Adapt Prep MCAT Course Review 2023: My HONEST Testimonial

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Our Rating
Course Effectiveness80%
Ease of Use90%
Student Reviews80%
  • Affordable
  • Solid Analytics
  • Great readability & user experience

The Adapt Prep MCAT review program might not be as versatile and flexible with its price offers, but  it can genuinely help students improve their score through practice and consistency.

Course Effectiveness

While Adapt Prep or Aptare lacks the benefits of an in-person or instructor guidance experience, the practice questions and unlimited quizzes are great score boosters and improve pacing.


The Adapt Prep MCAT course review is affordable in itself but lacks variation in its price offers. Still, the program’s budget option make it available to use for any student.

Ease of Use

The user interface is simple and easy to use. There’s a good mix of color tones so it’s not distracting in design or layout as it follows a clean, elegant design.

Student Reviews

You won’t find a lot of Adapt Prep reviews online although the few you stumble on are positive and reveal the course to be a good reviewer.

  • Affordable
  • Solid Analytics
  • Great readability & user experience
  • Strong User Interface
  • Extensive selection of questions and exams to practice on
  • No alternative price variations/offers
  • Some questions were easier than the actual MCAT exam
  • No live instructor guidance or feedback

Adapt Prep takes a highly personalized approach to teach its students primarily through practice exams. 

Practice makes perfect is a strong vibe in this program. For any student looking for complementary practice exams at a budget price, Adapt Prep is one of the best candidates among various prep programs worth spending for.

About Adapt Prep and Their MCAT Prep Course

Adaptprep, also known now as AptarePrep, offers a wide array of practice questions and exams perfect for any practice question junkie. 

The Adapt Prep MCAT program might not have any lectures or instructors to conduct feedback, but don’t let this discourage you. 

Adaptprep is a self-study tool that is more than adequate to provide the practice tools necessary to build your understanding and skills for the MCAT exam. 

The Adapt Prep MCAT review is focused on finding a smarter way to study for the MCAT and to do so they use adaptive technology for an efficient and effective MCAT prep program. 

What you’ll find in the Adapt Prep MCAT review are practice questions on all MCAT topics along with analytics to provide the student feedback on each question and exam taken. 

A discussion forum can also be used to conduct any questions or clarifications surrounding each topic. The students don’t use this heavily, however. 

What Makes This Prep Course Unique?

Quiz Builder

With the Adapt Prep MCAT course focuses solely on taking practice tests, one feature that stands out is the Quiz builder option. 

Every Adapt online test in their platform can be customized through the student’s preferences. 

Although similar to Kaplan’s QBank, the quiz builder doesn’t offer as many filters or customizations but it still provides flexibility for the self-paced individual. 

For every online test, you can select specific topics that the quiz will cover, difficulty, and the number of questions per test. 

Earned Level & Percentile Rank

The Earned Level feature allows the student to gauge how prepared he/she is before the actual MCAT exam. 

Depending on the student’s Earned Level, an EL of 5 has a different difficulty level compared to an EL of 6. 

According to Adapt Prep’s online platform, a student needs an EL of 7 to pass the actual exam. While we aren’t sure of how accurate this data is, it doesn’t hurt to raise the bar to make up for any shortcomings.

The percentile rank feature gives the student an estimation of their percentile ranking in the actual MCAT exam. 

This could be seen as a motivation tool and guide to give the student a better measure of where they stand in both understanding and MCAT skill level. 

Curriculum Overview & Effectiveness

The Adapt Prep review program is generally a self-study approach to studying for the MCAT. 

The entire curriculum offers the same review material and resources per package. The only difference per package is the duration of access to the review material offered. 

The duration is as follows: 

  • 15-day access
  • 30-day access
  • 60-day access
  • 90-day access
  • 120-day access
  • 365-day access

All of which come with the following features: 

Quick note: The 90-day or 120-day access would be the perfect plan for a supplemental study option for further study. Use it to brush up on your understanding of the MCAT practice test 2 months before the actual exam. 

Adapt Prep MCAT online platform overview

The practice exams offer a good mix of multiple choice questions and passage questions that’s very easy to read and also come with pictures in some passages to help the student understand each question better. 

What’s great is the timer, which allows you to measure your pace after every succeeding exam you take to improve how quickly you go through the actual MCAT exam. 

The explanations do solid justification for any right or wrong answers. 

Adapt Prep also provides an external link at the end of the explanation for optional further reading.  


The analytics caught me by surprise.

It’s much more comprehensive than I thought and provides a lot of details to help you improve your MCAT understanding, pacing, and identify your weaknesses. 

At the end of every quiz or practice exam is your general analytics where it shows the average difficulty of the exam, date & time taken, time spent per question, and overall score weight per question. 

You can also take a more in-depth look at each question along with an explanation and access to the discussion forum if the explanation lacks justification. 

Overall, the platform does an amazing job thanks to a tremendous amount of practice questions to use. It also dedicates a page that outlines the most important things you must know about MCAT (1) to help you set your expectations.  

While no online platform can 100% prepare you for the actual MCAT exam, Adapt Prep believes the best you can do is to keep practicing consistently.

The Adapt Prep MCAT course review offers a 3-day trial period for full access to the program’s resources, tools, quiz builder, and even the analytics.

Course Pricing Options

Pricing plans are a solid bargain for any medical student and don’t go any higher than $200. 

While it is lacking in alternative course options and packages, having various day access options provide decent flexibility on the student’s behalf.

Access Duration


15-day access


30-day access


60-day access


90-day access


120-day access


365-day access


It definitely lives up to its reputation as the best provider of supplemental MCAT materials. A free trial (2) alone, already comes with some great freebies. 

Platform’s Ease of Use

After first logging into your dashboard, you can see how large the font is for easy readability and also how easily accessible each MCAT topic is. 

The side tab on your left allows you to access the same elements you see on the screen along with a few extras such as the discussion forum, MCAT study schedule/library, and the support section. 

If you choose a certain MCAT section such as the Biological sciences, for example, the layout and design is also remarkably consistent and easy to use where you can opt for the quiz builder, practice exam, and track your progress:

Overall, site navigation is designed well for the student to easily access each course and thanks to great readability, the user interface and experience is also fantastic.

Is Adapt Prep a Reputable Online MCAT Prep Course? (Not a Scam)

Although Adapt Prep or AptarePrep is a fairly new reviewer on the scene, you’ll find students describing their experience with it on sites such as The Student Doctor Network and even on Reddit. 

The website in itself is also led by legitimate professors, pre-med advisor, and MCAT coaches. This makes Adapt Prep far from a fraudulent company.

Reviews and Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

With only a few student reviews found on Adapt Prep’s course program, the reviews reflect positive and helpful feedback.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I give Adapt Prep a total score of 3.9/5. 

With a unique approach in studying for the MCAT and an affordable price plan, solid performance metrics/analytics, and a tremendous amount of practice questions to review and practice on, Adapt Prep is one of the best supplemental study plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is for any student who already has a good understanding of each MCAT topic and is looking to brush up their skills and understanding of the practice tests.

The preferred study schedule is at least 4 – 5 months. Remember that Adapt Prep is primary a supplemental study tool, not a standalone reviewer. Use it with other prep courses will shorten the study time. 


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