewed it, however, they find Alpha Score’s affordability as the main a key consideration.

  • Affordable prices
  • Extensive access length
  • Free trial option
  • Single-section courses
  • Engaging video lectures
  • No in-person class
  • Reading comprehension has no videos only audio lectures

Alpha Score LSAT is a budget-friendly self-paced course. Alpha Score is one of the very few LSAT test prep providers that have straightforward curriculum and features. Given its affordability, students who are in a tight budget would definitely take interest in this course provider. I should attest to that, too, as I was also drawn to it when I first heard about it. 

There are a few things I especially liked about them, which includes a separate course for some of the LSAT sections. For instance, you can just enroll in the Reading Comprehension course if this is the only thing you need to work on. I find it interesting since only a few providers offer this option, not even PowerScore.

The Ideal User of Alpha Score LSAT

I would be very blunt here. Alpha Score is not for everybody. It is only for self-motivated learners who prefer to study at their own convenience and at their own pace. 

You should keep in mind that one particular course is not one-size-fits-all. Some students thrive better when they are in an in-person class, while others prefer self-studying. I am actually the latter, so a self-paced course works best for my learning style and Alpha Score provides this. 

Alpha Score LSAT Course Content

As a test prep focused on self-paced studying, I am quite amazed by the comprehensiveness of Alpha Score LSAT prep. There is also an emphasis on every single section found in the LSAT examination. Here’s an overview of the course coverage:

  • Logical reasoning strategies – Alpha Score gives you a unique prep for LSAT’s logical reasoning section. Strategies are taught through the use of official LSAT exams and 20 question types to provide you with a sense of familiarity with each question type. 
  • Logic games strategies – This is one of the hardest sections of the LSAT and one that was recently added to the LSAT test coverage. Mastering this section is really difficult if you’re not aware of various tactics, which is why I find Alpha Score’s focus on this section as exceptional.
  • Reading comprehension – Another tricky section of the LSAT is reading comprehension and Alpha Score will give you the appropriate help to expose yourself to various passages and the proper approach to deal with them.
  • Official LSAT exams – Practicing for the LSAT requires an immense familiarity, thus getting to prep through LSAT practice exams and practice questions is a big deal. I like that Alpha Score gives you that edge so you will face the test day oozing with confidence.
  • Over 50 video lessons – Not only that Alpha Score has tons of video lessons to make you test-ready, but the quality is also amazing. The videos are equally interesting and fun with animations and thorough explanations by an energetic tutor who will open your eyes to the reasoning behind the correct or incorrect answers for a given question or item.

Moreover, I appreciate that you have an option to try the free trial, so you can test what the prep course has to offer.

Their free trial option is very limited, however, which is expected of any free trial access. In Alpha Score, they allow you to access three HD video lessons, one official LSAT exam, and 125 LSAT practice questions for one month. The course features may be limited, but I like that you can enjoy them for such a period, which I bet wouldn’t take that long if you’d find their course quality as satisfying. 


COMPLETE LSAT COURSE – This course is labeled as complete for a good reason. For 12-month access, you will have access to the following course features:

  • Over 50 HD video lessons and tutorials
  • 10 Official LSAT exams
  • Over 1,000 LSAT practice questions
  • Practice quizzes and assignments
  • In-depth explanations
  • Personal instructor assistance

Price: A little close to $400 good for one year PREMIUM LSAT COURSE – This course option is like an upgraded version of the previous one because it has the same access length and almost similar features except that it has more official LSAT exams and practice questions. Here’s a run-down of its features:

  • Over 50 HD video lessons and tutorials
  • 61 Official LSAT exams
  • Over 6,000 LSAT practice questions
  • Practice quizzes and assignments
  • In-depth explanations
  • Personal instructor assistance

Price: A little close to $800 good for one year.

Personal instructor assistance is optional. You can request it if you need additional help and customized assignments for you to improve your weak points. Most students opt for this, especially for sections that are just difficult to digest.

If you choose LSAT Extreme Online with a personal instructor, you would get 48-hour-email assistance for the additional help you need. Plus, you can have consultations about your goals and time requirements, talk about customizing your study plan (1), and utilize six hours of personal online tutoring.

Honestly, I find the premium course to provide the best value considering that the access length is good for one year. However, it doesn’t work for those who have only a few months to prepare for the LSAT. Remember that you have up to one year to use the materials provided. If you only use them for 6 months or less, you might as well enroll in a 6-month course. 

The personal instructors are also experts with LSAT because each of them has more than five years of LSAT teaching experience, so they absolutely know what they are doing.

Furthermore, you will also find their single-section courses as useful, especially if what you only need is to master a certain section. These courses are also in-demand as supplemental materials for students who already took other courses outside of Alpha Score, but needed help in certain LSAT sections. 

What are these single-section courses?

  • LSAT Logic Games
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension

Each course has a different price with different sets of materials provided. As with the cheapest course, which is the reading comprehension, it has fewer materials, hence the pricing. 

Price: It starts as low as a little under $100 and can get as much as almost $200.

Lastly, it’s good to consider that all these courses can be accessed across different devices. Thanks to Alpha Score’s course delivery software that was designed to provide the utmost convenience, your progress is saved, and you can simply pick up where you left off. 

Student Support

If you try to get some help in case there’s confusion about a certain topic or concept, then I would tell you, it’s quite difficult to reach out to Alpha Score. I can see that you can send them an email and they have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but that’s just it. Their student support is not even displayed throughout their website, which makes it difficult to find help.

Student Testimonials

Student reviews are the best guide when deciding if you should go for a specific prep course or not, so better look at these few testimonials about Alpha Score Review Prep that I have gathered:

Alternatives to Alpha Score LSAT

As we all know, preparing for a standardized test like LSAT requires comprehensive prep, which may include either a live online or in-person class. Thus, I would say that if you’re not really comfortable with a video-based online prep, then I suggest you go for alternative options, such as the following:

  • Blueprint (2) – It is one of the best LSAT course providers. It has almost all types of prep course options that you need, including a live online session and in-person class, which is critical if you want to make sure that you will be able to acquire a significant score increase in the LSAT.
  • PowerScore (3) – Another alternative we have here falls on a mid-range level when it comes to pricing. I should say PowerScore’s pricing is between Blueprint (expensive) and 7Sage (low-priced).
  • TestMasters (4) – If you’re looking to prep with tons of effective strategies in an in-person or live online setting, then this test prep provider is absolutely for you. Their top-notch instructors will also make your prep journey beyond worthwhile.

Final Verdict

Taking everything into consideration, I am giving Alpha Score LSAT with a 3.5 rating out of 5.

If you’re looking for a self-paced prep with longer access length at a very affordable price, then Alpha Score is surely the best recommendation, especially if you’re confident enough on your knowledge and skills. It’s affordable and comes with specific modules sold separately, providing you with more flexible options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You simply need an email address and you’re good to go.

Yes, they are available as installment plans good for four months.


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